This are some altars from Hanal Pixan of Corozal and Orange Walk in the 2017 . Hanal Pixan is a tradition done by the people of Yucatec Maya descent of Belize to honor their love ones who have pass to the spiritual world . The Yucatec Maya are found in Corozal,Orange Walk and Cayo . The Yucatec Maya in Belize may also identify themselves as Maya, Masewal, Maya Mestizo, Maya Masewal or Mayero all are the same . For that day the Maya put altars,put pictures,flowers ,do food etc . To know more of our traditions and history check this link
Simply Belize:The Yucatec Maya
Pictures courtesy of Cindy Riverol Cal, Corozal House of Culture , Ak Kuchkabal Maya , Oscar riverol .
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tamales hp.jpgmaya altar 1.jpg
Hanal Pixan Maya in Belize Maya altars (Yucatec maya of Belize)

maya altar 2.jpgmaya altar 3.jpg
A Yucatec Maya altar with a Maya cross in Corozal