And keeping it on the Christmas theme, at news time this Friday evening, downtown Belize City is glowing just a little brighter, as the Belize City Council and Bowen and Bowen Limited teamed up to light the Christmas tree erected this week at Mule Park. The tree was lit this evening after performances from Marlyn Vansen and Pandemonium Steel Band, and will stay lit through the first part of the New Year. Mayor Darrell Bradley and Bowen and Bowen’s chief executive Michael Bowen spoke about the significance of the tree and the season for City residents.

Michael Bowen, President/CEO, Bowen and Bowen Limited

“Tonight, I wish I were Santa Claus; because if I were, I would only be expected to say ‘Ho, ho, ho!’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ and then my speech would be done. But my speech tonight, in the Christmas spirit of the annual Coca-Cola Tree Lighting Ceremony here at the Mule Park, requires a few more words. I really believe that we all need Christmas, for all sorts of reasons. Even those with very little religious convictions cannot deny that we could all do with a little more peace on Earth, especially in our city, where the nightly news reports violence on a daily basis. And those that do believe find the message as true then as it is today. This season is about gatherings and get-togethers, it’s about time and family to celebrate with each other, and Christmas above all is about hospitality. And we are especially delighted to welcome all of you here tonight.”

(Countdown to tree lighting)

Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor

“Ladies and gentlemen, I want to share a few words with you on this great evening. I want to first of all say how impressed I was by the presentation of Mike Bowen – how poetic it was, how true it was of this great season of the year. And one of the things Christmas reminds us is that no matter how dark our days are; no matter how bleak your life may be, no matter how sad or troublesome our surroundings may be; God is always with us. We always have life, health and happiness. And so the Christmas season is a time that we can reflect on the greatest gift that was ever given to us – the gift of life and each other.”


The Council is also planning a Christmas concert for the B.T.L. Park on December seventeenth.

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