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The San Pedro Sun

Foreva Fancy hosts Garifuna-themed Fashion Show
On Saturday, November 11th, Foreva Fancy Boutique, alongside with the National Garifuna Council San Pedro Branch (NGCSPB) hosted a Garifuna Style fashion show. The event started at 9PM at the Central Park, and many islanders were gathered to view the spectacular fashion on display. Attendees were even able to enjoy some delicious cultural food. After the singing of the Belize National Anthem, Host of the evening Philip Ramsey introduced the first segment. Beautiful models walked the runway in the cultural Garifuna outfits. Thereafter the audience were treated to a dance performance by the San Pedro Dance Group.

Ambergris Today

Foreva Fancy Garifuna Inspired Fashion Show
Foreva Fancy Boutique helped kick off the Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations that are coming up on November 19, 2017 with a fashion show held over the weekend. The fashion show was inspired by the Garifuna Culture and it's people with models showcasing traditional Garifuna clothing made available by the San Pedro Garifuna Council and assistance by the San Pedro House of Culture. The island boutique also put together an ensable of clothing inspired by the colors and style of the Garifuna culture - a modern twist to traditional/cultural style.

Over 100 Scuba Divers Descend On Ambergris Caye
They have been coming to Belize for 30 years now, bringing scuba divers from all over the United States and this year, during their 27th Annual Summit, the National Association of Black Scuba Divers (NABS) organized a trip with 106 scuba divers who enjoyed a week-long stay in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. All divers came to San Pedro and booked out Ramon’s Village that catered to their accommodations, diving and extra curricular activities. Every year NABS organizes a dive summit in different locations in the Caribbean and Bahamas; this is NABS’s 27th Annual Summit. Being a great friend to Belize, Dr. Jose Jones (co-founder of NABS) was delighted to once again bring the summit to the country.

Oceana’s Field Representative Honored With Environmental Youth Award
On November 9, 2017, Oceana’s Belize District Field Representative Celeshia Guy, was awarded the Environmental Youth Award at the annual Belize National Youth Awards. This year’s event was held during the closing ceremony of the World Youth Conference 2017. The 2017 World Youth Conference was celebrated under the theme “Globally Running to 2030, becoming Sustainably Strong!” Guy was awarded the Environmental Youth Award for her tremendous contributions to increasing awareness of our natural environment as well as promoting active youth participation in the decision-making processes for sustainable management and development of our marine ecosystems.

Misc Belizean Sources


This years Belmopan temperatures
Below are this years Belmopan temperatures. A 3% difference between the red and blue lines or the high and low of the summer red and winter red lines, would be almost insignificant. We have Day and Night temperatures due to the round Earth rotating at about 25,000 mph, resulting in different parts facing the Sun over the 24 hour period. The thick red and blue lines are the 31 day running average temperatures.

Reminder - Tuesday, November 14th will be viewed as "INTERNATIONAL DIABETES DAY"
The theme for this year is "Women and Diabetes". The Corozal Community Hospital, the Corozal Diabetes Education Resources in collaboration with the Corozal House of Culture will be hosting an education session about Diabetes between the hours of 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on November 14th at the Corozal House of Culture. Everyone is invited to attend. This is a very important topic to discuss. We encourage you to take part.

Tarun Butcher Receives Global Youth Award
Congratulations, Tarun! Representing Cayo well! She was awarded the Global Youth Award at the 5th annual World Youth Conference, which was held in Belize last week. Talk about well deserved. Keep doing your best! "The Prestigious “Global Youth Award 2017” for the 5th World Youth Conference 2017 goes to: Ms. Tarun Frances of Belize , Ms. Aishath Rafiyya of Maldives along with Ms. Shengna ‘Cicy’ Zhang of China & Ms. Nazmeen Amin of UK.

2017-2018 Opening Season Week 14 Game Results by the Premier League of Belize

Belmopan Civic Center, Bliss Parade, Belmopan, Cayo District. BY ORDER of the Embassy of the United States of America, Licensed Auctioneer Noel Codd will sell the following chattels at Belmopan Civic Center, Bliss Parade, Belmopan, Cayo District on SATURDAY 18th November 2017 at 9:00 a.m. sharp. Household Furniture, Household Appliances, Office Furniture, Office Supplies, TV, Plastic Tables, Ice Maker Machine, Printers...

Join us Thursday at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar from 2pm-4pm to paint “Afternoon at Shark & Ray Alley”! Don’t forget to sign-up to reserve your space!

Fishing, landing, and mocking sharks
We are dismayed to receive these photos shared with us today of fishers who just recently fished, landed and mocked several globally endangered great hammerheads, a large, locally rare and putatively pregnant tiger shark and a nurse shark (protected species in Belize) on a caye in southern Belize. With the exception of nurse sharks and whale sharks, shark fishing may well be legal in Belize. BUT is this the image of a progressive and marine life and tourism-friendly Belize that we wish to project to the world? Moreover, any transport of hammerheads across borders to Guatemala (which is where the meat and fins go) is illegal as it contravenes the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES) for which there is no completed assessment yet of the sustainability of hammerhead fisheries in Belize. Belize could truly become the shark and coral reef diving destination of the Caribbean IF Belize would conserve its sharks...that are also key to maintaining coral reef and finfish fisheries health. Let's be proactive and progressive.

Poets Corner: Yours apologetically
By Abdulamajeed K Nunez. Despite UNESCO’s declaration And failed attempts of build a Garifuna nation The Garinagu culture has been in death’s deplore Intellectuals complaining it was at death’s door God sent one of Africa’s sons To restore hope To these dying folks He made first the Drums of My Father Restoring decaying pride to Dangriga Drums of My Father is Belize’s most used picture From linens, plates, bags shirts, caps to bumper stickers Yet we fear to acknowledge the intellectual property rights of the creator This brought the town new life Despite Sylvia Flore’s strife Their PUDP misunderstanding of the sophistication of life The Ibo man Steven Okeke gave Garifunadua new life From whence they were on life support clinging on to life

Registration and Licensing of vessels for 2018 on Caye Caulker
The Belize Port Authority will be conducting registration and licensing of vessels for the year 2018 under the Laws of Belize, Chapter 234 Revised Edition 2000, Harbour and Merchant Shipping Act. Schedule for: CAYE CAULKER VILLAGE Date: 21st to 24th November, 2017 Place: Caye Caulker Community Center Inspection Area: Caye Caulker Main Pier Time: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Important Note: Proof of Captains and Registered addresses of Vessels must be submitted with other documentation as a requirement to update registration information.

Panel of judges selects Business Hackathon 2017 Finalists
BELTRAIDE today conducted the First Pitch of this year’s national Business Hackathon 2017 as a part of Global Entrepreneurship Month (GEM) in Belize. A heartfelt congratulations to the 5 teams that participated in the first pitch. The judges panel, comprising of representatives from BEL, BTL, BWS, BELTRAIDE and smart! agreed that each tertiary level team participated to the best of their abilities with ample thought and energy being put into each innovative solution.

Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day Service began at Town Hall yesterday with the House of Culture's exhibit. We shared information on the history and importance of Remembrance Day and the WW 2 chronicles of our two living Ex-Servicemen Mr. Vera and Mr. Correa. We then marched through town and attended a lovely ceremony at Soldiers Park in honour of our fallen soldiers. A kind thank you to our BDF cadets, soldiers, scouts and police cadets for their kind participation.

Great Job Opportunities at BENNY'S
Job Vacancy exists for TWO (2) Technical Consultants. Send resumes to [email protected]

Tarun Butcher Receives Global Youth Award
Congratulations, Tarun! Representing Cayo well! She was awarded the Global Youth Award at the 5th annual World Youth Conference, which was held in Belize last week. Talk about well deserved. Keep doing your best! "The Prestigious “Global Youth Award 2017” for the 5th World Youth Conference 2017 goes to: Ms. Tarun Frances of Belize , Ms. Aishath Rafiyya of Maldives along with Ms. Shengna ‘Cicy’ Zhang of China & Ms. Nazmeen Amin of UK.

Art Show & Sale at San Pedro House of Culture
Friday, Nov. 24th - Dec 1. Featuring Eduardo Papo Alamilla Jeovan Chacon Manuel Rosales Edgar Gomez Stephanie Perez Alfredo Kinishu Trejo

Nohoch Cheen, ATM, Barton Creek and Xunantunich Archaeological Reserves are closed
Today 14 November 2017 The Nohoch Cheen, ATM, Barton Creek and Xunantunich Archaeological Reserves are all closed for visitation

Channel 7

Community Cops in Placencia Accused of Deviant Behavior
There are two very disturbing cases of alleged sex crimes coming out of the Stann Creek District tonight - and both involve police grossly abusing their power. The first is in Placencia where 7News has confirmed that there is a report alleging very deviant behavior by community police officers. A group of officers took the police cadets - all boys - out on a camping trip this weekend. 7News has learned that multiple children have alleged irregularities and deviant behaviour. They claim that while there one of the community police officers forced young male cadets into taking nude pictures for him. Second, they also allege that the community police officers charged the boys a quarter for water and a dollar to use the bathroom. The water was provided to the police for free.

3 Cops Accused of Gang Rape in Independence Station
The news is possibly even more disturbing in Independence Village where three police officers are accused of gang raping two women in the police station. It allegedly happened on Friday night when - according to reports - the women - one Belizean, one Salvadoran - were taken off a bus supposedly to be searched for drugs. Unofficial information says they were taken into the station by a WPC where they were stripped down for a search. But instead of getting searched, they were raped. Three officers - of various rank - allegedly gang raped the nude and defenseless women inside the station. Today, police would not give us much details at all, other than to confirm the report:

And in other breaking news tonight - a male body was found in Armenia Village this evening. Belmopan Police responded to the scene at 4:50 pm - but, initial reports are that they could not make even a preliminary assessment of the case of death because the body was already decomposing. A post mortem examination will be conducted on site and we'll know more tomorrow. Presently, police are guarding the body and waiting for the Forensic Doctor to arrive.

Honduran Outlaw Shot at San Ignacio Cops
Turning now to the west, police say they had to return fire on Friday night when a driver turned lawless. The police were conducting a checkpoint on Loma Luz Boulevard when they stopped a man in a Hyundai Santa Fe. From there, a routine searched turned dangerous very quickly - so much so, it's a minor miracle that no one was seriously hurt. Police told us more today:... ACP Joseph Myvette - OC, NCIB: "On Friday last San Ignacio police was on patrol on Loma Luz Boulevard, when they stopped a vehicle in order to conduct searches and in the process the driver alighted the vehicle where he was informed that searches will be conducted on the vehicle. As a consequence he put his hand in his pocket and attempted to pay the police."

Another Accident on Southern Highway Claims Husband and Wife
When we left you on Friday night, it was with the news that there had been a double fatal road accident on the Southern Highway near mile 12. This one happened not far from where married couple Allen and Melissa Andrews had been knocked down two weeks earlier. Melissa Andrews - the mother of one child - died from her injuries. Well on Friday night, another Stann Creek couple were the victims - except this time - both husband and wife were killed - leaving their 4 children without parents.

Soldier Didn't Stop for Man He Knocked Down
And there is another fatal accident to report in the Stann Creek District this weekend. 34 year old Dangriga resident Hubert Lucas was killed in a hit and run on Friday night. Police have tracked down the driver who hit him, and kept driving: it is 42 year old BDF soldier Donald Enriquez. ACP Joseph Myvett told us that Lucas was riding when he was run over and left for dead:... ACP Joseph Myvette - OC, NCIB: "One Donald Enriquez was driving in Dangriga Town enroute to the 6 miles junction when upon reaching a junction in Dangriga he collided into a cyclist who rode out on to the highway. The cyclist was later learnt to be Hubert Lucas, 34 years old. The driver Mr. Enriquez did not stop and fled the scene. Police investigation later led to his detention and the vehicle was impounded. He has since been served notice of intended prosecution."

Lucas' Family Laments Loss
And while police will charge Endriquez, today in Dangriga, Lucas's family told us that the charges will not bring back their loved one:... Ruby Lucas, Mother of Deceased: "When I got the news that he got into an accident, his cousin came to me and told me that he got into an accident. So, his dad and I went to the hospital, because he was already at the hospital and there was where I saw him. When I was at the hospital I ask the police who did it, he said that he couldn't tell me, because they didn't get the person yet, but afterwards I got to understand that it was him (Donald Enriquez) and he fled the scene. That was a big shock to me, because I wasn't looking out for something like that, because I was waiting for him since he told me that he was on his way coming."

20 Years for Bucket Burmudez
Convicted wife killer Forty-six year old Glenford "Bucket" Bermudez was finally sentenced today- after pleading down to manslaughter two weeks ago. Justice Adolph Lucas sentenced him to 20 years in prison. Justice Lucas subtracted 9 years, 10 months and 18 days from the sentence for time served. That leaves him with a little over 10 years left in jail. In arriving at the sentence, Justice Lucas said he took into consideration the aggravating factors and the mitigating factors as well as an impact statement from the children of the deceased.

Well Known Welder's Home Burns Down
A family lost over $20,000 worth of belongings in a weekend fire. It happened on Saturday night about 11:30, right next to Brodies on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Yusuf Bilala, his wife and daughter were asleep when the fire started but they got out just in time before the flames spread throughout the entire house. Courtney Weatherburne has more. 25 years of hard work destroyed in a matter of minutes. That is the reality Yusef Bilal and his family are still coming to terms with after a Saturday night blaze. Yusef Bilal, Home Owner: "When I wake up I see a light on top of the window, on top of the door and it is blinking, it is blinking I said but what is happening out there! So I jump out of bed and when I opened the door I saw the refrigerator under fire." Today fire officials confirmed that it was the icebox's motor that started the fire.

Shot in Foot, Broad Daylight, Busy Intersection
There was a broad daylight shooting in Belize City on Saturday. It happened on Magazine Road and the victim was 41 year old Clinton Dale Abraham. Police told us how he was shot while riding a bicycle past a busy intersection:.. Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB - Belize City: "Police received information of shots fired on Magazine Road. As a result police visited the scene. However, the victim was already transported to the KHMH. That victim is Clinton Abraham, 41 years old resident of Belize City. The initial investigation has revealed that he was riding on Magazine Road heading in the direction of Cemetery Road, when a lone gunman approached him and fired a single shot at him which caused an injury to his left knee. He was treated and released. One person is detained at this time."

No Traffic Lights Cause Traffic Accident
There was an accident at the corner of Vernon Street and Central American Boulevard in Belize City on Saturday night. It wasn't a very serious accident, but it again underscores all that can go wrong at this intersection where everyone seems to think they have the right of way. On Saturday night that left a motorcycle driver plastered on the pavement - his ordeal captured on someone's cell phone camera - and posted on facebook. Police told us more about it:... Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB - Belize City: "From the report received is that police responded to an RTA on Vernon Street. This was sometime around 10pm on the 11th November and upon arrival they saw a van and under the van was motorcycle and beside the motorcycle was the driver of that motorcycle."

Two Vehicles Flip, No One Dies in Head-on Collision
There was a serious accident up north last night - but luckily it wasn't fatal. Carmelita Village resident Nigeria Matura was driving a SUV at mile 50 on the Philip Goldson Highway when she lost control and slammed into a 2013 white Ford truck. 55 year old Ray Hohenkirk was driving the Ford at the time. The impact caused both vehicles to flip. Hohenkirk complained of pain to her neck and shoulder. SUV driver Matura complained of pain to her left arm. Other passengers in the vehicle also got injuries.

Alleged Serial Rapist Gets Off
A man accused of raping three women in one violent invasion of their San Pedro apartment left the court a free man today. Back in September of 2013, 25 year old Eric Gutierrez allegedly chased one woman with a screwdriver into her friends' apartment where he tried to rob one of them, and then ended up allegedly raping all three. He allegedly also stabbed all three with the screwdriver. One of the women told police that Guitierrez seemed to have been under the influence of some drug, and offered to get some water for one of the women who had fainted. He went to get the water and they went to get help from a male nieghbor. When Guitierrez returned with the water the man chased him off.

Border Workers Learn advanced Interrogation Techniques
Today the Ministry of Home Affairs began a workshop to educate customs and immigration officers on Passenger Interdiction, specifically Advanced Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques. It's part of border security training and Immigration Minister of State Beverly Williams told us why the workshop is so important and what different tactics the officers will be learning. Earl Harris, CARICOM Impacts Assistant Director Strategic Services: "As a region we face several threats, illegal migration, human trafficking, trafficking in illicit arms, light weapons, drugs and we recognize we have a lot of unattended borders and the borders that we do secure we have ensured that the staff have the skills and competencies to recognize the new and emerging threats so we teach them how to profile passengers, how to do threat assessments, best practice in examining and interrogating passengers."

Immigration Minister of State Speaks on Zheng Certificate
Last week the news was all about Yaunran Zheng, a Chinese who was found with a forged Belize Nationality Document. Zheng and his Taiwanese Belizean translator, Zheng Hui Lin were charged for uttering upon a forged document and trying to use it to get a social security card. Minister of State told us a little more about his bogus nationality certificate, how it they claim that it is a replacement from 2007: Hon. Beverly Williams, Minister of State with Responsibility for Immigration and Refugees: "It appears that social security saw some irregularities in terms of what they normally see. It is comforting or I hope the public will be comforted by the fact that we no longer use those certificates that are being replicated at the time."

Minister Speaks on BDF Beef
On Friday night we told you about the beef inside the BDF where some soldiers feel that their promotions are being taken by officers who should have already retired. The dispute arises from the statutory instrument - passed in August of 2016 - which changes the age for retirement, form 42 and 45 years old to 50, 52 and 55 years old. The argument is that at least three senior officers, Acting Commander Ortega, and Majors Amoa and Romero should have been retired by the time that SI was passed.

Suspects Released in Ranchito Home Invasion
Last week police told us that they had a number of persons detained for that home in vision in Ranchito - where a couple of retiree form the US where held at gunpoint, tied up and robbed of all their possessions, right down to a diamond wedding ring. Last week it seems promising when police had suspects from the Belize District and Corozal - but today, we learned that no one has been charged. ACP Joseph Myvette - OC, NCIB: "Actually 2 persons were detained, but eventually they were released pending further investigation into that matter. But I can tell you that one of the detainees were from Belize City and one was from that area where the incident occurred."

Cops Catch Weed and Rounds
On Friday evening officers from the ACT operation team conducted a search in the Conch Shell Bay area that resulted in the discovery of 214.5 grams of cannabis along with a 38 Derringer firearm and two .38 rounds of ammunition. On Saturday they conducted another search on an abandoned lot on Flamboyant Street and found seven rounds of 7.62 ammunition. This afternoon the ACT officers did another search of the Conch Shell Bay area and found one 9mm Luger brand firearm along with a magazine containing ten 9mm rounds of ammunition tucked away near the riverside tucked away in a shirt.

Clifford Caught with .38
In the case of a gun that WAS NOT labeled as found property, Twenty-four year old Clifford Anderson was charged today for kept firearm and ammunition without a license. Appearing before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. Anderson pled not guilty. He was remanded until January 22nd. On Saturday November 11 police saw Anderson by 88 Shopping Center, located at the corner on Neal pen Road and Central American Boulevard. They said when Anderson saw then he jumped on his bicycle and rode off. The police say when they caught up with Anderson on Arlington Drive they saw him throw an object in an open lot. The police retrieved a .38 revolver special with 5 rounds in its chamber.

SCA Girls Dominate Volleyball Championship
On Thursday we told you about NSSSA volleyball nationals. The epic final took place right here in Belize City and history was made as Saint Catherine's Academy won their 9th consecutive National championship. SCA is the first team male or female to win so many titles back to back, but as one of their coaches said it was not an easy tournament. They had to fight for the gold. Amber Marin, SCA Team Member/ 2017 National Female Volleyball Champions: "It honestly feels great. It is great to know that our hard work and practice, running at the track, lifting weights, volleyball practice even when we have countless homework to do its all paid off in the national tournament."

Belizean Boys Play Football Arizona
Last week Thursday three young Belizean boys went up to the US state of Arizona for a football try out. The try out had about 120 participants from different Rush Organizations. All the participants were selected based on their skill, so the talent and competition level was high. This morning organizer Daniel Fabro told us how they did. Daniel Fabro, Director Rush Belize: "Tryout camp it is a very intense camp they play a lot of games amongst each other. The coaches are looking for different characteristics from the players who want it more, who has a bigger heart. who has the talent obviously and the skills but skills and talent are not everything that makes the coaches decide who to choose and after that try out it is three days of an intense tryout."

Channel 5

Body Found in Armenia
There were no murders reported over the weekend, but this afternoon, the body of a man was discovered this evening sometime around four in Armenia village, just outside of Belmopan. [...]

Families of Mark Leslie & Myrna Vasquez Mourn after Horrific Accident
A fatal traffic accident on the Southern Highway claimed the lives of two well-known residents of Placencia.  The couple was returning home along with their teenage daughter in anticipation of [...]

Soldier Charged in Dangriga Hit & Run
In another accident in the south, a Belize Defense Force soldier has been charged in connection with a fatal hit and run incident that occurred near the outskirts of Dangriga [...]

4 Injured in Collision near Toll Bridge
Damage on the roads was not contained to the south this weekend. On the Philip Goldson Highway near mile fifty, forty-year-old Nigeria Matura of Carmelita village, Orange Walk was driving [...]

Police Investigate Alleged Double Rape in Independence
There is a disturbing report coming out of Independence tonight. The troubling incident reportedly involves at least two cops attached to the Independence Police Station. Two females were allegedly raped [...]

Yuanran Zheng Makes Tracks Out of Belize after Expulsion Order
Chinese Yuanran Zheng was today confirmed to have left the country after being served with an official Order to Leave by the Immigration Department on Friday. He first arrived in [...]

Fixing Nationality and Identification
On Friday, some fifty-seven new citizens were sworn in at the George Price Center in Belmopan. Their nationality certificates are of a different kind than the one found on Yuanran [...]

U.S. Supreme Court Turns Down Further Review of UHS Case
The Supreme Court of the United States today declined to review an order from the District of Columbia Circuit affirming a trial court opinion in favor of the Belize Bank [...]

Overheated Refrigerator Causes City Fire
A Belize City family is without a roof over their head. A fire broke out at the Bilal’s residence at mile two and half on the Philip Goldson Highway on [...]

20 Years for Glenford “Bucket” Bermudez on Wife Manslaughter
Justice Adolph Lucas this afternoon sentenced forty-six-year-old Glenford Gilbert Bermudez to twenty years imprisonment for the November twenty-second, 2007 killing of his wife.  The time Bermudez has spent behind bars, [...]

Traffic Stop Turns Shoot-Out in Wild West
There has been a welcome reprieve in murder reports for the past week; in fact, no murders were reported over the past weekend for the first time in some time. [...]

1 Charged in City Shooting
In Belize City, a man was shot over the weekend. Shortly after midday on Saturday, Clinton Dale Abraham was riding his bike on Magazine Road when he was targeted.  Luckily, [...]

Cops before Courts for Extortion
The Professional Standards Branch continues to investigate multiple reports of police misconduct, including two cases of extortion. Sergeant Lenancio Bol and Constable Daniel Requeña of Belize City were arraigned in [...]

Little Movement in Open Murder Cases
Police provided several updates in relation to recent open cases across the country. The cause of death was released for German attorney, fifty-two-year-old Raimund Adalbert Kobler, whose body was found [...]

Jumoke Castro Latest to Run Afoul of the Law
The eldest of three Castro brothers, sons of Belize Rural North Area Representative Edmond ‘Clear the Land’ Castro, was arraigned before the Magistrate’s Court late last week in connection with [...]

Immigration & Customs Team Up to Secure the Border
Belize and the European Union are partnering on a week-long training to keep our borders safe.  A group of immigration and customs officers is participating in a joint national border [...]

Vocational/Technical Teachers Participate in Leadership Conference
A first of its kind training for managers, principals and heads of department for Technical Vocational Education and Training centers was officially launched today in Belize City. The six-month program [...]

Collegians Go to Battle in Business Hackathon
For the remainder of the month, teams from across the country are competing on developing an innovative digital solution to make communication between utility companies and customers user friendly. It [...]

Sports Monday with James Adderley
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.     [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities…]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

James Bus Line office burglarized
Punta Gorda police are faced with a case of burglary in that municipality. Sometime this […]

Belize International Film Festival 2017
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), through the Institute of Creative Arts and […]

Belize to pay US $18.5 Million for UHS loan agreement
The US Supreme Court has rejected a request from Belize to review an order to […]

John Saldivar’s analysis of the pending FFB elections
On December 2, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) will elect a new president. There […]

Traffic accident near Tower Hill bridge
According to police reports, Nigeria Matura, 40, of Carmelita village was driving a 1989 Ford Probe SUV from a south to north direction when she lost control of the vehicle and collided into a 2013 white Ford Edge driven by Ray Hohenkirk 55, of Belize City.

Moist weather to continue
The 24-hour forecast is for mainly moist and unstable conditions to continue over most areas. Cloudy skies with a few showers and periods of rain are expected over the south and coast, becoming generally isolated tomorrow morning.


I Went to Play Shake a Day
After doing my main weekend chores (laundry and answering emails), I decided to head north to Coco Loco’s Saturday Beach Party and play “shake a day” (an ongoing dice game) and listen to some live music. Daryl Kennedy plays at Coco Locos Beach Bash every Saturday. His style is classic rock and island music with his own flare. He has recorded a few albums of his own song and his guitars are handmade and very unique. Anything he gets paid for playing goes to his foundation which is how shake a day comes into play. New owners of Coco Loco’s Charles and Tricia wanted to help Daryl’s foundation so they are doing a daily dice game. The pot starts at $100 BZD and will be progressive. You get five dice to roll and a shake costs $1. No matter what you role, you are already a winner for helping a great charity. However, if you are lucky at dice you do have a chance to win some good prizes.

Welcome to Belize
Hey friends this blogpost wiull help search out some great tips about Belize. Come visit Belize today and will will enjoy lots of fun!

Tips When Travelling to Belize
In Belize, experience a tropical rain forest and coral reef just miles apart. In the rain forest, see iguanas, howler monkeys and leaf cutter ants while gaining insight into the Mayan culture. On the coral reef, the longest in the Western Hemisphere, swim with brilliantly colored reef fish among the diverse assemblage of corals, sponges, and other invertebrates. To all backpackers and tourists coming to visit Belize, there's a lot to learn about Belize before coming here. Like you heard in the Beginning of this article this is something you will enjoy for your rest of your vacation while being in Belize. Before I commence on tips when you travel to Belize I will give you some Travelling tips to what you should bring in Belize.

International Sourcesizz

My Love Letter to Belize
For a country the size of Rhode Island, with a population of only 380,000, Belize has changed my life more so than any other country I’ve visited before. It opened my heart, healed me, inspired me, scared me, excited me and made me fall so deeply in love with it. I met my husband in Belize, got married in Belize, have a God-Daughter in Belize and “extended family” there. I love it so much, that on a bus one day leaving Belize on my way to Mexico (not sure when I would be back again), I wrote a tearful love letter to it about all of the things that I love so much about this beautiful country… Here is my love letter… Well Belize, you did it again and stole my heart once more. There is something about your country that resonates with me – that fills my soul and makes me happy. After returning a dozen or so times, I feel I’ve gotten a good grasp on what this country has to offer, and I am able to dig deeper into all the guts and glory that lies within Belize. And when it comes down to it, despite some pretty dark stuff that happens here, all the light and goodness of this country outshines the dark and makes me love so many aspects of it.

Supreme Court Won't Hear Belize's $18.5M Arbitration Appeal
Law360, Washington (November 13, 2017, 12:57 PM EST) -- The U.S. Supreme Court will not review a lower court decision enforcing an $18.5 million London arbitral award against the government of Belize in a case involving a Central American bank, the high court said in an order Monday. Belize was appealing a D.C. Circuit ruling that affirmed a trial court opinion saying the arbitral award could go forward. In a petition for writ of certiorari filed on Aug. 8, the nation argued that the ruling was incorrect because Belize is not party to the New...

Indigenous Peoples: Towards a space for mutual learning and empowerment
This article draws from a presentation made at the World Youth Forum in Belize on November 8th, 2017. Dr. Filiberto Penados a Yucatec Maya from Belize, is an indigenous studies and education scholar at the Center for Engaged Learning Abroad. He is president of the Julian Cho Society and a member of the technical committee of the Maya Leaders Alliance and Toledo Alcalde Association. I want to address the theme of empowerment of Indigenous Peoples. In the process of constructing a sustainable world what is needed is a space for mutual learning and empowerment. Too often the notion of empowerment suggests that there is someone doing the empowerment from some point above, and therefore those to be empowered have very little if anything to contribute. This is the very notion I want to challenge, for it fails to recognize that those who we are presumably empowering might also have something to teach us and closes the possibility that we the empowerers might also need to be empowered. I do not want to minimize the fact that indigenous peoples are marginalized but rather emphasize the point that they are not mere objects to be saved, and that that there are powerful lessons to be drawn from indigenous struggles and ways of knowing and being.


  • Belize Pro Dive Center, Celebrating 5 Years, 5min. Thanks to everyone who's made these past 5 years possible, just some highlights from over the years!

  • Chocolate Making at Ixcacao Toledo, Belize, 1.5min. Discover the unique Maya chocolate making process at Ixcacao in the Toledo District, Belize.

  • Pipe Dreams- The Belize River Valley Story, 7min. For many years, residents of the Belize River Valley depended primarily on the Belize River as their main water source. Women would spend long hours by its banks, washing and drying their laundry, and children would have to help ferry water from the river to their homes, all before the start of school. Alternative water sources included creeks, and hand-dug wells, while rainwater catchments and bottled water were the primary sources for drinking water. In 2015, this situation changed for approximately 2,000 residents of the Belize River Valley. A project funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), and implemented by the Belize Water Services (BWS) in partnership with the Government of Belize, has brought running, potable water to the community’s households.

  • Morning Matters at Mikado, 60min.

  • Attorney General speaks on Amendment to Misuse of Drug Act, 44min.

  • " to Educate a Nation: Autobiography of Andres P. & Jane V. Enriquez, 23min.

  • Rino Beatle larva, 10sec. Thjese grow up to be the adult rhinoceros beetle that lays its larva in the top of the tree. Then the larva eats out the heart of the tree, hence killing tree.

  • Battle of the Drums and Yurumein, 2016, 90min. If you miss Yurumein in Dangriga early 19th morning, try to catch Yurumein at Tipsy Tuna in Placencia.

  • Congratulations to Mr. Addiel Perez on his research success in the Corozal Bay/Ambergris area, 6min. We are honored to have him as one of our very own Board Members! Sarteneja Alliance for Conservation and Development. Live from the BTT sixth International Science Symposium: Addiel Perez discusses his bonefish conservation research in Belize and Mexico with Sascha Clark Danylchuk of Keepemwet Fishing.

  • Ambergris Caye Belize, 1.5min.

  • The Belize-Guatemala Territorial Dispute, 12min.

  • BELIZE dive, 4min.

  • Belize, 18min.

  • Belize 2017, 4min.

  • Belize-Kavi, Armando, & David, 4min.