1998 Caterpillar 939C loader. Hystat, 3046 turbodiesel, GP bucket. Working, loading, lifting, clearing, grading now. Was weak when I got it, but I have babied it here for the last 6 years and it has always done the job. About 21,000 lbs. $55,000 bzd

Mid 80's Mitsubishi BD2G 6 way dozer. 4 cylinder diesel. Always worked like a champ. Small, but very capable. Need to replace some leaky blade cylinder seals. About 9500 lbs. $29,000 bzd

2000 Terramite T5C compact backhoe. Kohler twin gas engine. All hystat. I have used these machines for decades and you cannot kill them. The best money to you can EVER spend on a backhoe. You can build an entire subdivision with one of these. They are much smaller and slower than a full size BH...but they do the job. You can carry it in a big pickup. $19,000 bzd

2008 gasoline mixer. 7.5 hp B & S engine with double belt drive. Used very little, but like any mixer, looks like crap. 6 cubic ft drum. Always starts on the first pull. $1500 bzd

I have finished most of my subdivision development, so prefer to sell, than have them just sit and rust. All are easy to operate...my GF had no problems. Near Chunox and Orchid Bay.