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The San Pedro Sun

Tsunami Warning Mobilizes Belize Emergency Response Authorities
The NEMO Coordinator for San Pedro Town Vanessa Parham reported on the preparedness and response time of the San Pedro Emergency Operation Committee (EOC). "Despite the short time period, I do believe my team and I responded in a very effective way to the situation. Alongside with Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the first thing I did was to warn the authorities on the island and the residents of the island through the local radio station and then proceeded by warning everyone with sirens. The high school was opened to serve as a shelter. The precautionary measures that I suggested were for everyone to get to higher grounds and to take the necessary items with them. There was no way we could have evacuated off the island in less than two hours." She further said, "I do believe there is room for improvement, as all disasters come with different characteristics. I want to thank all the EOC members and key volunteers from both San Pedro and Caye Caulker for their effective response as we continue to serve our community in protecting life and property."

San Pedro Co-Ed Softball Tournament Completes Third Week of Games
The San Pedro Co-Ed Softball Tournament resumed this past weekend on Sunday, January 7th at the Hon. Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex. Two matches were played during the third week of the tournament. Games continue this weekend on Sunday, January 14th starting at 9:30AM, with SPHS going against Xtreme, followed by Quality Reef versus RCGO at 11:30AM. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy a softball day.

Fuel prices back on the rise
As the new year begins, fuel prices in Belize continue to increase. The new controlled prices were announced via a release issued by the Belize Bureau of Standards and became effective on Saturday, January 7th. The new prices saw an increase in premium gasoline of .17 cents going up to $11.24 per gallon, diesel increased by .11 cents going up to $10.01 per gallon, and kerosene going up by .37 cents going up to $6.26 per gallon. Only, regular gasoline went down by .22 cents and is now $10.01 per gallon.

Ambergris Today

Belize Learns That The Tsunami Threat Is Real After Earthquake In Caribbean
Hon. Edmond Castro, Minister of National Emergency Management, spoke on local radio to urge people living in low lying coastal areas and islands to stay alert for potentially dangerous waves. People were prompted to seek shelter in higher ground and move up to, at least, a two story building. About two hours after the quake, the Minister of National Emergency Management reported on National Media, as of 11:00 PM, that the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center had lifted the Tsunami Warning for the nation of Belize.

San Pedro's New Years Baby 2018 Is A Boy!
Ambergris Today is pleased to announce the arrival of San Pedro's first baby of the New Year 2018. Carlos Hernan Gonzalez was born under the care of Dr. Daniel Gonzalez at the Ambergris Hopes Clinic on January 4, 2018 7:40am. He weighed in at 7 pounds and 9 ounces. The newest and youngest baby in San Pedro is a lovely bouncing baby boy born to Jessica Ramirez and Mark Anthony Gonzalez. Ambergris Today visited the proud parents and baby Carlos and presented them gifts given by generous donors, the list is as follows:

Misc Belizean Sources


Pier 366 Seafood House at Banyan Bay resumes taxi service
Pier 366 Seafood House at the Beachfront of Banyan Bay suites, one mile south SP, will resume its taxi operator initiative/partnership. For every drop off/recommendation made for diners to Pier 366, check with Banyan Bay front desk to match that taxi. If the fare was $10 bze, front desk would match it and add an extra $10bze. Fare limit is $40Bze per trip.

Paint N Splash
Join us tomorrow at Crazy Canucks from 2-4pm to finish the 3rd painting in our 3-part series! We are calling this one "Into The Blue" Remember to sign up to reserve your spot!

Celebrating Young Belizean Entrepreneurs!
For the month of January, we are excited to feature David Daniel Smith as our Young Belizean Entrepreneur! David Smith owns and manages a small animation studio, In Awe Films, (, with hopes to help develop the film industry in #Belize and create more career opportunities for others that share a passion for art and film. He is an animator, illustrator, and singer/songwriter currently enrolled at Allegro School of Music in Belmopan. From a very young age, he had a passion for the art of storytelling. Growing up, David dedicated himself to learning the art of animation and earned a high school art degree.

It is very important all the time that we here at "Belizean Legends" remember the passion for country and people we saw in Belizean nationalist, Brother Fabro, who came out in full force to defend Belize through protest against the Guatemalan military oligarchy at the Guatemalan Consulate in Los Angeles two years ago on May 16, 2015.

We here at "Belizean Legends" ask you the Belizean Legends audience to join us in remembering this Belizean multi-talented athlete and sportsman, Bertie Ellis. LET'S RECALL A LEGENDARY AND TALENTED BELIZEAN SUPERSTAR!

We here at "Belizean Legends" want to send a shout out to you the audience to remember with us this legendary super Belizean athlete, "Bobby", who was multi-talented as both a basketball and football player alike. Being that there were very few like him in the likes of the legendary, Harry Cadle and Shape Rhodas, and that we also know that those like Bertie Ellis and Sonny Meighan were also known to possess the same in terms of quality and power in representation of a Belizean "super athlete"!

"Belizean Legends" want to pay special tribute to the legendary Belizean football player Garincha Adderley. Adderley came from out of the southern Stann Creek District of Belize football greatness, and played football for teams of the popular town of Dangriga. Dis ya "Lion of the South"!

We had the privilege to have the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Early Childhood Education here at the Corozal Public Library
The Children enjoyed the story The Princess and the Pea and crafts! Thank You Mrs. Mary Beth, Tracy Blahnik and students!

Brown Coffee & Pastry Grand Opening
The Brown Coffee & Pastry shop is having their grand opening tomorrow. They have specials on their food and coffees. They are located on Maya street, by the new Town Hall. "Amazing great opening ... introduction tasty wings at $1 each. Visit us at Maya street San Ignacio 6pm and you will also enjoy hot or cold coffee and our delicious crepes of banana and cake tres leches in our specialty .... we'll wait for you."

Institute of Archaeology personnel visit interns
Today Institute of Archaeology personnel spent the day with high school and university interns at three sites in the Cayo District.

Channel 7

Tsunami Scare Sends Belizeans Scrambling For The Hills
Last night at nine minutes to 9:00, you probably felt the earth, or the floor of your house shaking. That was a major earthquake in the waters hundreds of miles from Belize City sending tremors right into your living room. And while that caused only a slight disturbance, it's the aftermath that's making news tonight: by 9:00 PM, the National Weather Center in the US had sent out a tsunami alert for all land-masses within a one thousand kilometer radius of the earthquake's center. The warning was that the first wave of a tsunami could be reaching Belize by 10:30 pm.

Emergency Minister: Tsunami Scare An Eye - Opener
Last night's tsunami scare was a first for almost all of us including Minister Of National Emergency Management Edmond Castro. He confessed that he was not even aware that there was a Tsunami Centre monitoring Belize's waters for possible threats. He told us how last night's event has now opened his eyes to this very real threat of this fast moving disaster that can hit Belize: Hon. Edmund Castro - Minister of National Emergency Management : "This is the first of its kind for us like I said last night I did not even know we had a tsunami center in this Pacific region. I knew about the hurricane center that updates us and so for Belize for me as the minister responsible for NEMO, this is a new wave now that we will have to look at when there is an earthquake especially in the ocean. We have to prepare ourselves for this kind of disaster that may come our way. How prepared are we? We are as prepared as we could be."

MET Office Says Tsunami Center Gave Them The Call
So, while the Tsunami warning turned out to be a scare and not a catastrophe, the fact is NEMO and the National Met Office couldn't simply dismiss a warning coming out of the Tsunami Warning Center. Today, the Chief Meteorologist told us about the warning they got, and why her office was duty bound to ring the emergency bell at such short notice: Catherine Cumberbatch - Chief Meteorologist: "A tremor was felt across the country last night, the data we gathered from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center shows that there was an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 that hit off Swan Island. That's just north of Honduras, and that had a depth of like say 20 miles - was the depth of that earthquake. It hit at around 8:52 p.m., local time, and we received the first message from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center like 6 minutes after. We received the first Tsunami message which shows that there was a Tsunami warning for the entire coast of Belize, and if that wave - that wave was forecasted to reach us around 10:30 p.m. the same night."

Tsunami Scare? Get Outta Here!
While the MET office and the NEMO Minister had the official take on the earthquake and tsunami threat, what was it like for you? This morning we took the streets and found out that some people took the threat very seriously while others just relied upon the man upstairs for protection. Interviewee #1: "Mommy I feel the earthquake." Sahar Vasquez: "Where were you?" Interviewee #1: "At home." Sahar Vasquez: "Did you see anything moving, what did you do?"

Report: Foreign Minister Signs Off On Bennett Extradition File
Attorney Andrew Bennett could be one step closer to a US extradition tonight. Reports to 7News say that Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington has signed off on the extradition file sent by the US State Department and forwarded it to the Attorney General's Ministry. That would mean that Elrington is satisfied that he is satisfied that all documentation from the US is in order. It's an important step - since not all requests that arrive at the Foreign Minister's office are forwarded on for action. The next steps would be for the AG's Ministry to satisfy itself, and then take the case to the Chief Magistrate for the issuance of a provisional warrant.

Jury Deliberates Fate of Convicted Killer
Right now, a jury of 6 men and 6 women is deliberating the fate of 28 year old Krismar Espinosa, accused of the prison murder of 21 year old Keon Swasey. Espinosa is accused of fatally stabbing Swasey in the chest on Christmas Eve, 2009 at the Hattieville Prison. The main testimony comes from two prison officers, Neal and Cowo - who said that they saw Espinosa make a punching or stabbing motion at Espinosa while he was on a telephone call. The weapon of choice was a crude prison made knife known as a "Bora". Espinosa gave a statement from the dock denying he committed the offence. This is the second trial, because Espinosa was declared not guilty in the first.

Reef Report Card Shows Recovery
After 2 years the conservation community has put together the latest Reef Report Card. It's the annual assessment of the entire Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System - which passes through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. To measure the comparative health of the entire system, marine biologists have sampled 319 different sites along the reef, looking for indicators of a healthy reef system. After collecting all that data, they can then determine which part of the reef system has improved, and which parts are in danger. Well, this year's report card is ready, and according to the experts, at this point, Belize's reef is healthier than it was 10 years ago. It has been upgraded from poor to fair. So, we start with the good news, which was underscored by the Vice President of Oceana Belize, Janelle Chanona:

Nurses Meet To Discuss Their Agenda
The National Nursing Conference was held today at the Radisson. The main goal is to enhance the nursing profession in Belize which will improve health services to regular citizens like you. 150 nurses were invited to engage in this discussion. We stopped by to find out more. Augustina Elijio - Deputy Director, Health Services: "I must indicate that this a very historic event for nursing in Belize as out team indicates we are looking at a vision for the future of nursing to improve quality care in this country. It's a move that must happen, we are in a global village as it relates to health we need to think global but yet act local. Whatever is happening globally affects Belize. I must also indicate that the health care system is so dynamic so involving and it cannot be business as usual for nursing. We must step up to the plate, we must be cognizant of what are the changes and what are the changing roles that nurses must be prepared for."

Ardon, Alleged Serial Molester
Police say 52 year old Jose Ardon is a serial child molestor, and today he was hit with 11 more charges - after being assessed with two charges of unlawful sexual intercourse in July of last year. Today, he was back in court - facing 11 more charges of the same count. He is accused of initiating relations with a 14 year old in August 2016, and doing so, once monthly up until June 2017. Ardon was released on the same bail he got from the Supreme Court after he was charged with the first two offences.

No Elective Surgeries At KHMH, Four New Surgical Theaters Coming
The KHMH continues to upgrade its operating theaters - and it means temporary inconvenience for surgery patients and their families. Work has stepped up this week and will continue to March. In the interim, the hospital will continue to do only Emergency cases and C-Sections. That means no elective surgeries for the time being. When the project is done, the KHMH will have four state of the art Operating Theaters.

Headless Jaguar Fished Out Of River
There are concerns in the wildlife conservation community about the carcass of a headless baby jaguar found floating in the Belize River near Manatee Lookout today. The small male cat measures 24 inches from shoulder to rump and girth is 23 inches. His head is missing and several small holes were found on both his left shoulder and left leg.

Could Reef Mitigate Tsunami Damage?
At the top of the news, we had all the coverage on the tsunami scare from last night. That natural disaster didn't hit us, but if it did, could the barrier reef have mitigated it by reducing the strength of the surge? Today we asked leading figures in the marine conservation community, and they told us that the barrier reef doesn't have the name "barrier" for nothing: Janelle Chanona - VP, Oceana Belize: "The coral reef that we have, the Barrier Reef, it really lives up to its name in terms of being a first line of defense, a barrier to strong wave action, storm surges, etc. We also have the benefit of our mangrove role because they also play a very crucial role in really - and there are incredible videos that document this.

The Fault In Our South
And while the reef is a mitigating factor - an aggravating factor is what is known as the Motagua fault and the Swan Islands transform fault. That's what's called a plate boundary between the North American and Caribbean plates, which has a history of rupturing in large earthquakes. In 2009 an earthquake along that same fault line caused a magnitude 7.3 quake which shook up southern Belize and badly damaged Monkey River and communities in the Toledo District. That's when we spoke to Geologist Andre Cho by telephone. He told us that the reality is that Belize sits in an earthquake zone:

Hon. Castro Says NEMO Was On Point For A First Time
But there's no fault with NEMO. Their minister says their rapid response was commendable, especially since it is the first time something like this has happened in Belize. Hon. Edmund Castro - Minister of National Emergency Management: "I would definitely think that we. I am not one of the people to give myself a grade but I think our response to the job that we execute last night in terms of warning people. I believe the general public will be able to give us that grade. From my point of view, I think we have done well. We had our coordinators in every area from Toledo all the way up to Corozal watching the ocean movements of the water so we were able to be on track and queue. We have done what we could have done to warn our people."

Firemen Sounded The Alarm Along Coastal Communities
And while NEMO got props, the same should be given to the Fire Department. Last night when many along the coast were scrambling to get out of town, they were on the job, raising the alarm along the coast with sirens - urging seafront residents to seek higher ground. And, it was not just in Belize City the fire departments all over the coast were doing the same and according to fire chief Ted Smith, this is an operating procedure they have had for a while so they were prepared. Ted Smith - Fire Chief: "The national fire service being a part of the National Emergency Management Organization work hand in hand with the department of NEMO."

Persevering Firemen Honoured
And, today that kind of readiness, hard work and perseverance paid off for 12 firemen who graduated from the leading firefighter promotional course. The course started in November and ended in December. We stopped by to hear from the graduates and learn more about the course. Graduate #1: "The course covered eight major topics hydraulics, hazardous material, fire behaviour, size up, incident command, report writing, fire investigation, and fire control. These topics combined to create a foundation for us firefighters to perform efficiently and to reach our ultimate goal, to save lives and protect property."

Channel 5

The Earth Moved off Honduras on Tuesday Night; Tsunami Threat Causes Brief Panic
The tremors of a strong seven point six earthquake in Great Swan Island in Honduras were felt as far as Mexico and various areas of the country. Residents in Belize [...]

San Pedranos' Response to Tsunami Threat
The tsunami threat caused a panic in the prime tourism island of San Pedro where residents took no chances and moved to safer buildings and shelters that were immediately opened [...]

Did Belizeans Confuse Tsunami Threat for 'Spring Tide?'
Adding to the frenzy following the offshore tremor was the perceived recession of seawater ahead of a resulting tsunami.� As we said, it turns out that a phenomenon known as [...]

Barrier Reef Getting Healthier but Work Continues
The Mesoamerican Reef provides economic, social and cultural benefits to Belize. It is valued around a billion dollars and recent reports show that just four of Belize's seven marine protected [...]

Krismar Espinosa Found Not Guilty of Keon Swasey Murder in Re-Trial
The fate of twenty-eight-year-old Krismar Espinosa of Orange Walk was today in the hands of a twelve-member jury. Espinosa was tried for the second time for the murder of fellow [...]

52-Year-Old Charged for Unlawful Sex with Minor, 15
A fifteen-year-old girl accuses a man more than three times her age of sexually abusing her for almost a year. Fifty-two-year-old Jose Ardon was initially charged with two counts of [...]

City Man Charged for Unexpected Chopping
A Belize City man was remanded on Tuesday for an assault that left one man injured. On December twenty-ninth, 2017, Edgar Richards was talking to a friend on Emma Street [...]

Jaguar Loses Head to Hunter's Machete
In an almost unbelievable case of animal cruelty for personal gain, the owner of Belize River Lodge near Manatee Lookout on the Philip Goldson Highway this morning came upon the [...]

Why Was Big Cat Targeted?
Heusner believes that the jaguar killer appeared only to have wanted the head and not the rest of the body. The jaguar is a protected species and fines are prescribed [...]

Firefighters Taught Leadership and Emergency Response Skills
There has been an increase in fires, many of them cases of arson, occurring across the country.� It is causing the need for more firefighters to join the department. Today, [...]

How to Manage your Drone
Usage of unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, has exploded in recent years as the average man and woman experience the wonder of flight, not unlike kites or traveling [...]

What is the Future of Nursing in Belize?
About one hundred and fifty nurses are discussing the future of the nursing profession at the Radisson in Belize City. And even as they move forward, they are looking at [...]

Basketball is Back; City Defenders Will Not Play at New Civic
The 2018 season of the National Elite Basketball League is set to begin in the coming days.� A schedule of games to be played this year was released on January [...]

New Owners Ready to Challenge for Elite League Crown
Since acquiring the team a little over three months ago, Old Capital Sports, the organization which owns the Belize City Defenders, has been re-branded the team and has made it [...]


Tsunami warning caused a wave of panic
Shortly before nine o'clock last night, many Belizeans were jolted out of their comfort zone when tremors were felt across the country. Shortly after, NEMO was activated as the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued an alert for several countries, including Belize. Reporter Johnelle McKenzie has more in this report. Sometime around nine o'clock on Tuesday �

Twelve firefighters graduated from a course
This morning family and friends gathered to witness 12 firefighters of the National Fire Service receive certificates for completing a six-week Leading Firefighters course. Firefighter Anthony Burgos spoke about the course. Anthony Burgos - Firefighter "A few days into the course, I realize that there was something special about this group; we were willing to �

Nurses discuss the future of nursing in Belize
The national nursing conference was opened this morning in Belize City. Over one hundred and fifty nurses have converged to discuss the future of the profession in Belize. Augustina Elijio, Deputy Director of health services with responsibility for nursing in Belize says they are looking at improving the future of nursing to improve quality care �

Belize Female Beach Volleyball Team off to Colombia
Belize's Female Volleyball team will be heading to Barranquilla, Colombia for a regional competition. The team qualified to compete in the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games. This is the first time that a female team from Belize has qualified to compete in the sport. Only two athletes will represent Belize. Those two athletes have �

KHMH's refurbishment may cause a delay in services
The KHMH Authority says that refurbishment and upgrading of the Operating Theater suites may pose a delay of service to many patients awaiting elective procedures. In a press statement, the Authority said that the works have now reached its most critical point. The statement adds that there will be a continued performance of Emergency cases �

Coral bleaching remains a concern
The 2018 Mesoamerican Reef Report is based on the new study of 319 coral reef sites along one thousand kilometers of the Caribbean coast of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. One of the key findings of the study is that coral bleaching remains a concern; in 2015 and 2016, twenty-one percent of corals bleached. Director �

Here is Belize's Reef Report Card
Belize is doing fairly good when it comes to our barrier reef. This was reported by the Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative (HRI) in its 2018 Mesoamerican Reef Report Card today. The documents provide a glimpse of the condition and changes in this ancient living coral reef ecosystem. The 2018 Report Card records an �

The role of Belize's Barrier Reef
The earthquake triggered tsunami warnings for areas within 621 miles of the quake's epicenter. Many Belize City residents and those living on the coast decided to evacuate following the Tsunami warning alert. Quickly receding water was observed along the shores of Belize shortly after the earthquake. However, all tsunami advisories were canceled throughout the Caribbean �

SSB's CEO speaks to Love News over resolved dispute
A dispute between the Christian Workers Union (CWU) and the Social Security Board (SSB) was resolved in favor of the CWU following a meeting yesterday. The dispute was over the interpretation of salary increase/adjustment as contained within the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). It was agreed by both parties that the salaries for each employee will �

"I did not run."- Roy Craig
In an interview with Love News yesterday, seventy-six-year-old Roy "Bullet" Craig vehemently denied a sexual assault allegation made by a 16-year-old boy. Craig decided to speak out with the hopes that he would clear his name from what he calls a conspiracy. He has been criminally charged and while he has yet to try his �


New cable bridge being constructed at Branch Mouth
The old pedestrian crossing at Branch Mouth in the Cayo District is being replaced with a new cable bridge. GOB says that the new bridge has a greater loading capacity and has been elevated to accommodate a higher flood level. Works include installing all runners on the decking platform, aligning th...

Belize Scouts Participate in Interamerican Leadership Course in Ecuador
Two members of the Belize Scouts attended the 5th Interamerican Leadership Training (ILT) in Quito, Ecuador from December 28, 2017 to January 3, 2018. The members are Reese Medina from the 27th Cayo Santa Elena Jaguar Scout Group and Aaron Pook from the 28th Belize Ebenezer Scout Group. The training...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Ministry of Works issues caution on Hummingbird Highway
The Ministry of Works is informing the public that an accident occurred this morning near [�]


Gorgeous Day on Ambergris Caye, Night Time Shakes & Tsunami Watch
Last night, I felt my first earthquake on Ambergris Caye. After 9pm, as I was reading, the windows started shaking. Like a large truck was driving by or a sudden STRONG wind was blowing. And it lasted a bit too long�earthquake. Closest land, Honduras�about 150 miles away but almost DIRECTLY east of Belize. It was felt up to Cancun and out to the Cayman Islands.As I was falling asleep, a tsunami alert was issued in a few countries - NOAA, Belize issued an alert. A wave up to one meter was possible. I called in our cat�and fell asleep. For more information, for the actions taken in town, PLEASE check the San Pedro Sun Facebook page. Wee Willie Winkie here is not a good source of information. This morning, the sea is incredibly calm. An employee at the neighboring resort did tell me that the water did recede more than usual - 15 to 20 feet he reckons. Tsunami or low tide? But no wave followed. The alert was called off at 10:52pm.

Yes, we had no tsunami, we had no tsunami last night
Well, Ambergris Caye dodged another disaster. In 2017, two major hurricanes bypassed us for richer pickings in the rest of the Caribbean, coastal US, and Houston. Last night, it was the threat of a tsunami, following an offshore 7.6 earthquake. Dodging bullets, on a number of levels, seems to be becoming our way of life here in Belize. There wasn't much notice, or room to dodge, last night. Reports said a tsunami could hit our island of Ambergris Caye barely two hours after the earthquake. In the fine print, the waves were projected to be .3 to 3 feet above normal tide. Not very exciting, except when you consider that the highest point on the island is a man-made bridge about 5-6 feet above sea level. Most of the island is flat to the water and many structures are built to the water's edge or over the top of it. Three-foot waves (later projected to 5 feet) could make a mess.

Back to Business as Usual After Tsunami Warning
Facebook was all lit up last night, as many of you across the globe were watching with bated breath as your friends in San Pedro (and other close by places) were posting about the earth-shaking us on our couches and rattling our houses at 8:53 pm. The actual earthquake was near Great Swan Island off the northern coast of Honduras and there were 4 aftershocks (smaller quakes) that followed. Great Swan Island is approximately 280 miles (450 km) east of Belize so it is no surprise we felt it here. Not long after things got very real when a tsunami warning was issued for the whole country and particularly the Cayes and the southern region. I have felt quakes here before but they have never come with such a strong fast aftermath. Love FM 98.1 was initially reporting that 3 - 5 feet of water was possible and that anyone in low lying areas needed to get to higher ground and preferably in a strong concrete building. The time got pushed back minorly to 10:52 and that felt like a good sign, but you just never know.

One week in Belize: The best itinerary for adventure and relaxation
With its sun-soaked islands, lush jungles, incredible reef system and lively, colourful towns, it's easy to see why Belize is one of the Caribbean's most beloved getaways. Whether you're an adventure lover, wildlife watcher or sun-seeker, it's the kind of place that has something for everyone, including jungle lodges, Mayan ruins, world-class diving and unforgettable animal encounters. While one week isn't enough to see the whole country, it is enough time to see most of the main highlights, stretching from the Guatemalan border all the way out to the Caribbean Sea. Here's the best itinerary for spending an un-Belize-able week in Belize (sorry, I couldn't resist!).

Part I: Why do some people choose to move to Belize after a vacation here?
Canadians and Americans make up the bulk of the expat population in Belize. So why is it that some individuals move here? Here are the top reasons given... 1.) The weather - once some people experience year round summers, it is VERY hard to go back. Most of the US experiences 4 seasons, and many people do genuinely love to experience that. For others - they are just summer people. And the weather in most of the US (and definitely north of there!) does not cut it. Except for southern Florida, it does get "cold" in the winter. For those that are uncomfortable when the weather dips below the low 70's, you do have to be close to Miami or south of there. There is a different culture and vibe in Belize, and for some people, when they show up here, they feel at home. What are some of these cultural differences that make it better to live in Belize for some people....each one deserves its own section - read on!

Ranking the Best Caves in Belize
The caves in Belize are world famous, many of them are consistently featured in articles and Maya documentaries by National Geographic and other international media organizations. The reason is that aside from having beautiful characteristics, most of the caves till this day have ancient Maya artifacts, including sacrificial remains. Of course, this means that you should definitely visit a cave when you're in Belize-the question should be, which one, first? Below I'll list the best caves in Belize based on their popularity and accessibility. I hope you enjoy your cave adventure!

Ten things to do in Belize
It is a new year and you are looking at your bucket list wondering what it is lacking. It is time for adventure! It is time exploration and conquering new horizons! New destinations, new experiences, awesome memories and loads of fun� it is time for Belize. Here are 10 awesome things to do and reasons why you should have Belize as your next destination. We should also mention that none of them involve dealing with snow or sub zero temps ;).

"Gates of Tomorrow" in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
You build a house anywhere in the world it will need remedial work over time. In Belize - and I can only really talk about Ambergris Caye - this remedial work occurs more often. The sun and salty air wreak havoc on external elements of the house (and inside for that matter) . What started out as lovely dark red mahogany entrance doors ( that's what we started out with) very quickly become bleached and peeling. Not an attractive sight. A bit like someone who has been sunbathing too much and losing all that dead skin ! Hopefully you're not reading this while eating . If you are, then sorry, switch off now and come back ( please come back ) later. The rainy season fills up your rainwater collection system ( we live off- grid and collect our own water) but it also 'washes' away your garden. It sinks. It rains again, and deep pools of water form. Great for the mosquitos but � Those lovely plycem ceilings over the verandas start to look very tired. The joints between the boards start to open up. The paint starts to fall away. What was once (and for us it's only 4 years ago that we moved in) that pristine new home starts to look tired and a little disheveled.

Hiking in Belize - Great For Your Heart, Mind, and Body
Belize is just a short flight away from North America, but its exotic wildlife, unparalleled natural beauty, and thriving eco-system make it truly a world away. In Belize, the sound of birds and the perfume in the air from hundreds of flowering plant species are far more common than the hustle and bustle of modern life in the United States and Canada. That's why Belize is one of the best places in the world to unplug, relax, and unwind. Although it may not sound glamorous, one of the most popular activities in Belize is hiking through the jungle. Far from any wireless internet signal, shopping mall, or noisy highway, the jungles are, instead, an oasis of natural beauty, color, and tranquility. Everywhere you look, you'll spot incredible examples of nature at its finest, ranging from elusive jaguars to tiny frogs and insect that make the jungle thrum with energy.

Spring-Break-ing in Belize
Now that United Airlines, American, Delta, and Southwest all offer non-stop flights to Belize from major cities across the U.S., Belize is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting places to enjoy your spring break vacation. Nicknamed "The Jewel" for its astoundingly diverse and pristine landscapes teeming with exotic wildlife, Belize is a small country located on the Caribbean coast of Central America just south of Mexico. Unlike its neighbors, Belize is an English-speaking country, so you'll never have to worry about translating menus or getting around. Here are a few fun ideas of what you can enjoy on your spring break in Belize:

Belize: Hold The Oil - We'll Have The Reef Instead, Thanks!
We all know that oil and water don't mix, and nowhere does this simple saying sound sweeter than in environmentally friendly Belize, with the little country having just won huge worldwide praise for indefinitely suspending any oil drilling off its beautiful Caribbean coastline and World Heritage-listed Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. And sweeter still is the fact that the decision to not "drill, baby, drill" was the result of people power, starting with a 2012 "People's Referendum" that saw over 30,000 Belizeans vote at a dozen polling stations around the country. And their voice was loud, clear and unified - with ninety-six percent of the voters saying they were opposed to offshore drilling. The government took notice, and after the moratorium was implemented on December 29 2017, so did global media.

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10 cheapest places to live abroad in 2018
Ever wanted to live to the fullest but were restricted due to the cost? Do you wish to live without having to worry about the high cost of every day necessities? Well, Panama-based Live and Invest Overseas company has just released a list of the 10 cheapest cities to live in the world where you can move to in 2018. The company advise people on how to make the most use of your money. So, check them out here: 4. San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize: San Pedro is usually bustling with a lot of tourists from across the globe, however, the place has cheaper options of living and the best part are the scintillating views. You can even rent a beach for a month for as low as $1,000 a month. Under $2000, a couple can live your life with ease.

This is Rugby: The Englishman bringing rugby to Belize
Rugby can help people in different ways. One man who has witnessed the power of the sport first hand is Tony Gillings. As the founder of Rugby Belize, an organisation he launched in 2014 to introduce rugby in the small Central American country where 43% of people live below the poverty line, Gillings has seen how rugby can transform communities. And while rugby's growing impact in Belize is significant, the sport's role in helping Gillings turn his own life around is perhaps even more meaningful. As soon as Gillings discovered that rugby wasn't played in Belize, he wrote a proposal document on how the sport could be introduced in communities to help direct the energy of those lacking opportunities and direction in a positive way. The proposal was well received and soon after Gillings had moved his entire life 5,000 miles away to the promised paradise of Belize.

4 Getaways To Escape The Cold Now
urricanes Irma, Jose and Maria ravaged the Caribbean last year, rendering Turks & Caicos, Saint Martin, Barbuda and several other islands practically inoperable, from power outages to property damage to limited access to food and water. The countries, however, are working to rebuild cities with stronger infrastructure, thanks to local and international relief efforts. But people can still visit places like Belize and Barbados that were not devastated by hurricanes. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling; scuba diving; catching conch; hitting the beach; dining on authentic island food; and enjoying sugar and rum festivals. "Though Belize does have a hurricane season like other Central American and Caribbean countries, it has, fortunately, avoided many direct hits making it safe to visit," a representative from the Belize Tourism Board told NewsOne. "Furthermore, it was not affected by recent hurricanes."

Shyne Welcomes a Baby Girl
Shyne rings in the new year in Belize just about the best way possible. On Tuesday (Jan. 9), the former Bad Boy Entertainment rapper used his Instagram account to reveal that he'd just welcomed a baby girl into the world. "Welcome our princess Naomi," Shyne began in the caption for an Instagram image of himself and his newly born daughter. "Thank the Creator of the universe for delivering you to us Love at first sight 1�9�18."

Cascade Game Foundry Releases VR Dive with Dr. Sylvia Earle
Cascade Game Foundry (CGF�) is pleased to announce the release of their Virtual Reality (VR) experience, 'Dive with Sylvia VR,' now available in the Oculus Rift® Store, in the Gallery section. 'Dive with Sylvia VR' is CGF's first Oculus Rift-enabled experience and features a relaxing, 5-minute scuba dive with National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Sylvia Earle. The legendary oceanographer leads you on a tour of a real dive site in Belize with authentic wildlife: accurate corals, reef fish, sea turtles, groupers, and whale sharks. Because the wildlife on each dive is different, as it is in the real world, you never know what you may see.


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