Concerned San Pedro residents have reported sightings of an alleged illegal dredging site around an islet on the western coast of the island by a local businessman. According to the allegation, the person in question also has intentions of selling the islet to a resort near the area. The islet, which seemed to have been abandoned, happens to be the private property of a local developer. A reliable source told The San Pedro Sun that the owner of the islet is already looking to pursue a lawsuit against the said businessman if he continues his activities on and around the small island. The source also added that the culprit has been using the names of the leaders from the local authorities in order to get away with his activities.

The matter is now under DOE's watch and they will be looking deeper into the issue in an effort to deter any future occurrences. According to them, if any incriminating issues are found after their investigation the person or business involved can face penalties for damages to the environment. They encourage everyone to report any suspected illegal environmental activities by contacting DOE at 822-2819 or 828-4877

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