He's the president of FFB, bit could Marlon Kuylen be the fish from rivabottom? He has written a sweeping and often scathing review of the organization he was forced to lead after an election deadlock. Kuylen writes, quote, "In my opinion, fixing the problems plaguing the FFB is achievable, but not a quick fix, and will take a complete change in culture. As it now stands, with the current mentality of some of the elected officials in the organization, they are part of the problem, instead of part of the solution. "

And that's only for openers. He goes on to suggest, quote, "The Statutes and Codes need a complete review and revamping. Currently, the articles are too vague, and can be easily manipulated and abused. In fact, in this upcoming election, I could have placed myself at an advantage to win the presidency; and although it would not have been illegal, it would have plunged the Federation into serious discord�"

He also suggests, quote, "Presidents must not rely on the FFB for their livelihood, lest the funds that should be used for courses, tournaments and developmental projects end up elsewhere."

And then he nails it, saying, quote: "Believe me, some former and current employees and elected officials have a lot to answer for, as a review of our books has turned up what can be considered as "questionable transactions."

To that, he adds, quote, "There needs to be a provision in place preventing Presidents from signing contracts to protect their "friends" (employees) beyond the Executive's term of office.

As proof of this later on Kuylen adds that the Secretariat which he found was not being run professionally; and he says, quote, "somes were hired just because they were friends or relatives; and some persons on the "inside" were still loyal to the past President. He laments, quote, "my efforts to "infuse integrity and good order" were grossly undermined. Foolishly, I gave everybody a chance to prove their worth and did not "clean house," as many of my counterparts in other countries were advising; so, I, and by extension our Federation and country, ultimately paid the price.

He fills this out by saying, quote, "Six ridiculous contracts were signed by the former President to some of his most loyal "soldiers" to prevent them from losing their jobs under the new regime and, in my opinion, keep them inside to organize his return to office.

He concludes, quote, "We must rid ourselves of those that are in the federation for personal gain, who talk more than work, or waste their energies in negativity."

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