Border Activist Wil Maheia has become well-known for his regular trips to the Sarstoon Island, He usually takes different groups of Belizean on an excursion - if you will - to experience what it is like at the southernmost border with Guatemala, and to see the activities that the Guatemalans engage in at the edge of the Toledo District.

Well, this morning, he and Clinton "Pulu" Lightburn organized a trip to the Sarstoon for 16 Belize City Southside youths - who also make up an under 14 basketball team. And surprisingly, they got the full treatment, everything from the sights and sounds, to even the Guatemalan military's attempt to stop them circling the Sarstoon Island.

They've put together a sort of video blog of the trip, and here's what they saw:

Maheia reports that when the Belize Coast Guard stepped up the Guatemalans backed down. Still, the Goat Navy escorted them around the island.

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