The Belize Tourism Board has developed a useful app for all those cruise tourism industry workers and stakeholders. The app has a variety of helpful features which will keep them on top of the cruise game. Director of Cruise and Destination Planning Noriko Gamero explained more today.

Noriko Gamero, Director of Cruise and Destination Planning
"The home app which will show you the calls for the day and the calls will show you both ports, Harvest Caye and Fort Street Tourism Village you can then go into the calendar view and the calendar view will show a regular calendar on your phone and it will highlight the day in your row and below it you will be able to see the cruise calls that are coming in."

"If you go into the specific ship you can also see the number of passengers estimated on board and the shipping agent that calls and you can then go to your statistics view and this is something that is constantly requested by our stakeholders to have information available on the number of calls and passengers for the month and for the year. This will be readily available as a total or it can be subdivided by ports so you can click on FSTV or you can click on Harvest Caye and you will be able to see the number of passengers."

"In addition to this we will also have a notification. These notices have been one of the best additions to the cruise app. This will allow all stakeholders to have real-time information of an additional call made to a port or a cancellation made for hurricanes and weather."

The app is available under the name "BTB Cruise App". It is available in the apple store and the google play store and it is free.

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