Kenyon College has a continuing project to work with technologies in schools. This project started with creating internet connected computer labs for schools and they soon discovered that the cost of electricity, which is high in Belize, was problematic for schools with very limited. Kenyon College began exploring solar solutions to augment available power, and thus reduce or eliminate the costs of electricity for the schools.

In March 2017, two schools in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, got solar panel installations thanks the Kenyon College and the Belize Red Cross San Pedro Branch. These schools were Brighter Tomorrow Pre School and Ambergris Caye Elementary School. To date, Kenyon College has helped St. Andrew's Anglican School, Kings College, Toledo Christian Academy, San Antonio Primary School and Arenal RC School.

The price is $1,500USD per 1,000 watt hour setup of six panels. This includes the panels, wiring, mounting, inverters, and internet monitoring equipment. With the installation of these panels, Kenyon College, hopes to significantly impact the communities which they are helping by teaching children and residents about renewable energy.

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Solar For Schools In Belize
I was very pleased to step away from my desk and play chauffeur for a day last week - Friday Fun. My Kenyon College friends, James Skon, Doug Karl and Robert Alexander were back in Belize doing solar power assessments on schools. Thanks to Carts Belize for their donation. Having wheels was a huge help on the job and I only had to put $5 in the tank to top it up even though we went here there and everywhere. The team was busy this year. They looked at 2 schools in Toledo, 1 in Stan Creek, 4 in Cayo, 2 on Ambergris Caye and even did a side gig volunteering in Guatemala for a day. On Ambergris they were assisted by Steve Harp who also helped last year. Based on the information collected this trip, and once they thaw out, the solar crew will decide which schools countrywide are the best qualified to receive solar power. After their decisions are made they will bring already selected volunteer vacation students from Kenyon College on a return trip in March. The College wants their Gambier Ohio students to engage with other cultures, leave a lasting quality gift that will reach far into the future and show kids a great way to care about the environment.