Marcus Canul was one of the better known leaders of the Icaiche Maya. The Yucatec Maya group known as the Icaiche Maya territory included part of northwestern Belize and southern Mexico close to the Rio Hondo. When the British arrived in Belize, they discovered mahogany and started to export it. They reported several attacks on the British camps from the Maya in 1788 and 1801. The Maya retreated to the jungle . At the time when the British wanted to expand their woodcutting operations they faced Maya resistance in Icaiche and in the Yalbac área of Belize. With the support of Marcus Canul and the Maya who had migrated to the San Pedro Yalbac area, the Icaiche led by Asunción Ek defeated the British troops in December 21,1866 known as the battle of San Pedro Yalbac.
The British were scared, 5 soldiers dead and 16 wounded. The British sent more troops and weapons to destroy the Maya villages burning their houses and fields. The Maya rebuilt their villages. Marcus Canul and the Icaiche continued fighting. They marched into Corozal town in April 16,1870 briefly taking over the town. The Icaiche`s last stand was in September 1,1872 when Marcus Canul and over 150 Icaiche warriors attacked Orange walk town. Marcus Canul was mortally wounded. With their charismatic leader gone there was a lull in attacks from the Icaiche but the records indicate that their resistance continued until the end of the century.
Information courtesy of Belize Yucatec Maya
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