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The San Pedro Sun

European Union’s sugar prices drop
The international sugar prices have decreased in the new sugar crop season, which has the Belize Sugar Industry (BSI) concerned. The price decrease came into effect in October of this year, due to the end of the European Union’s (EU) quota system. As the leading refining industry of processed raw cane sugar, the EU previously purchased the product from Belize at a preferential price. The European Union was the only sugar industry that was subjected to a quota system. It was introduced with the first rules on the sugar common market organization (CMO) in 1968, along with a support price for producers at a level significantly above the world market price. The quotas system helped raw sugar-producing countries achieve various goals in the sugar sector.

More golf carts arrive on the island; Mayor explains
A total of 40 new golf carts were reportedly delivered to an establishment south of San Pedro Town on Wednesday, November 15th. This has raised concerns among residents, who believed that the continued importation of golf carts to the island will add to the on-going traffic problem. In previous occasions, Mayor Daniel Guerrero has stated that no more golf cart rental companies would be allowed to increase their fleet. However, the new arrival of golf carts says otherwise. The San Pedro Sun spoke with Guerrero, who clarified that the latest shipment is not for any golf cart company, but rather for a dealership. “If someone qualifies for a golf cart and has the money to buy one, we cannot deny that privilege to any island resident. In that case, they can purchase it from one of the golf cart rentals that may have a dealership license or from any other cart dealers on the island,” said Guerrero. He also indicated that if a golf cart rental sells a golf cart, they have the right to replace the golf cart that was sold.

Guatemala changes date of referendum to solve territorial dispute with Belize
For the second time this year, the Government of Guatemala has changed the date of their referendum to settle the Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The new date for the referendum is now set for April 15, 2018. The change was announced on Tuesday, November 14th by the Guatemalan Supreme Electoral Tribunal, explaining that the change is due to religious celebrations held in March. In Belize, the Leader of the Opposition, Honourable John Briceño of the People’s United Party, believes that there is more to it than that. “I think Guatemala has massive problems that they have to deal with,” said Briceño. “This includes corruption, bad governance… so I would not be surprised if a month from now or later they are going to change the date again.” Briceño also called on Prime Minister Dean Barrow to ensure that a re-registration for voters takes place in Belize prior to the referendum. “He has promised to do it and we need to hold him to that,” Briceño ended.

Misc Belizean Sources


The Garifuna Collective Live
Rhythm of Change (ROC) & The Belize International Yoga Festival proudly presents: The Garifuna Collective Live! Date : December 3, 2017 Time : 6:45-7:30 pm opening act Stephann Cayetano 8:00-10:00pm Garifuna Collective Live!!!!!! Location :Harbour View Greens, Fort Street, Belize City ( near the Belize sign) Cost : $50 ( children under 12 enter 1/2 price ) Contact : [email protected] or 610-0882 for tickets Ticket outlet: Om Shanti Belize Radisson Fort George ( Front Desk) Cellular Plus ( Freetown Road Belize City) Eurocaribe Shipping Fort Street Belize City. * Bring a blanket and chair and your entire family to enjoy this musical extravaganza under the stars to close the the 2nd Annual Belize International Yoga Festival ! It's a a family affair!

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) Belize
for Project Coordinator and Administrator/Accountant.

Protection of the Chiquibul-Maya Mountains
After seven years of joint work with Asociacion Balam and other organizations in Guatemala for protection of the Chiquibul-Maya Mountains, FCD and Balam reported on the actions undertaken and presented 13 recommendations for continuation of the work.

Tribute to President Fidel Castro of Cuba
Northern Maya Association of Belize at The University of Belize for special Tribute to President Fidel Castro of Cuba to deliver expression of gratitude to Cuban government for generosity and support to the country of Belize. In partnership Belizeans receive free tertiary education in Cuba and hundred of Cuban doctors render outstanding care to the entire country of Belize. Thank you Embajada Cuba Embajadora Lizette Perez Perez for your generous invitation. It was a great honor to be with you on this special occasion.

The Judges Of The ICJ
If Belize should go to the ICJ one of these days: who would be the people to decide our faith? The International Court of Justice is composed of 15 judges elected to nine-year terms of office by the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council. These organs vote simultaneously but separately. Judges must be elected from among persons of high moral character, who possess the qualifications required in their respective countries for appointment to the highest judicial offices, or are jurisconsults of recognized competence in international law. The Court may not include more than one national of the same State. Moreover, the Court as a whole must represent the main forms of civilization and the principal legal systems of the world.

Institute of Archaeology Report: 26 November 2017
The Xunantunich Archaeological Reserve is open with pedestrian crossing only on the ferry. All other archaeological reserves are open as normal.

Crime against Nature!! Crime against sustainable tourism!!
Sad day right here guys. I went Kitesurfing on the West Side of the island to a beach where we kitesurf if the wind is from the West. I found (12) undersized conch freshly cleaned. They were collected at the reef and brought to this side most likely by tour guides that bring tourist to the West Side for beach BBQ. Why would tour guides/fishing guides want to make ceviche so bad for tourist that they catch undersized conch to do it? Most likely it’s because they are working hard for a little bit of tip! $$ When at the same time they are shooting themselves in the foot! Harvesting undersized conch only because u cannot find large sexually reproductive legal sized conch means they are over fished! Too much pressure! Take, take, take! Every year! Don’t tour guides realize that if the only thing left is an undersized conch that is not mature enough to reproduce it means the Stock will become DEPLEATED!

The Reporter

Indian student missing for weeks
Maninder Singh, 21, an Indian student who attends Belize Medical College and lives at #80 Los Lagos, reportedly went missing after attending classes earlier this month. Talins Lima, a student service officer at the medical college on the Burrell Boom road told police that Singh was last seen on November 9 at the college. Singh is described as being of Indian descent with dark brown hair, brown complexion, brown eyes, with a mole on the right side of his face. He stands about 5 feet 6 inches tall, and is medium built. Anyone who has seen him or know of his whereabouts is asked to contact the nearest police station or to call 911.

Man’s body found near home off highway
Police are investigating the death of a man whose decomposing body was discovered near his house several days after he was last seen alive. Police were alerted of the decomposing body about 150 yards off the George Price Highway near mile 5 1/2 on Friday. The man, who was found lying face down, was identified as Clinton Arthur Davis, 53, a real estate agent who lived in the area. Police say there were abrasions on the forehead. Davis had reportedly left his house on the morning of November 21 and was not seen or heard from until the discovery of his body.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Four more minister say they won’t support paying for UHS
According to a report from Channel 7 News, four other UDP ministers including Pablo Marin, […]

Family believes Clinton Davis was killed over land dispute
Clinton Arthur Davis, a 53-year-old father of four and owner of Davis Beach at mile […]

Police confirm women claiming rape were “carnally known”
The Belize Police Department, this week, confirmed that two women who alleged they were gang […]

Body of real estate agent found on George Price highway
Around noon yesterday, police officers visited an area at mile 5 1/2 on, George Price Highway […]

Police confirms allegation of police abuse in San Ignacio
Yesterday, BBN reported of an incident involving Kevin Yacab, 34, who was detained by police […]

Chief Meteorologist attends 57th Session of Caribbean Meteorological Council
Belize’s Chief Meteorologist, Catherine Cumberbatch, returned earlier this week from Antigua, West Indies, where she […]

Yelling. Blaming. Pointing Fingers
By Charles Leslie Jr.: Seth Godin once wrote this short blog titled “Yelling upstairs.” He wrote: “When you’re […]


Strength in Numbers Belize Tourism Industry Association Membership Mixer
As I walked into El Divino at Banana Beach Resort I was surprised at the turn out for the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) for the Membership Campaign. Close to 80 people showed up to the mixer, a blend of business owners, San Pedro Town Council and a few residents. Honored guest speaker Osmany Salas BTIA President & Senator and our own MC and our knowledgeable Ambergris Caye chapter chairwoman, Tamara Sniffin both had the same message; strength in numbers. We need to join together and work smarter not harder to tackle the big issues. If there is ever a time to join BTIA and get behind making a long-lasting change it is now.

International Sourcesizz

Honduras blames Guatemala for 'creating environmental disaster'
Shocking photos reveal "trash islands" in the sea surrounding the idyllic Caribbean island of Roatan, Honduras. Guatemala is being blamed by Honduras for creating an "environmental disaster" after shocking images revealed a blanket of plastic rubbish engulfing the sea around a Caribbean island. Leonardo Serrano, deputy mayor of the Honduran town of Omoa, claimed communities in neighbouring Guatemala are dumping their refuse into a river which is then gathering at sea to form floating "trash islands". Some of the rubbish is being deposited on beaches around the seaside town of Omoa, which he claims is clearly from Guatemala. Mr Serrano said: "It's an environmental disaster." The accusation comes after underwater photographer Caroline Power released pictures in October of the "sea of plastic" around the idyllic Honduran island of Roatan where she lives. In the pictures, large masses made up of plastic bottles, cutlery and polystyrene plates can be seen engulfing the water's surface. Ms Power, a supporter of coral reef conservation group Roatan Marine Park, has disputed Mr Serrano's claim Honduras is to blame. She said: "We also do not know where the garbage comes from. "One of the main sources are rivers on the mainland of Honduras and Guatemala." "But the rest could come from anywhere. It could come on currents from anywhere in Central America or the Caribbean. "Some of the micro plastics have probably been floating around for years."

Ease into Belize with an island hopping kayak excursion
As the sun was setting on the tiny Belizean island of Tobacco Caye, I lay in a hammock on the outdoor veranda of a rustic little over-the-water bungalow, taking in the scenery. On the nearby shore, a brown dog named Delilah was pacing back and forth. She’d been chasing sting rays since we got there. She was at full attention when a large stingray swam directly in front of the bungalow — perfectly visible in the clear water. Exploring Belize’s Southwater Caye Marine Reserve by sea kayak is one of those trips-of-a-lifetime that I’d been dreaming about. Island Expeditions, a British Columbia-based tour operator, has been running kayak expeditions in Belize since 1987 and their six-night, island-to-island expedition seemed to have just the right combination of paddling, snorkelling and relaxing. Our journey began with a flight to Belize City and an overnight stay at the Tropical Education Centre, an accommodation affiliated with the Belize Zoo. We stayed in rustic cabanas tucked away in a tropical forest and later that evening we had a special night tour of the Belize Zoo. It was a chance to see and learn about the animals that are native to this part of the world.

“Colonial Reparations” to the Caribbean. Plunder, Slavery and Genocide of the Native People
On September 22, 2017 in New York during the General Debate of the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Belize Wilfred Elrington recalled that […] through the Caribbean Community, we are also leading the charge for reparation of the victims of slavery and their descendants […], while the Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Louis Straker said that […] a substantial part of the backdrop or context of the continuing socio-economic challenges of the nation-states of our Caribbean civilisation is the awful legacy of underdevelopment which European colonialism has bequeathed to us as a consequence of native genocide and African slavery. The international campaign for reparations from the former colonial powers to assist in repairing this malignant legacy is urgent and timely. It deserves the full support of this Assembly particularly within this decade, declared to be focused on the upliftment of persons of African descent […].


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