Gian Witz has put together a spectacular video covering Santa Elena, from dusk into the night. You'll KNOW everything that's happening in this wonderfully shot, spaced, and timed tribute to Santa Elena. You'll be watching this one more than once. Well done, Mr. Witz!

Santa Elena Cayo, is a small hillside town located in Belize. This quiet residential place sits approximately 12 miles away from Belize's Western Border and it's gladly the twin sister of it's twin brother town 'San Ignacio'. While doing this film, I came across some perspectives of the area. I've been doing films for a while and the location of where you shoot is of significant deal. Why? Well, the people is of great essence. Whatever they do reflects the spirit of their society. In Santa Elena Town, lots of of residential history are found deep within it's physical roots. Crossing that Iron Bridge ( Hawksworth Bridge) the smell of well season BBQ is elevated through the nostrils. At sunset, the neighborhoods that sit directly on the great hills , gets to see spectacular horizons of how the sun tells the town good night. Despite the large amount of daily traffic coming and going, it's more than just a drive through town. I do hope this Video shows a connection of my Experience within this town. A BIG shout out and gratitude goes out to my friend and film colleague Vladimir Vargas for being the film's director of photography in the Ariel drone shots operation. Thanks for making it happen.