Cable Bridge to Replace Old Pedestrian Crossing at Branch Mouth in Cayo District

[Linked Image] A new pedestrian cable bridge, was designed to replace the old pedestrian crossing at Branch Mouth in the Cayo District. This is north of San Ignacio, it crosses the Bullet Tree branch, where the Macal River is joined by the Mopan River, to become the Belize River. The Mopan River starts way in Guatamala, crossing into Belize at Arenal, then briefly loops back into Guatamala at Melchor, then back into Belize, through Bullet Tree. The new bridge has a greater loading capacity and has been elevated to accommodate a higher flood level.

The road from Bullet Tree, through Santa Familia Village, Billy White, then on to Spanish Lookout, is divided from San Ignacio by the Mopan River. This bridge allows pedestrians and motorbikes to cross to San Ignacio, to the bend of Joseph Andrew Drive, near that restaurant, crossing the new road bridge over the Macal River.

Due to the urgency to restore proper and safe road access to students, villagers of surrounding areas and commuters in general, the Ministry of Works entered into a contract with a suitably experienced contractor, Luis Avella, using the limited tender procedure for construction of the new bridge.

The construction of the Branch Mouth Cable Bridge is under-way and the contractor is installing all runners on the decking platform, aligning the cable suspenders and decking platform, and installing a chain-link railing to enhance protection for all users.

The Ministry informs that all remaining works on the new Branch Mouth Cable Bridge will be done within the next seven (7) working days when it is expected to be open for use by the general public.

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The existing old bridge, in the photographs above, is being replaced by a new, higher and stronger bridge.

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Bullet Tree Road - to - Santa Familia Village, Billy White & Spanish Lookout - with San Ignacio to the south.