Prime Minister Dean Barrow released his annual New Year's message about two hours ago. Mostly, the message focusses on his administration's calling card, which has emerged as infrastructure. And what caught our eye in the 12 minute address is the news that Government has recently secured funding for the full paving of the Caracol Road:

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize
"I just received a letter from the director general of OFID confirming an offer of a 40 million US financing package for construction of the entire Caracol Road."

"We had thought we would need several partners to fund a project of this magnitude which will greatly add to the overall tourism vision and open up the natural and environmental wonder of that entire area including Mountain Pine Ridge."

"We are going to redo the entire length of the Phillip Goldson Highway from about Sandhill all the way to the Santa Elena border."

But, it wasn't all good news. Looking forward to next week, the PM alluded to the national dilemma over paying that 90.6 million dollars award to the Belize Bank. It's for the Universal Health Services debacle - and PM Barrow didn't really give any clue as to what the government side would do in the House of Representatives:...

Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize
"Of course 2018, just like 2017 or any other year, will not be only sweetness and like. In fact the November CCJ judgement arise out of that murkiest most opaque and most malevolent of conspiracies that birth the UHS milestone will follow us into the New Year."

"Since the matter will be going to parliament on January 5th, I will not say too much here, but we, Belize, this nation must come out of this with honor, with dignity and so we can't do that if were simply to fold to place our tails between our legs without account or even explanation from those who perpetrated this most monstrous of backstabs."

The message airs in its entirety after tonight's news. The Leader of the Opposition's New Year's address will air on New Year's day.

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