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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro police officers Coye and Mardrill blameless for shooting incident at Central Park
Two San Pedro police officers, Norman Coye and Darnell Madrill, walked free from Wounding Charges on Tuesday, January 9th, after appearing at the San Pedro Magistrate Court. The duo had been accused of being involved in a shooting incident at Central Park in April of 2017, allegedly causing injuries to five persons from bullet fragments. Victims are quite disappointed at the outcome of the case, believing that justice did not prevail. One of the victims, Alfredo Cowo, told The San Pedro Sun that it is unfair what happened and that the police officers should have been punished. He shared his frustration over the case's constant adjournment since May of 2017. The first hearing for 2018 was to happen on Monday, January 8th, however, it was rescheduled for Tuesday, January 9th due to the annual opening of the Supreme Court in Belize City. Early on Tuesday morning, Cowo stated that he was at the San Pedro Magistrate Court ready to continue pushing the case. After a couple hours of delay on the hearing, it was revealed that the prosecutor was not present in the Court. "The Magistrate did not want to continue adjourning the case and thus, it was dismissed," said Cowo. He believes it is an injustice not only to him, but the other persons that had to go through the painful recovery from their injuries. Cowo further fears for his security, as reliable sources have informed him that certain police officers of the San Pedro Formation have made threats against his life.

SPRC School Library Completed
The San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS) has a new library which was completed this past weekend on Sunday, January 7th. The construction of the new library was funded by donations and started immediately after the children were dismissed for the Christmas holidays. "I'm happy that the library is finally completed and so are the students. They had a positive reaction when they saw the new library. I want to thank everyone that contributed towards the completion of this library as the students will now have a healthy environment to read," said organizer of the fundraiser, librarian Catherine Whitney, better known as "Teacher Kate". SPRCS Principal Roxani Kay said she is very grateful stating, "I am very thankful to all those people and businesses that contributed with their donations towards the construction of this new library."

Ambergris Today

Government Of Belize Issues Statement On Killing Of Jaguars
The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration expresses regret and alarm over the massacre of a young male jaguar found floating in the Belize River on January 10, 2017. This is the second such incident in recent weeks where dead jaguars were found floating in waterways in or near Belize City. The January 10th incident revealed a decapitated jaguar which was shot, killed and dumped into the Belize River. An enforcement operation in Placencia Village has also yielded confiscations of jewelry made from jaguar teeth.

Belize Female Beach Volleyball Team To Participate In 2018 Central American And Caribbean Games
Belize has qualified to participate in the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games in Female Beach Volleyball for the first time in history. The Central American and Caribbean Games will be held July 19 - August 3, 2018 in Barranquilla, Colombia. Belizean athletes are training and working hard as they go through the selection process to determine the final two athletes to represent Belize. The Central American and Caribbean Games are a multi-sport regional championship event, held once every four years. Belize's participation in these games is an important and significant step as we continue to work hard in advancing our level of performance internationally, and developing our athletes in both indoor and beach volleyball.

Misc Belizean Sources

mzz Digital Platform launch at George Price Center
Are you a Belizean Musician? Are you looking for ways to better promote yourself and your music? The Office of the Music Ambassador, EXPORTBelize (a unit of BELTRAIDE), and NICH has an opportunity for you! Come on out to our Artist Outreach Mixer at the George Price Center on the 18th of January, 2018 at 7:00pm to connect with other musicians and to talk about how you can promote yourself on our Platform FOR FREE!

Hon Edmond Castro Attends Leading Firefighters Certificate Presentation Ceremony
Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, with responsibility for the Belize National Fire Service, Hon Edmond Castro, was the main speaker at a Certificate Presentation Ceremony for Leading Fighters-Fighters (LLF) on Wednesday, January 10, 2017. Certificates were awarded to twelve (12) firefighters who successfully completed the six-week course from November 6 to December 15, 2017. It entailed theory and practical exercises, covering areas such as Effective Report Writing (Fire Incident Data); Incident Command; Fire Control; Size-up; Hazmat (LPG); Fire Hydraulics; Fire Behavior; Fire Investigation; Table-top (managing hazmat incidents) and Live Fire Training Exercise.

KOKO King Movie Night
Dinner and a Movie today Friday 12th Jan - the new, 'Monster Island' and the classic 'The Goonies' - come and enjoy with the kids!!!!

Help with Medical expenses for Mr Philip Pennil Sr.
This is Mr Philip Pennil Sr. He lives on Avenida Mangle aka back street, Caye Caulker. He is very ill and has been put on a week or 2 weeks off from his job at Bowen & Bowen, which he has been a very hard working employee for the past 21 years!! He has a huge tumor on the left side of his brain and the doctors just recently found another smaller one on the right side of his brain. He is in a lot of pain and needs to seek medical attention abroad for brain surgery, which is terribly expensive. For the meantime, he is doing his own little thing at his home, doing repairs on glasses/reading glasses. So if anyone needs their glasses fixed, Mr Philip is the guy u wanna go check out! He has been given strict orders by d doctors and he cant do any hard work bcaz of the tumor on his brain. He has to take it easy and rest. But he is the only provider for his family, so he is trying his best to do a little something. He would really appreciate ur kind donation of any amount towards his medical expense. Every little helps! I believe he will be having a few little fund raisers very soon. Any help at all that u can give to Mr Philip will be greatly appreciated!! His contact number is 629-6598. God bless u!

With the appointment of Justice Marilyn Williams to the Supreme Court, women now make up half of the country's highest court.

"Instructional Techniques - Train the Trainer"
The "Fire Management Consultant", Phillip Queen out of Tracy California, just asked me to pass along this info on an upcoming course they will run in Cayo. It is called "Instructional Techniques - Train the Trainer". Instructor Techniques for those who want to be instructors. Related to anything you teach or instruct. "This course is designed as a foundational class for individuals who are interested in becoming instructors". Students in this course enroll and participate in the Instructor training and will receive and FMC instructional certificate.

Petroleum Operations (Maritime Zone Moratorium) Act, 2017
The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum informs the general public that the Petroleum Operations (Maritime Zone Moratorium) Act, 2017 has been enacted effective December 29th, 2017. The Act, which was introduced to the House of Representatives on October 20th, 2017, received bi-partisan support at the December 8th sitting of the House of Representatives after which it was referred to the Senate and passed into law. The Petroleum Operations Act imposes an indefinite moratorium on the exploration for and exploitation of petroleum and other petroleum operations in the maritime zone of Belize. The Government of Belize has once again demonstrated its commitment to protecting Belize's natural resources.

IDB extends deadline for open call for artists

Michael Del Valle called to the Bar Association of Belize
Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the San Pedro Town Council would like to congratulate San Pedro resident, Michael Del Valle, on his achievement by being called to the Bar Association of Belize, which is comprised of Attorneys-at-Law, Judges and Magistrates who have been admitted and licensed to practice law in Belize. Michael graduated from Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica in September of 2017. Great job Michael, may you be an inspiration to many others, especially our youth, that dreams can come true if you work hard at achieving them. The Community of San Pedro is very proud of you!

Corozal Carnaval 2018
MARK THE DATE!! Sunday, February 11, Miami Beach.

Heavy Metal Concert at Soul Project
The Heavy Metal concert at the Soul Project was Saturday. There was a lot of energy, and some great artisan wines. Death Suppressor was one of many bands that rocked through the night. The Soul Project got some great black and white stills of the show. Death Suppressor also got a lot of pictures.

Vacancy Announcement!!
The United States Peace Corps in Belize has a Short-term and long-term vacancies for Language and Cultural Facilitators in the following languages: -1 Q'eqchi (Long term contract) -2 Spanish (Only one Spanish LCF will be hired for the long term position) -1 Kriol (Short term contract) Position Summary for Short-Term Contract (May 29th to Early-September 2018 - approximately 3 months) Position Summary for Long-Term Contract (May 29th to Mid-December 2018 - approximately 6 months) For a complete scope of work, please send a request to [email protected].

Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
Jigsaw, The Shape of Water, Coco, A Bad Mom's Christmas

Tribute to Andy Palacio
In honor of a great Belizean Legend, happening today Friday 12th, January, 2018 at the Central Park, Orange Walk Town (6:00pm - 10:00pm)

Channel 7

Can Muslim Community and Police Ministry Meet In the Middle?
It's been exactly 2 weeks since Fareed Ahmad, the well-known barber, football referee, community worker, and Muslim was killed. Woman Police Constable Michelle Brown is currently on remand for his murder, but her imprisonment has done nothing to ease tensions between police and the family, and, by extension, the local Muslim community. And a flurry of dubious text messages speaking about a hit-list and a murder conspiracy against the family, cemented suspicion into a full fledged conspiracy theory pitting the police against the entire Ahmad family. So, to try to defuse tensions and clear the air, the police senior command, and the top political personalities of the Ministry of Home Affairs met with representatives of Ahmad family, and leaders of the Muslim faith. That happened at their mosque at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Fabers Road this afternoon.

New Surveillance Video Suggests Ahmad-Brown Connection
The main topic of discussion was the investigation into the murder of Fareed Ahmad, and all the very unusual elements which has convinced the family that a wider conspiracy is at play. Home Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington told the press that Assistant Police Commissioner Chester Williams revealed in the meeting today that there is new evidence. It's a surveillance video of the night before Ahmad was killed which shows him picking up WPC Michelle Brown, and them driving away in his SUV. Here's how Elrington explained the conversation between Williams and the family from this evening:

Rogue Units? Not!
And as you saw in our interview, both sides granted joint interviews in a show of partnership. But - there wasn't accord on every issue. And, it made for a very unusual moment in our 30 minute interview with Elrington and Nuri Muhammad when they disagreed on a major point. And that apparent crossing of wires is whether or not all the police special units are answerable to the Commissioner of Police. Certainly, it's been a concern that we've heard before. The issue came up today when Muhammad exited the meeting with the police and told the press that he interpreted Home Affairs Minister Elrington as confirming that some of those units do act outside the check and balance of the chain of police command. Elrington seized upon that very quickly, asserting that he didn't say that. Here's the back and forth:

The Raid and Rage Of A Muslim Family
And the Ahmad family is still hurting from that June 2016 raid by the Special Branch, which was under the command of Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal. In that operation, the Special Branch rounded up 20 of the Ahmad Family members, searched 6 of their homes, and confiscated all their electronics devices. The Ahmad family and the Muslim community leaders underscored the abiding anger and distrust that this event caused them to feel toward police. Here's what both sides had to say: Nuri Muhammad, Spokesperson - Local Muslim Community: "One of the concerns that the family left with today and it was still not completely resolved, is going back to their detention. If you remember, the entire Ahmad Family was rudely picked up and detained for over 15 hours, all their personal electronic equipment taken, their homes searched and no explanation (up to today) was given to the family."

What's Next For Attorney Extradition ?
Today's meeting with the Ahmad family gave us an opportunity to ask Foreign Affairs Minister Elrington about the latest developments in the extradition request that the US government has made for attorney Andrew Bennett. We reported last night that the Elrington has signed off on the extradition file from the US State Department, and that he forwarded it to the Attorney General's Ministry. When we asked him about it today, he told us that he couldn't say more than confirming that indeed it is now in the hands of the Solicitor General's office: Hon. Wilfred Elrington - Minister of Home Affairs: "I did sign the documents requesting formal procedure to be comments for the extradition. There is not much more to say, I signed it on Tuesday after the cabinet meeting."

Krismar, Killed Once, Not Twice
Last night we told you about convicted killer Krismar Espinosa. He is already serving a sentence for killing Rachel Chun - and he stood accused of killing a fellow prison inmate Keon Swasey. But, after two hours, the jury of 6 men and 6 women was not convinced he had done it. Last night just after 6:00, they found 28 year old Espinosa not guilty of murder and not guilty of manslaughter in the stabbing of Keon Swasey. The verdict in each case was unanimous. It is his second trial for this murder - and he was found not guilty on both occasions. Justice Adolph Lucas presided over the trial. The Crown was represented by Sheringe Rodriguez while Anthony Sylvestre was Espinosa's attorney.

Tsunami Scare Was The Ultimate Disaster Preparedness Drill
On Tuesday night - probably for the first time - Belizeans came to terms with the possibility that a tsunami could suddenly spring out of the Caribbean sea and sweep through coastal communities, doing as much or more damage than a hurricane. But, it would all happen with maybe an hour's notice�and that's a chilling possibility for the Belize City Council in the country's largest municipality. Today the mayor spoke about the instantaneity - and the need to come up with a response mechanism that works as quickly as those waves roll in from afar:... Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council: "A tsunami, which is something that can destroy an entire city, within a matter of seconds and can creep up on you with only an hour, an hour and a half lead time. That's something that we need to plan for, and I think that from an operational stand point, we're looking at that. How can we get systems in place where we can advise people of a threat in the night time, when most people are sleeping, or when most services are closed down. One of the things I am very grateful for is the media outlets."

Best And worse Tsunami Responses In A Real Time Simulation
Today, Councilor with responsibility for emergency management, Phillip Willoughby discussed the response protocol that was employed in the city on Tuesday night, and the lessons that were very quickly learned about best and worst practices in a real time scenario:... Phillip Willoughby - City Councilor, Disaster Mgmt. "The protocol would be that the police department and the national fire service would go in low laying areas and to activate these sirens. Thereafter what would have been done was that the hurricane shelter would have been opened, so that took place thereafter. In addition to the hurricane shelters being open, I got notification again from the national emergency coordinator that will be utilizing the new city centre and the Marion Jones stadium. We saw a huge migration of persons from behind the Jane Usher Boulevard area and within the Caesar Ridge area, the Yabra area specifically. The mass migration I can say that was coming out of Jane Usher Boulevard was a whole lot, not what we would face during a hurricane. The large number of people that were coming, so everybody was fighting to go to the nearest building."

The "Bullett Craig" Surveillance Video
Since well known taxi-driver Roy "Bullet" Craig was charged with sexual assault of a 16 year old boy - social media has exploded with countless posts, memes and even music ridiculing the 76 year old. Well, while many people are having a laugh at every lurid twist in this case - the police have to take it seriously. Today at the weekly press briefing, police updated us on this case as it relates to the Honey Hotel's surveillance footage that may have captured what happened before Craig went to his room and other elements including the suggestion that the 16 year old boy may have been mentally challenged.

Murder Investigations Remain Open
In other police news, no one has been charged yet for the murders of Leon Garcia and Frederick Smith. But police are questioning several persons in these cases. They told us more. ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC - CIB Belize City: "Reference the murder of Mr. Leon Garcia, police is still investigating that matter. We have two other persons in custody at this moment that are being interviewed. Reference Fredrick Smith we have one person in custody that we are interviewing at this moment. The other cases are still under investigation."

Teenaged Driver Charged For Killing Pregnant Mother of Two
The 16 year old who knocked down and killed pregnant mother of two Shakira Villanueva in Orange Walk has been charged. Eight days ago, Villanueva was crossing the road at the entrance of Guinea Grass Village when the 16 year old ran her over. The boy was charged yesterday. Police gave us more details. ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC - CIB Belize City "I know that definitely someone was charged yesterday, I don't have the name at hand but I can get it to you in a short while." Reporter: "But it was a minor." ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC - CIB Belize City: "Yes it is a minor."

Rounds Found
Police found ammunition on a Moya Street search yesterday evening. The cops came upon a transparent plastic bag with twenty four 40 Caliber and ten 9mm live rounds of ammunition hidden under some bushes. The items were labeled deposited as Found Property.

Teen With Bud In Benque
And yesterday morning out west, police busted a 17 year old with a bag of weed. Police searched a bus at a check point between miles 71 and 72 on the George Price Highway, the bus was heading to San Igancio from Benque. Police found a bag with 7 ounces - almost half a pound - of weed along with personal documents. That led the police to the minor. As a result, Police arrested and charged him for Drug Trafficking. The western corridor is a main conduit for the smuggling of marijuana from Guatemala.

Sandy Santoya And Half an Ounce
The cops say Sandy Santoya had coke on Caye Caulker. Yesterday afternoon at 3:00, they searched the 19 year old's residence on Avenida Pueblo Nuevo and found two ziplock plastic bags with 1.47 grams cocaine. That's about half of one ounce, but, Santoya was arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking.

PUP's Corozal Candidate Scandalized For Alleged Dishonesty
The Municipal Elections are only 2 months away, and one of the PUP candidates is learning the hard way that this is a dirty game. He's Rigoberto Vellos. You probably know him as Mr. Belize, but, last year, he decided to go from pumping iron to playing politics - and offered himself as the PUP's mayoral candidate. Well, a letter has been unearthed from 9+ years ago, which says that Vellos was terminated from the Social Security Board. In it, there are allegations that just under 700 dollars went missing during his time as a cashier.

The Reggae Bus Ran A Rescue Service
In our last segment you heard city councillor Phillip Willoughby speaking about the rush of residents form the Jane Usher and Caesar Ridge area running to shelters after the warning went out. And, in the height of that scare, a unique thing happened: this often fractured community came together very suddenly with many stepping up to give rides and even opening their second - story homes to those running for shelter. We spoke to one of those unlikely good Samritans off camera today. He told us how his bus that is used to run daily commutes turned into a rescue ride for many. Sahar Vasquez reporting Windell Lemoth had no idea of the imminent danger Belize was in on Tuesday night. He felt the ground shaking tremor but he didn't find out about the tsunami until he left his house and saw the chaos of the city.

Mayor: Commercial Center Coming
Last month, we showed you Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley promising that finally after an extended delay, the renovation works on the Commercial Center was finally starting. It's been a long wait, from April of 2015 to be exact, and today, the Mayor said that the contractors have already started the construction work: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council "Actually, I am to go to a meeting right now, which is at 2 o'clock, which is - of course, I will be late for that meeting, but that's a meeting with the independent engineer, the engineers on the project, and our technical side. The timeline for the project is 10 months, beginning December. The interior of the building will be worked on first. So that there will a total gutting of the interior, and then renovation of the interior, including a plumbing, electrical, bathrooms, everything - closing up the floor, and remodeling the building."

Mayor on Creative Couple's Removal
But, as they say, "while di grass di grow, di haas di starve�" - and so it is for well known craft creators Naphty and Fahima. They are the owners of a craft store in the shadow of the Commercial Center - and they were pushed out to give way to construction. As we showed you last week, they grudgingly abandoned their little setup at the bridge foot - which put them on shaky ground. Today Mayor Bradley shed some more light on the current situation. Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council: "We would have given instructions about a year ago for the Commercial Center to be vacated because when we were doing the plans and designs for the building, the building will be - and has been, actually - turned over to the contractor. So, that building is actually a worksite. So, that building has to actually be empty, empty of city council staff, and empty of all vendors. One of the reasons why that's the case is that there were be an entire gutting of the interior."

Ministry Offers Reward For Information on Who Killed Jaguars Found Floating
Yesterday we told you about the young male jaguar whose carcass was found floating in the Belize River. But, disturbingly, this was not an isolated event. Back in December, a similar photo surfaced of another young jaguar that was found in the canal near Water Lane. This has raised a major red flag for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, and the Environment. Tonight, they are offering a reward of $10,000 dollars to anyone that can provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons involved in the two recent incidents. And more than that, the ministry says that given the cruel nature of the death of these endangered apex predators, they will raise the penalties for this and any other wildlife crimes above the current $10,000 dollars or 12 months in prison.

Channel 5

Police Sooth Ahmad Family but Who Are Giving 'Special' Units Orders?
It has been two weeks since well-known barber Fareed Ahmad was shot and killed near his home in Hattieville.� Despite the arrest and subsequent arraignment of a woman police constable [...]

Video Places Accused WPC in Fareed Ahmad Vehicle; Louis Farrakhan Suggested as Mediator
Lead investigator ACP Chester Williams, who is probing the case from within the Professional Standards Branch, says that he is content that there was no collusion on the part of [...]

Ahmads Still Seek Answers on Hattieville House Raid; Police Silent
Another sore spot for the Ahmad family, aside from the murder of their loved one, is the rounding up of its members back in 2016 by the Special Branch of [...]

Minister Undertakes to Lift Veil of Secrecy on Raid
It is a position that Elrington, himself a former defense counsel, agrees with.� The family should have been given the opportunity to contact its lawyers and should have been provided [...]

Foreign Affairs Signs Off on Andrew Bennett Extradition Request but Will He Go?
The ball is in motion for a provisional warrant to be sought for attorney Andrew Bennett's arrest.� That is because Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington has signed documents that [...]

Roy "Bullet" Craig Accuser Not Mentally Challenged
The allegation of a sexual assault on a sixteen-year-old-boy made headlines this week. The alleged perpetrator is well-known taxi-man Roy "Bullet" Craig, who police say was found nude along with [...]

More Persons of Interest Brought in for Leon Garcia, Frederick Smith Killings
There have been three murders in the first eleven days of the year. Today, police said they are still questioning persons in the killings of Leon Garcia and Frederick Smith [...]

Heat for George Street over Video Threats
On Monday we reported on a video posted on Facebook where claims were made from certain gang quarters claiming responsibility for Garcia's death. When we spoke with Police earlier this [...]

Unlicensed Minor Driver Charged in Pregnant Woman's RTA Death
Police have arrested and charged a minor for killing twenty-eight-year-old Shakira Villanueva in a road traffic accident. The sixteen-year-old was driving a vehicle without a license when he knocked down [...]

Forest Department Begins Investigation into Jaguar Beheading
The cruel slaying of a young jaguar and its dumping in the Belize River has raised the ire of conservationists and the public alike. The cat, which is protected by [...]

Stabbing by Knitting Needle in Domestic Quarrel
An argument in downtown Belize City ending in an apparent stabbing on Sunday morning landed sixty-four-year-old businesswoman Jennifer Garcia in court. Garcia is accused of stabbing Ingrid McKay with a [...]

Fine for Late-to-Court Accused in Drug Case
Fifty-two-year-old Roger Kenrick Jones, a refrigerator technician of Belize City, must pay three hundred dollars in fines after being busted with cocaine in December. Jones was caught when a police [...]

U.B. Student Wants Pomp and Circumstance in February, not June
There is a degree of disquiet among some students at the national university over a change in the date of graduation from February to June. Some students have complained that [...]

How to Prepare For and Survive a Tsunami
Still a little shaky from Tuesday night's earthquake and tsunami scare? You're not alone. Nearly forty-eight hours later, emergency preparedness responders are still marveling at Belize's close call and formulating [...]

NEMO, CEMO, Red Cross Assess on-the-Ground Response, Find Good and Bad
Vulnerable populations, such as the stevedores who were out on the sugar boat on Tuesday night, should be covered in terms of planning by their employers as well as their [...]

Assessment Coming for Shelters and Bridges
For the most part, none of the countries in the region reported any damage to buildings and other infrastructure. But here in Belize the Ministry of Works, supported by the [...]

Reef Still Fighting Coral Bleaching
The reef report card was released on Wednesday in Belize City. We reported on Belize's two point eight grade average, which conservationists gave the country after extensive research conducted on [...]

After Success Down South, Managed Access to Fisheries Coming Countrywide
Over the past few years, we have reported on the managed access program in Belize being implemented by the Fisheries Department, Environmental Defense Fund and other local conservation partners. It [...]

CitCo Leads Clean-Up near Cinderella Plaza
In news from the Belize City Council, residents of the area north of Cinderella Plaza up to the Barracks, including Kelly Street, Baymen Avenue, Wilson Street, Hunter's Alley, Matron Roberts [...]

Healthy Living: How Effective are Multivitamins?
Many of us grew up with parents forcing us to take our vitamins. Whether it was cod-liver oil or Flinstones vitamins, our parents all believed that it would make us [...]


New Revelations in the Fareed Ahmad Murder Investigation
The leaders of the Muslim Community in Belize met with the high command of the Belize Police Department this afternoon. Present for the meeting were Minister of Home Affairs, Wilfred Elrington; CEO of National Security, George Lovell; Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, ACP Joseph Myvett; and ACP Chester Williams who is heading Ahmad's murder investigation. �

Dr. Manzanero addresses obesity problem in Belize
Obesity is a growing problem in Belize and persons who weigh at least twenty percent more than their normal weight for their height is classified as obese. According to the Ministry of Health, in 2017, the age range that was considered the most obese was from 25-29 with a total of three-thousand-three-hundred-and-seventeen persons being obese. �

Minister of Home Affairs will Personally Investigate Detention of Ahmad Family
The assertions made by Minister Elrington and investigators seem to have brought some sense of calm within the Muslim Community, especially the Ahmad family, but there is one concern that lingers. That surrounds the matter where the Ahmad Family was arrested and kept in police custody for hours. The family claims that they were never �

Every Police Officer Answerable to the Commissioner
But these are not the only concerns that continue to bother the Muslim community. Allegations of police officers and or units within the department that seemingly act without having to respond to anyone in the department's high command continue to be of grave concern. Here is how Nuri Muhammad explained it. Nuri Muhammad - Member, �

Minister Of Foreign Affairs Signs Extradition File
Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington has signed the extradition file that his office received last year from the US State Department requesting the extradition of Attorney Andrew Bennett. Today Minister Elrington spoke on the matter. Wilfred Elrington - Minister of Foreign Affairs "I did sign the documents for formal procedure to commence on the �

Belize City Mayor comments on tsunami scare
On Tuesday night a wave of panic swept through Belize as a Tsunami Warning was issued for the coast. A 7.6 earthquake less than six miles beneath the earth surface and 27 miles off the coast of Honduras was registered. This prompted experts to issue Tsunami Warnings for Central American and Caribbean Countries. But hours �

Mayor Bradley responds to vendor's plight
Earlier this month, Raymond Jones' 'Drums, not guns' craft shop at the bridge foot relocated. They say they did so under orders of the Belize City Council. The Belize City Council gave the orders for all vendors near the commercial center to relocate. Today, outgoing Mayor Darrell Bradley told us why. DARRELL BRADLEY, MAYOR OF �

Headless Carcass of Jaguar fished out of Belize River
The headless carcass of a young male jaguar was discovered yesterday afternoon and fished out of the Belize River near Manatee Lookout along the Philip Goldson Highway. The carcass was retrieved by Mike Heusner of the Belize River Lodge with some help. He told Love News that he learned of the animal's carcass after receiving �

Works on Commercial Center begin
After the interview, Mayor Darrell Bradley rushed into a meeting with the contractor who has been retained to carry out the refurbishment works on the Commercial Center. After much delay, Bradley says that the project has officially begun and will take less than a year to be completed. DARRELL BRADLEY, MAYOR OF BELIZE CITY "The �

Students vexed over UB Graduation date
Students of the University of Belize are expressing concerns over the changes in graduation dates. Alberto Matus who has completed his Bachelors in Information Technology in December 2017, said he will not be receiving his diploma until June 16. He was expecting to receive his diploma during the February graduation ceremony, but he will not �


Man charged with 13 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse
52-year-old Jose Ardon was today slapped with 13 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse after allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old minor. The incidents started back in January of 2016, when the child was only 14. Back then, police only charged Ardon with 2 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, b...

5.3 million in one year for PM's brother?
Prime Minister Barrow has constantly been accused of not only nepotism, but of helping to enrich his family members through the constant legal battles that his administration has taken the country through. The PM's top lawyer of choice has been his brother, Dennys Barrow. According to a recent repor...

"Fair" performance for Belize's Reef health
Today the Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative (HRI) released its 2018 Mesoamerican Reef Report Card which records an improvement in reef health for Belize from 'Poor' in 2006 to 'Fair' this year, with increases in three of the four indicators over the decade. Melanie MCField is the Directo...

National Nursing Conference
150 nurses converged in Belize City today for the first day of a three day National Nursing Conference. The conference is to discuss nursing in Belize and to engage all participants in developing a vision and a framework to guide the future of nursing in Belize. Like in many parts of the world, Bel...

Upgrading of Operating Theater project to impact service delivery
And speaking of health services, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority says that while the ongoing refurbishment and upgrading of the Operating Theater suites has reached a most critical point, it will affect those who are awaiting elective surgeries. Only emergency surgeries and C-sections w...

New traffic safety equipment for Belmopan police
The Belmopan police are recipients of a donation from The Belize Road Safety Project Unit. Today, police were given new traffic equipment including reflective vests, measuring tapes, clipboards, spray paints and chalk. Belmopan police OC Howell Gillett says the donation will surely improve the polic...

Mission Team aids churches and communities in Belize
For the past couple of days, a mission team has been in Belize helping church organizations . The group is from Iowa and has been here for a week. As the team landed, they headed down south to help Pastor Vic Hernandez of Punta Gorda. Tom Treptau, Director of Village Creek Bible Camp, told us more. ...

Bullet blames PUP for his sexual assault of a minor case
Well known taxi-man and UDP activist Roy "Bullet" Craig was arraigned yesterday for the sexual assault of a 16 year old boy. As we have reported, 76 year old Bullet was arrested on Thursday night at Honey's Hotel on Dolphin Drive. Police were tipped off and when they went to the ro...

Espat discusses Searching for the missing
Jamal Humes has been missing for almost three weeks. He is just one of several missing persons reported on recently. Other recent cases include Mark Pollard and Stanley Richards who have still not been found. You may recall that when 17 year old Erwin Rodriquez was missing late last year, Dr. Jose E...

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Corozal's Petty Thief
Rigo Vellos proclaims to be the hope for Corozal as the PUP mayoral aspirant for the town and for most who don't know him you would think that he is squeaky clean. Well the Guardian newspaper has been furnished with some documentation which proves that Vellos is anything but squeaky clean. In a letter provided to us addressed to Vellos and dated September 19, 2008 it states that: "An investigation was conducted by Internal Audit Services on reports of unaccounted funds for manual receipts, issued by you as Cashier. Based on their findings, management has decided to dismiss you for the following reasons: i. Funds collected were not brought to account, and...

Is Belize ready for a Tsunami?
At 9:51 on Tuesday night, an earthquake struck in the north eastern waters off the coast of Honduras. It had a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale. Within a minute of the quake a tremor was felt across the country of Belize, that was followed by a second just a few seconds later. Minutes later the fire service began blaring sirens at all coastal fire stations. Fire Chief, Ted Smith, explained that "once a tsunami warning is given for the coast or specific portion of Belize, then the fire service operation plan for Belize will kick in." On Tuesday night it meant that sirens at the fire stations would begin to blare and mobile units would also traverse in the various communities warning people of the possibility of disaster. That took place along the entire coast of Belize. But outside of the sirens blaring the only plan was to advise people to move to higher ground. In this instance Minister responsible for the National Emergency Management Organization, (NEMO) told the press that there is no tsunami protocols for the country. Hon. Castro was plain speaking when he explained that when he received the call on Tuesday night was the first he had heard of a Tsunami Center which tracks tsunamis in this part of the world. He stated that, "we will have to try and develop one.

Commission of inquiry into UHS to be set
At the last House Meeting, held on Friday, January 5, Prime Minister Dean Barrow introduce the appropriation bill for 90.6 million dollars. If it passes, this bill would satisfy the UHS judgment which the Caribbean Court of Justice rendered against Belize, and in the favor of the Ashcroft Alliance. So, while Belizean taxpayers will take a major hit, if that bill passes, so little is known about the players within the past PUP Government under Said Musa, and what they did to make this betrayal possible. So, the Prime Minister has agreed with the National Trade Union Congress of Belize that a Commission of Inquiry into the Universal Health Service saga will take place. It was first announced on December 13, by the NTUCB via a press release.

Bullet defends himself
Roy 'Bullet' Craig has come under fire for accusations against him where a 16 year old boy alleged that Bullet had sexually assaulted him. Since the allegations surfaced and his charges on Monday of this week, Craig says his life has been turned upside down. In an effort to mitigate the damage done to him he visited the Guardian to clear his name. Speaking plainly, Craig admitted to having contact with the young man who made the allegations. He stated that he was at the Yabra basketball court where he usually frequents to have young men play what he calls 'shots'. In the game he pays the young men for shooting basketball shots which they score on. He said it was no different on Thursday January 4 when he went to Yabra. The difference he says is that after the game the 16 year old asked him to accompany him in his cab. While bullet says he originally resisted the request, he ended up taking the young man. All along Craig says he insisted that the young man go home but he refused.

What is the future of nursing in Belize
This year's National Nursing Conference, held under the theme "Shaping the Vision: The future of nursing in Belize" was held on Wednesday and Thursday, January 10 and 11, 2018 at the Radisson Fort George Hotel. The event saw the meeting of over 150 nurses as well as the participation of other guests such as Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health, Dr. Ramon Figueroa, CEO, Ministry of Health, and other invited guests including NGO, WHO, and overseas representatives. The interactive discussion was intended to engage all participants in developing a framework to guide the future of nursing in Belize by understanding both local and global needs and implications. There to speak more about this was Augustina Elijio, Chief Nursing Officer, MoH. Nurse Elijio opened the discussion, highlighting the importance of keeping both a local and a global perspective while attempting to tackle the future of nursing in Belize.

More training for firefighters
On Wednesday the fire department held a certification ceremony for 12 of its officers who have completed a 6 week course which started in November of last year. A total of 16 firefighters started the course and that was trimmed down to 12. Fire Chief, Ted Smith, explained that the promotion course was the first step for these men to hold leadership positions in the department. The course was to further train leading firefighters as a first stage to become an officer. He stated that the department is currently in need of lead firefighters and cadet officers hence the need for the training programs. Smith noted that the training will enhance the readiness of the department.

Truck driver gets killed in early morning hours
The family of 19 year-old Kendal Goff, a resident of Double Head Cabbage, has been forced to make funeral preparations for him, after he was knocked down and killed. A family friend has since been criminally charged for the accident which claimed his life. Police say that at around 6 o'clock on Tuesday morning, January 9, 2017, they responded to a report that a traffic accident had occurred in Burrell Boom Village. When they arrived, they found Goff's body in a yard near to the horse track, on the road from Bermudian Landing to Burrell Boom. Nearby, they found a green Mazda pickup truck, with damages to the front portion. The cops quickly established that this was the vehicle which knocked him down.

The IAAF Diamond League is delighted to announce the distribution of diamond disciplines for the 2018 season. Commencing on 4 May 2018 in Doha, the ninth season of the IAAF Diamond League comprises the 14 best invitational track and field meetings in the world. The meetings compose the top tier of the IAAF's global one-day meeting competition structure and are spread across Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. This series, which began in 2010, showcases 32 event disciplines which are distributed among the 14 meetings. As in a championship, the performance of athletes in the final alone will determine who the champion will be and the prize money won.

Year in Review 2017
July Too much noise for Senator Woods causes business shutdown on the Strip The Belize City Council held a meeting with community members at the BTL Park to discuss the playing of music 'after hours' in the area know as the Entertainment Strip in Belize City. During the meeting various residents stood up to voice their concerns about various establishments in the area that play music late into the night not allowing for those who live in the area to have a peaceful night's rest. Among those who raised the most concerns was Senator Valerie Woods. Speaking during the consultation Woods said that she was fed up of the noise in the area, she pointed out that people park in front of her driveway, urinate on her fence, break bottles on her street and she would take it no more. She added that if it meant that she would have to write a letter every week she would.

Commencement of the 2018 Legal Year
On the second Monday at the beginning of each new calendar year, the legal year is opened and celebrated with a procession and ceremony to open the new schedule. The formal opening of the 2018 Legal Year took place on Monday, January 8, 2018. The ceremony started at the Wesley Methodist Church with a church service and was followed by a procession of the Bench and Bar of the Honorable Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin and judges and other legal bodies of the Supreme Court. They and other invited guests marched from the church to the Supreme Court building where the Chief Justice gave a report of last year's legal calendar. In that address, the Chief Justice highlighted a need for more magistrates as well as other civil and criminal matters. According to the Chief Justice, 2017 saw plenty civil as well as criminal matters. A total of 838 civil claims, inclusive of petitions for bail, were filed.

$3.9 million for Caye Caulker airstrip
There has been word of a new airstrip for the island of Caye Caulker and now, it seems the deal has been made. The contract, which was initially being given to Imer Hernandez Development Company at $7.5 million dollars, will now cost the government $3, 918, 699 instead. The initial project was to include plenty additional fixtures and elements but under the new contract, the airstrip will be a more limited and basic design. According to Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Civil Aviation and Tourism, this contract will include only the cost for the core phase of the project and will exclude the external security lighting system, security fencing, the expansion of the runway, the construction of a new terminal, and significant lifting of the runway.

Belize-Guatemala dispute a matter of public record
In our last meeting with Belize's Ambassador to Guatemala Alexis Rosado at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel late last year he shared that all data on the issues relating to the Belize-Guatemala dispute are in the public record. Even while Guatemala speeds up its process for the scheduled April 15th date for the International Court of Justice Referendum such data 'on public record' grow ever more prominent. To satisfy any inquiry from those public records, both the National Heritage Library and the Belize Archives & Records Services in Belmopan have teams of personnel on standby ready to share it. At the National Heritage Library on Monday we were struck by the accounts on the 'Documents pertaining to the Belize & Guatemala Boundary dispute'. According to this rare document, the territory of Belize comprises of Belize and all its associated islands and cayes with the area bounded by the frontiers with Guatemala and Mexico and the outer limit of territorial seas.

Benque Viejo Neighborhood Watch Boxing Day Party
The Zone 4 Neighborhood Watch program in Benque Viejo celebrated its 10th annual Boxing Day event, under the leadership of its Captain Samuel Bruce, who also hosted the event at his "Sam's Community Park;" a multi-purpose facility located on his property. An extra event this year was a start off, quadrangular football competition with the participation of coordinator, Mr. Osar Nabet , from the Z-boys Jr's football club. A special new sponsor for the Trophies & open WiFi hot spot at the event was "ANL" alternative networks ltd., a new provider of internet & IP streaming TV, for the Benque Area. In the afternoon, Master of ceremony Amin Avilez and DJ Raffi Martinez had the party building a crowd in the hundreds. They enjoyed various games and contest to win hundreds of prizes. The events were topped off with a Santa Claus.

Belmopan police involving our youths
A working team from Belmopan Police continues to invest in our common future. In a ceremony on Saturday, 200 young people became certified members of the Belmopan Police Cadet Corp. The award ceremony was followed by a luncheon with cadets and parents. "We have come a long way from nine when I became commander to 227 total now," reports Howell Gillet, Commander of Belmopan police. "Our records show that all the young people who are engaged with the Bmp(sic) police have never committed any serious infringement of the laws. This tells us that we are moving in the right direction." Members of Belmopan Police are highly appreciative of the cadets, their parents, sponsors and all police officers involved in making the cadets more involved and productive.

Keeping Belmopan clean
Any quick trip to the Nation's Capital today would reveal that it's parks and playgrounds as well as many pedestrian ways are kept meticulously clean. Our attempts both on Monday and Tuesday to find a single piece of ill placed garbage along its major byways all but failed. So we walked to the Belmopan City Council office on Tuesday to find out who was responsible for keeping the City free of any litter. There we were led to the office of Philip Simmons, the Sanitation Director for the Belmopan City Council. His secret seems to be in placing receptacles at strategic points along the pedestrian pathways in Belmopan. According to Simmons studies have shown that pedestrians are reluctant to place back food wrapper back into their pockets. So buckets have been placed every few meters and this has greatly reduced the amount of garbage. Additionally there are a number of persons on the ground, dressed in yellow, who would pick up litter from the ground.

Hon. Rene Montero responds to Orlando Habet on Calla Creek hammock bridge
Let the record of the Ministry of Works speak for itself. My team and I believe in showing progress of the unprecedented works taking place within our area; hence, I have not answered or replied to any comment concerning the new hammock bridge being built at branch mouth. Main fact; The contract for the construction of the Branch Mouth and Calla Creek Hammock bridges is contracted to be completed on the 15th of January, 2018. Meaning, the bridge is NOT yet completed. Fact; Against advice from the contractor, residents have begun using the incomplete bridge to gain access to and from Santa Familia Village. Fact; the contractor is, of course, under contract. Meaning, it is his contractual obligation to ensure the safety and high quality construction of said bridge.

A Parasitic Alliance
For years now, Belizeans have long observed the unbridled actions of the Ashcroft Alliance through its many companies, shell companies, and so-called charities, as they have mercilessly extended their parasitic tentacles throughout the Belizean economy while constantly and unapologetically extracting their pound of flesh and blood. It was not until this UDP government came to office, under the leadership of the Right Honorable Dean Barrow, that Belize finally managed to stand up to this unholy alliance and put the brakes on the fleecing of the public trough. We have also seen over the years how Ashcroft and his minions have profiteered off BTL, the most successful and profitable company in Belize, exporting tens of millions of dollars abroad through a multitude of companies, entities and charities, while at the same time resisting or all but refusing to pay their taxes.

We survived a tsunami warning
On Tuesday night for about two hours most of the country was UNITED and praying for God's protection. There appeared to be a Tsunami lurking out in the Caribbean Sea and getting ready to come onshore in Belize. The alarm was sounded around 8:55 PM, which was a few minutes after a very strong TREMOR was felt all across the nation of Belize. That tremor was caused by an EARTHQUAKE that was centered beneath the sea near neighbouring Swan Island, in Honduras. The Tsunami Warning was sent out from the Tsunami Center in the USA and transmitted to us through our own NEMO by Minister Edmond Castro , who is the minister with responsibility for NEMO. A part of and perhaps the most important part of emergency and disaster management is the timely transmission of information to the public before, during and after the emergency or disaster. The Minister and the team at NEMO were on the ball. They were quick and were able to become activated within a matter of minutes. All the ON AIR MEDIA HOUSES were on board too. In many cases it was the OWNERS and SENIOR EXECUTIVES who took to the airwaves to pass the information to the public.

Bullet accused of attempting to perform an unnatural act on 16-year-old boy
On January 5, 2018 at 8:45 p.m., acting upon information received, police visited a hotel in Belize City where, upon arrival, they met a 16-year-old male in the company of Roy "Bullet" Craig, a 76-year-old taxi operator at the Cinderella Plaza taxi stand, activist, and former millionaire. The minor reported to the police that about 7:00 p.m. while he was walking home, he saw Craig standing beside a car and as he was about to pass him, Craig held him by his shirt collar and asked him if he wanted to go to a hotel. Craig pulled him towards the front passenger side seat of the car and they both got in the car.

Honduran woman on bail for immigration offense
Dania Marilou Ayala Vasquez, a 26-year-old Honduran, was taken to the Belize City Magistrate's Court to be arraigned on a single charge of failing to produce a visitor's permit to an Immigration officer. Vasquez, who is unemployed, has been living in Belize for 6 years and has a Belizean born child and still does not have legal status. Vasquez appeared before Magistrate Michelle Trapp where she pleaded guilty to the offense. The allegations are that on January 4, 2018 at the Orange Walk police station, she failed to produce her visitor's permit. In court, she admitted that she has no permit or passport.

Jason Anderson and Reese Fitzgibbon charged with attempted murder
Two men have been charged in relation to a shooting that happened on Iguana Street which has left a 56-year-old man, Steve Finley, fighting for his life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The shooting happened in broad daylight on Saturday, January 6, 2018. Those men, Jason Anderson and Reese Fitzgibbon, appeared in court before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford on Tuesday, January 9, 2018. There they were read separate indictable charges. The men were charged with two counts each of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, wounding, and dangerous harm. Anderson was also charged with abetment to commit murder.

9 more counts of sexual assault against Jose Adron for sex with girl
A father of a Northern Belize address was arraigned on 11 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse for allegedly having sex with a minor for over a 1 year, since 2016 when she was 14 years until she became 15 in 2017. He is Jose Adron, a 52-year-old construction worker. In 2016, Adron was first charged with 2 counts but a police investigation into the matter led them to levy more charges of the same offense against the accused.

Verdes FC to begin defence of national football title on Sunday
The Premier League of Belize 2017-2018 Closing Season will commence on Saturday 13th January, 2018, with a single game on the schedule. The teams that will compete in the Closing Season includes the defending champions Verdes FC, Belmopan Bandits SC, Placencia Assassins FC, Freedom Fighters FC, Belize Defence Force (BDF) FC, Wagiya FC, Police United FC and the San Pedro Pirates FC. It is being anticipated that the regular competition of the Closing Season will come to an end on 15th April, 2018, with the championship games scheduled for May 12th and 13th respectively.

Belize Female Beach Volleyball qualify to participate in 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games
For the First Time Belize has qualified to participate in the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games in Female Beach Volleyball for the first time in history. The Central American and Caribbean Games will be held July 19 - August 3, 2018 in Barranquilla, Colombia. Belizean athletes are training and working hard as they go through the selection process to determine the final two athletes to represent Belize.

Pregnant mother and taxi man die from traffic accidents while cop struggles to survive
A pregnant mother and a taxi driver both lost their lives in separate traffic accidents in Northern Belize. A police officer is hospitalized for serious injuries he suffered in a third accident. Police say that at about 9 p.m. on Wednesday, January 3, they responded to an accident which happened at the entrance of Guinea Grass Village. Their initial investigation is that a 16 year-old minor from the same village was driving a red Isuzu pick-up, and he was heading toward a northern direction on the Highway. At the same time, 28 year-old Shakira Villanueva, a domestic who also resides in Guinea Grass, was attempting to cross the highway. She never made it because she was hit by the minor in the pick-up. She was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital, and later to the KHMH in a critical condition. She clung to life until Monday, January 8, a total of 5 days before her injuries claimed her life at the hospital.

Headless baby Jaguar found in Belize River
A 2-feet baby jaguar was found in the waters of the Belize River on Wednesday, January 10, 2018. The body was found decapitated and the head was nowhere in the area. While it would normally be fair to assume that the jaguar was attacked by a larger animal, pellet holes in the body of the animal lead to another, more gruesome speculation. While Belize hosts a fairly healthy population of the cat, it is still an endangered species in the country. The event has left many people troubled. As it pertains to an official initiative being made, the respective organizations are looking into the matter.

Belize's reef is improving in health
The Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) region, which extends across the Caribbean coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras, is one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems in the world. There is a continuous threat to the health of the reef as well as to the economies and communities that depend on and benefit both directly and indirectly from it. Environmental authorities throughout the region play key roles in the development of strategic and effective solutions to the ever critical environmental problems; one such organization is Oceana Belize. At an Oceana sponsored event, the Healthy Reef Initiative (HRI) issued their 2018 report card on the state of the MAR. Belize has seen some overall improvement since its last report, from 2.5 to 2.8, tying with Mexico, both only being outdone by Honduras which scored a 3.0.

Words of Life with Pastor Barry Fraser
In Ephesians 1:18, the Apostle Paul wrote: I pray that the eyes of your understanding may be enlightened, so that you may know the hope to which He has called you, what are the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints. When we pray, something unique is supposed to happen to give us the assurance that we have been heard, and our answer is on the way. Without these two things our prayers become vain repetitions. When Jesus told the story of the wicked judge, He was not doing a comparison with God, but rather a character opposite to God.

The Female Entrepreneur
Kindly permit me to start this article with a disclaimer. I know absolutely nothing about business but I am a good customer. With that alone, I think I might have a thing or two to share that you might find useful. I write to invite our women to become entrepreneurs to awaken this snoozing economy. We certainly need more business women in our country. With the constant concern of university graduates having major challenges finding jobs, I task our Belizean women of this wonderful country to seek their own passions and initiate their own businesses. A good friend and colleague of mine often shares his justification of why women make excellent leaders. His explanation is that women are more into details. We compare cost of items more. We shop smarter. We spend wiser. So, in his explanation, women do a better job at spending a hundred dollars than most men. Whether this is true or not, I know that women can be excellent at being entrepreneurs because we manage households and budgets every day. So, why not do it for a profit?

Have you ever heard of vision boards?
Well I have-- and they are these supposedly mythical devices on which you paste pictures of the things you dream and wish for-- give it a year or so-- and bam!!! Ninety-five percent of the things you "wished" for come true!!! Eeeerp! Well that is not completely accurate. But a vision board is pretty darn close to what I've just described. Some people refer to it as a "dream board" or an "inspiration board." No matter what you call it, it's basically a collage of pictures, words and quotes that serve to remind you of your passion and purpose. It is a powerful visualization tool that is used as inspiration for your journey toward your ideal life. And it does increase the chances that the things you are aspiring for comes to pass.

We No Want Your Man
Have you noticed that the two of the British Peer's remaining cash cows in Belize tend to still be living in the PUP past when he literally owned the country? Look at their business mottos. "Our country, your bank" and "Smart a run the nation". Well, I have a little joke to share about "Smart!" and the jingle in its ad where it mentions running our country. This is not being personal or critical, since I think the said company is professionally run and is a reliable provider of telecommunication services. The other night a neighbor came to my little shop with his grandson and they hung around a little during the evening news broadcast. When the Smart jingle came on, the young boy started to sing along loudly with the ad, only he sang what he thought were the words in the tinkle, "we no want your man" instead of the words "we no want your plan". Everybody laughed, since it is so fitting to tell Miguel Ashcroft that Belizeans no want his man to lead our country again, ever.

"A MOST DIABOLICAL INSTANCE OF PUP ABUSE" in Amandala Editorial of Jan 9, 2018
The minute Kareem got up and tried to whitewash the very bad behavior of his father, I announced to my friends, gathered to listen to the House Meeting; that all hell would break loose! It is the BELIZEAN VOTERS who "condemn the securing of a loan by way of a [SECRET] sovereign government guarantee!" How could he have left out that all important word: SECRET? How could he not see that he was opening the proverbial Pandora's Box? No sane person would walk up to the nest of 'hamadilli' wasps and start whacking away� Warrior Wasps do NOT play! The Amandala Editor continues:" It's a challenge but also an opportunity to finally and dramatically show themselves as breaking from the old mold�and agents that got them into so much trouble�" I interpret that to mean that some PUPs MUST be ready to DUMP Musa and Fonseca - X wants Musa, Fonseca and their cronies out! That is the crystal clear message. He has dropped all support for BPP, VIP, TPP, Third Party, etcetera in preference for a Cordel Hyde PUP.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Caleb Orozco: Bullet was not my step father
When the news broke that Roy "Bullet" Craig was found naked with a boy in [�]

Christian Workers Union wins, SSB has to pay compounded backpay
The Christan Workers Union (CWU) has emerged victorious over the Social Security Board (SSB) in [�]

"Bullet's" victim not mentally challenged says police
In a police press conference held in Belize City today, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), [�]

GOB: Maritime Zone Moratorium Act has been enacted since Dec 2017
The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum have issued a [�]

Minor charged in fatal road traffic accident of pregnant woman
Police have charged a minor for the road traffic death of 28-year-old Shakira Villanueva. Police charged [�]

$10,000 reward for information on killing of Belize jaguar
The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration today issued a statement stating that [�]

Roy "Bullet" Craig blames PUP for sexual assault charges
Roy "Bullet" Craig, 76-year-old taxi driver who stands accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy, [�]

Benque Viejo minor charged for drug trafficking
Yesterday morning around 6:30, while police were conducting a vehicle check point between miles 71 and [�]

Caye Caulker man arrested for cocaine possession
According to police reports, yesterday around 3, police searched the home of Sandy Anthony Santoya,19, a Belizean [�]

Belize City police find .22 gun
On January 8, 2018 about 11:00pm, police conducted a search in an abandoned lot on Antelope [�]

Gun and ammo found in Belize City
Yesterday evening around 5:20, police conducted a search in an abandon lot on Moya St in Belize City. [�]

Conservationists concerned over killing of jaguar
Yesterday, a baby jaguar was found headless in the Belize River near Manatee Lookout. The [�]

Leading firefighters complete training
Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, with responsibility for the Belize National Fire Service, [�]

Historic nursing conference held in Belize City
The Nurses and Midwives Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Health held the first [�]

Krismar Espinosa, what is the verdict
Today, Breaking Belize News will report the verdict in the murder trial of 28-year-old Krismar [�]

Time running out for Andrew Bennett
Attorney Andrew Bennett, wanted in the United States on charges of money laundering, is now [�]


Seat Sale on Round Trip Flights From Toronto to Belize
The sale is advertised to not last long, but I definitely thought the cheap airfare on round-trip flights from Toronto to Belize was worth mentioning. Especially since it is the first seat sale of the 2018 and I know a lot of people in Toronto. Sometimes Google Alerts are very handy to have. Such as this one that came to me today from narcity. I used my bookmarked link to check Google Flights myself and I actually saw one deal that for two weeks was only $252 round-trip but it was 25 hour travel time and two stops. If that's okay you might want to check that one out as well.

International Sourcesizz

Canada's financial dominance in the former English Caribbean colonies
Today, Canadian banks dominate the financial industry of the former English Caribbean colonies (FECC), enhancing and often enriching the external interests of capital for their banks in Canada. This is done at the expense of internal solutions to development of these Caribbean states. The story of Canadian corporate ownership of financial institutions in the region is not new. IMF structural adjustment programs (SAPs) in the 1980s-1990s solidified the region's banking sector in the hands of Canadian corporations. Canadian monopolistic ownership of Caribbean finance has a very rich history that speaks to what Canadian banking concentration in the region looks like - not just during centuries of colonial exploitation - but also of neoliberal exploitation in today's free-market era. Of the five largest banks in Canada, three of them - Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank), and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC FirstCaribbean) - operate in the FECC as dominant financial institutions acting as subsidiaries (Figure 1). The subsidiary status of Canadian banks in FECC is of paramount importance because, unlike a foreign branch bank, a subsidiary is not required to give out loans to Caribbean companies. However, what they are allowed to do is raise capital and issue debts and loans to corporations and governments.


  • What the Soil Can Teach Us | Daniel Rath | TEDxBelmopan, 14min. I think microbes qualify as creatures...I could say I am proud (which I am), but more importantly, Dan's message is critical to Belize. Soil is the most important ecosystem to our survival as a nation.
    Daniel Rath has one message: "The soil beneath our feet is alive!" In his talk, Rath gets dirty, helping us to better understand what we can do to keep it that way. Daniel is a Ph.D. student in at the University of California: Davis, studying Soil Microbial Ecology. He was born and raised in Dangriga, Belize, where he learned how to appreciate natural beauty, drive a boat, and dance Punta! He then went on to track lions in Tanzania; study animal behavior in the Galapagos; debate politics in Taiwan; grow tea in India; work on vineyards in France; and sample peat bogs in Scotland. Fry Jacks are still his favorite food though! This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

  • San Pedranos' Response to Tsunami Threat, 4min.

  • The Earth Moved off Honduras on Tuesday Night; Tsunami Threat Causes Brief Panic, 6min.

  • Belize's Tsunami Scare, 6min.

  • What is the Future of Nursing in Belize?, 4.5min.

  • Belize Trip Video, 9min. We've gone away for Christmas before but this one was very special because Bryan's friend from high school, Amy, was able to join us. And it was an incredible trip! From San Ignacio to Placencia to Caye Caulker, we experienced a range of what the country has to offer.

  • The Great Blue Hole in Belize seen by airplane, 16min. Flying over the Great Blue Hole in Belize by airplane. The flight lasts 1 hour approximately, taking most of the time to go there and back and 10 minutes flying in circles around the Blue Hole. Views are impressive the whole time, since you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Mesoamerican Coral Reef with so many tons of blue and green colours, while getting to know this natural wonder of the Caribbean. In the flight back, you can also see a wreck ship in the banks of the reef.

  • BSI ASR WEEKLY CROP REVIEW 2018 - WEEK 4, 3.5min.

  • Belize 2017, 4min. Seattle Pacific University study abroad with IZE to study coral reef ecology on South Water Caye

  • Belize City & Xunantunich Slideshow, 4min. Team MoJo visits Belize City and take a bus across the country to see the ancient Mayan empire of Xunantunich, some beautiful shots are captured by Joe Byron in this captivation slideshow.

  • Xmas - Belize/Guatemala 2017, 11min.

  • Belize, 12min.

  • northern highway belize city, min. 7

  • Plong�e avec des requins � Caye Caulker au Belize, 2min. Retrouvez mon exp�rience de voilier et de plong�e en apn�e avec des requins � Caye Caulker au Belize.

  • DJI Mavic Flight Around Beautiful Belize City 4k, 22min. If there is one thing I love doing, it is flying my DJI Mavic Pro around tropical places and Belize was a great one to fly in. It is a beautiful city full of great people and I would love to get back over there again one day.

  • Rise and shine Guest Lindsay Belisle International Surveyor on belize Borders, 2hr37min. Guests of Belize business Bureau discuss their manifesto for 2015 general Electionsin belize.

  • Diving In Belize 2018, 4.5min. Belize diving on Ambergris Caye.

  • Belize Audubon & BTL, 1.5min. Promotional video done for Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) explaining how Belize Audubon Society utilizes the use of internet in our everyday conservation work.

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