As Christmas nears, butchers and meat shops are stocking up those cured local leg hams. But one meat store in Corozal suffered a major loss of their Christmas inventory. Franks Meat Products was burglarized of all their meat products and seafood - basically their entire Christmas stock. The owner told CTV more about the devastating loss.

Elizabeth Rosado, Franks Meat Products
"When we came in the first thing I was looking for was what they took machinery or anything but I saw that everything was complete in machinery but I didn't realize they were going to take products so when the police officer came and said well we need to open the freezer to see what is in there and everything that is when I saw that it was food products that they took. They took shrimps, the jumbo shrimps, the 26.30. They took conchs, they took slabs of pork chops, and the most what they took was the boneless hams."

"They burst all the wires of the security cameras and plus when they reached the final point of the camera they saw the box. The memory box and they took it with them."

There was no money in the cash register so only products were stolen. If you see the product being sold by anyone the management and staff of Franks Meat Products ask that you report it to the police immediately.

Channel 7

Here's a statement from Franks Meat Products:

Good afternoon my fellow customers, Christmas is right around the corner and as we prepared ourselves stocking up and investing in our local hams, jumbo shrimps, slabs of pork ribs, slabs of pork chops, conchs etc we were robbed last night and they took almost everything. So if you see or hear about people selling Christmas hams ribs pork chops shrimps, conchs The management and staff would kindly appreciate if you don't buy and report this crime as soon as possible to help and find these people.. please share and tag people for the word to spread. Normally these people go out of the district and sell things where people don't know about the incident. So with the help of technology I'm kindly asking for your help. From the management and staff we thank you for sharing. May God bless you".