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#527506 - 12/06/17 06:07 AM Belize Participation at Central American Games  
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There are no medal victories to report yet, but Belize is holding its own on day-two of the 2017 Central American Games. In basketball, Belize looks for another win as they are presently taking on El Salvador, while in football; the under-twenty-one is to face off with hosts Nicaragua at the National Stadium in Managua, kicking off tonight. In our update tonight, we hear from the beach volleyball team which narrowly lost to Honduras and a member of the national basketball team which beat Costa Rica on Monday.

Richard Troyer, Captain, Belize National Basketball Team

“I think we’ve just got to believe in each more. We played more relaxed and took care of the ball more. I think that’s the one big thing we did. And we just believe in the system that Coach Milton Palacio has been implementing and trust in the defense and trusted one another and came together and played as a cohesive unit. And it worked out as a win.”


“So what you do you have planned for tomorrow against [El] Salvador?”

Richard Troyer

“Hopefully we can just build on today and play even better. Just play together and play defensively sound and offense will come.”

Gabriel Nunez, Member, Belize Beach Volleyball Team

“In the first set we started off a little slow, [inaudible] and then we did some errors, and that’s when they pushed us to our limit. We lost the first set twenty-one to fifteen and the second set twenty-one to sixteen.”


“So what did you feel most difficult about the game?”

Gabriel Nunez

“Most difficult that we just don’t have as much experience as those other players have. This is our first time being in the tournament, but in the future we’ll fix our mistakes and do better.”


“What can you tell us about your future games?”

Gabriel Nunez

“We have El Salvador and Panama. Against Panama we should definitely try to win because this is their first time here and we know we could beat them.”

Channel 5

Team Belize Competes In Beach Volleyball At Central American Games
On Saturday, December 2, Gabriel Nunez Jr. and Luis "Ricky" Luna, both of San Pedro, departed to compete at the Central American Games in Managua, Nicaragua. Gaby and Ricky had won the recent qualification tournament to represent Belize at the Games. All 7 Central American countries were entitled to send one team each. Tournament format is a round-robin of all 7 teams followed by a final day of playoffs in single elimination following the seeding result from the round-robin. Matches started on Sunday, in Managua. Team Belize entered the competition as 7th ranked and played some top contenders Nicaragua and Guatemala on Sunday. Team Belize played hard but lost to the more experienced teams: Nicaragua 21-12, 21-12 and to Guatemala 21-10, 21-15. On Tuesday, Belize plays Costa Rica at 1:00 pm and on Wednesday, plays Panama and El Salvador at 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm back to back.

#527561 - 12/08/17 05:40 AM Re: Belize Participation at Central American Games [Re: Marty]  
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A Bronze In Basketball

And while track is about to start, the basketball competition at those same games just finished and Belize won bronze - the first medals for Belize at the Games.

A release from the basketball federation says Team Belize played their hearts out and held on to close out a 63-58 victory over Honduras to secure the bronze.

Coach Milton Palacio - who is used to winning gold when he played - says it was a great effort:

Palacio, former NBA, Euroleague and Team Belize standout has pledged his commitment to continue the process of rebuilding the National Team Programme. Next for the National Team is the first round of the FIBA AmeriCup competition which starts in February, 2018.

Track Athletes To Nicaragua

Today 14 Belizean Track and field athletes traveled to Managua, Nicaragua for the athletics portion of the Central American Games. These games are held every 4 years. For 5 of the juniors, it will be the first time competing in an open competition. We caught up with a few of the athletes this afternoon before they departed. They say they are ready for the challenge and hope to bring home the win.

Courtney Weatherburne
"Tell us about the competition and it will be in Nicaragua right?"

Ashantie Carr, Junior Track and Field
"It will be in Nicaragua and we are competing weekend and I am competing in long jump, triple jump and 4 by 4."

Ashontie Carr, Junior Track and Field Team
"We train twice a day to prepare for this game."

Courtney Weatherburne
"And you are competing in what competition."

Ashontie Carr
"I will be competiting in the heptathlon. The heptathlon consists of 7 events, the high jump, the long jump, 800, hurdle, shot put, javelin."

Courtney Weatherburne
"Tell us about how the team is feeling about this competition and how you personally are feeling about it?"

Faith Morris, Junior Track and Field Team
"Well personally I am kinda scared and it is my first competition I am one of the youngest in the competition but my teammates we are all excited because we have been waiting for this, we trained so hard and we know that we are prepared and ready."

Kenneth Brackett, Senior Track and Field Team
"Well the last event I went to it was in Guatemala , it was just a trial but I did well, I came in first and I only did long jump and this year I will be doing long, triple, 4 by 1, 4 by 4."

Courtney Weatherburne
"What is your hope for your team and Belize as well in this year's competition?"

Hance Card, Senior Track And Field Team
"Well prosperity you know, the best for the team bring back golds, silver, bronze and do a good job."

The team returns on the 13th.

Channel 7

#527584 - 12/09/17 05:30 AM Re: Belize Participation at Central American Games [Re: Marty]  
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Belizean Athletes To CA Games

Yesterday we showed the track and field athletes who left for the Central American Games in Nicaragua.

Well today the Belize male and female National Volleyball Teams had their turn. Before their flight, we got a chance to speak with them.

Here's what they told us about their expectations:

This year's Central American Games end on Sunday, December 17.

A First Bronze For Belize

So far, Belize has only earned one medal and that's a bronze in basketball.

We leave you tonight with the medal ceremony for that event - which was held last night in Managua. The video is courtesy William Ysaguirre.

Channel 7

#527605 - 12/10/17 05:56 AM Re: Belize Participation at Central American Games [Re: Marty]  
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Islanders represent Belize in Central American games

On Saturday, December 2nd San Pedro athletes, Luis “Ricky” Luna and Gabriel Nuñez along with over 100 athletes traveled to Managua, Nicaragua to represent Belize at the Central American Games. Belize is currently competing in 12 different sport disciplines including basketball, football, cycling, judo, karate, bodybuilding, beach volleyball, tennis, triathlon, volleyball, athletics, and table tennis.

Both Luna and Nuñez are graduates from the San Pedro High School and have played volleyball for several years. Nuñez has previously represented Belize as a member of the National Male Volleyball Team at the International Volleyball Federation’s World Championship held in September of 2016. Nuñez was also part of the Under-21 National Volleyball Team representing Belize at the 2015 Central American Male Volleyball Championship. As for Luna, he has won several national medals in volleyball as well as winning the Merida 2015 WOD challenge for Belize.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun

#527636 - 12/12/17 06:02 AM Re: Belize Participation at Central American Games [Re: Marty]  
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No Gold Yet For Belize

When we left you on Friday, Belize had only gotten one bronze medal a the Central American games, but the count as of this morning shows that it has now gotten two silver medals and two bronze - and during the course of today there were more. The latest figures show that Belize has now gotten three silver and three bronze for a total of 6 medals - which is way at the back of the pack. Guatemala leads with 173.

But, hope springs eternal and, today the Table Tennis delegation left to Nicaragua for the games. The team comprises Taye Parkinson, Deveah Hukmani, Terry Su and Kelly Liu. Competition starts on Wednesday in Nicaragua.

Channel 7

Finally, Medals for Athletes, ‘Ballers at Central American Games

Over the past two weeks, we have been showing you the teams representing Belize at the Central American Games in Nicaragua. It took Belize a few days to get on to the medal board, but we did.  So far, Belize is behind in medal count, with only four medals: two silvers and two bronzes – three in athletics and one in basketball.  With the help of Herman Pastor who is in Nicaragua, we have put together a summary of some of the matches for Belize. News Five’s Andrea Polanco sums up what has happened in the last couple of days:

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Medals have been trickling in for the Belizean contingent at the Central American Games in Managua, Nicaragua; to date they have won four medals. Last week, the Basketball Team, under the coaching of Milton Palacio, played El Salvador for the bronze medal and won.

Basketball Athlete, Bronze Medal, Central American Games

“We have to give God the glory, mien because we fight hard fi dah bronze. I know we mi wah bring back gold but we do we best with the time we had to work with and the team we bring. It nuh easy fi play fi Coach Milton; he bring wah lot and he bring wah lotta professionalism and a high sense of urgency weh we dah Belize no use to. But hats off to all the guys on the team – we work through it – we play and we get wah bronze.”

Milton Palacio, Coach, Belize Basketball Team, Central American Games

“We had a meeting and I told them it is not the big points and all that; I just want you to give everything you got because if you go there and do your job and do the little things, you can beat anybody. Basketball is always about the little things unless you are in the NBA and have guys like Steph Curry, Lebron James, those guys can score forty points a game. It was just the little things, use the ball, sharing the ball, so it was very encouraging. Am I satisfied, no, but it is very, very encouraging. I am just happy that we medaled.”

In athletics, two of Belize’s representatives medaled. Veteran athlete Trecia Flores took a bronze in long jump – she retires from the athletics stage for Belize after the Central American Games. Katy Sealy got the silver in Heptathlon:

Trecia Flores, Bronze Medal, Central American Games

“Yes, I was the record holder but this competition was really difficult for me. So, I was like in fifth place when the competition started all up to my final jump when I jumped myself to third place.”



“What can you say about your competitors; first and second place?”

Trecia Flores

“Well, I have been competing with them over the years and of course I have defeated them over the years but they are younger than I am. So, I am seeing where the level for long jump is going higher and I am getting older so I am looking towards retirement. But they are really good jumpers.”


“So, what is next for Trecia Flores?”

Trecia Flores

“Well, in terms of the competition, I still have the four by one relay and the four by four; and after that, that is it because I am going to retire. There won’t be any more competition for me.”

Katy Sealy, Heptathlon, Central American Games

“It is going pretty well. I am quite pleased. Hurdles was solid; shot-put was solid; high jump was solid, so I am on for a personal best and I am in the silver medal position at the moment. So, as long as things keep going well, I should bring a medal home.”

And then there are those who failed to medal and others who have lost matches but still trying to quality for a medal position. Beach Volleyball fought valiantly against their experienced Central American counterparts but left without a medal.In football, Belize lost to Honduras by five goals in one of their matches. Juan Card failed to get the bronze medal in a Judo match against Guatemala.

Martin Swasey, Commissioner, Beach Volleyball (Belize)

“Our Belize team did pretty well being that this is the first time they are playing together; they took Honduras to a third set and they also took Panama to a third set , so that is very impressive being a young team playing together.”


“Are they out now?”

Martin Swasey

“They are done for the tournament; they ended up in seventh place.”

Captain, Belize National Football Team

“It was a very intense game and to be honest we expected Honduras to play hard for the first fifteen minutes of the game and they pressured for more than fifteen minutes and that is what caught us off guard. We got two to three goals in the first half and that kinda kill most of our players moral but nevertheless we  gave our all and we did our best.”

Juan Card, Judo Athlete

“The reason I lost to Guatemala, we were going for the bronze and the reason why I lost was that I was being too patient with him and if you trying to take too much time the referee is going to give you a warning and so I got three warning and he won.”

Reporting for News Five, I’m Andrea Polanco.

Competitions are underway for volleyball and bodybuilding and today the national table tennis team left en route for Nicaragua to participate in the games. Among the participants are a pair of boys we’ve interviewed previously, Devesh Hukmani and Taye Parkinson, who participated in regional championships earlier this year. 

Channel 5

#527649 - 12/12/17 01:15 PM Re: Belize Participation at Central American Games [Re: Marty]  
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Belize Silver Medal Performance at the Central American Games in the Male 4X100 Relay

#527660 - 12/13/17 06:06 AM Re: Belize Participation at Central American Games [Re: Marty]  
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Athletes Pile Up Medals at C.A. Games

Team Belize is still on the hunt for its first gold medal in the Central American Games taking place in Managua, Nicaragua. But the athletics team has been carrying the Sub Umbra Floreo so far, accounting for seven of Belize’s eight medals – the other is in men’s basketball. On Monday the relay teams took center stage on the track while there was also action in bodybuilding, volleyball and tennis. News Five’s Aaron Humes continues our coverage.

Aaron Humes Reporting:

The men’s and women’s four-by-one-hundred meter relay teams were on the track on Monday in Managua within minutes of each other. First to go were the women: Faith Morris, Tricia Flores, Hilary Gladden and Samantha Dirks, who came third in forty-seven-point-four-four seconds to record winners Costa Rica and second place Panama. It is Dirks’ second medal at these games following her second-place finish in the two hundred meters and finishing narrowly out of the top three in the one hundred meters, and matches her expectations in a pre-race interview.

Samantha Dirks, Bronze Medalist

“I expect us to get top three. I think I’m last leg, so I’m just gonna work hard and beat everybody and get gold for Belize, like in the Central American Games a few months ago in Honduras. I think we can do it again and I’m hoping we can. Our team is good, we run well together, so I’m just hoping to get the exchanges through and come home with the gold.”

The men’s team of Rahim Monsanto, Brandon Jones, Mark Anderson and Shaun Gill collected the silver medal with a time of forty-one point-one-six seconds, placing behind Panama and ahead of El Salvador. Today is the last day for athletics and the Carr sisters, daughters of the late Joseph Carr, will hope to feature prominently in their remaining events.

Ashantie Carr, Athlete

“I’ve already finished my long jump; I did my best, I came in seventh. And I have the triple jump tomorrow and the four-by-four.”


“How long have you been doing the long jump?”

Ashantie Carr

“I started the long jump four years ago. My first competition, I didn’t compete in the long jump but I am competing now in it and every time I compete, I improve in my jumps.”


“So you can say where you’ll be somebody to contend with in the future?”

Ashantie Carr

“Yes, sir.”


“And you, madam?”

Ashontie Carr, Athlete

“I have already competed in the heptathlon, which I just started this year, and I did a personal best in every event and heptathlon consists of seven events, so I am very happy; I came in fourth out of seven.”


“What are the other events you have left in these games?”

Ashontie Carr

“I have the four-by-four left, and that is tomorrow.”

Ashantie Carr

“I have the triple jump and the four by four.”

Things have not been going so well for the men’s and women’s volleyball teams who opened play this week. The males lost a squeaker earlier today to Panama in five sets, while the women lost Sunday to Nicaragua in three, 21-25, 17-25, and 18-25. Karen Quan, ladies’ volleyball team captain, shares her analysis.

Karen Quan, Captain, Belize Women’s Volleyball Team

“Nicaragua came and they played really hard and they brought their all, and we tried our best, but unfortunately we didn’t win; we lost in three sets.  Our weakness last night during our game was mainly serving and hitting errors, so during our practice this morning we drilled on that and our coaches made sure we served and we passed well and hit well, so tonight we hope that that comes to play.”

Lastly there is tennis, where Stefan Sosa was swept out of the first round by his opponent six-love, six-one. And bodybuilding, where the preliminary competition took place on Monday. The finals take place today. Aaron Humes reporting for News Five.

In a news time update, the women’s four-by-four-hundred meter relay team picked up another bronze medal in competition. That team consists of both Carr sisters, Ashantie and Ashontie; Tricia Flores and Samantha Dirks. Brandon Jones captured the silver medal in the triple jump, taking Belize’s total medal count to eight as mentioned before.

Channel 5

#527673 - 12/13/17 12:00 PM Re: Belize Participation at Central American Games [Re: Marty]  
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Mr Belize Clayton Greenidge won 2 gold medals last night at the Central American Games!

Greenidge competed in two categories in bodybuilding; masters and up to 80 Kilograms.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

#527692 - 12/14/17 06:57 AM Re: Belize Participation at Central American Games [Re: Marty]  
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Central American Games Medal Count

[Linked Image]

#527747 - 12/16/17 06:04 AM Re: Belize Participation at Central American Games [Re: Marty]  
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At Central American Games, hit and miss in karate, cycling

As the Central American Games wind down, Belize has another medal added to its tally while missing out on another in cycling. In karate, Leon Guild secured the bronze medal in his under-eighty-four kilogram kumite category. In cycling, the women’s road race covered just under forty-five miles in and around Managua and Belize’s two participants, Kaya Cattouse and Alicia Thompson, finished fourth and fifth respectively, about two minutes behind the winner. In the male field which featured thirty-nine top-class participants, including Guatemalan Cross Country contender Manuel Rodas, Belize’s best finish was eighth by Giovanni Lovell, in an eighty-plus mile race which saw just thirteen competitors finish. Lovell placed three and a half minutes behind race winner Carlos Andres Brenes Mata of Costa Rica. The rest of Belize’s contingent included Ron Vasquez, Nissan Arana, Robert Liam Stewart, Tarique Flowers and Joslyn Chavarria. The games finish on December seventeenth.

Channel 5

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