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The San Pedro Sun

Health Corner: Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)
What is TMJ? TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, means that the hinge connecting the upper and lower jaw isn’t working properly. This hinge is one of the most complex joints in the body, responsible for moving the lower jaw forward, backward and side-to-side. Any problem that prevents this complex system of muscles, ligaments, discs and bones from working as it should is called TMJ. Often, TMJ feels like your jaw is popping or clicking or even “getting stuck” for a moment. The exact cause of this misalignment is often impossible to determine.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Body Double
“I see you reading the news, Mr. Dennis,” Mario said. “What’s going on in the world today?” I was sitting at the big picnic table at my favorite tamale stand. While I was eating tacos, and using my tablet to catch up with news on the internet, Mario and Pedro ordered and took a seat next to me. “Among other things, I see they finally captured Brujo Monsalvo in Mexico.” “The big drug cartel man in Mexico?” Mario asked. “Good,” Pedro said. “He is one really bad man. I know that personal.” “What do mean?” I asked. “Did you actually know him?”

Letter to the Editor: Firecrackers
Editor For the last several months I have been awoken every morning to the sound of explosions. These explosions continue all day and continue late into the night. Day in and day out. I am of course talking about the illegal activity of setting off fireworks. As everyone in Belize knows, the importation, the possession and use of fireworks are illegal in Belize yet year after year from early November till mid-January the use of fireworks continues unabated on San Pedro. Customs does nothing to stop the flow of these illegal explosives into our country and our island from Guatemala. The police do nothing when they drive by young children setting off fireworks and I assume they would do nothing if you called the station to report them as the dozens of times I have called the station to report it no one has every answered the phone. I do not want to hear that this is part of our culture, it isn’t. Fireworks are illegal in Belize and always have been as long as I can remember.

Doctor Love: Anon
Dear Doctor Love; Before I met my husband he watched a lot of porn. When I told him it was a problem for me he quit and we married five years ago. I have caught him a number of times since and it always leads to a fight. He says he’ll stop, but I always catch him again. A few weeks ago I borrowed his laptop and a porn site popped up. I felt sick. His browsing history showed that he searches porn many times a day, usually when I’m out of the house or asleep. He says he loves me and he said he is doing his best to stay off those sites, but the minute he is alone he is right back there. I have told him it really hurts me and I have even threatened to leave him but he chooses porn over our marriage. For the first time ever I am ashamed of my body and don’t even want to get undressed in front of him. I love him but I am miserable. What can I do? /s/Anon

Misc Belizean Sources


The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute wishes to inform all potential customers that we have updated our Sport Fishing License Portal. Our customers can now access our portal without any system failures to purchase 1 day and 1 week licenses. To access portal: For any further information feel free to contact us.

Caye Caulker English Classes
FREE! GRATIS! English-language classes 7:30-8:30 p.m. this week. FREE! GRATIS! English-language classes 7:30-8:30 p.m. this week Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th in the Village Council’s upstairs room. All ages welcome and no charge. Instructors are Education majors from Miami University of Ohio. More info at 615-0408 or just drop in.

Youth Empowerment and Motivational Session
The Department of Youth Services Benque in collaboration with Benque Viejo 4H Club conducted a Youth Empowerment and Motivational Session for its members both BVO 4H Club and DYS Youth Group at Xunatunich Maya site. The session was carried out on three main topics Youth History, Youth Leadership and Youth Politics, also they had lots of fun participating in the various teambuilding activities and games.

Sacred Heart Primary 110th Anniversary Banquet
The Sacred Heart Primary School is having their 110th anniversary banquet on Saturday, February 24th, at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate. They'll have food, fun, music, and door prizes, and all proceeds will go towards the betterment of the school. "Come be a part of our 110th anniversary Celebration! There will be delicious food, photo ops, dancing and fabulous door prizes!

Channel 5

A man was shot and killed last night in Punta Gorda
Personnel from the Professional Standards Branch and Crimes Investigation Branch are investigating the death of Mario Vernon 24 of Punta Gorda Town. Initial investigations revealed that at about 9:30 pm on January 13, 2018, police officers were on mobile patrol on George Street, Punta Gorda Town. When they received information that one Mario Vernon was in a yard with a firearm. The officers proceeded to the area. Upon arrival they observed Mario Vernon running in a nearby yard towards Middle Street. Police set chase after Vernon who was observed with a what appeared to be a firearm in his hand. Vernon while running, pointed it towards the officer who was pursuing him. The officer fearing for his life, drew his . 38 service revolver and fired a single shot which caught Vernon on the right side of his head.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

One person dead after motorcycle collision
BBN has been reliably informed of a fatal road traffic accident in Roaring Creek Village. Preliminary information reveals that two motorcycles collided head on in front of the Westar Gas Station.

Woman found dead in apartment
A woman was found dead on Friday evening by police. According to police reports, at about 5:55pm they visited an apartment in Bella Vista Village. There they observed the motionless body of a Hispanic woman. She was identified as Joycelyn Dominguez.

Teen girl reported missing
A 17-year-old girl from Belize City has been reported missing by her mother. Patricia Usher of an Arlington Drive address in Belize City reported that her daughter Chelsey Lewis left home around 4:30 p.m. yesterday with her friend and has not returned home since. Lewis is described as being of East-Indian descent.

Police Commissioner orders investigation into death of Mario Vernon
Personnel from the Professional Standards Branch (PSB) and Crimes Investigation Branch (CIB) are investigating the death of 24-year-old Mario Vernon of Punta Gorda town. According to police, around 9:30 last night, officers were on mobile patrol on George Street, Punta Gorda town and received information that Vernon was in a yard armed with a firearm.

Toyota Camry stolen this morning
Today, Danny Martinez, 26, a police officer of Santa Barbara street, Belize city reported that sometime between the hours of 6:30 p.m. yesterday and 4:00 a.m. today, his beige 1998, Toyota Camry was stolen. The vehicle is valued $2,800.

Popular tacos stand in San Ignacio robbed this morning
Esmeralda Yaegui,19, a Belizean student of Bullet Tree Road, San Ignacio town reported that around 1:00 this morning while selling tacos along with her sister-in-law on Bullet Tree Road, they were approached by two men. One of the men was armed with a gun.

Are investors predicting Belize’s payment for UHS
The stock value for Caribbean Investment Holdings Limited (CIHL) has increased since the start of 2018, which the business site Interactive Investor is attributing to the Government of Belize’s pending payment for the Universal Health Services (UHS) guarantee. Interactive Investor announced that as of Friday stocks for CIHL, formerly BCB Holdings, were up by 20 percent.

Global ranking of Belizean passport improves
At the start of 2018, Belize’s passport increased its ranking on the Global Passport Index prepared by Henley and Partners. The index ranks the passports of the world according to the number of countries their holders can travel to visa-free, giving each country a visa-free score. In 2017, Belize ranked 56 in the index, with a visa-free score of 95. At the beginning of 2018, the ranking increased to 54, with a new visa-free score of 96.

Cold front passing over Belize
A cold front is affecting Belize and will maintain windy and cool conditions over the next couple of days. The 24 hour forecast is for mostly windy and cool conditions to continue with little or no rainfall. Gusty winds will blow from the North to Northwest at 15-25 knots.


Grocery Shopping Isn’t Just an Errand in Belize
I will freely admit that when I moved to Ambergris Caye, the biggest of the 200 or so islands in Belize, I brought with me several gourmet cookbooks fully expecting to be able to obtain such things as Dashi, baby vegetables, broccolini, and fresh globe artichokes. I learned that “seasonal” in Belize actually means “seasonal.” If it is out of season, you cannot obtain it. If it is “in season” it is abundant, cheap, and unbelievably good. Next, I realized that “fresh” actually means “this just came out of the ground this morning.” The first time I ate fresh carrots in Belize, I could not believe how good they tasted. I was always taught that one should buy the skinny, unblemished ones for the best taste; but these were about the size of a cucumber, and had some spots on them.

International Sourcesizz

From Belize to Guatemala
After nearly 30 days of exploring this small country, we found that leaving Belize was a fairly simple procedure. The Belize side requires a few fees and stamps upon exit. And try as I might, I could not get the agent to smile, even though we were all speaking English. But entering Guatemala was a little more chaotic. In addition to the language difference, there is the money difference and then the misunderstanding of the steps required. First we drove through the fumigation booth and paid the fee. Then we were directed to park on the side of the busy street in front of the border offices. We got our passports stamped, then started the paperwork for the truck. This required a few copies a fee, verifying the VIN and plenty of being trailed by a 12-year-old border "helper". The final step was the pet import, which was a little more paperwork, some fees and a visual look at the dogs. The entire process took about two hours in sweltering heat and humidity. But in hindsight, it all went smoothly and people were kind and patient with us.

Millennials in Belize suppressed by gangs and crime
Belize only became independent thirty-six years ago. The vast majority of its citizens are under the age of thirty. In every sense, Belize is a millennial nation struggling to find its footing. But the small country, sitting south of Mexico on the east coast of Central America, has one of highest murder rates in the Americas. According to the police in Belize, gang and gun violence is the biggest problem facing the nation. There are also many unskilled young people who are susceptible to joining gangs. Correspondent John Zarrella visited Belize for “Americas Now.” He talks to government officials as well as Dianne Finnegan who directs the Youth Apprenticeship Program to prevent kids from entering gang life.

Boom-Manatee canoe race
Good morning. It is the Boom-Manatee canoe race. 2017 La Ruta Maya NICH champions will be participating. Efrain, Hener, Felix Cruz. Start time:930.


  • Morning Matters with Shana Lopez, 60min.

  • Millennials in Belize suppressed by gangs and crime, 13min. Belize only became independent thirty-six years ago. The vast majority of its citizens are under the age of thirty. In every sense, Belize is a millennial nation struggling to find its footing. But the small country, sitting south of Mexico on the east coast of Central America, has one of highest murder rates in the Americas. According to the police in Belize, gang and gun violence is the biggest problem facing the nation. There are also many unskilled young people who are susceptible to joining gangs.

  • BELIZE MOVIE: "Dragon Wasps" , 1hr23min. Another movie shot in Belize... A scientist enlists the help of the US army to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her father, deep in the Belizean jungle. Caught in the crossfire between a brutal guerrilla army controlled by a mystical warlord, they are also confronted by an even bigger terror giant mutated wasps that are, for some reason, thirsty for blood.

  • Macal River Bridge San Ignacio Pt 2, 2.5min. Finally completed! Paul Powton Photography created a couple of videos for the Ministry of Works highlighting the construction and completion of the new Macal River Bridge. At around 2:30, the drone captures Santa Elena and San Ignacio, along with both of the other bridges, from a few 100 meters above the bridge, and it really puts things in perspective.

  • Macal River Bridge San Ignacio Bypass, 4min. Belize's largest & most impressive bridge under construction

  • Hawkesworth II at Sunset, 2min. Crossing the new Cayo bridge.

  • Belize Ecosystems and Culture- Mountain Pine Ridge, 4min.

  • Honeymoon in Belize, 2.5min.

  • Snorkelling in Belize lagoon saw a jellyfish, 1.5min.

  • Rockin' San Pedro, Belize on Christmas!, 10min. Rockin' San Pedro, Belize on Christmas! Special thanks to Billy King and the Band, you guys are awesome

  • snorkeling with sea urchins in Belize, 6.5min. snorkeling the second greatest barrier reef in Belize at rendezvous caye january 3 ,2018 saw sea urchins and a sea spider

  • snorkeling with a jellyfish in Belize january 3,2018, 5min. snorkeling the second greatest barrier reef in the world at rendezvous caye in Belize january 3 ,2018 saw a jellyfish.

  • You won’t Belize It! Our Belizian adventure, 12min. On the fourth day of our cruise, we set sail to Belize! We took a tender boat to the mainland, and then another water taxi to an island.

  • Poktapok match live at Yo Creek village, 16min. Nuestra cultura Maya vive en el norte . Ek' Balam destroys Sak Xikin 25 - 18