AND IT RAINS, AND IT RAINS, AND IT CONTINUOUS RAINING. (For quite sometime, we have not seen such a wet November.)

In our Olden days, the month of November was a mild month which heralded the Cold Month of December.

The Month of November began with the light rain, which we called " FINADOS RAIN ". ( All Saints Rain ), - -Some called it " Moja Bobos " or " FOOL FOOL RAIN " . - Why fool fool rain ? Because people would venture into it, saying, " It's not raining too hard " - yet they would get soaking wet.


There are mixed feelings. -

Some would say good for the pastures- Good for the fruit trees. The sound of rain is so nice and soothing especially at night. To many people it serves as a TRANQUILIZER or sleeping pill.

Others will say but it can damage the sprouting beans. - While others will say Flash Floods are very damaging.

BUT A MANY WILL CRY, " Our roads and streets are a mess."

Therefore who to please ? -There lies the Dilemna. - "Alli esta el detalle " - Cantinflas would say.

THE LESSON in all this is, that Government should never embark in building any roads or streets, just for the sake of giving CONTRACTS.

Hector Silva