The revealing allegations that The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) had not been making monthly payments to the Social Security Board (SSB) on behalf of their employees prompted Mayor Daniel Guerrero to act on the situation. Guerrero has confirmed that all pending arrears with the SSB have been paid in full without any issues. However, the SPTC and the SSB refrain from offering details on the arrears and the amount paid. But according to different sources, it is speculated that the bill was around $62,000, which was immediately paid in order to avoid a lawsuit from the governmental institution.

The period as to how long the SPTC has neglected to pay employee social security contributions is unknown, although it is understood that they were making said deductions from employees pay. The SSB was very clear in stating that such information could not be released, and Mayor Guerrero would not comment on the question either. A further investigation revealed that the reason why the SPTC was urged to settle their debt was that in recent months the amount owed had increased. As a result, the SPTC had been summoned to appear at the San Pedro Magistrate Court on Monday, December 11th, to make the case hearing public. But a few days before, both parties apparently settled their odds and the court hearing was canceled.

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