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The San Pedro Sun

Island Academy hosts its 22nd Christmas show
The Island Academy held its 22nd Christmas Show on Wednesday, December 13th. Parents, teachers, students and invited guests gathered at the school to view the spectacular show. The program began at 7PM, with all the students marching in pairs to the stage. The first performance of the night saw a combination of the lower division classes singing the most popular songs of the season. The last performance of the night was performed by the upper division classes. Their presentation started as a skit and ended as a musical. When the show was over, attendees got to enjoy tasty food and drinks while listening to Christmas songs.

Stanford Eye Clinic hosts final clinic for the year
Stanford Eye Clinic held its last clinic for the year from Sunday, December 10th to the 14th at the San Pedro Lions Club Eye Clinic located at the Lion's Den in San Pedro. Many islanders benefited from the free examinations and checkups. The clinic was offered by ophthalmologists Dr. Deborah Alcon and Dr. Steve Binder from Stanford University in California, USA. Five clinic sessions have been offered since the clinic was inaugurated in May of this year. The clinic is equipped with all the equipment necessary to provide an array of services. The ophthalmologists not only provide examinations to inform patients about their need for glasses but can also detect health conditions in the eye such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinopathy, and diabetic complications among others. In the case that further treatment or surgery is required, the doctors then recommend patients to the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) in Belize City where such services are available.

Custody case on Cannon children adjourned
The custody case involving the Cannon children has once again been delayed, after the case was adjourned on Tuesday, December 12th at a Family Court in Belize City. The scheduled custody hearing between Anke Doehm and David Cannon, the adoptive mother, and father of Faye Lin Cannon's three siblings could not be concluded because the Court is waiting for the completion of a Social Inquiry Report on behalf of Doehm. As a result of this missing report, the case was rescheduled to a later date next week, which the Court is yet to reveal. Cannon briefly told The Sun that he is hopeful that by next week the report is completed and there can be a positive solution in his custody case. He hopes that the case runs with no more delays. "I think it will be very sad for my children to spend Christmas in a foster care institution," said Cannon.

SPTC settles thousands in arrears with SSB
The revealing allegations that The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) had not been making monthly payments to the Social Security Board (SSB) on behalf of their employees prompted Mayor Daniel Guerrero to act on the situation. Guerrero has confirmed that all pending arrears with the SSB have been paid in full without any issues. However, the SPTC and the SSB refrain from offering details on the arrears and the amount paid. But according to different sources, it is speculated that the bill was around $62,000, which was immediately paid in order to avoid a lawsuit from the governmental institution. The SSB did explain what the consequences are for both employers and employees when contributions are withheld. According to SSB, if a person is working at a particular company and for a year or two his contributions are not being paid, that employee will not be entitled to any benefits. They encouraged any employee who suspects this is happening to visit any social security office countrywide with their valid Social Security Card. Once it is verified that the employer is not making payments, an investigation will follow.

Misc Belizean Sources


Air Canada Inaugural Flight - Belize
Welcome Canadian snowbirds...

Caye Caulker Mobile Pet Clinic
The CC Humane Society had a really productive mobile pet clinic this morning! We were not able to get to every part of the island and some people weren't home. If we missed you or you missed us, please remember that we have an open clinic every Saturday morning from 9 - 11 across the street from Wish Willie Restaurant. Stop by if your pet is sick or in need of flea and tick or heart worm prevention or an annual vaccine. Bring puppies in for worming, vaccine and puppy wellness check!

Belize Network of NGOs Newsletter 2017 Update
We are pleased to share with you our very first Newsletter, which highlights the major achievements of the Belize Network of NGOs over the past year. We hope that you find it informative and useful. If you have questions on any of the items in the Newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. The Belize Network of NGOs wishes you and yours a Happy Holiday Season.

Happy Holidays from the Corozal Animal Program
I wanted to give everyone an updated of what we have accomplished to help the animals in Corozal in 2017. The vets donate their time, as do our volunteers, but we need to raise money for vaccines and supplies. If you are able to, please make a donation. Even $5 helps!

Zaara's Boutique in Corozal joins with Nouveau Model Management, Bowen and Bowen and other food vendors for its Grand 4th Anniversary Celebration, where its customers benefit with tons of sales, discounts, raffles, music and much more.

My Problems Faced As a Mixed Race Kid
Contributed by Yvette Sanker Riverol - "17 year old Jomarie Lanza of Corozal started following Clover Letter, a newsletter on Instagram which explores various issues young girls may encounter in life. She noticed that the newsletter was searching for writers, so she took the initiative and emailed them and shared her ideas of writings for the newsletter. Jomarie was pleased that her ideas were well-received and excited as she was asked to write an essay, which she did. About 3 months later Clover Letter's editors approved her writing and informed her that her essay would be published in its weekly edition.

Celeste from Orange County, San Diego, California, U.S.A., visited us and gave a MOTIVATIONAL TALK to our children, and distributed educational materials
Corozal - Great efforts by Community Restore bring cheers to our youth. She is the daughter of Adela Pederson one of Community Restore's active volunteers. Our Corozal community would like to thank Celeste for this kind gesture. Enjoy your stay in Belize. May God continue to bless you.

SHC Hawks Take 2nd at Nationals
Congratulations, SHC Hawks! They came in 2nd place in the national high school basketball competition, which was hosted by SHC yesterday and today. Pictures from yesterday. More pictures. "Congrats to our female basketball team for placing second at the National Basketball Tournament held this weekend. We are very proud of our girls. Go Hawks!!!!"

Realize Belize Santa Run
Realize Belize had their Santa Run this morning at Galvez Stadium. The Benque DYS office was there. "REALIZE BELIZE held their Santa Run today at Victor Galvez Stadium, San Ignacio at 7am. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness and money to support the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in Belize. People with disabilities were part of the Santa Run and the Department of Youth Services Benque is proudly supporting such initiatives which goals are to develop a fully inclusive environment for people with disabilities. Keep up the good work REALIZE BELIZE!"

Jazz with a Caribbean Breeze
The Orange Gallery is having a Jazz night on Wednesday. Caesar and the Panatics will be there, so if you liked the old Mango Jam sessions they used to have, you'll love this.

Audubon's Christmas Bird Count
Can life get any better. Firstly to have discovered a new passion I wish I had discovered years ago!!!! Bird Watching. Then to have spent an entire day in Cockscomb, with Roni Martinez, one of Belize's best birders, on the first day of Audubon's Christmas Bird Count.

Audubon's Christmas Bird Count 2
Wow and Wow. _Scarlet Macaws _Golden Hooded Tanager _ Rufous Breasted Spine-tail _White Collared Manakin . _ Barred Forest Falcon This trip to Cockscomb has been very worth it to me . Once again thanks Mista Roni Martinez for the invitation . Honestly we the girls enjoyed birding along with you. Girls we got 4 Scarlet macaws

The Reporter

Another man killed in road accident; shooting takes place during parade
Police are investigating a fatal traffic accident and a shooting incident that happened about an hour ago. The fatal accident happened in Camalote village near mile 51 on the George Price highway and the victim was reportedly driving a motorcycle. The shooting, meanwhile, occurred during the Love FM Christmas parade on Albert Street in Belize City. Police have nof released any details of the incident as yet. The Reporter understands that some people were injured when the crowd started a stampede to get out of harm's way.

Elderly man killed in road traffic accident
An elderly man lost his life in a traffic accident early this morning on the Philip Goldson. Police say that around 2:30 a.m., they responded to a report of the accident between miles 12 and 13 and that upon arrival, they saw the elderly man's body on the right hand side of the highway with cut wounds to the head and lower back. Investigations have revealed that around 2:17 a.m., Sergio Paredez, 49, a businessman of Orange Walk town, was driving a red Ford Explorer pick-up truck on the Phillip Goldson Highway in the direction from Ladyville towards Orange Walk, and that upon reaching between miles 12 and 13, he allegedly knocked down Efrain Alfaro, 64, a Honduran who lived in Franks Eddy village. Alfaro was reportedly walking a bicycle on the highway when he was struck.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Runaway minor reported
Lucia Choc, 47, of Independence village, Stann Creek district reported that last night around 7:00, she went to church and upon returning home she noticed that her daughter, Rosaria Choc was not at home. Rosaria is 15 years old and is about 4 feet 5 inches tall.

Elderly man killed in traffic accident
This morning aroubd 2:30, Ladyville police responded to a road traffic accident on the Philip Goldson highway between miles 12 and 13. On the scene, police saw the motionless body of an elderly Hispanic man on the right side of the highway with cut wounds to the head and lower back.

Man busted with cocaine in Mexico is from Ranchito Village, Corozal
Belize police have not arrested the man that was busted with 6 kilos of cocaine earlier this week in Chetumal, Mexico even though authorities have a copy of his driver's license and they know that he is from Ranchito Village, Corozal District. On Wednesday, the man was inside a Lincoln Navigator heading from Belize to Mexico.

BDF soldiers return home from Dominica
A month and a half ago, thirty five soldiers from the Belize Defense Force (BDF) went to Dominica to assist with the rebuilding of infrastructure, after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. Today, the platoon returns back to Belize.

PM Barrow departs country on personal leave
The Office of Prime Minister Dean Barrow informs the public that he left the country today on personal leave. PM Barrow returns to Belize on Tuesday, December 19, 2017.

International Sourcesizz

National Geographic reveals the ultimate places to visit for a winter getaway
For some people a winter getaway means grabbing their passport and heading off to sunnier climes to escape the cold temperatures. But for others its about finding the perfect winter wonderland complete with snow and festive cheer. So National Geographic Traveller have come up with a list of the top nine places to jet off to for the perfect winter holiday. The country of Belize makes the list thanks to its lush landscape and being described as a diver's paradise. Pictured are the jungles located near Belcampo Lodge.


  • San Pedro's Annual Holiday Boat Parade!, 1/2min.

  • This is a Mexican hairy Porcupine in its defensive posture and display, 1/2min. Important note: Porcupines can NOT shoot quills!! In fact the quills are firmly attached and it hurts them to loose them (like a giant big hair being ripped out). But quills sure make for a good defense and this guy seems to know it too as he is standing his ground. This fascinating species is arboreal and nocturnal and therefor rarely seen. They eat leaves and fruits (and flowers) and mean us no harm. Usually they just want to be left alone and get away, but if an overly zealous dog tries to take a bite... he will cry (we have seen several of those as well). The best thing to do if you see a porcupine? Keep your dogs inside or away from it and let it find its way. If you find an injured porcupine? Towels or sheets will get stuck on their quills and injure them further and they can not be handled like other wildlife patients... So do not try to pick it up but give BWRC a call first (615 5159).

  • Zaara's Boutique Corozal Anniversary, 4min. In front of Atlantic Bank in Corozal models are out here taking photos with everyone.

  • Diving with Blacktip's at Half Moon Caye Belize Pt 1, 16min.

  • Belize 2017, 2min.

  • Tradiciones de Benque Viejo del Carmen BELIZE, 3min. Durante el mes de diciembre, todos los distritos en Belize celebran la Navidad en una serie de tradiciones que le son propias. Consecuencia del sincretismos y la diversidad cultural. El presente video es el registro de Las Posadas en Casa de la Cultura de Benque Viejo del Carmen, Distrito El Cayo.

  • Belize Seahorses, 6min. Caye Caulker, Belize

  • Zip Lining in Belize, 8min. 2014 Cruise to Belize - Zip Lining Shore Excursion

  • OPEN YOUR EYES - Interview with the Belize Bahai's, 30min. Representatives of the Baha'i Faith discussing the "200th Anniversary of the Birth of Baha'u'llah"

  • Bear Grylls - FLORESTAS DE BELIZE!, 44min.