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The San Pedro Sun

Canadian National Guy Cooter Smith badly injured during boat accident in Caye Caulker
A boat collision off the coast of the island of Caye Caulker has left 61-year-old Canadian national Guy Cooter Smith severely injured. The accident took place late in the evening of Friday, November 17th, involving a dinghy (small boat) and a larger vessel belonging to Koko King Restaurant. An unconscious Smith was then taken to the Caye Caulker Polyclinic where he was briefly treated before being transported to Belize City for further treatment. He remains in a critical condition. According to the official police report, when police arrived at the clinic, they observed Smith in a state of unconsciousness and suffering from a cut wound to his right elbow. Initial investigations revealed that around 9:45PM, Smith and his 19-year-old son, Cooter Smith, were in a dinghy in the sea without lights or reflectors when Koko King's boat accidentally collided into their small boat. Koko King's boat was reportedly transporting customers from the north to the south side of the island when the mishap occurred. Guy remains in a critical condition at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital.

Island residents to hold fundraiser for fire victims
After Carla Velasquez' family lost their home to a fire, a group of kindhearted island residents is organizing a fundraising event on Friday, November 24th to raise much-needed funds to help them. The event is scheduled to start at 7PM at the Central Park, and it will include a bake sale, with free kids and adult movies. All proceeds will go towards the reconstruction of Velasquez' home. Organizers Dalia Alamilla and Sarah Bol from Starfish Camp are looking forward to everyone's support on the day of the activity, and they invite the entire community to attend this worthy cause. They are still accepting donations for the fundraising in the form of baked goods, cheese dip, sodas, and even monetary contributions. Anyone interested can reach Lara Goldman, one of the volunteers helping with the event at 670-5272.

San Pedro R.C School library urgently needs repairs
The library building of San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS) is in dire condition and in need of urgent refurbishing. It has been estimated that around $10,000 will be needed to make the necessary repairs. The school is hoping to raise funds with assistance from the community to start the work during the Christmas break. Spearheading the initiative is librarian Catherine Whitney, known as "Teacher Kate." With 47 years teaching experience, Whitney has been volunteering at the SPRCS library for approximately 18 years. According to Teacher Kate, the doors, windows, and stairs are broken and even the walls of the school library are falling apart. After the September 19th Mexico earthquake, the building itself was rocked and needed to be reinforced.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve to implement new rules for film/photography crews
Hol Chan Marine Reserve management is planning to set up new regulations for filmmakers and underwater photographers at the Reserve. The new rules seek to prevent any potential damage that may be caused to the reef and marine life within the said protected area during such activities. This decision comes after a social media post by a local tour operator alleges that on November 3rd, while filming at Hol Chan, a film crew hired by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line behaved carelessly and caused damage to the Belize Barrier Reef. Alamilla further explained that in order to avoid any future incidents, film crews will now have to apply directly to Hol Chan for approval. "We are working on that service so they can make all the arrangements with us," he said. "In the case of underwater photographers and videographers, we will do a background check on them to find out if they have the sufficient experience and responsibility to carry on these types of activities." In addition, he said that for future groups of this kind, when approved, they will try to have a member of their staff onsite to monitor such activities. A date was not given when the new regulation will be implemented.

San Pedro residents plan fundraising event for Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II
A fundraiser to assist the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II with much needed medical equipment is being organized for Sunday, December 10th at Caribbean Villas, south of San Pedro Town. The entire community is asked to come out to support the worthy cause, which seeks to raise $60,000. Island residents are encouraged to make monetary donations or provide prizes for the event's silent auction. So far, several stakeholders have started to make monetary donations and prizes for the silent auction. Some of the prizes range from stays at luxurious resorts to electronic items and dinner at gorgeous restaurants. There will be a beach BBQ during the day of the fundraiser, and everyone is invited to come out and support the worthy cause. Tickets for the BBQ will go on sale on Friday, November 17th, and they can be purchased at Caribbean Villas, Pedro's Inn, the Red Cross San Pedro Branch, Rotary Club, and from members of the San Pedro Lions Club. All proceeds will go towards this long-awaited project. Anyone interested in making donations can do so by contacting Carla at Caribbean Villas at 226-2715 or via email [email protected].

Misc Belizean Sources


San Pedro Town joins the Garifuna community in their celebration!

Golf Cart Accident in North Ambergris Caye
These are images sent by an eye witness to a rental golf cart that was ran off the road just behind Portofino Resort. Reports indicate it was driven by tourists.

Here's what Culture Day looked like at San Pedro High School Friday
Part of Children's Day celebrations on Ambergris Caye.

Arsonist Burns Down 4 Structures in Southern Belize
Four buildings were destroyed by fire last night in Pueblo Viejo Village, Toledo. The principal of Pueblo Viejo School Stephen Sho told Love News that at around nine o'clock last night two house went up in flames. Two hours later that same night, the kitchen at the village's Catholic Church burnt to the ground due to fire. Fast forward to three o'clock this morning, another house was destroyed by fire. Principal Sho believes all structures were intentionally set on fire. He says that police have one person for questioning. Sho confirmed that the destroyed buildings were of wooden structure with thatched roof and expressed gratitude to Pueblo Viejo Village and local church leaders and other helpful villagers who responded very quickly in the darkness of night to help.

BHA BiAnnual Meeting
We invite you to join us at the Banyan Bay Suites in San Pedro on December 5, for our Biannual meeting. Discussions about the BHA's accomplishments over the past months and the upcoming projects for the rest of the year! Kindly RSVP at 223-0669 or email us at [email protected]. See you there!

Next Sunday there will be a Motocross race in Spanish Lookout. Miss Deb's will be there to provide some good grub. "Motorcycle Club , Nov 26 at 12pm there will be a Motocross race happening in Spanish Lookout. Everyone is welcome to come out and watch and enjoy this event. Come for lunch as Miss Debs will be there to serve her wonderful selection of burgers and drinks. So if you're bored on Sundays and need some adrenaline pumping action, come out and support the racing that will happen against the best riders in Belize. If anybody wants to participate in the races you can contact Marlon Dueck via Facebook messenger. We may even have a scooter race if we get enough riders! So mark your calendars and come on out! Would be awesome to see you there!"

Muscle Hut Strength Meet II
Pictures from the Muscle Hut Fitness Club's 2nd Strength Meet last weekend. Miss Deb's created her new Gut Buster burger for the event. They have lots of videos of the event on their page.

1st leg of the BDF vs Verdes semi-finals game
The game ended in favor of Verdes FC with a 7-1 win over the BDF at the MCC grounds in Belize City

In the Vaca plateau a major reforestation program is underway
Over 1,500 mahogany seedlings ae being planted by farmers inside and nearby the forest reserve. This endeavour is made possible through the support of GEF SGP.

Maimouna Youssef and Friends are still in Dangriga!
Yesterday, they were at Stann Creek Ecumenical High School empowering the students with their songs!

Institute of Archaeology NOTICE: Sunday 19 November 2017
The Nohoch Cheen, ATM and Barton Creek Archaeological Reserves are open. The Xunantunich Archaeological Reserve remains closed.

Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway
The first 500 families in St. John Parish will receive a FREE turkey dinner with all the fixings November 18. The giveaway will be taking place at East St. John High School from 9 am to 11 am. This event is sponsored by Cargill, Eliza Eugene Enterprises, L.L.C. Blessed to be a Blessing and St. John the Baptist Parish District Attorney Bridget Dinvaut's Office. For more information call 985-359-9954.

People, Livestock & Jaguars Forum and Workshop
We are hosting a People, Livestock & Jaguars Forum and Workshop on Friday, 24th November 2017 at our Field Station in Golden Stream. We will be sharing the results of our project to reduce conflict with jaguars and people. Guest speakers from 6 communities in Toledo and partner organizations will join the discussions. Livestock farmers and interested persons can contact Marchilio Ack to participate.

The Reporter

Man critically injured in boat collision
A man is in a critical condition following a boat collision last night near Caye Caulker village, Belize district. Police say that sometime around 9:45 last night, Guy Cooter Smith, 61, a Canadian, and his son, Cooter Smith,19, were in a dinghy in the sea without proper lighting or reflectors. An oncoming boat belonging to KokoKing Beach accidentally collided into the Smith's dinghy, rendering the elder Smith unconscious. He is at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital receiving treatment, and police are investigating the incident.

Police identify British woman found murdered inside Ladyville apartment
Police have identified the British woman who was found murdered inside her apartment complex on Perez Road, Ladyville. Michelle Anison, 46, was discovered just before 11:00 a.m., Friday by her landlady. Anison's body wad found face up with multiple stab wounds to the neck and chest. Police say Anison's 4-door Nissan Rogue, which was parked on the apartment's parking lot was missing, as well her travel documents. It is believed that Anison's killer was someone she knew. Residents of the area had reportedly advised her against keeping company with several questionable characters in the community.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Guatemalan map including Belize installed at Melchor border
Confirmed reports to BBN is that the new design of the Guatemalan map that includes Belize as part of their territory has been installed at the Immigration offices at the Western Border. When Belizeans stamp their passport at the Belize Immigration department, they head over to the Melchor Immigration department to stamp entry to Guatemala.

83-year-old man missing in Sand Hill, Belize District
Anna Richards, a Belizean housewife of Queen Helmet Avenue, Coral Grove area, Belize City reported to authorities that her father Hubert Richards, 83, a Belizean retiree of Sand Hill Village, Belize District left her house at 10 AM on November 16th 2017 and have not been seen or heard from since.

House and car set on fire in Mahogany Heights; Police looking for suspect
Yesterday around 3 in the morning, acting upon information received of a house fire at #170 Mahogany Heights Village, Belize District, authorities visited the scene where upon arrival they saw a 20 by 20 feet bungalow house engulfed in flames. Police investigation revealed that at 3 AM yesterday, a male person dressed in full black was seen running away from the house and shortly thereafter the house was engulfed in flames.

Man arrested for drug trafficking in Maskall Village
Yesterday afternoon around 4, police conducted a search at the residence of Gildon Edwards, 33, of Maskal Village, Belize District which led to the discovery of a black plastic bag in the bedroom that contained 94.9 grams of cannabis.

Business woman robbed at gun point in San Pedro
Gladys Cortez, a Belizean business woman and owner of Procell Store on Sea Grape Street, San Pedro Town reported to authorities that yesterday around 4:30 PM while inside her store attending to customers, two male persons entered the store, one armed with a handgun and robbed her.

Belizean youth arrested and charged for drug trafficking in San Pedro
Yesterday morning around 11:30, police were conducting a patrol on an unnamed street in the San Mateo area of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye where they searched Gerson Marroquin, 20, which led to the discovery of a transparent plastic bag containing 109 grams of cannabis.


November GLORIOUS November: Weather Perfection Has Arrived
Guide books for Belize will let you know that the temperature, year-round, is ridiculously consistent. We don't waiver far from the average yearly temperature of 84 degrees F. I grew up on the east coast of the United States�winters as low as 0 and summers as high as 104�this Belizean forecast was my idea of heaven. And it is. No winter winds that cut through your 7 layers of clothes�no black ice�no soul crushing darkness at 7am or 4pm� But there are nuances that you become more and more aware of as you spend more time in Belize. In fact, there are proper seasons. I've written about the Seasons of Belize before so I will keep it short. Winter is coming! And the gorgeous north breeze is blowing again after a long HOT summer. The weather is perfection�and it makes me want to take pictures. So here are a few from the last day or so.

Belize is all about the colors. So, why shoot it in black and white?
If God wanted Belize to be a black and white photo, he would have called it Lower Manhattan. If ever a country was born to serve up every smudge in the global color palette, it is Belize. Even during an overcast day, Belize pops with colors unlike any you will encounter elsewhere in the world. Clearly, a special light is cast over the country. Especially here on Ambergris Caye. So, what's with all the black and white photography?

International Sourcesizz

Can We Really Halt the Coral Reef Catastrophe?
Blue Planet II spectacularly described a series of fascinating interactions between species on some of the most pristine reefs in the world. These reefs, analogous to bustling cities, are powered by sunlight, and provide space and services for a wealth of marine life. Competition is rife, as exemplified by the ferocious jaws of the meter-long bobbit worm, ready to pounce on unsuspecting fish by night from its lair in the sand, or the pulsating show of colors of the cuttlefish as it stalks a mesmerized crab. Other reef species team up in unlikely partnerships to improve the outcome of a hunt for fish amongst the coral, as shown by the pointing display of an octopus working in cahoots with a grouper. Inevitably, the episode described how these cities are under threat, as warming oceans destroy the symbiotic relationship between the corals and the algae living within them, causing the corals to lose their algae, and become bleached. Prolonged bleaching leads to the death of the colonies that build the reef, leaving behind lifeless ruins. Since 2014, an unprecedented series of consecutive warming events driven by climate change, have affected many reefs, including the Australian Great Barrier Reef, and annual bleaching is predicted to become more frequent, leaving no time for the reefs to recover between these extreme events. In the last scenes, narrator David Attenborough provides a glimmer of hope as he describes corals and other reef species spawning on mass to produce new generations of life to build new reefs.

1894 $1 note of British Honduras is among the few from the series available
Stack's Bowers Galleries will be offering one of only three known 1894 British Honduras $1 notes at its Jan. 12 to 13 auction in New York City. The note is from the first British Honduras issue, of which no issued examples are known of any of the five higher denominations. The other two known examples of this denomination are the Pick plate note, which is in terrible quality, and one reportedly in a private British Honduras collection. The upcoming auction piece is graded Very Fine 20 Net, Splits and Rust, by Paper Money Guaranty, and is estimated at $30,000 to $50,000. It is signed by E.B. Sweet-Escott, as colonial secretary (later governor) of British Honduras, and commissioners of currency C. Melhado and H.C. Usher. The design features floral borders, lathe work and stars within circles. The note bears Crown above CC (for Crown Colony) watermarks, an official ink stamp indicating Belize as the city of issue, and the date OC[tober] 17, [18]94. The left margin is serrated where a counterfoil was once attached.


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  • BELIZE, 5min. Honeymoon / 30th Birthday Island Hopping in Belize! San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker.

  • Scuba Diving | Parasailing | Belize Vacation, 8.5min. We have this group of friends and every year for their birthdays they travel abroad. This year Belize was on the map and they happened to extend the invite to my girl and I. They had some pretty adventurous things in mind,one being scuba diving. We obviously accepted their invite and I'm glad we did. In this video you'll see the new GoPro hero 6 go 55' below water and 350' above land. Belize is such a beautiful country, the island Vibes are real and "You Better Belize" that we're going back some day.

  • AMIGOS Trip - Belize 2017, 22min.

  • Mission Belize 2017, 6min.

  • Sunday PM - Belize Mission Team - August 13, 2017, 60min.

  • Tropic Air Takeoff! - Placencia, Belize, 11sec.

  • Wanderfully Belize Teaser, 3min. I had the pleasure of being the event stylist for this awesome travel group. After a year of planning we spent 6 WANDERFUL days on Ambergris Caye and San Pedro! This opportunity was a dream come true for me, and only the beginning of destination events worldwide! I look forward to what God has in store!

  • Premiere League of Belize: BDF FC vs Verdes FC, 2.5hr.

  • In the heart of Culture Capital!, 10min.

  • Happy Garifuna Settlement Day Belize, 30min. Belize's most precious asset is its people. Every November 19th, the entire nation celebrates the Garifuna culture with its rich diversity of language, food and tradition. Oceana Belize is proud to illustrate the strong connections of the Garinagu to the Caribbean Sea, which represents freedom as our ancestors fled tyranny centuries ago, and which today continues to support traditional livelihoods and iconic cuisine. Happy Garifuna Settlement Day Belize! Buidula Hafeduhani Haweyuri Garinagu, Belize!