With Yhony Rosado and Tom Greenwood, tour operator David Almendarez has become a musketeer against the ills of the tourism industry. But he is also a big dreamer and risk-taker, and today, Friday, the culmination of a long-held dream sees fruition. Hattieville-based Fu Wi Flavaz Restaurant is positioning itself as a tranquil haven along the George Price Highway, where a little slice of Belize is available without packaging and posturing. In a world of Li Chee, Chon Saan, Amigos and Cheers, Fu Wi Flavaz is an uniquely Belizean response, as Aaron Humes found out on a visit on Thursday.

David Almendarez, Proprietor, Fu Wi Flavaz

“A lot of times people seh we dah FECTAB only good at saying negative things. So I bring something positive to the table. We believe with our product – like you say with our competition, we no believe we betta than anybody; we believe that we are like a tree with flowers – where every flower that comes out doesn’t want to be a prettier flower than anybody, just want to be a pretty flower ina ih own way.”

Aaron Humes, Reporting

Tour operator David Almendarez’s first love has always been Belize; showing Belize off is a close second. With his new business Fu Wi Flavaz at Mile nineteen on the George Price Highway, just outside of Hattieville, he sees an opportunity to combine both the local and international markets, providing an all-Belizean experience in both cuisine and culture.

David Almendarez

“The same type of food you are used to in your kitchen with the coconut milk, the coconut oil, all the niceities, the lee secret recipes. We figure we have a real tight recipe and it is something that we want to offer to our brothers and sister. We serve breakfast early da maanin, we open every day of the week, breakfast and lunch, authentic Belizean breakfast and lunch. And we want the presentation and the atmosphere…we take our time, we built a building 100% Belizean that I believe reflect my country. Beautiful, cool, aged, have a lot of good qualities about it and we believe we have all of that in one big harmony and I will provide that to Belize. This that you see here is like nay businesses in Belize if you see one thing the close down you have to start something else. And we believe everybody has to eat and they have to eat good food. The tourism industry very, very slow and we have my particular business, we have to have auction and I believe that yes that this is for my tourism industry but I am building this restaurant for my Belizean people too.”

Almendarez showed us an indefatigable commitment to showcasing the best of the Jewel. Fresh-squeezed orange juice and Crystal bottled water; fire-hearth style rice-and-beans and barbecued chicken cooked with the secret Monkey River recipe; even home-grown tilapia and natural vegetables. Ahead of its grand opening, Almendarez allowed himself to dream big about the future.

David Almendarez

“As my brother Darrell Bradley would say this is part of the master plan and this is not the first step because we have over 20 acres of property, we already have tilapia, we grow tilapia on the property, we have honey that we produce on this property already, so this is a multiphase project and this is just another phase. We anticipate that this is going to be one of the bigger parts being the restaurant, we want to compliment it a couple minutes down the road with a swimming pool, some cabanas, so on weekends we can have a good family day, you could have good peaceful days, just some good vibes. It is a easy living type we design it to be a relax free area, you come here stress free, don’t worry about the kids too much, we make sure the cooking is nice and a couple seconds of your time at Fu Wi Flavaz.”

Aaron Humes reporting for News Five.

The restaurant had turkey dinner for sale. Breakfast and lunch will be available seven days a week.

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