In 1929 , President Herbert Hoover made a proposal to the British PM Ramsay MacDonald that the USA should buy Belize.

I made one other proposal verbally to him (Ramsay MacDonald) which hitherto has not been made public. I suggested that the British consider selling to us Bermuda, British Honduras, and the island of Trinidad. I told him I thought we could give them a credit upon the war debt which would go a long way to settle that issue. I explained that we were not interested in their West Indian possessions generally. I wanted Bermuda and Trinidad for defense purposes, and I wanted to have British Honduras as an item to use in trading with Mexico for the use of the mouth of the Colorado River so as possibly to cure certain frictions between Mexico and Guatemala. He did not rise to the idea at all. He even ex-cluded British Honduras although, aside from officials, probably fewer than 1,000 Englishmen got a living out of it. I had a hunch he did not take the payment of the debt very seriously.

pg 346, "The Memoirs of Herbert Hoover: The Cabinet and the Presidency"