DOE temporarily shuts down construction of over-the-water structure

The Department of the Environment (DOE) has temporarily shut down construction of an over-the-water structure in the Boca del Rio area as of Friday, November 17th. According to DOE, the proprietors did not obtain an Environmental Clearance permit prior to starting the construction. As such, they must apply for one in order to resume work.

DOE representatives indicated that they were not aware of the project until they were on the island conducting environmental inspections. After noticing the shell of the over-the-water structure, they proceeded to inspect it. They immediately found that it had not been granted the appropriate permissions from DOE. As such, the persons responsible for the construction were ordered to stand by until an Environmental Clearance was granted.

In San Pedro, local authorities confirmed that they were fully aware of the project and added that the structure will serve as the new location for one of the beach bars in the area. This relocation is expected to give way to The San Pedro Town Council’s (SPTC) beach reclamation project expected to start in 2018. Mayor Daniel Guerrero stated that they had come to an agreement with the business owner to relocate the bar in order for them to start clearing the beach. “When tourists come to the island, they want to see beaches. So we decided to have that bar moved, and then we can start planning for the beach reclamation project,” said Guerrero

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