The Belize City Council is rolling out a 2.8 million dollar program of more infrastructural development across the city. Current councilor and Mayoral Candidate for the UDP, Dion Leslie says that under the new spate of works, East and West canal will be completed with concrete. The areas to be paved will be between King and Water Lane on East Canal and from Dean Street to the Yarborough Bridge on West Canal.

Also on the schedule to be concreted will be Eyre Street, Chancellor Avenue, Gibnut Street, 3rd Street, Racoon Street and Cemetery Road from Central American Boulevard to Dolphin Street.

These works are a continuation of works that had been started under Mayor Darrell Bradley where over 150 streets were paved with concrete in Belize City. Leslie says that it is a natural progression from Bradley’s legacy of infrastructural boom in the city.

While these are works being done with concrete, there is also a slew of other earthen streets which are also being upgraded. Among them is Arlington Drive and the surrounding streets which have been in deplorable conditions for years. The work being done there includes the digging of drains as well as the placing of access culverts into resident’s yards. These streets are to compliment that work being done on Fabers Road which is already seeing the digging and concreting of the base of the box drain beginning at the intersection of Central American Boulevard.

The Guardian