While a national economic assessment of Belize’s coral reefs & mangroves found that they provide more than half a billion US$ per year (US$559 million) in goods and services through recreation, fisheries and coastal protection, we are yet to fully use economic analysis to inform resource protection and management. The Marine Protected Areas which make up the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, undoubtedly contribute a significant percentage of this half billion-dollar figure. Cooper et al. 2009 estimated that Belize’s MPAs can provide extremely good “value for money”, generating economic benefits well beyond the quantity invested in their protection.

In the case of World Heritage Sites, UNESCO affirms that there are considerable economic benefits to gaining a World Heritage designation. An increase in tourism and global awareness that comes with designation allows local economies surrounding World Heritage Sites to benefit.

Download your copy of "Natural Heritage, Natural Wealth", a report highlighting the economic benefits of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System World Heritage Site, from the links below.

English: http://www.wwfca.org/en/resources/publications/belize_natural_heritage_natural_wealth.cfm

Español: http://www.wwfca.org/recursos/publicaciones/belice_patrimonio_natural_riqueza_natural.cfm