The Primicias is one of the most important rituals among the Maya Masewal(Yucatec Maya) in Belize. There are different types of Primicias like the Wahil kol the offering for the first harvest and the Cha Chaac to ask for rain . The Yucatec Maya in Belize are mainly found in Corozal,Orange Walk and Cayo. This documentary was made by NMSU Creative Media Insittute & Scarlet Studio documenting Belizean Yucatec Maya Silverio Canto from the Cayo District .

Deep in the mountains of Belize's San Antonio, Cayo District lives Silverio Canto: a family man, priest, retired teacher, herbalist, and maya shaman. Through compassion, faith, and ancient knowledge of the jungle around him, Silverio Canto is hailed as one of the greatest medicine men in Belize.