The Cha Chaac Primicias is just one of the the Primicias still done in northern Belize by the Yucatec Maya . This tradition is done to thank God for the crops and to ask for rain . The ceremony is done by a H-men(Maya Shaman) who make prayers in Maya . This is tradition have been done since pre-hispanic times and its still done in some villages of Corozal and Orange Walk . Due to the constant target(Discrimination,intolerance etc) by certain religious groups the Maya of Northern Belize have become very secretive with their traditions and Believes . This have made it more difficult for outsiders to know or see this traditions .

by Belize Yucatec Maya
Pictures of San Pablo/San jose courtesy of Ak Kuchkabal Maya
Pictures of Patchakan by Jeremias Tzul(Maya man from the village)

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