The constant rains in October extended to November, and have caused extensive damage to the roads around the island, particularly in the sub-divisions south of town. In recent weeks, the inclement weather has been the main culprit of the inundated potholes and flooded muddy roads that continue to affect businesses and residents. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has acknowledged the situation and says it is gearing up to address the issue as soon as the rains abate.

In sub-divisions like San Pedrito, San Pablo, and DFC, many roads remain underwater, making it difficult for residents to go to work and children to attend school. Residents of these affected areas are hopeful that as the rains stop, local authorities will fix the roads. According to a business owner in DFC, the road leading to her establishment is practically a lagoon. "I am losing business, I mean I really hope the Mayor takes into consideration the street must be fixed permanently and not just temporarily," she said.

Still, The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) maintains that they cannot do anything until the rainy periods come to a stop. Mayor Daniel Guerrero stated that material to start fixing the roads arrived on the island some weeks ago, but that works have been delayed due to the harsh weather. "We have barges full of material that has arrived from the mainland," Guerrero said. "There is a barge by the southern end of Mosquito Coast which will be used to start fixing the roads in that area, while other barges at the Marina area will have fill to start fixing the roads in DFC, Escalante, San Pablo and so forth," Guerrero added that the barges are being docked close to the roads that will be under repair to minimize the consumption of fuel and time when transporting the material to the assigned areas. He emphasized that they will do what they can, given the resources available.

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