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Today's Belize News: January 13, 2018 #528282
01/13/18 06:45 AM
01/13/18 06:45 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Traffic Department installs speed bumps north of San Pedro Town
Residents north of San Pedro Town welcomed the initiative by The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and the San Pedro Traffic Department (SPTD) in establishing a speed-control zone with speed bumps on the northern paved road. The rubber speed bumps are expected to slow down traffic and minimize potential accidents on that side of the island. Mayor Daniel Guerrero stated that the SPTC saw the need to place the speed bumps on the road, which appears to have become a speedway for many drivers at night. “Traffic Wardens don’t really work at night, so there is no one to monitor the speeding on that side of the island,” said Guerrero. “We hope this alleviates the problem for now,” Guerrero added that the SPTC is looking to hiring about six additional wardens so that there is enough personnel for a night shift.

For the second year in a row, overnight tourism arrivals have registered a record breaking increase with the December figure for 2017 approaching 50,000 overnight visitors in one month for the first time in history. Overnight arrivals to Belize surpassed 427,000 visitors in 2017, vastly surpassing the 400,000 annual visitor threshold. This figure represented an 10.8% increase over the annual total of 2016. The total cruise ship passenger arrivals experienced an overall growth of 0.9% in 2017. This translated to over 1,000,000 cruise visitors arriving in Belize for the second year in a row. The following is a breakdown of the most recent statistics.

Belize Barrier Reef report card shows ‘fair’ improvement
A most anticipated report card for the Meso-American Barrier Reef, with most of its extension along the coast of Belize, was officially presented on Wednesday, January 10th. The scorecard gave the Belize Barrier Reef a fair grade, showing a modest improvement and bringing its health index to 2.8, up from 2016’s 2.5. According to entities like Healthy Reefs for Healthy People, who work on the annual report, this puts Belize in the regional average in their efforts to preserve the reef and remove it from the UNESCO’s World Heritage ‘in danger’ list. However, despite the good news, there is a lot of work to be done in order to salvage one of the country’s most sensitive assets.

SPTC prepares to address garbage issue on the island
The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) is embarking on an initiative to tackle the garbage issue plaguing the island. The plan according to Mayor Daniel Guerrero is to target the areas where the eyesore is overwhelming, educate the islanders about the impacts of littering and assist with massive scheduled cleanings. The SPTC also plans to deter the acts of illegal dumping by enforcement via sanitation officers, who will monitor and penalize anyone that does not abide by the proposed cleaning initiative. Mayor Guerrero told The Sun that he is in agreement that the island has a huge problem with garbage. He states that after studying the situation, the plan of action is to first educate people about the garbage problem on the island. “The situation cannot continue,” he said. “The plan is to visit house-to-house and share with the residents the plan we have to deter the garbage issue and how they can be part of the plan.” It is believed that the use of the media, radio talk shows and hosting meetings with residents is another alternative planned to reach out to the people.

Ambergris Today

Tacogirl Introduces Battery Recycling Program In San Pedro
If not properly disposed of, batteries end up in landfill and contaminate the environment. They are made from a number of different materials that include acid, lead, nickel, lithium, cadmium, alkaline, mercury and nickel metal hydride. When batteries are not properly disposed of the casing can disintegrate and the toxic chemicals within can leach into the surrounding environment. The leaking material can contaminate the soil and water and some of the elements can accumulate in wildlife and humans. With this in mind, island resident Laurie Norton, better known as Tacogirl, saw a need for battery recycling and ordered five quart clear, thick polycarbonate body C-Thru 5Q Battery Recycling Bin – battery recycling containers. She got the support of local hardware stores and has placed the recycling containers at Harmouch Center, Castillo’s Hardware and SP Hardware.

Roberto ‘Chief’ Sabido Awarded Person Of The Year 2017
There couldn’t be a nickname more fitting than “Chief” for Roberto Sabido. He is a natural born leader, a dedicated family man, mentor, inspirational motivator and all around super man. After learning more of all the great stuff that he does in the community of Ambergris Caye, there was no doubt in our mind that he was 2017’s Person of the Year. Originally from Orange Walk, Belize, Roberto Sabido moved to Ambergris Caye 40 years ago where he has been making a living for most of his life, he’s built his own house, married and is raising two boys. He has always been a hard-working man, respectable, dependable, caring and always carrying a big smile on his face. In 2013 he joined the Hellfighters Ministry after meeting with Richard and Gina Hendrick, owners of Ramon’s Village, who have become great friends and mentors to him. Robert quickly became president of the group, taking leadership in all the activities of the ministry that operates in San Pedro but whose work incorporates the mainland of Belize.

Misc Belizean Sources


SBDC Workshop: Introduction to Accounting and Bookkeeping
Presented by: Mr. Jorge Gentle. Date of Workshop: January 18th, 2018. Time: 9am - 3pm. Location: BTEC Training Room, ITVET Campus, Freetown Road, Belize City. The aim of the workshop is to provide tools that enhance participants' knowledge on basic accounting. Through this workshop participants better understand how to use their numeracy skills in and prior book keeping information, how to improve their businesses by using simple business management techniques and how to develop financial statements. Cost: $60.00, includes snacks and refreshments.

Protecting crocodiles
Given the outrage over the jaguar killed and beheaded a couple of days ago, we feel it's time to make public the difficulty we face as an organization protecting crocodiles and shed light on some of the horrific things we see done to these animals that we don't always share with the general public. This picture was sent to me just before Christmas which was then reported to the authorities. Sadly what is depicted here is no surprise to me, as we see things like this often throughout the year. God only knows how many go unreported that we don't know about, slowly chipping away at the dwindling remaining population. According to CITES (convention for the international trade of endangered species), both the American crocodile and the Jaguar are listed as appendix I here in country, meaning they are both threatened by extinction in Belize. The American croc is found in fewer countries than the jaguar with fewer numbers. But that's neither here nor there... They are BOTH protected species. They are BOTH deserving of that protection because they are BOTH in danger of extinction in Belize. But where is the outrage for the crocs?

he Supplies Control Unit (SCU) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce is hereby informing the general public that effective Saturday, January 13th, 2018 there will be a new controlled price for the sale of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). The general public is advised that the prices established for imported LPG are based on the mixtures of 70:30 (Propane: Butane) only as per requirement of the Belize National Standard Specification for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) BZS 21:2012.

Chief Justice of Belize delivers lecture on the Role of the Judiciary in Good Governance to Maya Leaders
Friday, January 12th, 2018, Punta Gorda Town, Toledo. Alcaldes and Maya women from the Maya villages of Toledo participated in a lecture delivered by the Honourable Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. The lecture titled “the role of the judiciary in good governance” was attended by over a hundred persons. This lecture is the culmination of a series of training sessions that Julian Cho Society has been implementing with the Toledo Alcaldes Association. In his opening remarks, the President of the Toledo Alcaldes Association stated, “as Alcaldes, our people always talk about us as the ears, eyes and mouth of the communities. This means that we must always put our people and communities first.” Karolina Guay, the Canada Fund Manager, of the Canadian High Commission based in Guatemala in her remarks congratulated the Alcaldes for their good work and reiterated the commitment of her government to support the promotion of good governance. She recognized the Maya women present at the lecture and emphasized the importance of for women presence in local governance.

Nurses & Midwives Conference
Today, our Fulbright Scholar Carla Fry attended Nurses & Midwives Conference and networked with Belizean health professionals. She met “many very dedicated nurses around the country” and learned about the challenges and opportunities they face. Perfect timing to have such an event during Carla’s first week in Belize!

Channel 7

The Ahmad Family Disputes Police Surveillance Video
Last night, we showed you the meeting between the Ministry of Home Affairs, the police senior command, the Ahmad family, and representatives of the local Muslim Community. The two sides were attempting to defuse tensions between the state and the citizens aggrieved by the murder of Fareed Ahmad. When it was done, it appeared that the chasm of ill will and misunderstanding between both sides had been bridged somewhat, even if not completely. But there are fundamental sticking points, and here's one of them. Tonight, the Ahmad Family is rejecting the suggestion that the police have surveillance video which shows that Fareed picked up Police Constable Michelle Brown hours before he was killed. For context, we re-visit a portion of our interview with Home Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington who spoke on this video. Here's how he put it:

Pregnant Guatemalan National Allegedly Caught With Fraudulent Birth Paper
Reliable reports reaching 7News tonight is that a 26 year-old Guatemalan woman is in police detention at the San Ignacio Police Sub-station. That's after she was allegedly busted with what is believed to be a fraudulent Belizean birth certificate. Our information is that the lady, who's name we cannot reveal because she hasn't been criminally charged, went to the Santa Elena Social Security Branch today. She was trying to apply for a Belizean Social Security Card, but when she presented the birth certificate, as part of the process, it was flagged. The on-duty Social Security Board employee inspected it, and determined that it was not authentic. The police were called in, and she was detained. a check with the Vital Statistics Office says that this birth certificate was supposedly issued in error. They later found a Guatemalan passport in her possession.

Chief Justice Teaches Alcaldes To Be Adjudicators
Today in Punta Gorda Town, 100 Alcades and Maya Women from the Maya Villages in Toledo participated in a lecture called "the role of the judiciary in good governance". The lecture was delivered by the Honourable Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. The training is a culmination of a series of training sessions that the Julian Cho Society has been implementing with the Toledo Alcalde's association. In his lecture, the Chief Justice pointed out that the Alcaldes are a part of Belize's Judiciary, and that the Alcades play a crucial role in establishing a dialogue, peace, and tranquillity in the Maya community. Karolina Guay, the Canada Fund Manager of the Canadian Commission, which based in Guatemala, also attended. In her remarks, she congratulated the Alcaldes for their good work and also recognized the Maya women present at the lecture. She emphasized the importance of women's presence in local governance.

On Manatee Patrol
In mid-December we told you about the Sea to Shore Alliance vessel operators training. The focus was on employing safe boating practices to protect manatees. Well, another very important element in creating awareness is enforcement and Sea to Shore Alliance does that through their patrols. Today, the Alliance got a much needed donation that will have a significant impact on their work. Courtney Weatherburne has more: For Jamal Galvez and his team, gliding across the still waters of the Belize River Mouth has become part of their routine. But they are not out there for the wind and waves. They are on patrol -making sure manatees are safe. Courtney Weatherburne, reporter: "How often do you all go out on patrol?" Jamal Galvez, Program Coordinator, Sea to Shore Alliance: "We are going to try and do it especially on Criuse ship days so probably 3 to 4 days a week and the effort isn't only in Belize but also in Placencia, this boat will trail down to Placencia when needed there and high season as well to try and regulate the boat areas."

Is Belize As Dangerous As Central American Triangle?
Earlier this week, we told you about the murder rate in the Caribbean - where Belize is ranked third highest for 2017, behind Jamaica and St. Kitts-Nevis. But how do we compare in Central America, which is constantly the most murderous geographical zone in the world? It's called the Central American triangle, where the murder numbers are driven by violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. But, those nations have been trending down in the past three years, while Belize has been trending up. First off, in El Salvador - which was the most homicidal country in Central America last year - the murder total was down 25 percent to just under four thousand, working out to a murder rate of 63 per hundred thousand residents - which is still one of the highest rates in the world.

The Mayor Wants A People Friendly Commercial Center
Last night, your hear Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley saying that after 31 months of delay, the renovation of the downtown Commercial Center has started. He has promised that it will be completed in 10 months - refurbishing a structure that is almost at the point of being condemned. Bradley told us yesterday that there are designs plans, which he hopes will make residents feel more connected to the building, since it will become City Hall, among other things. Here's how he explained it: Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City Council: "I think that we had revealed to the media in relation to the renderings, how the building is supposed to look. We were talking about locating a quite nice restaurant on the back area. We're gonna do a deck so that residents - the lower flat is going to be like an open public area with stores, and this hall that we're talking about, and it's going to be like a park."

The Belize Mayor Assesses His 6-Year Term In Office
And while the Commercial Center is mayor Bradley's swan song before he leaves office, what does he think of the job he did? Love him or hate him, Mayor Bradley's style of leadership has influenced all the other 8 municipalities. He has demonstrated that projects, such as the Municipal Bond, are possible for local governments, whose revenue streams aren't on the same level of Central Government. Plus, his campaign to cement as many streets as possible for the city, is a defining element of his terms in office. Under his watch, the City Council managed to cement 160 of them. Then, there are other initiatives such as working with the other 8 mayors to give security of tenure to the public officers who work for the municipalities. He also worked to unionize Belize City Council staff. He even gave 3 raises to the employees of City Hall, when previously, they hadn't gotten any in 10 years.

Stabbed A Man With A Screw Driver?
Tonight, 19 year-old Delroy Staine, a laborer of Lord's Bank Village, is at the Belize Central Prison, after he was charged for allegedly stabbing another man with a screw driver. The complainant, Javan Young, told police that at around 7 p.m. on last week Tuesday, January 2, he was in the "Hollywood" area of Lords Bank Village. That's where he got into an argument with Staine. Young said that the disagreement escalated when Staine pulled a screw driver and stabbed him in the chest and abdomen with it. Police investigated the report, and they picked up a week later. He was eventually arrested and charged with attempted murder, grievous harm, and use of deadly means of harm, and he was arraigned today before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford.

Accused Gunmen Tried To Get Bail
On Tuesday, we told you about the arrest and arraignment of 24 year-old Reese Fitzgibbon, and 20 year-old Jason Anderson. Police say that they were gunmen who shot 54 year-old Steve Findley, and 30 year-old Tyron "Beans" Barcelona. Well today, their attorney, Oscar Selgado, tried to get them Supreme Court bail. He presented his grounds for the application today, and after the court heard from the Senior Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith, Justice Moore made a ruling. Since there were no objections on Anderson's case, Justice Antoinette Moore granted him bail of $10,000. It came with the conditions that Anderson must report to the police station once a week; he must attend all adjournments of his case; and he must not interfere with the prosecution's witnesses.

Police Found Buckets Of Weed
Police are reporting that they found 2 buckets of marijuana and a bag of bullets. The first search happened yesterday in Roaring Creek Village at around 10:45 am. That's when police conducted a search in an abandoned lot in the Capital Hill area in Roaring Creek Village. There, they found two small white buckets and two plastic bags containing a total of 1.988 kilos - or 4.38 pounds of marijuana. No one was present at the time of the discovery so the drugs were deposited as found property. The other searched happened yesterday at around 2 p.m. on Belize City. The cops say that they visited an area of the Jane Usher boulevard area, and they searched an abandoned lot. They ended up finding a transparent plastic bag, which contained 10 live rounds of 9 millimeter ammunition. Again, nobody was in the area, and so they ammo was deposited as found property.

Activist Tries To Pressure Police On Missing Man's Case
2 weeks ago, we told you how police have been doing all they can to assist the family of Mark Pollard. He's the 49 year-old Belize City resident who went missing back in July when he was on a morning run. Since then, his relatives have been searching all over for him, and last month, they convinced the police to break open a family grave in the Lord Ridge Cemetery to confirm that his remains were not in there. The case has all but stalled at this point, but civilian activist Jose Luis Espat, who's recently been taking on the role of private investigator, has come forward with what he thinks is a lead that police should pursue.

LPG Prices Will Go Up
Earlier this month the price of Premium, Diesel, and Kerosene went up. Well, the controlled price for a 100 pound cylinder of LPG will also go up across the country. As seen on this chart, in Belize City, it will go up by $7, from $97 to $104. In Belmopan, the existing control price is $99 and now it will be $106. And you are also going to pay $106 in San Ignacio. In Benque, the price will increase by $7 - from $100 to $107. In Orange Walk you will be paying $105 as compared to $98. In Corozal it will be $104 as opposed to the existing price of $97.

Bringing The Love Of Baseball
Baseball is a sport that is watched by many Belizeans. In fact the world series is something that is always highly anticipated, but the sport is played by few here. Well, it seems like that may change very soon. This weekend baseball camps will be held by professionals from the United States. They dropped by our studio today to tell us more about it: Aaron Gayle, Cincinnati Spikes Baseball Team Coach: "So basically we have realized there is an interest in Baseball here in Belize so we want to introduce baseball back into Belize so this weekend we are hosting some clinics to get some people reintroduced back into it and reignite the passion for the game again." Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "So it is lessons for Belizeans on how to play baseball?"

A Clean-Up Campaign On Belize City Northside
The Belize City Council is planning a major cleanup this weekend on select streets on the northside. It's an ongoing campaign to get rid of junk in a city which can sometimes seems to be choking on the filth and discarded refuse seen in abandoned lots. Councillor Jason Edwards told us what's involved - and what he wants residents of Kelly Street, Wilson Street, Hunters Lance, Baymen Avenue, Matron Robert Street, Calle Al Mar, and Simon Lamb Street to bring out. Jason Edwards, City Councillor: "The clean-up campaign started approximately two years ago. What prompted us, the Belize City Council and the Ministry of Health, to do this was because we had cases of Dengue popping up throughout Belize City. With that said and done, I brought it to my fellow colleagues and the Mayor. We came up with a plan to do a continuous campaign throughout the City.

Why Jaguars Matter
Tonight, there is a ten thousand dollar reward being offered for any information that can lead to the arrest of poachers responsible for the carcasses of two juvenile jaguars found floating in the Belize district river and drainage systems. One of them was decapitated, the other died of causes unknown. Considering the endangered status of this animal, its role to the ecosystem, and the sheer majesty of these apex predators - it really is an awful, ugly tragedy. In 2008, we found out much more about the movements and hunting patterns of this celebrated cat when we went with Dr. Omar Figueroa into the Belize Central Corridor on a tracking and trapping mission. Here's our story from 9 and a half years ago:

Channel 5

Ahmads Say Surveillance Footage Not Clear as to Whether Accused was in Fareed Ahmad’s Vehicle
On Thursday afternoon, the Ahmad family, as well as members of the wider Muslim community in Belize, had an extensive sit-down with Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Elrington.  He was [...]

Disappearance of Mark Pollard Linked to Possible Family Feud
Forty-nine-year-old Mark Pollard, a resident of Peter Seco Street, was reported missing in early July 2017.  He has not been seen or heard from since he set out on a [...]

Family Gives Blessing to Independent Investigation; Police Getting Assistance
According to Espat, he has the blessing of Pollard’s family to proceed with an independent investigation into the disappearance of their loved one.  Whatever he is able to unearth from [...]

Why Are Guats Still Following B.D.F. Up Sarstoon?
Following last week’s encounter between a team of Belizean youth basketballers and members of the Guatemalan Armed Forces, in which the latter tried but failed to stop them circling Sarstoon [...]

London Lawyers Say There’s Still Time for Maritime Areas Amendment
The Government of Belize is still in no apparent hurry to amend the 1992 Maritime Areas Act as called for by the Opposition, which introduced it when they were in [...]

Mayoral Candidate in Corozal, Rigo Vellos, Hits Back at ‘Defamatory’ Statements
Five-time Mister Belize Rigoberto “Rigo” Vellos is finding out that politics is not like bodybuilding – it’s a dirty game. The People’s United Party candidate for mayor of Corozal Town [...]

National Assembly Takes Double Dip Next Friday over U.H.S.
Next Friday, January nineteenth will see history made when both the House of Representatives and Senate meet on the same day for the first time. The purpose is for both [...]

7 Years Later, Stephen Buckley Still Waiting for Justice
It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Stephen Buckley, the George Street resident who turned his misfortune into a six-figure windfall from the Government of Belize. He was shot [...]

Youth Charged in Ladyville Stabbing
Nineteen-year-old Ladyville resident Delroy Staine Junior is accused of stabbing twenty-three-year-old Javan Young of Ladyville on January second. Today, he appeared before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford, charged with attempted murder, [...]

Brandon Tillett Re-Charged in Partner Altercation; Out on Bail
The notorious “B-E-T” – thirty-one year old Brandon Tillett – today made bail of ten thousand dollars granted in the Supreme Court, but on a different charge. On January third, [...]

One of Two Charged in Saturday Shooting Make Bail
One of two men accused in the shooting of Tyrone Barcelona and Steve Finley last Saturday is out on bail, but the other remains on remand at the Central Prison. [...]

Environmentalists Hit the Waters to Monitor Manatees
In 2017 alone, up to forty manatees were reported killed as a result of collisions with boats. And only twelve days into the New Year, three manatees have already been [...]

Oil Moratorium Officially in Effect
It is now illegal to explore for or exploit potential petroleum deposits in the maritime zone of Belize. Following the passage of the Petroleum Operations (Maritime Zone Moratorium) Act, 2017 [...]

Butane Gas Takes Hike
If you plan to fill your one-hundred pound gas tank tomorrow in Belize City then plan to fork out seven dollars more than what you have been paying. It will [...]

Estevan Bol Swims with the Fish
Twenty-six-year-old Estevan Bol has turned his hobby into his full-time job. He had always been fascinated by fish, owned small fish aquariums and subsequently taught himself all there is to [...]

A Final Word on Tuesday’s Tsunami Threat
Under extremely short notice on Tuesday night, the City Emergency Management Organization, CEMO, opened shelters to residents looking to secure themselves and their families against the approaching tsunami threat.  This [...]


Butane prices take a giant leap
An increase in the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or butane comes on the heels of an increase in fuel at the pump, which we reported last Friday. The new controlled price for the sale of LPG will take effect on Saturday, January 13. A one hundred pound cylinder will now cost one hundred …

Members of the Muslim Community Still Unsafe?
On Thursday, the Muslim Community leaders met with the Belize Police Department’s high command, including the Minister of Home Affairs, Wilfred Elrington; CEO of National Security, George Lovell; Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie; ACP Joseph Myvett; and ACP Chester Williams. While some of the Muslim community’s concerns were quelled and the Ahmad family received some …

Police Officers Lack Appropriate Training
The Minister of Home Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, says the matter of public safety goes beyond just the Muslim Community. He expressed concern over the Police Department’s personnel not having the adequate training to properly serve the public. Here is how he explained it. Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Home Affairs “Because of my concern …

Ahmad Family Can Receive Police Protection
The Ahmad family had publicly stated that they were receiving threats, although they would not give many details. According to Minister Wilfred Elrington, that matter was not discussed in Thursday’s meeting with the leaders of the Muslim Community. Following the meeting Elrington said the police are also looking at the allegations. Wilfred Elrington – Minister …

Residents of Fabers Road say progress brings problems
After nineteen years, Fabers Road is being rehabilitated which is welcoming news to the residents. Before the works commenced, there was controversy as some questioned the price tag of just under eight million dollars. The contract was signed on October 12, 2017, between the Government and Imer Hernandez Development Company. Today we visited the area …

Jose Espat Says a Recording Sheds New Light into Mark Pollard’s Disappearance
Today, Jose Espat, an activist who has taken up the lead in the searches for several missing persons told the media that he has a strong lead that can shed light into the disappearance of Mark Pollard. The public may recall that 49-year-old Mark Pollard went missing in early July of last year when he …

BWS joins in the work on Fabers Road
As we mentioned, works on Fabers Road is being done by Imer Hernandez Development Company. As a result of the ongoing construction, Belize Water Services is also working on relocating their pipes. Ashley Hemsley – BWS, Junior Foreman “Basically what’s happening is that we have pipes that are in the way and we are accommodating …

Can an earthquake be in Belize’s future?
Earlier this week, Belize experienced tremors from an earthquake which occurred 27 miles off the coast of Honduras, east of Great Swan Island. Over the years, earthquakes have struck neighbouring countries; however, Belize has been spared. For example, Mexico had two devastating earthquakes in September 2017. Love News spoke with the Chief Meteorologist, Catherine Cumberbatch …

Monique Vernon needs your help for Merit360
Monique Vernon is asking for your help to travel to the Philippines this year. Vernon, who is a native of Placencia Village, has been accepted to participate in the World Merit 360, the biggest and loudest call to action concerning the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But for Vernon to participate she has …

Police find drugs in Roaring Creek and ammo in Belize City
Police in Belmopan managed to remove ten 9mm live rounds of ammunition off the streets today. This afternoon, an anti-firearm operation led police to the Jane Usher Boulevard Area where they searched an abandoned lot and found the ammunition. In Belmopan, police there were on a drug finding mission. They searched an abandoned lot in …

Mayor Bradley’s accomplishments and failures
We are fifty-four days away from the March 7 municipal elections. As both major political parties are campaigning, Belize City Darrell Bradley is preparing to vacate his post. On March 4, 2015, Bradley was elected to a second consecutive term as Belize City’s mayor. Bradley recounted the success of the council under his leadership. DARRELL …

Rigo Vellos threatens lawsuit
The PUP’s Corozal Mayoral Candidate, Rigo Vellos is fighting off allegations published in the recent edition of the UDP’s Guardian newspaper. The paper published a letter of dismissal dated September 19, 2008, from the Social Security Board, where Vellos was employed at the time. In the letter, Vellos is accused of misappropriation of funds and …

Sugarcane crop season performing well, so far
The 2018 sugar cane crop season continues on track. In its fourth week, forty-eight thousand, four hundred and forty-six tons of cane was ground, this produced five thousand and thirty-six tons of sugar. The tons cane per ton sugar or TC/TS ratio stands at ten points zero eight. A gradual increase of cane Pol percentage …


Andrew Bennett to be extradited
Belizean Attorney Andrew Bennett is one step closer to being extradited. Yesterday, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington signed off on the extradition file sent by the US State Department. Bennett is to face charges for allegedly laundering 250 thousand US dollars even though he was ...

Police speak on Roy “Bullet” Craig’s case
Roy “Bullet” Craig has been the talk of morning shows and the subject of many “Memes” since last week Thursday when he was busted in a hotel room with a minor. Craig is a well known Taxi driver who regularly calls into Wave radio to voice his support of the UDP. However, on Thursday of last week, t...

16 year old charged for death of Shakira Villanueva
Police have formally arrested and charged a 16 year old minor in the death of Shakira Villanueva. Villanueva was knocked down in the village of Guinea Grass in the Orange Walk district on Wednesday, January 3rd. She died 5 days later. Today, Police say that the 16 year old boy was charged for the C...

Police and Minister meet with Ahmad family and Muslim Community
Today, the Ahmad family called another press briefing following the murder of 38 year old Fareed Ahmad, allegedly at the hands of Woman Police Constable 24-year-old Michelle Brown. This is the third press briefing the family has called as they have been complaining of harassment by police officers o...

Baby Jaguar found headless; $10,000.00 for information
Belizeans are in an uproar after a baby jaguar was found headless in the Belize Manatee River near Manatee Lookout. When found by the Wildlife Conservation Community, the jaguar was seen with several gunshot wounds to its body. The jaguar measured 24 inches from shoulder to rump with a girth of 23 i...

Police updates on 2018 murder investigations
There have been two recorded murders for 2018 so far. Leon Garcia was stabbed on January 1st and Jermaine Vellos was shot on January 2nd. According to police reports issued to the media so far for this year, there were also 6 other persons on whose lives there were also attempts. Today, police gav...

Krismar Espinosa not guilty of murder of prison inmate
Yesterday, 28 year old Krismar Espinosa was found not guilty of both murder and manslaughter in the death of fellow Central Prison Inmate, Keon Swasey. The incident happened on Christmas Eve back in 2009, when Swasey was stabbed twice to the chest with a homemade knife. Justice Adolph Lucas and a 1...

Caye Caulker resident charged with Drug Trafficking
19-year-old Sandy Anthony Santoya of Caye Caulker has been arrested for the crime of Drug Trafficking. Yesterday, on the 10th of January, police conducted a search at Santoya’s residence. While they were searching, they came across several, small Ziploc bags which contained cocaine amounting to 1.47...

Minor arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking
A minor of Hills of Promise Village has been arrested and charged for the offence of Drug Trafficking as well. Yesterday, on the 10th of January, police conducted a checkpoint between miles 71 and 72 on the George Price Highway where they intercepted a bus. While they were checking the bus, they dis...

Petroleum Maritime Operations Moratorium in effect
GOB issued a press release today informing that the Petroleum Operations (Maritime Zone Moratorium) Act, 2017 has been enacted effective December 29th, 2017. The Petroleum Operations Act imposes an indefinite moratorium on the exploration for and exploitation of petroleum and other petroleum operati...

UB Students upset with graduation changes
Students of the University of Belize are expressing concern over the changes in graduation dates. From since UB was established, there were always two graduations per year, one in February, and the other in June. But now, that seems to have changed, and only one graduation will be held country wide ...

Accident leaves oil spill on Hummingbird Highway
Earlier this morning, an accident took place near mile 19 on the Hummingbird Highway. This accident caused the road to be temporarily shut down due to large amounts of oil on the highway. When Plustv reached on the scene however, the oil had already been covered up with sand to prevent any further a...

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Tsunami panic!
An earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale occurred under the Caribbean Sea on Tuesday night, the United States Geological Survey reported, and for the first time in history, Belize was placed on an official tsunami alert, following tremors of the earthquake, which were widely felt. The quake was reportedly centered 125 miles northeast of Barra Patuca, in Honduras and 191 miles southwest of the Cayman islands. The powerfule quake prompted tsunami warnings in a number of places, including Belize, which received warnings from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. Chief Meteorological Officer Catherine Cumberbatch said they received the tsunami warning about 6 minutes after the earthquake struck. The information was then transmitted to the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), which issused the alert to the country.

Kerosene in short supply
Kerosene, like Vicks, is an essential component of the Belizean universe. In the past, kerosene was widely used to light kerosene lamps, keep kerosene stoves burning, and fuel kerosene refrigerators. Kerosene still finds wide use in Belize. It is used at social gatherings, to light barbecues; in the fields, to start the burning of wood piles; and in some rural areas where kerosene stoves are still very much the stove of choice. Amandala today learnt that kerosene’s use has expanded to buses, and other heavy equipment. Diesel is the prime fuel of heavy industry and the cost at this time is pretty steep, but given the constant hike in fuel costs, it appears that heavy equipment operators are mixing kerosene with diesel to cut operational costs. Diesel stands at a whopping $10.01 per gallon, while kerosene is a little over half that price, with consumers paying $5.89 per gallon. The increased demand for kerosene has resulted in a shortage since Tuesday at 3 p.m., however, and so consumers are forced to satisfy all their fuel needs with diesel.

Fareed Ahmad’s family meets with police brass and the media
Shortly after midnight on December 28, Fareed Ahmad, 39, was shot dead inside his BMW SUV less than a mile away from his home in Hattieville. An off-duty woman police officer, still in her uniform and identified as Michelle Brown, 24, was found inside his vehicle with her police-issued firearm. She was later charged with his murder and remanded to prison. Since then there has been much speculation surrounding the killing of the popular barber. Many suspect that his execution was state-sanctioned because just 12 hours before his death, he had filed an internal complaint against the Special Assignment Team (SAT), which is, coincidentally, the unit to which Brown belonged.

George Bull, 29, handed himself in to police
Accused murderer and fugitive on the run, George Bull, 29, had his day in court today after handing himself in to police last Thursday. He appeared without representation in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Patricia Arana, to answer to the charges of murder and escape from lawful custody. No plea was taken, and so Bull was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until February 14, 2018. On the night of December 15, 2017, Jaime Pelayo, Jr., 35, was socializing with two women in front of a nightclub on the Belize Corozal Road in Orange Walk Town when, police say, Bull, a resident of Carmelita, opened fire at him, killing him on the spot and injuring a woman.

“Murdered” jaguar alarms conservationists
n a press release issued today, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration expressed regret and alarm over the killing of a young male jaguar that was found floating in the Belize River. This is the second such incident in recent weeks, in which a dead jaguar was found floating in waterways in or near Belize City. On Wednesday, the young jaguar was shot, decapitated, and then dumped into the Belize River. Apparently, the jaguar killers were after the animal’s teeth, particularly its huge canines. The Ministry says that in a recent enforcement operation in Placencia, authorities confiscated jewelry made from jaguar teeth. Oceana Vice President in Belize, Janelle Chanona, posted to social media, “It is unbelievable that someone would behead a majestic creature like a jaguar.”

Leon O’Brien, in a class by himself, wins BAA New Year’s Day 10K Road Race
We have received no notification in advance or official report on the results of this New Year’s Day race, reportedly held by the Belize Athletic Association (BAA); but reporter William Ysaguirre was in the know, and forwarded his report to us with pictures showing BAA President Deon Sutherland congratulating winners of the different races held. According to William’s stats, the Open Male 10K race was won in convincing fashion by Leon O’Brien, who did the 10K in 32:18:12; 2nd was Marvin Hope (40:23:22); 3rd Leon Muslar (40:44:72); 4th Juan Santos (42:35:47); and 5th Leon Guild (46:08:12).

Belmopan 1st Division weekend football highlights; down to final group-stage games
The Belmopan Football Association (BFA) Amateur First Division Opening Tournament continued over the weekend with six games being played over the course of three days at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. FRIDAY – In the early game on Friday night, January 5, fans witnessed young and talented Valencia YWAM Boyz going up against the still undefeated Coast Guard FC. This game was the eighth and final group-stage game for both teams, and with Valencia YWAM already eliminated from the playoffs with only one win, Coast Guard came into this one very confident that they would pick up another big W; but the youthful YWAM Boyz had other plans, and collectively clearly out-possessed the senior Coast Guard team, who narrowly escaped with a 2-2 draw. With superior ball control and possession, Valencia YWAM Boyz was the dominant team on this night; but failure to capitalize on clear opportunities saw them take only one point from their final game of the season.

Boxie Perrera Basketball Marathon this Sunday in O.W.
The Sixth Annual Boxie Perrera Basketball Marathon tips off on Sunday, January 14, at the Orange Walk Multipurpose Complex. The tournament is for Junior teams, (19 and Under) and Seniors (20 and above). This tournament has been won three times by San Pedro Tiger Sharks. Trophies and cash prizes will be distributed after the Marathon. For further information, contact Ladrick “Mad Bull” Shephard at 671-8902. The tournament is being held in memory of the late Rodolfo “Boxie” Perrera, who was a great person in the Orange Walk Town community. He sponsored many sporting events in the town, including basketball, which he played.

‘70s-‘80s ‘baller, Edward “Peel Bat” Martin passes
We received the sad news yesterday of the recent passing of a prominent Belize City footballer from the 1970s-80s, Edward “Peel Bat” Martin, who was a flank defender on Belize City 1975-76 champion team Berger 404, and later 1981-82 national champion, Belikin, under legendary player/coach Cristobal Mayen. Peel Bat was a cool brother, who played a tough defense, but was never one to get involved in quarrels or conflicts on or off the field, from what we observed over a number of years watching him perform and playing against him on the MCC. In recent years, I often saw him on North Front Street, across from Rhaburn’s Alley, where he hung out with friends playing cards or dominoes; and we never passed each other without hailing. Those friends say they will be having a wake there on Friday, and the funeral should be on Saturday at Bethany Baptist Church on Cemetery Road near Gwen Liz High School.

Editorial: Belize’s Ides of March
It is a common pastime of older generations to criticize the behavior of young people. Older generations, however, often do not properly appreciate the changes of circumstances which affect the behavior of young people. Today we would like to consider a phenomenon which took place in Belize between 1969 and 1972, and then consider the changes of circumstances which have taken place since then. In the late 1960s and early 1970s there was an unprecedented level of youth and student activism in this society, but we have not seen such youth and student activism repeated here on a consistent basis since that time. Youth and student activism became spectacular, ad hoc style, during the Heads of Agreement uprising in late March and early April of 1981. That activism was not sustained. Since then, nothing. The youth and student activism of the late 1960s/early 1970s was led by young university graduates and students who had, to a certain extent, an African, Mayan, and Palestinian agenda. There was also, to a greater or lesser extent, a socialist agenda. Of the two most prominent organizations formed during those years of activism, the United Black Association (UBAD) survived much longer than did the People’s Action Committee (PAC), but the PAC leaders actually continued their activism when they began working inside the ruling People’s United Party (PUP) in 1970 or thereafter.

From The Publisher
During the years between 1970 and 1974, and then again between 1981 and 1984, I had experienced what it was to be in conflict with a Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. George Price, in the Belizean system of governance, and these were rough times for me. Having supported Rt. Hon. Manuel Esquivel, then, in his run for United Democratic Party (UDP) leadership in late 1982, and in his run for the Prime Minister-ship throughout 1984, I believed that I was focused on avoiding any kind of contention with him for as long as I possibly could. It is no joke to find yourself in personal confrontations with a Prime Minister. Been there. It is one of the regrets of my public life that Dr./Mr. Esquivel and I were drawn into disagreements which gradually became a personal vendetta. A personal vendetta with a Prime Minister was the last thing I wanted, and I feel that a substantial part of the blame lies with those immediately around and closest to Mr. Esquivel. They encouraged him with foolishness. At the same time, it may be in the nature of the political system we have that the editor/publisher of such a newspaper as Amandala, will find it difficult to avoid clashing with the Prime Minister, whoever he is.

It was an afternoon like no other in Belize City. Not a cloud in the sky. I decided to take a stroll to the local Chinese shop that has the cheap “chow-mein”. It had been months since its succulent strands laced with soy sauce and watered-down ketchup blest my palate. Christmas was a few weeks back, and of course it was a sin to abandon the home and eat from Sue during such a holy time. It would only bring dishonor upon my family that had the “true-true Christmas” with the proverbial boom and chime and the sorrel wine. As I made that one small step for a man unto the boulevard that is nestled within the heart of the “Southside”, my cravings abruptly subsided. 8 rapid blasts of gunfire shattered the hush of the neighborhood and I was stopped dead in my tracks … figuratively. I checked for injuries as jolts of adrenaline to my limbs fooled me for a second that I was hit. “I’m okay”, I told myself. I looked left and right, glancing at the many faces that lined the boulevard. Some didn’t hear it due to their loud festive music, but soon realized that something went down due to the commotion of those who did.

Dodging the “BULLET’ is no joke
I am no longer shocked or amazed at the insensitivity of our population, especially the more educated and social-media savvy, when it comes to their callous and judgmental comments on current issues. Their most recent display of ignorance and outright shallow-mindedness about sexual abuse and sexual crimes was in relation to the attempted sexual assault of a sixteen-year-old boy by Roy “Bullet” Craig. I don’t want to repeat some of the debates I read or the finger-pointing, but will deal with it generally, as my purpose is not to call out individuals, but to sensitize those willing to keep an open mind and learn about an issue that has been taboo for too long.

Always, a traitor among us …
In 1993, Belize was still a quiet, easygoing place with the majority of its inhabitants being so innocent to the things which were taking place in different parts of the world. They were so accustomed to what was taught to them from the time of slavery and colonialization. The few who were able to get an education in the Western system came back puffed up like gods or descendants of those who believe that they are the chosen people of the God of Noah. Instead of helping their people they stepped on top of them and used them to benefit their own individualistic, selfish agendas. With the passing of time, these people would be considered the Royal Creoles of the British settlement, and they were given the privilege to represent their masters by oppressing their own people. With time, those who were born out of the church´s dogma became another class of people, who also oppressed those of a darker skin. Meanwhile, they separated themselves as superior beings from the rest of the community; they even hid their grandmother in the attic because of her blackness when the lighter-skinned master paid a visit to his sweetheart´s swampy cabin or whatever shelter they had, that they called home.

All due respect, Sir, but your words can’t “assure” us
A number of times, more than once, maybe five or six times, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Hon. Elodio Aragon, Jr., said, in response to a point made by a member of the Opposition about the horrendous murderous nation we have become, I assure you…Trust mi. Sir, can we trust you, can you assure this nation that none of your/our police officers will ever bring harm to a journalist in this country again? And Sir, we know that money cannot pay for what your officers did, but has your Ministry made some such tangible form of recompense to Ms. Marisol for what happened on the Tower Hill Bridge outskirts of Orange Walk Town? Sir, Minister Aragon, someone has to inform you that Belize is well past words at this time. If your lofty office has you insulated from the people, it would be good for you to get off your horse and walk through the alleys and streets with us. I believe you will find that your people, our beloved people, are living between squirming, and terror. We are seeing things in this, our beloved country, our good country, that we have never seen before.

Average Belizean household spends BZ$7.92 on food each day; average American household spends BZ$42

Jose Ardon, 52, charged with 11 additional counts of unlawful sexual intercourse
Jose Ardon, 52, a construction worker of Spanish Town, Ladyville, who was charged last year with two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, was charged with eleven more counts of the same offence when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. Ardon was released on the same bail he got from the Supreme Court when he was charged with the first two offences. The first of the eleven additional charges was brought against Ardon for an incident that occurred in August 2016 in Ladyville. At the time, the virtual complainant was 14 years and 2 months old.

For almost 8 years, Stephen Buckley has been waiting for justice
Stephen Buckley was shot by Police Inspector Dennis Lopez on April 28, 2010. Lopez was arrested, charged and arraigned on attempted murder. The case made its way through the Magistrate’s Court and in March 2011, Lopez was committed to stand trial at the Supreme Court. He was indicted in the June 2011 session of the court, but since he was indicted, the matter has been lying dormant. In August 2013, the government paid Buckley $50,000 as a partial settlement. Buckley has a civil suit pending, but apparently is awaiting the result of the criminal case against Lopez before he proceeds with his civil claim.

Christopher Vernon, 55, arraigned for traffic death of Kendall “Tait” Goff, 19
Over the weekend there were three road traffic accidents that claimed the lives of two persons. Amandala has confirmed, however, that there was yet another fatal road traffic accident today. According to official reports, the victim, Double Head Cabbage resident Kendall “Tait” Goff, 19, was struck and killed by a vehicle after he exited a McFadzean bus shortly after 5 a.m. today. Goff, who was on his way to work in Burrell Boom at the time, was flung to the left side of the highway, into a yard near the Castleton Racetrack on the Burrell Boom Road.

The Reporter

Minor and 19-year-old charged for drug trafficking
A 17-year-old minor from Hills of Promise in the Cayo District and a 19-year-old from Caye Caulker village have both been charged for ‘drug trafficking’ in seperate offences. On Wednesday around 6:30 a.m. police who were conducting vehicular checkpoint between miles 71 and 72 on the George […]

Twelve firefighters honored
A dozen firefighters from Belize’s National Fire Service graduated on Wednesday after successfully completing a six-week intensive training program. The official ceremony took place at the National Fire Service headquarters in Belize City and honored 12 firefighters who were trained in leadership skills and emergency response techniques […]

Human Rights Commission voices concern about remand numbers
The Human Rights Commission of Belize is concerned about the number of people who have been waiting on remand at the Belize Central Prison for over two years. At the opening of the legal year, held on Monday, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin explained that 68 percent of […]

San Pedro cops walk from charges
One victim, who was injured at the hands of two police officers in the April 2017 shooting melee in downtown San Pedro, is upset over the abrupt end of the case which allowed both unruly police officers to walk free of charges on Tuesday in […]

Nineteen-year-old truck driver knocked down and killed
Kendell Goff, 19, died in an early morning traffic while crossing the highway near the Castleton Racetrack in Burrell Boom village on Tuesday. Just after 5:30 a.m. on January 9th, residents in the area reported hearing a loud bang and upon rushing out to make checks, discovered […]

Police question authenticity of incriminating text messages in Ahmad murder case
The police investigation into the shooting murder of Muslim barber, Fareed Ahmad, 38, is now focusing on whether the seemingly incriminating text messages, purportedly sent from one member of the Special Assignment’s Team (SAT) to another, are in fact genuine or fake. Since several text […]

Extradition of Andrew Bennett underway says Attorney General
Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, told the media this week that his ministry is proceeding with the relevant steps to comply with the United States request to extradite attorney Andrew Bennett. Peyrefitte explained that the process has several phases, beginning with the Solicitor General’s submission of various documents […]

Habits that can harm or help our health
Some physical habits, such as cracking the knuckles and biting the fingernails are so routine and inconsequential that they seem more annoying than unhealthy; but there are some habits that can be serious and even deadly if they are abused. On the other hand, some […]

Hammock bridge being replaced by suspension bridge
The historic Hammock bridge, located at Branch Mouth between San Ignacio and Bullet Tree Falls in the Cayo district, is being replaced by a more durable bridge. The famous Hammock Bridge, which has been in use for a few decades, has faced flooding, wear and […]

Record number of manatees killed by boating accidents in 2017
The year 2017 proved deadly for manatees. Forty of the endangered animals met violent deaths after boats crashed into them when the creatures surfaced for air. The numbers put a damper on the effort that Sea to Shore has been leading to promote the importance […]

Belize just ended its 2nd most murderous year in history
In late December 2017, I wrote an article published in the Reporter newspaper in which it was estimated that the murder count was at 141, based on a compilation of police and media reports. Whereas the media is reporting a total of 144-145 murders for […]

PM hopes US will not cut aid
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is hoping that the United States will not cut aid to Belize following the country’s position adopted at the United Nations against the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city. Barrow noted that US aid to Belize is primarily related to security, […]

US $40 Million loan approved for Caracol Road
Belize has gotten a loan approval for the resurfacing of the Caracol road. The announcement came in the Prime Minister’s New Year’s address, when he said that he had just received a letter from the Director-General of OFID, which is the Organization for Petroleum Exporting […]

Business-Climate Reforms Must Be Large Enough to Influence Growth Part II
“Let’s start small. One measure that could go a long way is to reduce the number of days and procedures required to start a new business. Since Belize was first included in the Doing Business Report ten years ago to present, those two factors have remained virtually unchanged. Maybe that […]

The late Ronald F. Greenwood, City Planner and author of the books Hurricane Resistant Construction, Town and Country Housing and Belize City Planning always believed that Belize could be hit by a tsunami, even though there are no nearby volcanoes. He theorized that Mount Soufriere on the island of Guadalupe […]

Ahmad picked up his killer, police say
New information emerging from the investigation into the shooting death of Sunni Muslim barber, Fareed Ahmad indicates that he voluntarily picked up his accused killer, WPC Michelle Brown and that they spent several hours together prior to the shooting on Thursday, December 28, 2017. Minister […]

“Bullet’s” breakdown backfires
Popular Belize City taxi man Roy “Bullet” Craig was arrested and charged this week for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy but in defending himself publicly, Craig caused an even bigger uproar, especially on social media, spawning dozens of memes and harsh criticisms regarding the […]

Waves of concern come with tsunami scare
Belizeans were faced with a double dose of potential disaster on Tuesday night when first, an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter Scale struck due east of Belize City and north of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea, rocking homes as far north as Corozal, and […]

KHMH closes theaters for upgrades
Elective surgeries at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) have been put on hold, after the hospital authority closed three of its operating theaters for much needed renovations and upgrades to the facilities. The KHMH Authority made a statement this week describing the facilities as […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

“Bullet” caught on cam
Roy “Bullet” Craig, 76, may be in very serious trouble if his story doesn’t check […]


Jamal Galves – Defender of the Manatees
Jamal Galves grew up in Gales Point, a fishing and farming village on a peninsula in the Southern Lagoon area of the Belize District. Located within a huge estuary system of rivers, creeks, and channels, the region is prime habitat for the Antillean manatee, an endangered subspecies of manatee found in the Caribbean Sea. Jamal was too young to remember the first time he saw a manatee, a common sight along the still waters of the lagoon, but he will never forget the day in 1998, when fascinated by the fancy research boat he admired from afar, he walked to the dock and asked Dr. James “Buddy” Powell (now his boss) to take him out with them on the Sea to Shore Alliance research boat to study manatees. “I had no experience, no training and little knowledge of manatees. But what I had was a willing heart, determination and a body fueled with care. He [Dr. Powell] saw that in me, and at 11 years old and barely 4 feet tall, he took a chance on a kid he didn’t even know,” recalls Jamal.

Birds, Cold Pressed Juices, Fancy Yachts and More Birds: January Beauty on Ambergris Caye
Yesterday we set off for town with a long list of errands – guests are arriving at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly today and since there is no road up there AND it’s a 30 minute boat ride from town, careful provisioning must be done. Or at the very least, attempted. I wanted to peek into the new juice shop/health food eatery, we needed to pay bills but as always, a trip to San Pedro town takes many twists and turns. On Middle Street, we stopped into the brand new Juice Dive shop. I’ll fill you in next week – it’s a story unto itself – but this place is so beautifully done. And the Asian wrap was DELICIOUS. Honestly, really really really great. But the thing that will insure success is the owner Justin…charismatic and full of energy (perhaps the juice thing works?)…his dad is Belizean and he just moved down from San Francisco where he was working at a tech company. Really good.

International Sourcesizz

Post-earthquake tsunami scare in the Caribbean highlights shaky range of preparedness
“Nature has warned us. We need to take heed,” said Jamaican radio talk show host Cliff Hughes on his morning programme less than 12 hours after a magnitude 7.6 undersea earthquake struck off the coast of Honduras on January 9. For approximately one hour, authorities issued a tsunami warning for Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands, as well the coasts of Mexico and Central America, but was subsequently lifted. The magnitude of the quake was stronger than the tremblor that devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010, killing around 200,000 people (which actually produced a tsunami). News alerts went out from various regional entities on social media, but the earthquake hit at shortly before 10:00 p.m. local time, when many had already gone to bed:

Are Birders Having an Identity Crisis?
Anyone who has gone out birding recently is sure to have noticed that birders increasingly use cameras in addition to, and sometimes as a replacement for, binoculars. Photographers are also spending more time observing birds and wildlife than they used to. Although the circumstantial evidence suggests a shift in focus within the hobby of birding, we at Tropical Birding wanted to come to a more empirical understanding of the shift, in order to best serve our clients. We did this by surveying thousands of people through our mailing lists and Facebook page, and were elated to get several hundred responses detailing people’s changing birding/wildlife watching/nature photography habits. The results left us amazed.


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