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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Police awards winners of GREAT essay competition
The San Pedro Police Department awarded three island primary school students after excelling in the Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) essay competition on Wednesday, December 13th. GREAT is a life skill program held by community Policing Officers at various schools on the island. Children are educated on the consequences of gang violence and the benefits of developing positive relationships with law enforcement. Participants also learn how to refuse peer pressure, get help in communicating their issues and find concrete solutions. This year students were challenged through an essay competition to test how much they learned about the program and then the three top entries were awarded. The winners for this year's competition were Terence Keating from Isla Bonita Elementary in third place, followed by Nia Lysbey from Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) in second place, and taking first place was Annelyse Perdue from Isla Bonita.

DFC Eco Rangers' Adopt a Minion trash can aims to keep La Isla Bonita clean
In an effort to continue creating awareness on the island's garbage problem, the Development Finance Corporation (DFC) Eco Rangers have embarked on a new project dubbed 'Adopt a Minion.' The project consists of buckets beautifully painted to resemble the animated characters called Minions, which are then adopted for the collection of garbage by residents and business establishments. Several establishments are supporting the idea by adopting a colorful bucket which comes at no cost. The Rangers hope that this initiative will encourage islanders to keep their neighborhoods clean. The group is being supported by Adan Kay, Human Development Officer of San Pedro and island resident, Diane Klumb.

SPTC orders removal of wall blocking easement and fence along the beach in Mar de Tumbo area
The reports that the alternate easement adjacent to the property of Banyan Bay Suites was reportedly blocked from its beach entrance on Wednesday, December 13th led to the intervention of The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC). The new pathway was to provide access to the beach after the closure of the Mar de Tumbo access road. The SPTC had approved the closure of the access road after the developer of said property agreed to enhance the easement north of Banyan Bay in order to allow access to the beach. After Mayor Daniel Guerrero was notified that a concrete wall was being erected blocking any access to the beach and that a fence had also been built along the beach violating the 66 feet of mandated beach access, he immediately ordered its removal. In the meantime, Guerrero indicated that the situation has been permanently solved and no similar reoccurrences should arise in the future. "We always have our people first," he said reminding people that when it comes to the laws of the country, there are no exceptions.

Misc Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Boat stolen
Jaime Enrique Rosado, a businessman from Caye Caulker Village reported that between 8:00 p.m., on 18.12.17 and 7:00 a.m., on 19.12.17, his black and white 16' fiber glass skiff with the name 'ZAYNAH' and registration number BZ-0179 valued at $7,000 and 1 50hp Yamaha outboard engine valued at $11,000 were stolen from Traveler's Palm Dock located on the back beach on Caye caulker Village.

Christmas Stop and Chop Rave
The Wildfire Artzmosphere is having a Christmas Rave. DJ Nonstop will be representing Cayo, and DJ Vealchop will be representing Los Angeles. Real DJ's means no microphones getting in the way of the dancing. "if you need to shake it or want get a change of scenes.... after your meals, and family time or you can just feel it in the air ... come on down to Wildfire Artzmosphere ... wain da booty"

Love Foundation Visits Benque
Santa sighting of the day. Santa paid a visit to the kids in Benque. He and Mrs. Claus passed out sweets and gifts. The DYS was there to get some great pictures. Thanks, Love Foundation! "We want to thank Love Foundation for visiting Benque Viejo Town kids and for bringing along with them love, happiness, and placing a smile on kids' faces as they got their gifts from Mrs. Claus and sweets from Santa."

'Run Man Service" on Caye Caulker
I am starting a 'Run Man Service'. $5Bz for pick up and drop off. If this service would be of good use to you, kindly share your thoughts. Would like to commence ASAP. (Keep in mind this is NOT a TAXI service for transporting people; this is for people who want things picked up and transported to their front door, whether it be grocery shopping, to pick up cargo at the boat or barge or what ever else service you don't want to leave your house for.)

Belize Signs Memorandum of Understanding with India for the Establishment of the India-Belize Centre of Engineering
Today, December 20th, the Government of Belize and the Government of the Republic of India signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the establishment of the India-Belize Centre of Engineering (IBCE). The signing was done in an effort to enhance the potential for cooperation between the two countries in the field of technical education and skill development. The MOU seeks to upgrade and modernize the existing workshops at the Department of Engineering in the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Belize, to provide vocational training in the fields approved by the countries to the youth of Belize.

Christmas Stop and Chop Rave
The Wildfire Artzmosphere is having a Christmas Rave. DJ Nonstop will be representing Cayo, and DJ Vealchop will be representing Los Angeles. Real DJ's means no microphones getting in the way of the dancing. "if you need to shake it or want get a change of scenes.... after your meals, and family time or you can just feel it in the air ... come on down to Wildfire Artzmosphere ... wain da booty"

Clearing in the Chiquibul Forest
The first aerial flight for the 2017-2018 season has been undertaken. Forest clearings are already visible in the Chiquibul Forest along the western border. Controlling this has been complicated.

Christmas Bird Count in the Mountain Pine Ridge
And the next big CBC happens in the Mountain Pine Ridge this Saturday! We will be meeting at Hode's Place in San Ignacio this Friday at 7.00pm for the pre count meeting to discuss the CBC logistics for the following day. Stripe-tailed Hummingbird? Solitary Eagle? Orange-breasted Falcon, Stygian Owl? This is the CBC for you to join...

Jankunu Festival
Bring in the Xmas spirit with the Jankunu dancers at the 1st annual Jankunu Festival at the Central Park. Starting 7 pm. Food and Drinks will be on sale! In collaboration with the Charikanari Dancers and the San Pedro House of Culture. Saturday, December 23 at 7 PM - 11 PM. Central Park, San Pedro Town

Fence Project in Camalote Village
Update on fence project this is a XMAS gife form Our Area Rep.Hon Julius Espat to camalote village thank you for you hardwork and dedication for our community

Channel 7

Millions Of Contraband Cigarettes From Belize Form Smuggling Ring In Guatemala
Tonight there is major news coming out of Guatemala saying that authorities there have cracked open a major cigarette smuggling ring - and Belize is right in the middle of it. "Guatevision" reports that The Public Ministry and the National Civil Police "conducted 35 raids to dismantle a criminal structure dedicated to the smuggling of cigarettes." And those cigarettes - come right out of Belize - smuggled by sea to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala and then from there, on to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras - taken through the back door all the way, not paying any taxes or duties. And it didn't just happen once. The investigation found that from 2015 to 2016 the ring made at least 39 trips from Belize to Barios, and on each trip they transported close to 500 boxes of cigarettes, which contain 5 million cigarettes.

Elderly Man Critical After Being Found Injured On The Side Of The Road
Tonight Belize City police need your help to identify an elderly man who was found injured on the side of the George Price Highway last night. Around 9:00 pm, 7News was there at mile three near the dumpsite along with police and ambulance teams. They had received information that the man was lying on the shoulder of the road with a cut wound to the back of his head. He was in a semi-conscious state. We saw the ambulance team put him on a stretcher - and apply a bandage to the back of his head. We also heard them asking him his name, but he was unresponsive. He was taken to the KHMH where he is in a critical condition.

PG Cops Knocked Out Teen's Teeth, For No Reason
Tonight the father of a Punta Gorda teenager is claiming police brutality after his 16 year old son was allegedly beaten up by two police constables last week. It happened a week ago when 16 year old Victor Kus was returning from his friends' home. Via telephone, his father says police pounced on him and beat him for no reason: Roberto Cus - Father of Victor Cus: "On his way back home there is where the police approached him and they are asking him what he has in his pocket but then he had his cellular phone in his pocket, they said oh no you threw something in the grass but my son is not a smoker, he is a student he is going to school but they don't want to believe that. They hit him with a hard piece of I don't know and my son was still unconscious until 9 o'clock the morning that then he start to realize and said what happened to me. They broke his phone, they broke 3 of his teeth and they bruised his eye."

Cadets Consuming Contraband Beer In Pomona?
The Professional Standards Branch has also been tasked to find out what went wrong at a Pomona Police Youth Cadets function which resulted in three young ladies posing for a picture with beers in hand. The picture appeared on social media today and it shows three females, ages unknown, rising their cans in front of a Pomona Police Cadets Christmas Banner showing off three cans of contraband Brava beer. The police press office put out a statement saying, quote, "The Commissioner of Police is very disturbed by a photograph circling on social media purporting to show female minors consuming alcoholic beverages at a Police Cadet function. As a result the Commissioner has directed the Professional Standards Branch to conduct an internal investigation."

Charges For Bus Chopping
On Monday we told you about that crazy chopping on the crowded City Council work bus in which a sanitation worker viciously chopped his co-worker. Well, today the machete wielder, 53 year-old Dennis Winston Bodden, a resident of Zericote Street, was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. He has been charged with attempted murder, dangerous harm, and use of deadly means of harm. A bus full of eyewitnesses who are all his co-workers, saw when he attacked fellow Sanitation Worker Michael Orlando Tesecum. Well, when Senior Magistrate Ford tried to read the charges to him, he and one of his family members became very emotional, and the Magistrate had to calm him down before the arraignment could proceed.

Eamon's War Of Words With Wilfred
Last night, we had extensive coverage of our 45 minute interview with Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington. He discussed last Wednesday's first bilateral meeting with new Guatemalan Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel. But he also played some hardball politics. We asked him for his opinions of the defeated motion that PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay brought last week Wednesday to the Senate. He was attempting to push the first stages of an amendment to the Maritime Areas Act. Foreign Minister Elrington mauled Courtenay, accusing him of attempting to jeopardize relations with Guatemala, and trying to become the next Minister of Foreign Affairs, even if that ambition hurts Belize's diplomacy. Courtenay responded this morning. In a 41 minute interview, which was laced with a few choice comments of his own, he blasted right back at Elrington. We start tonight with Courtenay explaining that he has retained 2 high-powered international attorneys to give a legal advice on how the Maritime Areas Act, as it now stands, may negatively affect Belize's claim at the International Court of Justice.

Martime Areas, Who Failed First?
Now depending on which of these two diplomats you talk to, there is a lot of finger pointing about why the Maritime Areas Act hasn't been amended to strengthen Belize's case. Elrington insists that the past PUP Foreign Ministers failed to do their duty from as far back as the 1990's, and he is of the opinion that the intended purpose of Belize's relaxation of its claim to 9 miles territorial waters never had the intended effect. He asserts that the amendment should have happened when the PUP were in office, and he questions Courtenay's motives for agitating for it now. Well, Courtenay is pointing fingers right back at him, saying that the formal acknowledgement that negotiations had failed came in December 2008. He insists that Elrington failed to do what he was supposed to at that time to protect Belize's claim to those 9 miles of territorial seas it still hasn't claimed. We've put together each of their points and counter-points for you to decide who is right, and who is wrong:

Courtenay On Foreign Affairs: Been There, Done That
And the war of words didn't end there. Courtenay didn't let Elrington get away with accusing him of gunning for the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs. Here's both sides of that story: Hon. Wilfred Elrington - Minister of Foreign Affairs: "He would want to see the matter postponed. He wants to see it derailed, because I can't see any good reason why he would want to touch it now." Hon. Eamon Courtenay - PUP Senator: "It is the type of nonsense that comes from addled time." Hon. Wilfred Elrington: "That is my view, though. You might have a different view. Mr. Courtenay can't point to any good reason why he wants to take this position at this time, when he knows the Government of Belize is dealing with."

One More For Monica's Robbery
Yesterday we told you about Dean Nembhard who was charged for the Monica's robbery. The proprietor shot him in the hand as one of the four men who allegedly went to rob the pawnshop. Today, a second suspect went to court. He is 23 year old Kendale Carcamo. He appeared before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford unrepresented and was read two criminal offenses, robbery with a firearm and one count of aggravated assault with a firearm upon Dorian Usher. Carcamo pleaded not guilty to both charges but bail was denied bail because they are firearm offences. He was remanded to Prison until January 31, 2018.

Electrocution Victim Named
Last night we told you about a man who got electrocuted in Independence village. He is Hugo Polanco - who was trimming a tree in front of Kafun Restaurant on Fadden Avenue. He was on the tree trimming the edge, when his machete struck a high tension wire. He died on the spot and fell off the tree to the ground. It happened on the town's main street at 5:50 in the evening. Villagers tell us that he was trimming the tree to get more illumination from the streetlight. They complain that due to broken lamps, illumination in the area is poor. Notably, a murder occurred not too far away on Big Creek Road over the weekend. Police haven't been able to come up with witnesses because the area where it happened was too dark.

Weed From the West
One of the major routes form Marijuana is from Arenal Guatemala to the interior of Belize. And that's probably the route that two bundles of weed were traveling yesterday. Yesterday morning - acting on intelligence - police searched a Shaw bus in Succotz Village that was en route from Benque Viejo Town to Belize City. The cops found a kitbag stuffed with two neat bundles of cannabis which weighed 10 pounds. No one claimed the weed so it was deposited and labelled as found property.

Ortega Is New BDF Commander
Col. Steven Ortega is the new BDF Commander. Now, that's not new or riveting news as everyone pretty much already knew he would take up command. But today at another event, Defense Minister John Saldivar made it official. Saldivar congratulated Ortega on his promotion but also underscored the weight and importance of that post. Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of Defense: "I had intended to come here also to say that indeed perhaps in another few hours with the decision of the security services commission Colonel Ortega will be the commander of the Belize Defense Force, we'll remove that acting from him and I want to take this opportunity to congratulate him but also to say to him that to whom much is given much is expected and his new portfolio is one of the most important in this country especially at a time when we are going through some of the challenges that we are facing with the Belize Guatemala dispute."

Roches Case Still Inconclusive
And while Ortega has moved up in ranks, the future of one of his senior officers Lt. Col. Charlton Roches - is uncertain. The BDF team hasn't concluded its investigation into Roches as yet. As we told you, the Ministry of Defence called in the Auditor General to investigate whether there had been any shady money dealings between the BDF and Roches's private company, Belize Jungle Experience. And now, and internal BDF review is happening. Well, today Defense Minister John Saldivar didn't provide much details but said that so far there isn't any incriminating evidence of shady or irregular transactions. Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of Defense: "The investigation continues and I believe that only this week we received a correspondence from the FIU who had been asked to investigate the bank accounts and the company and I can say that have no found anything out of the ordinary with the company so the investigation continues and pretty soon a decision will be made with respect to that."

Indian Engineering Center For UB
Earlier this month we told you about the launch of UB's first Master's program. Well, the faculty of Science and Technology will also get a major boost in their department not another master program but a Center of Engineering. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed today between India and Belize to establish this center called the "IBCE." Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington signed for Belize, while the High Commission of the Republic of India to Belize Muktesh K. Pardeshi signed for the and Government of the Republic of India. In a release it states " The signing was done in an effort to enhance the potential for cooperation between the two countries in the field of technical education and skill development."

The Case of Meridian and Fyffes
As we reported last week, there's a major disturbance in the banana industry because Meridian Enterprises is suing Fyffes. Meridian is the company which took over Maya King's banana farms after owner John Zabaneh was commercially blacklisted by a Kingpin designation. Meridian was a management company run by Zabaneh's mother - so that the Kingpin designation would not affect Maya King farms, Belize's largest banana producer at the time. Fyffes kept buying form Meridian until an October 2015 7News article quoted Zabaneh speaking on behalf of Meridian. After that, Fyffes - which is an Irish company - immediately cut all ties with Meridian - because of the Kingpin taint. As a result of that - Meridian had no one to sell its bananas to, and its farms were forced into closure - causing hundreds of farm workers to lose their jobs. Eamon Courtenay is representing Meridian, and he explained the case:

What's This Year's Hottest Gift?
Christmas trees have been put up, houses have been decorated, and the food preparation has begun. But as the big day nears many Belizeans are just getting around to that famous last minute shopping for the perfect gift. Special deals and popular products fill stores all around the country and today we found out what the golden gifts are this Christmas. The highly anticipated arrival of the beloved Christmas day is right around the corner, but for many, the hunt for the perfect gift has just begun. Stores all over the country have deals that make every day seem like black Friday. But what are all these customers actually buying? Nicky Wesby - Golden Bay Employee: "Well right now they are buying a lot of MP3 players, a lot of Bluetooth speakers, Christmas trees. The fiber optic as you can see. They are buying a lot of stuff."

Christmas Lunch For the Troops
Yesterday 'Secret Santa' handed out ham to needy residents well today it was the BDF's turn to be treated to a warm plate of turkey dinner, cake and a tall chilled glass of Belikin beer. Today the annual Christmas luncheon was held for the soldiers at the Price Barracks. In his speech, BDF commander Col. Ortega took a retrospective approach and reminded the gathering of their duty as soldiers. But after all that serious talk, it was time to celebrate. Defense Minister John Saldivar spoke on the importance of today's luncheon. A total of 16 soldiers were recognized.

Cops Confused On Missing Murder Suspect
Police refuse to admit that the prime suspect in the murder of Jaime Pelayo has escaped. They say he is still at large - but refuse to put out a wanted poster - even he has been positively identified. As we have reported, he was in custody up until Sunday evening - and was expected to be charged on Monday morning. Investigators believe he is the one who fired a shotgun at three men last week Friday morning at an Orange Walk night spot. the blast killed Jaime Pelayo - who'd had a number of run in's with police.

No Progress On Sarstoon Protocol
At the top of the news, we showed you the back and forth between Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington and PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay who strongly disagree on the course of action to be taken with the Maritime Areas Act. Well before the political hard talk started on that topic, Foreign Minister Elrington was discussing his first bilateral meeting with the new Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel. One other topic which came up in those talks was the possibility of a negotiated protocol for the Sarstoon River. Elrington told us yesterday that the new Foreign Minister is holding the Guatemalan line, and she is not prepared commit to such a protocol at this time. Here's how he explained it:

Guatemalans Hold Hardline On Talamas
And in our last story on the Bilateral Meetings in Panama, Foreign Minister Elrington says that the Guatemalans still want Magdalena Talamas removed as the OAS Representative. You'll remember that they cried foul last year August when the OAS independent investigation team completed its report and found that the Belizean joint law enforcement team was vindicated in the fatal April 2016 shooting of the Guatemalan young man, Julio Alvarado Ruano. The Guatemalans flatly rejected that investigation's findings, and the Guatemalan officials were openly accusing the BDF of hunting the young man down and callously killing him.

Channel 5

It's Eamon vs Sedi over Maritime Areas Act; gloves are off!
On Tuesday night we brought you Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington's broadside against Senator and former Foreign Minister Eamon Courtenay. Not only does he disagree with the proposition to [...]

What happens if it's a 'no'?
Following debate in the Senate a week ago, Senator Courtenay was slightly dismissive of Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte's stated concern that Belize was jumping the gun in terms of allowing [...]

Sedi 'noh ready' for C.C.J., says Eamon
Another issue Courtenay addressed today relate to comments made by Elrington in a News Five interview on November twenty-eighth in Belmopan, following a Cabinet meeting. The Caribbean Court of Justice [...]

Progresso Heights case was different story from Belize courts
As Courtenay says, Elrington was seen to be taking advantage of Progresso Heights Limited's principals, abusing his position of power. Even so and despite denying their relationship, he won the [...]

Who's really behind San Pedro airport project?
The sudden unraveling of Jorge Jaen's dubious past has set tongues wagging. The Miami-based developer has managed to wangle a memorandum of understanding for a multi-million dollar development project for [...]

Leader Briceno gives backing; slams Ashley Rocke for swing vote
This evening, we caught up with People's United Party leader John Brice�o at a political event. We will have more from that on Thursday, but we asked him to clarify [...]

Super Bond fire sale; fifty percent drop sends Belize to 'junk' status
And in financial news, there is information to News Five that as much as sixty million dollars of Belize Bonds traded on Tuesday at a fire sale price of thirty-four [...]

Death by electrocution after high-tension wire interrupts tree cutting
There was a freak accident in Independence on Tuesday evening, when a man who was cutting down a few limbs from an almond tree was suddenly electrocuted.� Hugo Polanco was [...]

ComPol orders investigation of underage police cadets shown drinking in Pomona
In mid-November, a pair of officers attached to the Placencia Police Substation found themselves in hot water after taking nude photos of male cadets who were on a camping trip [...]

Dennis Bodden to court for co-worker chopping
Remanded for the holidays, that's what Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford ordered when fifty-three-year-old Dennis Bodden appeared before her in Courtroom Number Two.� The sanitation worker, employed with the Belize City [...]

Second of three charged for pawn shop robbery
A second man was charged with the robbery and aggravated assault of thirty-six-year-old Dorian Usher of Monica's Pawn Shop. Twenty-three-year-old Kendale Carcamo of Ebony Street, Belize City, was arraigned in [...]

Zabaneh's Meridian Enterprises sues Fyffes
In August, we brought you the story of banana businessman John Zabaneh's five-year fight to remove himself from the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control�list of alleged trafficking [...]

Still waiting for U.H.S. notice; House meets January 5
Hold your horses on a U.H.S. showdown. The twenty-one day waiting limit for the Belize Bank to acquire notice of the Caribbean Court of Justice's decision has expired. That decision [...]

83 thousand plus for hurricane relief and more to come
About two months ago, we told you about the telethon initiative to raise funds for hurricane victims in the Caribbean that was being led by the Belize City Council and [...]

Christmas party time at Lawrence Avenue and Princess�
As the clock ticks to the celebration of Christmas, across the country many are sharing the Spirit of Christmas with underprivileged children and their families with the gift of giving. [...]

�police giving away hampers in Northside�
Not to be outdone by its social partners, the Belize Police Department is also busy handling its share of gift giving.� From Secret Santa to hampers for the needy, the [...]

And P.U.P. parties with elderly in St. Martin's
It seems even the People's United Party has finally caught the Christmas spirit. This afternoon, we were invited to a celebration for some forgotten City residents - the elderly population. [...]


$303.4 million in circulation before Christmas
According to the Central Bank of Belize, as at December 6, there was a total of three hundred and three point four million dollars in circulation. The country has seen an increase in the amount of money in circulation when compared to November by nine point one million dollars since, at November 30, the amount �

Exports: Belize is one of two top-performing Caribbean countries
Belize is one of two top-performing Caribbean countries with regards to exports for the first months of 2017. For the first quarter of 2017, exports from Belize increased by twenty-five percent after a twenty-four point nine percent decrease in 2016. According to data released by the Integration and Trade Sector (INT) of the Inter-American Development �

Belize and Guatemala's Foreign Affairs Ministers discuss referendum
Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington met last week with the new Guatemalan Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel who replaces former minister Carlos Raul Morales. Both officials met to discuss the diplomatic relationship between Guatemala and Belize. Among the discussions, Minister Jovel was interested in finding out when Belize was planning on holding its national ICJ referendum. Minister �

Meridian Enterprises pursues legal battle against Fyffes
Today Attorney Eamon Courtenay has confirmed that he has been retained by Meridian Enterprises to file suit against Fyffes. Meridian Enterprises had taken over Mayan King after the proprietor John Zabaneh was blacklisted for drug-related offenses. Up until October of 2015, the company was doing well under the Zabaneh's banner and then Fyffes cut ties �

Is International Airport Alliance Belize Limited right for the job?
Last week the Government of Belize and International Airport Alliance Belize Limited signed a memorandum of understanding to develop and manage a full-service International Airport on Northern San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Soon after, the integrity of Jorge Abraham Jaen who signed on behalf of International Airport Alliance Belize Limited was questioned. He has been allegedly �

Belize Red Cross receives $83 K
Near the end of October, the Council of Churches spearheaded a telethon called Hands across the Caribbean. It was an effort to raise funds to assist in the emergency relief for Caribbean nations that were affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Today the President of the Council of Churches, Bishop Roosevelt Papaloute handed over a �

Hopkins water shortage
Some villagers of Hopkins will be spending Christmas without running water. Some have been accustomed to it because, as we have reported, for the past several months, some areas of Hopkins Village have been without water or the water pressure so low that it takes a full day for villagers to fill one bucket of �

Did police officers offer minors beers?
A picture on Facebook has gotten the attention of the Commissioner of Police, prompting Allen Whylie to order a full investigation into the matter. The picture shows three females, presumably minors, posing with what appears to be beers. To make the matter worse, the picture was taken at a police event, specifically at an event �

Funds allocated for 50-bed will be put to other use
The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economic Development clarified the use of the European Union funds allocated to the Government of Belize for the Health Sector. In a release, the ministries stated that the funds which were initially to have been used to fund a 50-bed energy efficient wing at the Western Regional �

Elrington gives his account of the situation
Yesterday, we told you that residents at a long barracks on Oleander Street in Belize City were infuriated by the injustice they claimed that was done to them. According to one of the disgruntled residents, they were promised new homes by Minister Wilfred Elrington; however, when the new houses were finally built, to their astonishment �


Godwin Arzu's reappointment shot down in Senate
Godwin Arzu has been the Contractor General since 2009, and his current two year term expires at the end of 2017. Prime Minister Barrow presented the bill for Arzu's reappointment at the last House of Representatives meeting, but Senators at their session earlier this week, raised some concerns. Opp...

Man shot after robbing pawn Shop customer
Yesterday, a robbery did not go as planned for members of the South Side Gang. On Thursday, December 14th, there was an attempted robbery at Monica's pawn shop in Belize City. Reports are that three men entered the establishment and attempted to relieve a business man of his jewelry. After successfu...

Security Guard shot to the head
Police are still investigating the murder of 61 year old Baltazar Sarmeinto. The incident happened earlier this week on the 9th of December when Sarmeinto's body was found lying in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound to his head, at the Buca Shell Gas station on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Report...

Update on Bladden Accident which kills 3 year Old
On Tuesday, we reported on the death of 3 year old Darren Sanchez. He died as the result of a traffic accident in which his father, 34 year old Jose Sanchez, was the driver. The incident happened on the 12th of December in Bladden Village in the Toledo District. Sanchez was driving a red Isuzu Rodeo...

Prisoner who sodomized other prisoner goes to court
Over the past few weeks we have been updating viewers about the sodomy incident that occurred at The Kolbe Foundation Prison in Hattiville. Well Yesterday, the 43 year old accused inmate appeared in court before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. He he was charged with 2 counts of an Unnatural Crime. No...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize signs agreement with India for India-Belize Centre of Engineering
Today, the Government of Belize (GOB) and the Government of the Republic of India signed [�]

Commissioner of Police responds to photos of minors drinking at Police Cadet function
Several pictures have circulated on the Internet portraying minors drinking contraband beers at a police cadet [�]

A Christmas Reflection in 2017
Dear Belizean Friends and Friends of Belize, Christmas is a time of promises, dreams, and expectations-lots of them from your past and mine. Contrast that with our adult nation and world around us: promises broken, dreams dashed, and expectations too big to fulfill.

Police find 10 pounds of weed on bus
On Monday, around 11:30 a.m., police intercepted a Shaw's bus, in Succotz village, Cayo which [�]

Skiff stolen in Caye Caulker
Jaime Enrique Rosado, a businessman of Caye Caulker reported to police that between 8:00 p.m. [�]

Thief shot during robbery remanded to prison
Last week, four men entered Monica's pawn shop in Belize City attempting to rob the [�]

Independence man electrocuted
According to reports, a man was electrocuted yesterday evening in Independence village. The man was [�]

Elrington says Belize serious about referendum in 2019
According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, the Government of Belize is seriously [�]

IAA says to give Jaen a chance
International Airport Alliance Belize Limited has spoken in defense of its principal, Jorge Abraham Jaen, [�]

Two men charged for cocaine bust
Yesterday, police formally arrested and charged Peter Schmidt, 37, a fisherman of Caye Caulker and [�]


24 Hours at Las Terrazas Residences and Resort - I Could Get Used to This�.
Last week I embarked on one of my favorite tasks. Visit a beautiful resort just a few miles from my home - to glean an inside look at a property that I pass almost every day. A luxurious stay-cation on my favorite island in the world. My charge: Spend the night�walking on the beach, testing out the beds, coffee and breakfast by the pool, using one-too-many uber-plush white towels after a long bath��take photos and write about it. Here it goes. The gorgeous Las Terrazas Resort, best known for THE most chic pool, invited me for a visit. And I happily obliged. Located about 3.5 miles north of town�just where the paved road ends, Las Terrazas offers a wide swath of beach, a fabulous curving dock, a beautiful restaurant with indoor, outdoor and rooftop dining and spacious modern accommodations. I love the palm trees, the tents and the circular loungers�it's almost like an posh desert oasis. Until you see the gorgeous beach and sea just feet away�

Welcome to Belize
With one foot in the Central American jungles and the other in the Caribbean Sea, Belize may be small but it's packed with adventure and culture. Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest in the world, after Australia's, and with more than 100 types of coral and some 500 species of tropical fish, it's pure paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers. Swimming through translucent seas, snorkelers are treated to a kaleidoscope of coral, fish and turtles, while divers go deeper, investigating underwater caves and walls and the world-renowned Blue Hole.Add to this island living on the sandy cayes, where you can spend your days kayaking, windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, swimming, fishing or lazing in a hammock, and you've got the recipe for a perfect tropical vacation.

International Sourcesizz

Simulations indicate that scores of lionfish (Pterois volitans) colonized the Atlantic Ocean
An interesting article concluding the aquarium trade is the most likely source for lionfish invasions in the Caribbean. Having seen firsthand the spread of these spikey invaders, it is amazing to think it all could have started with some sloppy exotic pet traders/owners.
The invasion of the western Atlantic Ocean by the Indo-Pacific red lionfish (Pterois volitans) has had devastating consequences for marine ecosystems. Estimating the number of colonizing lionfish can be useful in identifying the introduction pathway and can inform policy decisions aimed at preventing similar invasions. It is well-established that at least ten lionfish were initially introduced. However, that estimate has not faced probabilistic scrutiny and is based solely on the number of haplotypes in the maternally-inherited mitochondrial control region.

10 Reasons Why Belize Is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination
Sure, Mexico's Riviera Maya boasts both jungle and sea, but head further south to Belize and you'll find a honeymoon locale that's just as charming and slightly more off the beaten path, with everything from prime diving at the Belize Barrier Reef to wild jungles dotted with over 600 ancient sites. Throw in a few luxe hotels and haute hideaways (hint: Coppolas are involved) and you have the perfect recipe for a romantic Central American getaway. Here's 10 reasons that'll have you saying "I do" to a honeymoon in the heartland of the Maya. Quick & affordable flights: There's a reason Belize has been buzzing lately. This Central American gem is an easy one to reach from most major cities, clocking in at a little over four hours from Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles and just two and a half hours from Houston. Plus, with airlines like Southwest flying directly into Belize City, honeymooners can snag deals on airfare starting at just $300 roundtrip.

The winter solstice was also a big deal for the ancient Maya
This year's winter solstice will take place Thursday December 21, in the Northern Hemisphere, while the Southern Hemisphere experiences its summer solstice. Because the Earth's axis is tilted farthest from the sun, winter solstice is the darkest, shortest day of the year. But human interest in the movements of the sun is far from new. Perhaps in no civilization was it more important than with the Maya, explains Takeshi Inomata, a professor of anthropology at the University of Arizona. Inomata's archaeological research focuses on Maya civilization. Prior to Spanish conquest in the 16th century, Maya civilization prospered in southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and western Honduras. The Maya are known primarily for their elaborate constructions, including pyramids and palaces, and their writing system, which was the most sophisticated in the New World.


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