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#528330 - 01/16/18 06:20 AM Shooting at Central Park, Alfredo Cowo Killed  
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Eye witness reports account for a shooting at Central Park that took place at about 12:15a.m. Jan. 16. Reports from by-standards indicate that a male person shot a guy sitting on a golf cart with another female companion. The gunman was seen running south, down Barrier Reef Drive and turning towards the lagoon. It's reported that Police arrived at the scene 30 minutes afterwards.

Video by Shane McCann

#528342 - 01/16/18 12:05 PM Re: Shooting at Central Park, Alfredo Cowo Killed [Re: Marty]  
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Shooting At Central Park Is First Homicide Of The Year In San Pedro

San Pedro Police are investigating a shooting incident that took place around 12:30a.m. on Tuesday, January 16, 2017, at Central Park. Eye witness reports from by-standards indicate that a male person shot Alfredo Cowo who was sitting on a golf cart with another female companion. The gunman was then seen running south, down Barrier Reef Drive and turning towards the lagoon. Police have confirmed of his death.

Cowo and his two brothers were to testify against PCs Norman Coye and Darnell Madril who have walked free of wounding charges and excessive force after charges against them were dropped in the San Pedro Magistrate Court. Alfredo Cowo had told News 5 Belize of Belize City that he felt that he is not getting any justice for the crime committed against him and his two brothers. He even went further to state that he felt that he would be targeted by the officers now that the case was dismissed after he basically made a report against them. Just a few days of that report, Alfredo Cowo was murdered.

Click here to read the rest of the article and see more photos in the Ambergris Today

Alfredo Cowo shot and killed in San Pedro; police refuse to speak on the matter

Cowo’s family is devastated, and they are speculating that the San Pedro police may be involved in his demise. They shared with The Sun that Cowo had been seeking legal help to open a closed case against San Pedro police officers Norman Coye and Darnell Madrill, who walked free of Wounding charges on Tuesday, January 9th. The duo had been charged for a shooting incident at Central Park in April of 2017 for firing shots at a crowd in attempts to disperse them. Five persons were injured from the bullets’ fragments, Cowo being one of them. After the incident, Coye and Madrill were charged and placed on interdiction awaiting trial. For months the case was adjourned from date to date, until it was dismissed last week Tuesday, for ‘Want of Prosecution,’ which in legal terms means the case was incomplete.

Cowo was disappointed with the outcome and determined to seek legal advice to try reopening the case, hoping to have Coye and Madrill re-arrested and charged. He also shared publicly with the media that his life was under threat. According to him, certain police officers from the San Pedro Formation were telling people that they would kill him. Unfortunately, a week after this report, his fears were realized as his life was cut short. San Pedro Police have declined commenting on the incident, stating that they will not offer any interviews on the incident.

Click here to read the rest of the article and see more photos in the San Pedro Sun

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No arrests in Alfredo Cowo’s murder; San Pedro Police weigh in

After initially declining interviews to the media regarding the fatal shooting of island resident Alfredo Cowo, the San Pedro Police Department offered a short press briefing on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 16th. The Officer in Charge of the Executive Coastal Unit, Superintendent Henry Jemmott told the media that the investigation is in its infant stage and no motive has yet been established. It was also confirmed that no suspects have been apprehended, but the investigation continues.

Jemmott denied the allegations that any of his officers were involved in the fatal incident. “So far we have not uncovered anything, the matter is under investigation and it is too early to make any assumptions at this time,” said Jemmott. He noted that at times people might lose hope in the Police Department, but he encourages the community to trust in their work as they are working with additional staff from the mainland to try to solve this homicide as soon as possible. He indicated that if the investigation reveals any wrongdoing by members of his branch, they will be dealt with according to the law. “I will not tolerate such a thing, and as you can see in the past, I make sure that any officer who commits any crime is charged and arrested for their offenses,” ended Jemmott.

Click here to read the rest of the article and see more photos in the San Pedro Sun

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Alfredo Cowo, From High Profile Police Complainant To Murder Victim

Alfredo Cowo made national news in April of 2017 - when this crazy scene unfolded: cops gone wild on San Pedro, firing indiscriminately on the street to disperse a crowd. Cowo got the worst of it - he was there using his cell phone camera to capture police roughing up a pair of women - and when they fired, his feet got riddled with shotgun pellets. Those cops, constables Coye and Madrill got off those charges last week.

But, last night Cowo was murdered - right in the heart of San Pedro. The evidence shows he was directly targeted by a gunman in a hoodie, one of those street executions, but the family doesn't know what triggered it. Sahar Vasquez found out more in San Pedro:...

Sahar Vasquez reporting
Before the sun rose this morning La Isla Bonita witnessed its first murder of the new year. In the centre of the town, shots rang out and pierced the body of 26-year-old Alfredo Cowo.

Voice of: George Cowo, Brother of the Deceased
"I got the understanding that somebody just flew pass, running pass, and he started shooting at him and his girlfriend. Because they were on a golf cart, sitting down, and watching a video. They said that when they were watching the video, they had their face down to the phone, and they started to hear shots ringing off. When the shots started ringing, he jumped down and went underneath his golf cart. It was when he girl came to the front, and his girl jumped on top of him. It looked like the gunman still came and still wanted to put to more in his head, but it looked like the gun snapped. From there, we picked up the man. They called us, and we picked up the man."

Cowo was rushed to the San Pedro Polyclinic and then to the KHMH which would be his last destination. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

Cowo is no stranger to the San Pedro police, in fact, he had run into hot water on the island quite a few times but the most recent time was no fault of his.

Back in April of 2017, near to the very same spot where he would be murdered 9 months later, he became another victim of police brutality - after being shot in the feet by the cops for no reason. He shared his story with us a few days later.

Alfredo Cowo, Deceased
"The San Pedro police were beating up two girls. I went up close and just took out my phone to video. I videoed one of the QRT, when i turned around I noticed PC Madrill knocked me with something, I'm not sure if it was the butt of the gun. I just felt pain and I started to bleed, then PC came in and started to shoot up my feet. They just took our statement and released us without a charge. How will they charge us for aggravated assault? We didn't assault anyone nor did we have a criminal record. To be aggravated, I'm guessing you need a weapon."

And according to his sister and wife, since this incident, his life was being repeatedly threatened because he was speaking out and leading a criminal prosecution against the police.

Voice of: Victoria Ballella, Wife of Deceased
"It was because they shot him in his foot by the park. They have been in and out of court and they have thrown the case away. Now the police had threatened him and told him that it won't stay like this. He has a coffin ready for him."

Voice of: Anna Arjelia, Sister of Deceased
"The QRT told her in front of her face that he will not stop until he sends him in a box. Simple as that."

And for these two, the death of their loved one has not really sunk in. His sister who adored her brother never thought that something like this would happen. His wife admitted their marriage was in some turmoil, but what hurts her the most is that now her baby girl no longer has someone to call dad.

Anna Arjelia, Sister of Deceased
"Well to be honest he was a nice guy. He has his friends, but I don't even know what to say right now. He just didn't put himself with anyone, just stick to his business and liked to play pool, nothing else. This is the first time that something like this happened in our family. It's something surprising to us. I never expected something like that to happen but he was, out of all of them, he was my best brother."

Victoria Ballella, Wife of Deceased
"Well yes we had issues 2 weeks ago. We were not living together but he used to still maintain us with food and rent. He used to give me everything that I needed. It will hurt my daughter the most. My daughter will grow up without a father and that hurts me a lot."

Relatives tell us that Cowo had three or four children and one on the way. He had lived on San Pedro for about eight years. Notably, he was with his new girlfriend when he was killed - not his wife who you saw in the story.

Police Say They Will Look At All Angles

And while the family of Alfredo Cowo is suggesting that police may somehow be responsible, police say, there's no evidence to support that claim at this time.

Today the officer commanding in San Pedro held a brief press conference to outline what they know so far, and dispel suspicions of a police conspiracy to cover up anything. Superintendent Jemoth started with the official account of the crime:...

Henry Jemmot - Superintendent and Officer In Charge of San Pedro Sub Information
"Acting upon information police proceeded to the San Pedro Poly Clinic where they saw a male person suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to the chest. Police then learnt the person name to be one Alfredo Cowo, a 26 year old fisher man of San Pedrito area, San Pedro Town. Initial reports into the matter stated that he was socializing near Central Park by an establishment where a male person came and fired several shots in his direction which apparently caught him in the chest area. So far we are have not uncovered anything and the matter so far is under investigation. It is too early to make any assumption at this time. Yes he is a name known to the police. He is a person known to the police."

Sahar Vasquez, reporter
"Were you able to speak to any witnesses?"

Henry Jemmot
"So far no. We have not spoken to any witnesses as yet but we are doing, we have additional staff assisting us from Belize City to wrap up this investigation as quick as possible and to try to find author of this crime. The investigation is in its infant stage and a lot more work needs to be done before we can start casting aspersion. I would ask that the general public, assist the police in this case because we know that people saw and we need these people to come forward and give evidence so that we can solve this murder and have San Pedro return to some sort of normalcy within that area."

The police are also reviewing surveillance footage from the many cameras in the area of the crime.

Cowo’s Family: No Reason For Murder

And while police held a press conference to issue re-assurances that there is no conspiracy and that they are thoroughly addressed - the family of the deceased has abiding reservations. Today in Belize City, Cowo's mother wouldn't say much. Here's her interview:...

Blanca Mencias, Mother of deceased
"What happened is they killed my son. And God Bless the person who did this."

"More or less, more or less, we can almost say who did it. That's all I can say, nothing more."

Daniel Ortiz
"Now, sir, what immediately comes to mind is why would somebody want to hurt your brother like that? That seems targeted, as though the individual came to assassinate your brother."

Voice of: George Cowo - Brother of the Deceased
"Yes, that was like they had it in for him. It's like they already had that set for him. And it's not the first time he got shot already. It was like a personal thing."

Daniel Ortiz
"Does the family somewhat believe that maybe that shooting incident is connected to his murder in any kind of way?"

Voice of: George Cowo - Brother of the Deceased
"Well, that is what everybody is saying that it only can be that because otherwise, he never had no problems on the street. We don't have any problem with anybody. We just do our fishing. We are men who just do fishing, and when we come, we go and play a little pool game."

Daniel Ortiz
"It's tough that I have to ask this, but I have to. Did Mr. Cowo, yourself or any other family members have any kind of friends, or any kind of connections to the street like in San Pedro that would have persons say, you know what? We have a beef with him, but we'll make sure that we target the friend."

Voice of: George Cowo - Brother of the Deceased
"Well, usually we don't have any problems with anybody, because everybody know us, and everybody know that we are fishermen. And everybody greet us. Everybody is good with us."

Later on in the news you'll hear from his brother who told us off camera that they had no enemies in the streets.

Channel 7

San Pedro’s Alfredo Cowo Predicted He Would Die – But Who Killed Him?

A murder in San Pedro shortly after midnight has rocked the community because the victim had predicted his demise. Twenty-six-year-old Alfredo Cowo last week Tuesday told News Five’s Duane Moody that he felt his life was under threat following a case in which two police officers, who he took to court for firing at him and others, were out free. Last night as he sat in a golf cart along with his pregnant girlfriend on Barrier Reef Drive, death visited him when a gun man unleashed the deadly shots. In the following story, Paola Reyes, recounts the horrific event. News Five’s Isani Cayetano reports. 

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

The first homicide to be recorded in San Pedro since the beginning of the year comes exactly one week after the shooting victim foretold his demise in an interview with News Five.  Twenty-six-year-old Alfredo Cowo and his girlfriend were seated in a golf cart in front of Jaguar’s on Monday night when an unknown assailant approached them.  Surveillance footage obtained from the area, reportedly shows the gunman taking a good look at his quarry before opening fire on him at close range.  Cowo was mortally injured, his girlfriend barely escaping with her life.

Voice of: Paola Reyes, Girlfriend of Deceased [Translated]

“I was sitting with him in his golf cart, watching a video on his Facebook.  Then we heard a gunshot.  He grabbed his head and looked behind him.  They then shot him again; the bullet entered through here.  He ran under his golf cart.  He didn’t want them to hurt him more.  I jumped on top of him screaming for them to not hurt him.  The man who shot him ran away and I saw two other men waiting for him down the street.  I could not identify them.”

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, shortly after midnight, patrons from neighboring establishments poured out into Barrier Reef Drive to witness what had taken place.  Inside the golf cart, the resident of San Pedrito lay wounded with a gunshot to the right side of the chest.

Supt. Henry Jemmoth, O.C., San Pedro Police

“Acting upon information, police proceeded to the San Pedro Polyclinic where they saw a male person suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to the chest.  Police then learned the person’s name to be one Alfredo Mansea Cowo, a twenty-six-year-old fisherman of San Pedrito Area, San Pedro Town.  Initial reports into the matter stated that he was socializing near Central Park by an establishment where a male person came and fired several shots in his direction which apparently caught him in the chest area.  He was then transported by air to the K.H.M.H. where he succumbed to his injuries.”

Cowo, our viewers would recall, was the subject of an interview conducted last Tuesday when it was reported that a case against a pair of police officers had been dismissed after the prosecutor failed to appear in the San Pedro Magistrate’s Court.  Here’s what he told us in that question and answer session via telephone.

On the phone: Alfredo Cowo, Shooting Victim [File: January 9th, 2018]

“Lotta people tell me that when dehn bally come back they wah come pay me a visit or ih come shoot me or kill me.  And lotta thing and I have to di watch over my shoulders because I don’t take no threat lightly.”

Duane Moody

“So you believe that your life will now be threatened given the fact that you had basically made a report against these officers?”

On the phone: Alfredo Cowo

“Yeah, because lotta people tell me yo know because they bally go bout di talk dehn business weh dehn want do when they get back their jobs.”

Cowo was one of five persons injured in April 2017, when police constables Norman Coye and Darnell Madril began firing indiscriminately into a throng of club goers outside of the very same establishment where he was executed in the wee early hours of today.


“Did he mention to you if he had any previous incident with someone else or any discussion?”

Voice of: Paola Reyes [Translated]

“Yes, he had a problem before, when he was shot the first time… That was the only problem he had.  He was going to court for that.  The case was thrown out and so he came here to the city to appeal the case.”


“That was in relation to what incident?”

Voice of: Paola Reyes [Translated]

“I don’t know.  That was all he told me when I was with him.”

Cowo’s girlfriend of five months was unaware of the matter he was seeking to reopen against the officers.  His family believes that his death may have been the result of that intention.  Superintendent Henry Jemmoth is in charge of the San Pedro Police Sub-formation.  He says that there are no indications that Coye and Madril are involved in the incident, however, the investigation into Cowo‘s murder is still very nascent.

Supt. Henry Jemmoth

“I have no information to suggest that at this time.  Like I said, the investigation is very, it’s in its infant stage and a lot more work needs to be done, groundwork needs to be done  before we can start casting aspersions and assumptions.  I would ask that the general public assists the police in this case because we know that people saw and we need these people to come forward and give evidence so that we can solve this murder and have San Pedro return to some form of normalcy within that area.”

Sadly, Cowo leaves behind his girlfriend, several children, as well as an unborn.


“How will you remember him?”

Voice of: Paola Reyes [Translated]

“He was a good person.  I’m in love with him.  I’m pregnant for him now.”


“Your first child?”

Voice of: Paola Reyes [Translated]

“No he has other children.”

Channel 5

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Police Prosecutor Could Be Investigated For Botching Case

Last night, we told you about the San Pedro murder of Alfredo Cowo, a high-profile complainant against police. No one knows for sure why he was killed, but his family feels - without any actual evidence - that it may be connected to his previous shooting.

You'll remember it as that lawless police incident which happened in April of last year. Police charged two of their own, Constables Darnell Madrill and Norman Coye with wounding because several civilians - including Alfredo Cowo - were injured when they fired their service weapons indiscriminately to try to disperse an angry crowd.

So, with video footage to assist them, you'd think that police would have a strong case against PC Madrill and Coye, but not so. The family told us that the case was dismissed last week on what should have been the first day of trial before the sitting magistrate. That's because the prosecutor, who was supposed to have shown up and led the evidence against the accused officers, didn't appear. The Cowo family felt that they did not get justice for that incident.

Tonight, police are committing to investigate what caused such a critical failure. Assistant Police Commissioner Chester Williams, the Commander of the Professional Standards Branch, said via text message, quote, "If the prosecutor was aware of the court date and failed to appear without any reasonable cause then...he can be dealt with disciplinarily. That matter you are talking about will be looked into by my office to ascertain the reason behind its dismissal," end quote.

The Police Legal Advisor, Senior Superintendent Bart Jones added, quote, "In any case where a police officer absents himself from any duty without a lawful excuse, it's an offence against discipline." End quote.

Channel 7

#528366 - 01/18/18 05:47 AM Re: Shooting at Central Park, Alfredo Cowo Killed [Re: Marty]  
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Foster Mom Vows to Do Right by Murdered Alfredo Cowo

Twenty-six-year-old Alfredo Cowo was ruthlessly dispatched in the early hours of Tuesday morning, as he sat in a golf cart with his girlfriend in the vicinity of Central Park in San Pedro.  But his murder is not going down quietly. The fisherman was shot and killed by an unknown gunman one week after telling News Five that he was in fear of his life, following the dismissal of a court case involving a pair of policemen.  Constables Norman Coye and Darnell Madril were before the lower court in connection with a shooting incident that took place in front of Jaguar’s in April 2017.  During the melee that unfolded outside of the nightclub, Cowo was among five persons that were injured when the officers opened fire into the crowd.  Subsequently, they were both placed on interdiction while the matter was heard at the magistrate level.  On January ninth, the case was tossed out because the court prosecutor failed to show up for the scheduled session; this is after several unexplained absences. 

That same Tuesday, News Five followed up with Cowo who indicated that he was seeking to reopen the matter.  He also explained that his life was threatened in the wake of the dismissal.  Ironically, Cowo was shot and killed at the very location where he was injured approximately ten months ago.  Earlier today, his foster parent Debra Randell contacted us to share fond memories of Alfredo.  She also informed that through attorney Marcel Cardona, all avenues will be explored with a view to resume the matter against the policemen.

On the Phone: Debra Randell, Foster Parent of Deceased

“He was one of my boys.  I took care of several boys down there from the time I started going to San Pedro back in 2002 and he was one of the boys that I just absolutely fell in love with.  He was just, you know, wasn’t always a good boy but had a good heart and, you know, he was dealt a lousy hand at life and once he was labeled there in San Pedro by the police department for any trouble he’d ever gotten into, it seems that within a thirty mile radius, if there was any trouble that came down they’d call my little boy in every time.  He was guilty before ever being able to, you know, be allowed to have any type of trial or, you know, it was just like hearing and trial over, you know.  Every time they picked him up, he was guilty and they dragged him in, and so he had a very, very rough life but he was a very kind, loving boy and he babysat my child from the time he was two years old up until my boy just turned eighteen and they grew up together there on the island and he’s going to be greatly missed.  This murder is not going to go unsolved.  I think it’s pretty clear to the general public and everyone, if you look on Facebook and so on, everybody knows what happened here and the thing that I want to make sure that is known by the police department and the two officers that shot my boy in April; that video is absolutely nauseating to watch a police officer maul around downtown with his shotgun out shooting at people and literally harming five individuals, innocent bystanders.  I could have been sitting there myself, one of the million different times, I could have been there with my child, I could have been there with my family, all of which is right there at the park in between the little circle of clubs that everyone goes to when they go to San Pedro, and the fact that these are police officers that got drunk and were swinging their guns around shooting people and they have the audacity to tell me that the prosecutor did not show up to prosecute them so they’re going to walk free is not going to happen.”

Why Did Police Abandon Case? P.S.B., Attorney to Investigate

Randell is outraged that the case against Coye and Madril was tossed out because the court prosecutor, himself a police officer, failed to appear before the sitting magistrate in the San Pedro jurisdiction.  Likewise, serious concerns are being raised about the officers being reinstated following the dismissal of the matter, particularly in light of their conduct on the night of the shooting in 2017.

On the Phone: Debra Randell, Foster Parent of Deceased

“In my boy’s honor that case will be reopened.  I’ve hired Marcel Cardona who is my attorney, very long time dear friend.  He’s also been investigating what has happened since the shooting night before last and I’ve made it very clear to him that whatever it takes to reopen this case and if we have to hogtie the prosecutor and drag him into the courtroom so that he does his job and brings justice for my child, that’s what we’re going to do…  I have got some wonderful pictures and videos of him singing in my kitchen while he’s cooking breakfast, singing that song, “when you cry, I cry” and it’s about his life and I’ve asked that they play that at his service because it sums it up, you know.  “Didn’t know he wouldn’t come back, he died from the bullet of a gun.”  It’s very painful for me.  You know, I mostly just want them to know that there is someone out here in the United States that is going to be going and fighting for him and for this case to move forward, I don’t know.  I believe the family should be able to still move forward with the case as far as getting the officers prosecuted.  But I can tell you that I would never, ever feel safe coming back to that island if they in fact reinstate those two idiots and give them back a weapon, that entire police station needs to be shut down because that is absolutely, absolutely not acceptable.  Those men should never be allowed to carry a weapon again, ever.  The rule is you don’t point a gun at someone unless you intend on using it.  You pull a gun out when you are drinking in a public place, you lose your right to be a police officer for the rest of your life and certainly, certainly you don’t get to go walk free and go back to work and, you know, have the boy snuffed that was trying to prosecute you.  And that officer there in San Pedro, for him to say that he doesn’t at this time have any reason to believe that that’s what happened; he, you know what, he needs to be evaluated because it’s pretty blatant what happened here.”

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, who heads the Professional Standards Branch, if the prosecutor was aware of the court date and failed to appear without any reasonable cause then he will be dealt with disciplinarily.  The matter in question, he says, will be investigated by the PSB to determine the reason behind the dismissal of that case.

Channel 5

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Alfredo Cowo’s murder leaves more questions than answers

Cowo was apparently sitting on a parked golf cart in the company of his girlfriend Paola Reyes, who reportedly drove him to the Polyclinic after being shot. Reyes said that she and Cowo were waiting for a video to load on Facebook when all of a sudden they heard a gunshot. “He grabbed his head and looked behind,” Reyes told the media. “They then shot him again.” Reyes showed reporters that the second shot hit Cowo in his upper body. “He ran underneath the golf cart as he did not want them to hurt him anymore,” Reyes continued. “I jumped on top of him screaming for them to not hurt him and then the shooter ran away.” Reyes indicated that she could not identify the gunman and that there were two other persons waiting for the assailant when he fled the scene. The family of the deceased suspects that the police are involved in the fatal shooting of their relative and are now in fear for their safety. “It was like they had a hit out for him,” said George Cowo, brother of the deceased. “It’s like they had all that set for him, it was a personal thing.” Cowo’s sister, Anna Arjelia added that members of the Quick Response Team at the San Pedro Police Station, to which Coye and Mardrill are attached, told them that they were not going to stop until Cowo in a box.

As the family prepares for the funeral, Cowo’s American foster parent, Debra Randell has pledged to retain legal counsel to re-open the case against the accused officers. Via a phone call on Wednesday, January 17th, Randell told The San Pedro Sun that she had known Cowo since he was nine years old. She stated that she assisted in raising him and Cowo would babysit her son at that time. “The family and I very much want the very same justice for Alfredo,” she said. “The police department needs a thorough investigation and that so-called commander needs to be fired!” Randell lashed out at the accused police officers, pointing out that no person, cops especially, should be permitted to ever carry a firearm once they are seen on live camera, waving it around and shooting innocent people.

Click here to read the rest of the article and see more photos in the San Pedro Sun

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Cops Close In On Cowo Suspect

Tonight police still don't know who killed 26 year old San Pedro resident Alfredo Cowo on Monday morning.  He was executed by a lone gunman as he sat in his golf cart with his girlfriend on Monday morning.  

It happened in downtown San Pedro - where there's all kinds of surveillance cameras.  
And, today, the commander for Eastern Division CIB said they detained a suspect early this morning.  

ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC - CIB Eastern Div.
"I know that we are looking for a suspect I understand that he was detained sometime last night about 2 or 3 in the morning so we are waiting from there to see how we will proceed with this matter."

Jules Vasquez
"Is the suspect someone who has any history of encounters with law enforcement?"

ASP Alejandro Cowo
"Not that I know but we are trying to confirm anything in his background so that we can establish what is the motive behind that killing there."

"Were you able to secure any footage?"

ASP Alejandro Cowo
"We have several footage that were around the area that assisted us in in the investigation."

"And then to the allegations or suspicion even that the police may have had some involvement."

ASP Alejandro Cowo
"The investigation at this moment is not directing us to any information of any police involvement so far."

Jules Vasquez
"Are investigators looking towards something from his past or something from drug rivalries on the island? Or are you able to say which direction generally they are looking at?"

ASP Alejandro Cowo
"Well at this moment the investigation has not given us a motive as to why the incident happened. We are waiting to see what will be the outcome of the interview conducted on the person that is being detained."

Late reports are that police are gathering evidence to implicate this suspect and could charge the him as early as tomorrow.  We'll keep following it.  

And while many are looking at police and the fact that Cowo had been leading a criminal prosecution against them - the fact is he has a long and very colourful criminal history - and many crimes he's been convicted of involve police.

Cowo had been charged 43 times - his rap sheet is seven and half pages long.  He has 9 convictions, including two for assaulting a police officer - dating back as far as 2011, and one for bribing a police officer.  Again, these are convictions.

At the time of his murder, he had 27 pending cases including 6 counts of assaulting a police officer,  2 counts of aggravated assault, along with firearm offenses, and a drug trafficking charge.  The most recent charge dates back four months to September of 2017.

Channel 7

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One Suspect Detained For The Murder Of Alfredo Cowo

San Pedro Police are investigating the murder of Alfredo Cowo who was shot in the early hours of Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at the San Pedro Central Park. Police have one person in custody in relations to the murder of Cowo.

Belize City Police came to the island to assist in investigations that led to the detainment of on suspect, of which police are not releasing much information about.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the Ambergris Today

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Cowo Killer Charged

San Pedro Police have arrested a man for the execution style murder of Alfredo Cowo. It happened early on Tuesday morning in the center of the town - when a lone gunman walked up and shot Cowo in the chest.

Well, based on an ID parade, and, reportedly, corroboration from his accomplice, police have arrested and charged 33 year old San Pedrano William Godoy for Murder.

He was charged this evening, and is expected to be arraigned on Monday.

Police believe the murder is the result of underworld dealings related to drugs. As we reported, the 26 year old Cowo had a 7 and half page rap sheet including 43 charges and 9 convictions.

Many still point to police involvement since he was leading a criminal prosecution for wounding against a pair of officers - who got off the week before his murder. Cowo said he had been threatened by police. His rap sheet included at least 6 charges for assaulting a police officer dating back to 2011.

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