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Jo Castleberry passes away
Jo passed away in the last few days, she was in Houston getting medical treatment. We will miss her a lot, she was one fine lady. Much Love to Wayne...

Yo Creek Sak Xikin Poktapok Team
Sak Xikin photo shoot! Ending the year with much appreciation and love to you all! Thanks to the Belize filming commission, National Institute of Culture and History (NICH)

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Twin Towns Mayor Earl Trapp involved in Boxing Day accident
A road traffic accident outside the village of Carmelita in Orange Walk saw the Mayor of San Ignacio, Earl Trapp, flip and overturn while on his way to Belize City on Monday, December 26th. According to preliminary reports from the scene, Ricardo Carcamo, a taxi driver of Orange Walk Town was traveling home from Belize City around midday. Mayor Trapp and his wife were traveling in the opposite direction on their way to the Twin towns, when he saw a car edging toward him. He swerved to avoid a head on collision but took a hit on the side of his late model Road Ranger. The pickup spun and flipped, emptying the contents of the pan on the road. All three involved in the accident survived with minor injuries.

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Mayor Earl Trapp involved in Traffic Accident
On Tuesday, December 26th 2017, Ladyville police responded to calls of a traffic accident on the Phillip Goldson Highway between miles 36 and 37. At the scene Police observed a green Toyota Corolla car on the left hand side of the road. On the right hand side of the road was a red Ford Ranger pickup. Scotiabank

Moist conditions to continue
The 24-hour forecast is for relatively moist conditions to prevail. Sunny skies with a few cloudy spells are expected today with cloudy skies tonight. Isolated showers are expected over most areas. Southern areas will experience more showers.

Albert Garnett dead in Christmas Day traffic accident
A road traffic accident on the George Price Highway has claimed the life of one man. According to police reports, around 7:58 p.m. yesterday, Hattieville police visited an area between miles 24 and 25 on the George Price highway where cops observed a Shaw Bus with extensive damage, off the highway facing in an eastward direction.


How about some fun Belizean traditions for New Year's?!
For the Mestizo of Northern Belize, wearing red underwear is a must if you desire a year filled with love. I guess if you are ending 2017 without a significant other, you might need to consider this tradition to increase your chances of romance in the New Year. If you feel especially unlucky in love, you can also (literally) sweep out the bad vibes at midnight. This New Year's tradition involves sweeping your home just minutes before midnight on December 31st, the action ensuring that all negative vibes from the previous year do not bleed into the new one. Opening the back door of a home at the stroke of midnight to let the old year "out" is a tradition practiced by the Creole culture of Central Belize. Many believe this New Year ritual was passed down by the Baymen settlers of old British Honduras, as this tradition is also practiced in England.

International Sourcesizz

Good-Natured Fun in Ambergris Caye, Belize
The incandescence of it all-sun bouncing off sand, sea glistening, dancing boats reflecting light, scattering it-is so irresistible, so mesmerizing. Mainland Belize may have its fecund jungles, its Mayan ruins and its archaeological caves, but in Ambergris Caye, (arguably the country's best island), the sun and the salt take precedence. The tiny archipelago that branches off of Mexico's Quintana Roo basks in the island way of life. It's fuzzy, good-natured, splayed with vibrant shades of the Caribbean, with plastic Adirondacks half submerged in water, palm trees dancing in the wind and golf carts running the show. Yet, for all its mellow attitude towards life, it parties like Ibiza on any given night-minus the pretension. (Well, at least, its denizens do.)

'Coral bleaching is getting worse ... but the biggest problem is pollution'
The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere - an underwater wilderness stretching over 700 miles along the coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. One of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the Americas, the reef is home to a dazzling variety of coral and more than 500 species of fish, and provides a livelihood for more than a million people. But now, a combination of mass tourism and poor waste management has left the reef increasingly vulnerable to climate change, placing this natural wonder in serious trouble. "Throughout the Caribbean, we have seen a massive decrease in coral coverage," says Michael Webster, executive director of the Coral Reef Alliance, a nonprofit organisation that works on reef conservation in Honduras. "Whereas we might have had 60-70% coral coverage in the past, now it's down to 5-10% in places."


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