Down near the Southern border of Belize lies Punta Gorda, an interesting little town. It has a very Caribbean vibe. But many people speak Spanish, as it shares a jungle border with Guatemala. In PG (as the locals call it) this strange house towers over all the others with its multi-story growth.

And we found this cute little shop selling coffins. They look so good, U wish U were DEAD.

Driving North across Belize took us back up the Hummingbird Highway. This is a fun drive, as there are well-spaced tourist stops along the route.

We stopped at a small-scale cassava bread making shop. This is located in the midst of some sugar cane fields, one mile down a bumpy dirt road. The production takes place in an open-air barn using a blazing hot fire to bake the thin sheets. Cassava bread is similar to an unleavened cracker made from the finely ground flour of the cassava or yuca root. Here is a photo of the mother and daughter team that run the place. On baking or grinding days they have other family members assisting.

A typical meal in Belize is meat, rice, beans and plantains served with a fruit water. This photo shows tamarind and watermelon juice and a place of meatballs, beans & rice, pasta salad and plantains.

Yummy stuff when it is seasoned well and served hot!

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