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Today's Belize News: January 19, 2018 #528398
01/19/18 06:48 AM
01/19/18 06:48 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Trump administration bans working visas for Belizeans
The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on Thursday, January 18th that Belizean citizens along with those from Haiti and Samoa will no longer be eligible to apply for work visas. The visa also is known as H-2A for agricultural employment and the H-2B for non-agricultural labor allowed temporary permits for seasonal workers in the agriculture and other industries. This decision by U.S President, Donald Trump has been linked to his derogatory remarks about several African nations including developing countries in Latin America, including Haiti on January 12th. During a meeting in the Oval Office on immigration reform, President Trump reportedly questioned why the United States would allow taking immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations, referring to them as ‘shithole’ countries. After the remarks went viral, Trump denied ever using such word.

Slaughtered jaguars prompt GOB to act, crocodile mutilations on the island goes ignored
The Government of Belize is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the culprits responsible for the death of two young jaguars in less than a month. The first incident was reported on December 26th, when a young jaguar was observed floating in a canal in Belize City. The second one was reported on January 10th when a decapitated jaguar was found floating on the Belize River. This has prompted the Government, via the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development, and Immigration, to issue a reward of $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of the poachers. Jaguars in Belize are one of the many wildlife species protected by the law and hunting the wildcat is prohibited. On Ambergris Caye, environmentalists were shocked when the news broke out. However, they are also disappointed at the level of motivation when it comes to other protected wildlife, such as the illegal poaching and mutilation of American crocodiles on the island, which has been largely ignored by the governmental authorities.

Alfredo Cowo’s murder leaves more questions than answers
The family of the deceased suspects that the police are involved in the fatal shooting of their relative and are now in fear for their safety. “It was like they had a hit out for him,” said George Cowo, brother of the deceased. “It’s like they had all that set for him, it was a personal thing.” Cowo’s sister, Anna Arjelia added that members of the Quick Response Team at the San Pedro Police Station, to which Coye and Mardrill are attached, told them that they were not going to stop until Cowo in a box. Cowo was the only victim from last year’s shooting that was pressing on the case for justice. In the Coye and Madrill shooting incident Cowo received injuries to his foot from bullet fragments. He sought medical assistance in Belize City for his injuries, but never withdrew his charges against the officers. A week before he was murdered, Cowo visited The San Pedro Sun office and shared his frustration at the outcome of the case. He stated that the verdict was unfair and he was going to seek legal advice to re-open the case and have Coye and Madrill re-arrested.

Kenyon College to install more solar panels for schools on Ambergris Caye
Thanks to Kenyon College from Ohio, USA more schools on the island could possibly receive solar panels. On Friday, January 12th Kenyon College Professors, Doctor Robert Alexander and Doctor Jim Skaon, alongside with retired entrepreneur Doug Karl came to the Ambergris Caye to provide solar panel assessments for schools on the island. In addition, they also provided check-ups on last year’s schools, as this is not the first time Kenyon College has installed solar panels in San Pedro Town. In March 2017, solar panels were installed at Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) and Brighter Tomorrow Preschool (BTP). Last year solar panels were purchased via donations from, Denise Ryan, Amanda Syme, Pepper Counter and Sarah Reza.

Ambergris Today

Trump Administration To Bar Belizeans From Seasonal Work Visas
The Trump administration is moving to ban Belizean immigrants from applying for seasonal and farm work visas in the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security announced Wednesday, January 17, 2018, just days after the president reportedly used a vulgar slur to describe the country last week. The department said it will remove Belize, as well as Haiti and Samoa, from its list of countries whose citizens can receive H-2A and H-2B visas, which are typically granted to seasonal workers in agriculture and other industries.

Rotary Club Of Ambergris Caye Belize - Student Mock Interviews
The Rotary Club will be coordinating with San Pedro High School and Junior College students to hold mock interviews, and we need the assistance of San Pedro area business owners! The overall purpose and objectives of the mock interviews are: We are asking volunteers to interview a minimum of 6 students, which should not take more than 3 ½ hours. Interviews will be conducted from mid-January through March. Please contact us at 635-0872 if you are interested, and we will send you further details and discuss scheduling. Check out more details on the The Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye Facebook Page.

Misc Belizean Sources


Payments for electricity bills can be made for free at any Authorized BEL Collection Agent countrywide
If you are being charged a fee to pay your electricity bill, be aware that you are not using an Authorized BEL Collection Agent.

Fitur 2018
Belize's representation at Fitur 2018 in Madrid, Spain

Kenyon College teachers James and Robert making notes and showing Principal Emil Vasquez what the solar data looks like from 230 Watt 24 volt panels
Schools that the Solar crew have installed in Belize over the past few years. St. Andrew's Anglican School, San Ignacio, Cayo - 8 Panels. Kings College, Belize Rural North - 4 Panels. Toledo Christian Academy, Punta Gourda - 4 panels. San Antonio Primary School, San Antonio, Cayo - 6 panels. Arenal RC School, Arenal, Cayo - 4 panels. Ambergris Caye Elementary School, Ambergris Caye - 8 Pannels. Brighter Tomorrow Preschool Ambergris Caye - 4 panels.

Northern Maya Peseants of Belize and the weather : Our Maya tatitos who did milpa or sugar cane gave us their knowledge on the weather and when to plant
Today many Paseants of Yucatec Maya Descent in Corozal and Orange Walk continue watching the behaviour of the animals like ants to predict rain . Another method use by the Maya paseants is Xok k'iin known in Spanish as " Cabanuelas" . Also our Mayero Grandparents taugth us to observe Uh(Luna) to know when to plant and what to plant . Today Mayeros continue observing the Tuulis Uh(Full moon) or Paal Uh(New Moon). Also some Maya in Northern Belize continue doing the tradition known as Cha Chaac primicias to ask for rain and blessings .

During the nineteenth century the subject Maya population of the Yucatan revolted against the Hispanic overlords who kept them in servitude. The conflict, known as the Caste War of the Yucatan in 1847 . Soon the Maya had nearly succeeded in driving the Hispanics out of the peninsula, driving them back to one final refuge, the city of Merida in the north of the peninsula. However, the Maya abandoned their seige of the city when the season for planting corn came. That allowed the Hispanics to bring in new troops. The Hispanics with the new force push back the Maya deeper to the Jungle . When the Maya was losing the war a miracle happen . In that jungle setting a miracles Crosses dress with a Maya huipil appear and it is said that God spoke through them . The cross was originally found at a small spring or cenote (it is said that there were actually several talking crosses, but this is the most famous and hisorically important).

Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle: The Belize Edition
Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle Issue 1.

Gasoline Lollipops in San Pedro
Don’t miss the Gasoline Lollipops at The Dive Bar this weekend January 19/20/21 in celebration of the owner’s Douglas Mclain Birthday! There will be local artists performing live music from noon to midnight. Main performance by the Gasoline Lollipops starts at 7pm. Live music and special performances by Dennis Wolfe II and his reggae band, John Stanley, Chris Guida, Tres Amigos and the Panerrifix Steel Band from Belize City. There will be plenty of Seafood Specials and tasty cocktails to complement each dish. See you at The Dive Bar where the fun under the sun starts at Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at noon! NO cover charge.

Punta Music. Report and Interview with Andy Palacio
Listen to a 1999 Interview with Andy Palacio.

Government of Belize Issues Statement on Incident at the Western Border
The Ministry of Defence wishes to make clear that the Belize Defence Force (BDF) was not involved in a recent incident at the Benque Viejo del Carmen Border involving a Guatemalan media personnel. The Belize Defence Force does not currently have a permanent presence at the Western Border or any other formal border entry facility. The BDF at all times would only attend to matters at these facilities on a needs basis. The BDF, therefore, was not at the Western Border Facility at the time of the incident. Security at these Border Facilities is the responsibility of the Border Management Authority assisted by permanent police outposts.

San Pedro Carnaval 2018
The great carnival of San Pedro 2018! More details coming soon.

H-2 Visa Program Update for Belize
We reached out to the US Embassy in Belize for more information and clarity on the ban of US temporary work visas for Belizeans. The Embassy's response is below, as well as some links that may provide more useful information for you.

Gimar School Supply Coming Soon in Corozal
Gimar School Supply Coming Soon inside the old Elizabeath Boutique Building. We do Photo Printing, school supplies, and more.

Corozal Animal Program-CAP
Pictures from our first day of Spaying and Neutering. We have another clinic tomorrow at the Patchakan Community Center from 8 am to 2 pm. Don't forget to thank the Vets, technicians, Volunteers and CAP members.

Job Opening at The Truck Stop in San Pedro
The Truck Stop and Cool Cone are now hiring! If you or a family member or friend is interested in working in our ice cream shop, come by the shop and fill out an application! This is a good job for friendly people who want to work in a fun environment (it's the Truck Stop, after all!). This is also a good starter position for recent high school graduates who are interested in their first full-time job. Come by the shop and fill out an application! We'll be conducting interviews in the next few days.

World Pediatric Project in Corozal
World Pediatric Project in collaboration with the Corozal Community Hospital would like to announce its Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery Mission 2018.

Rotary Club of Corozal donates 10 School desks
Today the Rotary Club of Corozal donated 10 School desks or Arm Chairs to Community Restore Belize. Julio C. Dominguez (Director of Community Services) and club member Abraham Nicholson assisted in the delivery of the desks/arm chairs. The chairs were paid for by individual members of the club.

A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited
For the post of Accounting Clerk II in the Finance Department (Belize City).

OAS Culture of Peace Project
The Organization of American States is starting up their Culture of Peace project, and they'll be offering classes in music, choir, and many arts. Contact the Benque HoC for more information. "We invite you to embrace Art and get enrolled through the OAS Culture of Peace Project starting from January 24th, every Wednesday & Thursday until March 29th from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Offering courses in Music- guitar & keyboard. Choral & Voice Training. Expressive Arts- Recycling, puppetry, drama & theatre. Painting. All materials free of cost, open to all ages, Under 8 Parental supervision is needed, limited spaces for 25 students per ART CLASS, register today!"


Channel 7

Extradition Proceedings Begin For Bennet, In A First, He Gets Bail
Since we broke the story of the US Extradition request for attorney Andrew Bennett, we've been closely following the developments on this unprecedented case. Bennett becomes the first attorney that the US government has requested to face extradition proceedings. The Americans want him to stand trial in the District of Puerto Rico for 7 counts of money laundering, and today, after weeks of preparation by the state, the formal process actually started. As we told you, the next step was for Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer to issue a provisional warrant for his apprehension, and then a first hearing - which is very much like your standard arraignment. It happened at court this morning, and our 7News team was there.

US Revokes Belize's Eligibility for Seasons Workers' Visas
One week after US President Donald Trump allegedly referred to African nations and Haiti as "shithole countries", the US has revoked Belize's eligibility for workers visas. On Tuesday, the Federal Register published a decision of the Department of Homeland Security to remove Belize, Haiti and Samoa from the list of counties whose citizens can get an H2 or workers visa. Now, these are not the regular visitors or tourist visas, known as B-1 and B-2 visas. The H2 visa allows US businesses to bring in workers from other countries: H-2A is for agriculture and the H-2B is for non-agricultural seasonal work in places such as resorts. Last year, the US Embassy in Belmopan issued 299 of those H-2 visas to Belizeans.

"Kaibiles" Came Through Like Nothing!
Eyebrows were raised across Belize today when footage emerged of a trio of Guatemalan soldiers - waltzing into the Immigration Hall at the Benque Viejo border. It's seen as a major disrespect by those with experience in border relations, but the soldiers - one of them a Kaibil - appeared to be taking their sweet time. It happened on Tuesday night and the video leaked out today - on Breaking Belize News. But, here's probably why they were here. Earlier that same day Belizean police allegedly roughed up Prensa Libre Newspaper journalist, Rigoberto Escobar. Escobar crossed the western border to Belize to get footage of the adjacency zone. According to a report in Prensa Libre, a policeman along with two Belizeans civilians approached him and told him to leave. That's when the officer allegedly assaulted Escobar. After the incident, he went to report it at the Guatemalan customs. Police wouldn't comment today, leaving it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Quincy Callously Killed
29 year old Quincy Gentle was shot and killed last night on Kelly Street. Gentle was on his way home when a gunman pounced on him. Gentle was hit to the chest and stomach. He died at the hospital just before midnight. Courtney Weatherburne has more on what's behind this killing. Quincy Gentle had been working among these kitchen attendants at Chon Saan for half of 2017. Then he joined the team at the front desk.

Police Still Cannot Find Andy Rhaburn
And moving now to the most recent murder in Orange Walk, Andy Rhaburn is still at large. He's the 26 year old Carmelita resident accused of killing his mother 53 year old Braulia Pech. He bludgeoned her to death with a crowbar and fled into the bushes. It's a difficult case, because Rhaburn - who lived alone with his mother - had a history of giving his mother trouble. She called the police many times for them to take him away. But, no official complaint was made. The head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch told us more today: ACP Joseph Myvett - National CIB: "I believe police may have had to visit the residence on several other occasions but there was no official report that was launched." Reporter: "Was there a case where he burnt his mom's house down?" ACP Joseph Myvett: "I am not sure I will have to get back to you on that but I am certain that there was some report received that there was an attempt. I do not know that the house was burnt down."

Why Was Constable Tevin Charged For Manslaughter
And while Rhaburn remains at large, Punta Gorda townspeople remain angry that PC Tevin Aranda was not charged for murder. Aranda shot and killed Mario Vernon on Saturdaynight - in what PG residents believe was an execution. But, police say that Vernon had a gun - and that claim has incensed town residents - who say it's all a setup. Now, ARANDA has been charged for manslaughter - and we asked the police all the tough questions today:.. Jules Vasquez: "You responded to the communities' complaints that in fact manslaughter is not enough that it was a murder." ACP Joseph Myvett - National CIB: "Well first we can only go by the evidence that we have and that is what was presented however the investigation is still an ongoing investigation."

Cops Close In On Cowo Suspect
Tonight police still don't know who killed 26 year old San Pedro resident Alfredo Cowo on Monday morning. He was executed by a lone gunman as he sat in his golf cart with his girlfriend on Monday morning. It happened in downtown San Pedro - where there's all kinds of surveillance cameras. And, today, the commander for Eastern Division CIB said they detained a suspect early this morning. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC - CIB Eastern Div.: "I know that we are looking for a suspect I understand that he was detained sometime last night about 2 or 3 in the morning so we are waiting from there to see how we will proceed with this matter." Jules Vasquez: "Is the suspect someone who has any history of encounters with law enforcement?"

Joselin's Strange Death
Police still don't know what caused the death of 21 year old Bella Vista villager Joselyn Dominguez. She was found dead in her room at 8:00 on Saturday - but there was no indication of foul play. The post mortem was completed yesterday and police are still saying it's inconclusive:… ACP Joseph Myvett - National CIB: "The post mortem results is that the cause of death is pending toxicology studies." Jules Vasquez: "Still no foul play suspected?" ACP Joseph Myvett: "No sign of injuries observed on the body."

Mark Pollard Missing Or Victim Of Murder Conspiracy?
Months after his disappearance, 49 year old Mark Pollard remains missing and some members of his family are building a case for a murder conspiracy. Last night on the news you heard his son suggest that his dad was killed because of a property dispute. He replayed a phone call with a relative professing specific knowledge of the murder of Mark Pollard. Well, that same recording was shared with police - and Pollard's son - along with activist Jose Uc-Espat are claiming that the cops failed to act in a timely manner. Today we asked lead investigator Cowo about it:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Eastern Div. : "Yes, we are aware of that recording as it was rightly mentioned, the police has already dealt with that recording. Reference to those recordings, the female person that is being questioned. I know that she was spoken to one time by Sergeant Novelo, who is in charge of precinct two here in regards to that same allegation there, and to the remains that was found inside of the tomb. It was initially she that brought that information to us and she disseminated it to the other family members."

Cops Deny Humes' Family Claims
The mother of the other missing man, Jamal Humes told the media yesterday that police are not doing a proper investigation. She spoke about a lead which police are not following up on. Cowo denied that today: ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Eastern Div.: "I know that the police department has been doing more than what the family believe. We have been with them several times, several days, in muddy areas, in swampy areas, inside of, ehm, logwood fishing pounds, searching for this body, where they claim that the person might be, along with coast guard and other police officers. Every information we are getting from them, it is being followed. I understand their frustration. And that they want answers just like us. However, every bit of information that they are giving us, we are following up."

Will Police Charge One More For Jamar?
11 year old Jahmar Ferguson is still fighting to recover fully after Mario Bul allegedly struck him in the head on New Year's Day in Orange Walk. Ferguson's leg was also injured in the attack. When we spoke to his mother today she told us that Jahmar is responding well and walking better but he still needs to go to therapy for his leg. He also has to take MRI on his brain to check for swelling. So although he is doing much better, his mother and the doctors still have to monitor his condition closely. His mother also expressed how bitter she is about the incident. She told us that she is angry that Bul is out free on bail in Orange Walk and that he hasn't even apologized or offered any form of assistance. His mother also insisted that the other man who allegedly held the boy down for Bul to hit him, should be charged as well. We asked police for an update on this case today

Lab Technician Charged for Killing Man on Motorbike
Another continuing investigation has ended - four weeks after a fatal accident. Unitedville resident Leo Ampie Flores was killed in mid-December when his motorbike collided with a pickup in Camalote village. Today, the driver of that pickup, San Ignacio Lab Technician Winston Gordon was charged for that Camalote accident. Gordon was taken before the Belmopan Magistrate's Court today for causing death by Careless Conduct, Manslaughter by Negligence and Driving without Due care and Attention. Gordon met bail of $6000. He is to report to the San Ignacio Police every Friday and he is not to leave the country without the Court's permission. The case is adjourned until April 16th.

CEO Says PACT Pulling Together, Not Apart
Last night we told you about the re-organization at PACT - where all the employees were sent home for a week and asked to consider new terms of employment. Seemed to us from the wording of the press release that those new terms suggested different, lower pay arrangement. Well, CEO in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Dr. Percival Cho says that's not the case. He says there is no "retrenchment" happening. He told us via text that "Staff have been offered salaries that are NO less than what they had before." He adds, "other areas of admin costs have been reduced, not salaries." And he finished off by saying quote, "Half the staff have already agreed to the new terms and will return to work tomorrow. PACT will be open for business, but under a more efficient and streamlined operational structure."

Couple Shot In Street Beef
On Tuesday night at around 9:30 in Belize City 37 year old Carolyn Revers and, 34 yea rold Damian Cattouse were sitting in a parked car on North Front Street - when someone pulled up and shot them. Revers was treated and released for two gunshot wounds to the arm, while Cattouse is in the hospital for a shot to the chest. Police told us what they know today:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Eastern Div.: "What police has gathered so far is that they were on North Front street almost in front of party center, located in front of the port authority building when they were approached by a male person who fired several shots at their direction thereafter the person fled."

Collective Adelante Con Andy
Andy Palacio died ten years ago but, his band, the Garifuna Collective is still carrying his message and music out into the world. Since his untimely death in 2008 at the age of 47, the collective has toured all over the world and today they headed out on a brief North American tour. The first date is in Boston, and before they left, we got to speak to them about carrying that legacy and the music of a legend: The Garifuna Collective has been a driving force in Belize's music industry for years. Their music has not just brought Belizean crowds to its feet but also crowds in Europe, Canada, and the United States. Their fan base is worldwide. The Garifuna music movement, of course, all started with legend Andy Palacio.

Major New Mag
A Belizean publishing house has released a new travel magazine called Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle: The Belize Edition. For McNab Publishing it's a follow up to its takeover of the old tourism workhorse, Destination Belize. The new magazine has a wider focus which looks at travel, culture, and lifestyle. Belize is the first stop, with other regional destinations to come. Like Destination Belize, it can be found in hotel rooms countrywide. You can find a link to an online version at

The Good Kind Of Hurricane
Tomorrow night the National Elite Basketball League will kick off its season right here in the city with the Belize Hurricanes one of two teams representing the city. They had a tough season last year, but they says they have reloaded to properly represent the old capital. We got to speak with a few team reps them today. Ian Mariano - Hurricanes Basketball Public Relations: "What we do primarily is we represent Belize City. Ou goal is we keep ourselves socially conscious while bringing that pride and joy as far as restoring Belize as the Mecca of basketball in the country. We are letting everybody know that come tomorrow night we have our first inaugural match. It is the first game of the season as far as the Smart Belize Hurricanes are concerned and it one of those games that you don't want to miss. We have 12 games and from there we move over to the finals. We go to each district and we play. We take the best of what we got and we take the best of what we have representing this city."

Channel 5

Extraditions Proceedings against Attorney Andrew Bennett Begin before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer
One hundred thousand dollars, plus one surety of the same amount; that’s the cost of Andrew Bennett’s freedom after appearing before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer this morning as extradition proceedings [...]

Andrew Bennett Arraigned and Released on Bail
In his submission, Sylvester made the point that Bennett was not a flight risk and had to prove to the court that his client would not abscond should he be [...]

SolGen Explains Objection to Bail for Andrew Bennett
Representing the United States government in the matter is Solicitor General Nigel Hawke.  In court, the SolGen did not offer much, save for an objection to bail as more of [...]

Should Andrew Bennett’s Right to Practice Law Be Taken Away?
Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, who signed off on the bundle of documents presented to him on January tenth, also weighed in on Bennett’s dilemma as an embattled attorney. Elrington says [...]

Dr. Errol Elrington’s Fugitive Status
Errol Elrington, he is the sibling of Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington who fled to Belize in 2014 as a fugitive of the United States.  The doctor is being sought by [...]

U.S. Government Suspends Temporary Work Visas to Belizeans
On the heels of a vote at the United Nation’s by Belize against the U.S. decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, Belize is among three countries removed from the [...]

Murder in the City: Quency Gentle Killed as He Headed Home
Shots rang out again on Wednesday night in an area of the city where gang-related violence has erupted. Twenty-eight-year-old Quency Gentle was two blocks away from his Wilson Street house [...]

Police Await Toxicology Report in Death of Joselin Dominguez
Investigations are also ongoing in the death of twenty-one-year-old Joselin Dominguez. A post-mortem conducted on her body was inconclusive. Police have ordered a toxicology report to determine the cause of [...]

What Were the Kaibiles Doing at the Western Border?
On Tuesday night at the western border crossing in Benque Viejo, a fifty-second surveillance footage from inside the Customs area of the Belize offices, captures three Guatemalan soldiers dressed in [...]

Guat Reporter Claims He Was Assaulted by Belizean Authorities
As we said, Escobar Lopez is a reporter attached to Prensa Libre and Guatevision in Peten, Flores.  He claims he was assaulted by a police officer after being spotted at [...]

DNA Test Confirms Burnt Remains Are of Pamela Lino
In May 2017, the burnt remains of a body were discovered in a vehicle in the Gracie Rock area, Belize District. After the discovery, it was widely believed that the [...]

1 Person Detained for Murder of Alfredo Cowo
Police have one suspect in custody for the murder of Alfredo Cowo. The San Pedro man was killed shortly after mid-night on Sunday as he hung out with his girlfriend [...]

Andy Rhaburn Still at Large
We reported on the matricide that happened in Carmelita, Orange Walk on Tuesday morning. Twenty-five-year-old Andy Rhaburn used a crowbar to hit his mother, fifty-four-year-old Braulia Pech on the head. [...]

Sedi on President Trump’s Classification of Shithole Countries
U.S. President Donald Trump last week created a firestorm when he made disparaging remarks about small and developing nations and countries such as Haiti, El Salvador and others in Africa [...]

Why Wasn’t PC Tevin Aranda Tested To See If He Was Intoxicated?
PC Tevin Aranda was charged with manslaughter for the killing of Mario Vernon this past weekend. The Punta Gorda community is crying foul; they say that charge should have been [...]

Police Continue to Follow Leads on Mark Pollard’s Whereabouts
We’ve been reporting on the case of missing man Mark Pollard since last year. There are several reports that Pollard has been killed and his body dumped, but so far [...]

Is the Police Doing Enough to Find Jamal Humes?
Jamal Humes is another missing man we’ve been reporting on since December twenty-seventh. Earlier this week, the family said the police was doing enough. ASP Alejandro Cowo said today that [...]

Who Targeted Justin Stephens on Monday Night?
Twenty-three-year-old Justin Stephens was shot on Monday night and police are now looking for one person to question. Stephens was shot at the corner of Dolphin Street and Cemetery Road [...]

Police Look for 1 Person in Cattouse, Revers Shooting
Police say they are looking for one person in connection with the shooting of Damion Cattouse and Carolyn Revers. The couple was shot on Tuesday night while they were on [...]

Opening of the 2018 NEBL Season: Belize Hurricanes Prepare
This Friday night at the Belize Elementary School Gymnasium in Belize City, the National Elite Basketball League semi-pro season officially opens with a matchup between Smart Belize Hurricanes and the [...]

Healthy Living Prepares for the Upcoming Flu Season
U.S. news outlets have been reporting a severe flu epidemic that has swept across the United States for over a week of. In comparison to last flu season, the U.S. [...]


Why Did Guatemala Trio Military Walked Through Benque Border
A short video recording showing Guatemalan military officials walking through the Belizean border facility like window-shopping customers, has been leaked to the media and has created a stir among Belizeans. The walk-thru happened on the night of Tuesday January 16th at an unknown time. The video as you can see shows three men in Guatemalan military uniform strolling past the Immigration and customs booth, then stopping to chat with someone, and waving back before going deeper into Belize territory.

GOB Mums About Guatemalan Authorities Entering Belizean Territory
“We are following up”…that’s the only response so far on the matter from an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. CEO Patrick Andrews, who is away on official business, responded to questions of the Guatemalan military presence in Belize, by indicating that the Ministry has requested reports from the agencies involved – we’re guessing he is referring to the Ministry of Immigration and the Customs Department to start with. Andrews noted that there is a standard procedure when dealing with situations of this nature, and they will be following it.

Maya Cement Truckers Still On Strike
There is still no resolution tonight to the deadlock between over a dozen truckers that belong to the Northern Cement Truckers Association and who transport Maya cement loads through the border and the Mexican company CEMEX who hires them. The truckers are against having to travel into Chetumal to collect their load because they are concerned that without any insurance to protect them, the risk of accidents are even of greater concern.

Ministry Of Defense Refutes Allegations Made By Guatemalan Journalist
Yesterday we reported on the allegations made by the Guatemalan news outlet “Prensa Libre” accusing Belizean officials of physically assaulting one of their journalists inside the adjacency zone. As we reported, Rigoberto Escobar Lopez, correspondent of Prensa Libre and Guatevision, reported that while covering a story at the adjacency zone on Tuesday, he was attacked by three members of the Belize security force who grabbed him by the neck and roughed him up.


Seven families displaced after early morning fire
Fire officials are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed three houses and displaced over thirty persons last night on Glenn Street in Belize City. The fire started at an abandoned house that residents in the area say was occupied only by a few homeless persons. The blaze grew quickly and spread to two …

Ernesto Torres running for Mayor of Belize City
Belize City resident Ernesto Torres is once again making a run as an independent candidate for Mayor of Belize City. Torres made his official announcement this morning before the media at his Belize City home. The Mayoral hopeful said his focus will be on improving the City’s infrastructure. Ernesto Torres – Independent Candidate for Mayor …

Mother continues search for missing son Jamal Humes
It is almost a month since 28-year-old Jamal Humes went missing. He was last seen on the night of December 20 when he left to assist someone who was experiencing vehicular problems. To date, no one has been able to say who that mysterious person was. Humes’ family has not seen or heard from him …

Mark Pollard’s family believe his disappearance is over family land
Also present at this afternoon’s conference with the media was the son of Mark Pollard, who has been missing for over five months. 21 year old Malcolm Pollard came forward to publicly share his family’s suspicions as to what happened to his father and why. As we have been reporting, 49 year-old Mark Pollard went …

Ahmad family still worried about their safety
But the family of Fareed Ahmad, who was slain allegedly by Woman Police Constable Michelle Brown, does not feel the same way. His brother maintains that the family continues to live in insecurity with little to no trust in the Police department. Faisal Ahmad – Younger Brother of Fareed Ahmad “Right now just with my …


Cotton tree school receives ramp for disabled students
Wilson Amaya attends St. Joseph R.C. School in the village of Cotton Tree in the Cayo District. Wilson is disabled and his parents use to have to carry him to school and to other places. That is until he received a wheelchair through Hearts for Christ, a Christian Ministry located in Roaring Creek V...

Three houses destroyed by fire in Belize City
There was a fire in Belize City early this morning in Belize City. Sometime around 12:30, an abandoned house on Gwen Street caught fire and the blaze quickly spread to two other two story buildings which house 8 families. All three houses were destroyed and some 30 people have now been left homeles...

Manhunt still on for Andy Rhaburn
The man hunt for 26 year old Andy Rhaburn is still on. Rhaburn is wanted after he killed his mother on Tuesday morning and attacked another woman. As we told you yesterday, Rhaburn and his mother, 53 year old Braulia Pech , were under a tree in Braulia’s yard when Rhaburn attacked his mother ...

Ernesto Torres vies for Mayoral position once again
Ernesto Torres says he is taking another shot at trying to become the Mayor of Belize City. This will be Torres’ third bid as an Independent Mayoral candidate. He has not been successful in the past but today he invited the press to a launch of his candidacy in Belize City. With previous political l...

Chinese Church van stolen in Belize City
Someone stole a church van from a church yard in Belize City. The theft was reported yesterday by 57 year old Tzu-Li Fred Shyu. He told police that the white Dodge Caravan van was parked at the Chinese Christian Church located at 17 Street, Kings Park, Belize City. It was parked there on Wednesday ...

Couple shot in Belize City
A couple seated in a car on North Front Street were shot in Belize City last night. According to police reports, sometime before 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, 37 year old Carolyn Revers and 34 year old Damian Cattouse were seated inside a parked vehicle when they heard multiple loud bangs that sounded ...

Vernon family upset by “manslaughter” charge
The family of Mario Vernon who was shot and killed last Saturday night in Punta Gorda by a cop, is upset over the charge that has been levied against the officer. Police say that on the directive of the DPP, they charged 23 year old PC Tevin Aranda for “Manslaughter” . The family believ...

PACT transitioning; office closed
The office of PACT in Belmopan was closed today and will continue to be closed for a one week period as it goes through a transition phase. That transition phase means a Change Management exercise and reduction in administrative costs. According to a press release from PACT issued today, and we quot...

Olympic Medalist, Belizean Simone Biles, accuses doctor of abuse
While Belize has been dealing over the last few weeks with several revelations and allegations of sexual abuse against minors, the USA Gymnastics world has been dealing with a sexual scandal of its own. Larry Nassar, a former USA Gymnastics doctor, has pleaded guilty in Ingham County, Michigan, to ...

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The Guardian

28 left homeless after fire on Glyn Street- NEMO and CEMO quick to aid families affected
An early morning fire on Glyn Street has left 8 families, a total of 28 persons, displaced and in need of clothes and other basic necessities. Just after 12:45 a.m. on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, police officers responded to this fire. Upon arrival at the scene, officers observed an unpainted two-story board house with zinc roofing engulfed in flames. That fire would spread to two other buildings in the vicinity which were being utilized by separate families. The fire was extinguished by personnel from the Fire Department but unfortunately, none of the families managed to save much.

PUP Embroiled in Fake Nationality Ring
Wendy Yasmira Castro Escobar, 26, a pregnant Guatemalan woman was formally arrested and charged on Saturday, January 13, 2018 for the offense of obtaining a birth certificate under false pretense. The accused is yet to be arraigned as her attorney, Arthur Saldivar visited the police station in San Ignacio on Sunday January 14 along with Belmopan Dr. Howe to visit the detainee who told them that her back was aching her. She was taken to the San Ignacio community hospital and was admitted where she remains under Police guard. Police say that she will appear in court as soon as she is released from the hospital.

Alvarene Burgess busted with contraband
The PUP had put her out as some kind of whistleblower who was intimately involved in the immigration hustle. Alvarene Burgess even testified that she was actually one of the agents who would secure all manner of immigration documents if she was paid enough. Now it seems that with the immigration hustle coming to and end, she has had to find another means of making a living and apparently she has turned to contraband. On Saturday January 13th, police conducted a check point in Pomona village where they encountered a silver KIA Sorento SUV. Upon seeing the checkpoint, the SUV which did not have on plates, ran the check point. Police set chase and caught up with it shortly thereafter.

Wanted for killing his mother
Orange Walk Police are currently on a man hunt for 26 year-old Andy Rhaburn, a resident of Carmelita Village. They believe that he bludgeoned his mother, 53 year-old Braulia Pech, a domestic and a shop owner in the village. Police say that on Tuesday, January 16, they received information of an assault, and they visited Pech’s home in the Spanish Town area. In her yard, under a tree, they found her suffering from a huge gash to the left side of her head which was bleeding profusely. Police and her family worked to quickly rush her to the Northern Regional Hospital for emergency medical treatment. She succumbed while the doctors were trying to save her life.

The start of Crooked Tree Causeway upgrade
On Tuesday January 16th, the Ministry of Works signed on to a contract with Caribbean Civil Group Ltd. of Nassau Bahamas for a feasibility study and final design for the upgrading of the Crooked Tree Causeway. Valued at USD$375,092.18 work to be done will include Climate Vulnerability Assessment, Hydraulic, and Flood Risk Modelling, Community Vulnerability Assessment, Gender Sensitive Feasibility study, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Preliminary and Final Detailed Designs of the Crooked Tree Road and Causeway. The Government of Belize and the Caribbean Development Bank are financing the project.

Police and farming in Belmopan
Both Belmopan Police and the Department of Agriculture continued this week to support agricultural projects in Schools. Thanks to a $5000.00 grant from the Taiwanese Government, the Methodist High School, Garden City Primary and San Martin Government School in Belmopan continue to reap the benefits from growing crops. It all started when Howell Gillett, Commander of Belmopan Police began to notice the plight of students at a particular school in Belmopan where they were not receiving their morning and sometime midday meal. “We knew we had to something about it, if we don’t look to the young people now we cannot guarantee their outcome,” says Superintendent Howell Gillett.

Do so no like do so and Alvarene Burgess
This situation with the PUP’s so called whistleblower Alvarine Burgess, being caught with contraband for yet another time is a BLOW to the PUP because now they can’t use any of their sound bites from the Special Select Senate Committee Hearings as a part of their ELECTION PROPAGANDA. Alvarine who was the PUP’s Poster Child for all things having to do with MORALITY, has been exposed for the world to see. She is now being seen as the dishonest person she was described to be by at least 3 witnesses during their testimony before the Special Select Senate Committee. How will the PUP spin this Alvarine debacle now? Which minister or UDP or DEAD PERSON will the PUP try to blame for Alvarine and her special friend being caught in a vehicle loaded with contraband? The PUP has been very silent on this one. If one were to listen to the silence over that side, one would believe either the PUP haven’t heard of Alvarine getting busted or Alvarine did not get busted with contraband.

The PUP’s last stand
Every so often, on rare occasions DEVINE INTERVENTION forces the PUP, to speak the truth. However whenever those occasions arise, the truth does not paint PUP in a very positive light. This latest occurrence is the result of an attempt of try to get some sort of groundswell of support, to propel the PUP into the Municipal Elections being held on March, 7th. Johnny has planned a Parade and NATIONAL CONVENTION /RALLY, to be held in Belize City, some 10 days before those Municipal Elections are to take place. The plan is to rent a crowd from all across the country and bus them into Belize City, where they intend to have a parade followed by a rally, in an effort to try and create a facade that the PUP is popular and on its way back to the top.

New Bridge for Carmelita
Back in late October 2017, localized flooding caused some serious problems for the residents of Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District. The flooding was caused by clogged drains and dilapidated culverts. Area Representative, Honorable Elodio Aragon responded to the emergency immediately and measures were taken to alleviate the problems for the short term by cleaning the drains. He then moved on to second phase which was to address the problems for the long term. New culverts were installed and drains were dug to ensure that water finds its way to the river thereby preventing any flooding in the village. Part of the problem was a deep canal which carries the water from the front of the village towards the river. This drain was completely clogged and also a wooden bridge which spans the width of said canal was in a serious and dangerous state of disrepair.

Better guidance for adolescents in Belize
On Tuesday morning the Ministry of Health in partnership with PAHO Belize hosted a stakeholders meeting in Belmopan to sensitize civil society organizations and other stakeholders on the Accelerated Action for the health of Adolescence (AA-HA!) Guidance document. This is the first meeting of many that the Ministry of Health will be hosting in an attempt to recognize the critical developmental phase of some 87,000 adolescent Belizeans. At the urging of the PAHO Region of the Americas, Belize is now seeking to accelerate the preventive intervention for adolescents.

New pedestrian cable bridge for Cayo North East
A sturdy new pedestrian cable bridge has now been fully completed, replacing the old pedestrian crossing at Branch Mouth in the Cayo District. The new bridge has a greater loading capacity and has been elevated to accommodate a higher flood level where both the Mopan and the Macal River meet to form the Belize River. A press release from the Government Press Office states that due to the urgency to restore proper and safe road access to students, villagers of surrounding areas and commuters in general, the Ministry of Works entered into a contract with a suitably experienced contractor, Luis Avella, using the limited tender procedure for construction of the new bridge.

Eugene Lanza accused of stealing WPC’s bicycle but he claims he was intoxicated
Allegations are being made against 35-year-old Eugene Lanza for theft of a bicycle from the Queen Street Police Station. The bike, valued at $299, is property of Tanisha Davis, a WPC that does police work in various communities in the city. Lanza was arraigned on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on a count of theft. According to Lanza, who claims to be a laborer at the KHMH, he arrived at home and upon arriving there, there was an incident. As a result, he got on his bicycle and went to make a report at the Queen Street Police Station. After making the report, he got back on his bike but it was not until he got home that he noticed he had the wrong bike. According to Lanza, his intoxication at the time led to him taking the wrong bicycle.

Policeman charged in death of Mario Vernon in PG
The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has instructed the police to charged police constable, 23 year old Tevin Aranda with the crime of Murder following the shooting death of Mario Vernon III. Vernon, a 24-year-old resident of Punta Gorda and grandson of the late Creole musician Leela Vernon, was shot by a police officer on January 13, 2018. That shot was fatal and has since caused much controversy and disruption. The killing of Vernon has led to the launch of both a criminal and internal investigation, ordered by Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police. There are several conflicting accounts of what took place that night but according to police reports, police officers were on a mobile patrol on George Price Street in Punta Gorda Town when they received information that Mario Vernon was in a yard in possession of a firearm. The officers proceeded to the area and upon arrival they saw Vernon running in a nearby yard towards Middle Street. The officers set chase after Vernon.

57-year-old man charged with sexual assault of 2-year-old
A 57-year-old man was accused of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old child. The alleged perpetrator, Bernadott Reyes, was caught red handed by the child’s mom. He is accused of touching her in the chest area. Reyes, a plumber of West Street in Belize City, was arraigned on Monday, January 15, 2018 before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser where he was read a single charge of sexual assault upon a child less than 12 years. The alleged sexual act is said to have occurred on January 2, 2018 not too far from the child’s house. The child’s mother saw the ordeal from a window and claims that Reyes was caressing her child’s chest. The mother told police that she ran outside and grabbed her child.

Man remanded on attempted murder charge
Delroy Staine Jr., a 19-year-old laborer of Diego Street, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison after he was arraigned on three criminal and indictable offenses on Friday, January 12, 2018. He was taken to court to answer to a stabbing incident which took place on January 2, 2018. In court, Staine Jr. appeared unrepresented before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford where the charges of attempted murder, grievous harm, and use of deadly means of harm with a deadly instrument were read to him. Because the charges are indictable offenses, no plea was taken from him. A preliminary inquiry will be held and if there is sufficient evidence, it will be addressed at the Supreme Court at a later date where a plea will be taken from him. Due to the nature of the crime, no bail could be granted to Staine Jr. He was remanded to prison until April 12, 2018.

Brandon BET Tillett on bail
Notorious George Street criminal figure, 31-year-old Brandon Tillett aka “BET”, is home after more than a week behind bars. Tillett was accused of assaulting his ex-common-law wife with a firearm during an incident in Burrell Boom Village. Tillett was able to meet his $10,000 bail which was offered to him after the case against by his ex-common-law wife, Camillah Terry, was withdrawn when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. A new charge of abetment to aggravated assault was read to him and he pleaded not guilty to that charge. Bail was offered to him by Supreme Court judge Antoinette Moore on Friday, January 12, 2018.

Execution in San Pedro
Alfredo Cowo, a 26 year-old resident of San Pedro, was murdered in Central Park in the heart of the island in the downtown area. He made headlines in April of 2017 as one of several victims injured in a wild police shooting in the very same park where he was executed. Police say that at around 12:40 a.m. on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, they visited the emergency section of the San Pedro Poly Clinic. There, they saw Cowo suffering from a gunshot wound to the right side of the chest. Their initial investigation has revealed that Cowo and his pregnant girlfriend were sitting on a golf cart, in front of Jaguars Night Club on Barrier Reef Drive, when they were approached by a gunman who fired several shots at him, injuring him once.

Chinese businessman robbed of $63,000 in cash and cheques
A robbery took place on Cran Street in broad daylight on the morning of Monday, January 15, 2018. The victim of this robbery was a Chinese businessman who police believe was watched and followed. He was followed to his vehicle by two men who were armed with a firearm. He was forced to give up $10,000 in cash, around $53,000 in cheques, as well as the keys to his vehicle. According to ASP Alejandro Cowo, searches were made in the area to attempt to establish the identities of the criminals. Although the victim was held up with a firearm, he escaped uninjured.

Shooting on North Front Street
On Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at about 9:50 p.m., police visited the KHMH where they observed Carolyn Revers, a 37-year-old Belizean of a Belize City address, suffering from two apparent gunshot wounds to the upper part of the left arm. They also observed Damian Cattouse, a 34-year-old Belizean laborer, suffering from one apparent gunshot wound to the left side of the chest and another to the right buttock. Initial investigation revealed that earlier that night, both Revers and Cattouse were seated inside a parked vehicle on North Front Street when they heard multiple loud bangs that sounded like gunshots. They later realized that they were both injured. Police are investigating.

Teenager and Ian Williams shot on Armadillo Street
A shooting on Armadillo Street in Belize City left a 15-year-old student as well as 20-year-old Ian Williams injured. According to police, on January 14, 2018 at 9:20 p.m., they visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Emergency Room where they observed the minor and Williams suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. The minor was seen suffering from a gunshot wound to the left leg while Williams was seen suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the chin. Initial police investigations reveal that earlier that night, the minor, Williams, and others were socializing on Armadillo Street. The group was approached by two male persons on a motorcycle. One of the men descended and fired several shots in their direction, causing their injuries.

Stephen Flowers remanded for New Year’s murder of Leon Garcia
The first murder of 2018 took the life of Leon Garcia and that murder has since led to the remand of 24-year-old Stephen Flowers. Flowers, a resident of an apartment in Pink’s Alley, appeared unrepresented before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser on Monday, January 15, 2018 where he was read a single charge of murder. The murder of Garcia took place on January 1, 2018 at around 3:30 a.m. while he was walking with Raheem Reed and other friends. The group of men was walking on Barrack Road in Belize City when they came under attack by a group of at least 30 men. Garcia, Reed, and others attempted to flee but Garcia would be fatally wounded after being stabbed multiple times to the chest and abdomen.

Belmopan Bandits to defend home court in Pepsi National Elite Basketball Title
The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) will be tipping off its fifth annual basketball tournament on Thursday, January 18. The opening game will be held at the UB gymnasium in Belmopan, and will feature the rematch of last season’s finale, as defending champions; Belmopan Bandits will host San Pedro Tiger Sharks. Tip-off is at 8:30 p.m. The game will be aired live on The National Channel (TNC), starting with a pre-game show at 8:00 p.m. The home squad, Belmopan Bandits, will showcase their new point guard, Leroy Louriano who is coming from Belize Hurricanes to partner with his old UB team mate, Farron Louriano. Belmopan will also be featuring their big man, Trevor Andrews, who hails from Canada.

Belize Female Beach Volleyball qualify to participate in 2018 Central American and Caribbean Game
For the First Time Belize has qualified to participate in the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games in Female Beach Volleyball for the first time in history. The Central American and Caribbean Games will be held July 19 - August 3, 2018 in Barranquilla, Colombia. Belizean athletes are training and working hard as they go through the selection process to determine the final two athletes to represent Belize.

Verdes FC opens defence of national title on the right foot
The Premier League of Belize 2017-2018 Closing Season commenced on Saturday 13th January, 2018, with a singular game on the schedule between the National sub-champions the Belmopan Bandits and Placencia Assassins FC at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village. In the game played, the host team Placencia Assassins FC, was the first onto the scoreboard when Alden Foreman scored the 1st goal of the game in the 13th minute of play to give his team a 1-0 lead. However, the lead was short lived as the Belmopan Bandits was able to get onto the scoreboard when Elroy Smith scored the equalising goal for his team in the 25th minute of play.

Belize City Primary Schools Volleyball Competition opens
The 2017-2018 Belize District Primary Schools Volleyball Competition opened on Tuesday 16th January, 2018 at the Stars Gym in Belize City. The schools competing in the girls’ competition are Hummingbird Elementary School, Belize Elementary School, St. Joseph RC School, Holy Redeemer School, St. Ignatius School, Queen Square Anglican School and St. Martin De Porres School. Meanwhile, the schools in the boys’ competition are Hummingbird Elementary School, St. Martin De Porres School, Queen Square Anglican School, St. Joseph RC School, Salvation Army School, Belize Elementary School, Bethel Primary School, Holy Redeemer School and All Saints Anglican School.

Body of Joselin Dominguez found in a house in Bella Vista Village, Toledo
The body of a Hispanic woman was found in a house in the Bella Vista Village in Toledo on Friday, January 12, 2018. She has been identified as Joselin Dominguez, a 21-year-old Belizean. When police officers visited the location, the body of Dominguez was seen lying on her bed with no apparent signs of violence on the body and clothing intact. Dominguez was last seen alive around 2 a.m. on the same date. Dominguez was living with friends at the time but the police have since made contact with the family. A post mortem will be conducted to certify the cause of death.

Dates for Agriculture and Trade Show announced
The National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) Committee, under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration, has informed the public that the National Agriculture and Trade Show 2018 will be held on April 27, 28 and 29. This year’s event will be celebrated under the theme “Let’s Get Growing”. Preparation of the grounds is currently underway and the committee advises that the reservation and sale of concession stands, food stalls, open spots and commercial booths have commenced. The right of first refusal will be granted to 2017 leaseholders and as such those vendors will have until February 9, 2018 to confirm their desire to re-establish their booth leases by contacting NATS, making a deposit of payment and signing of Lease Agreement.

Eulogy for Lewin Moguel - Missa Mogs (1939 -2018)
July 1st, 1939 was a momentous day in the life of Lewin and Juanita Moguel. This couple gave birth to a wonderful baby boy named Lewin Brandford Moguel, who would later leave a distinctive impression on the minds and lives of many Belizeans. Lewin Brandford Moguel, better known to all of us here today as Lewin or Missa Mogs, paved the way for many young Belizeans; as I am sure all in attendance here today can attest to. Each of us have a momento to carry in our heart about Mr. Moguel, or Missa Mogs as he was affectionately known.

Three injured in motor cycle collision in Cayo - One Dead
After a late evening of socializing, two friends were heading home on a motorcycle when they crashed into another motorcycle. Francisco Polanco and Jeffrey Thompson were on their way home at about 7:00 pm when they crashed near the West Star Gas Station in Roaring Creek into a motor cycle driven at the time by Raul Garcia. Following the impact all three men were flung unto the asphalt. As a result, Francisco Polanco, from Valley of Peace, suffered serious head injuries and died immediately thereafter. Meanwhile; Jeffrey Thompson is recovering at the Western Regional Hospital.

Police constable dies following traffic accident
Police Constable Enid Tillett who was knocked down on January 6th succumbed to his injuries on Sunday January 14. Following his death, police have charged 24 year old Jesus Enrique Munoz with Manslaughter by Negligence and Causing Death by Careless conduct. Munoz had earlier on been charged with driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention, failing to give way when changing direction, negligent grievous harm and using a motor vehicle without third party risk insurance. Those charges were upgraded when he appeared in court on Monday January 15 where bail was granted in the sum of 5 thousand dollars and one surety of the same amount.

Shot gun found near Belmopan
On Sunday at around 3:30 pm Belmopan Police discovered a shot gun near Belmopan. A 16 gauge shot gun was found by police in a woody area in the Maya Mopan Area of Belmopan. Police are now investigating to establish the ownership of the weapon.

Let’s not wait until 2028 - The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions
Last week I reiterated the need for urgent action on sustainable development Goal 6 (SDG 6). I urged that we not wait until the end of the New Decade for Action on SDG 6 to begin activities that will lead to its achievement. If the achievement of SDG 6 is unsuccessful, the other 11 SDGs will also be unsuccessful. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations reminds us of the three pillars of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental. He commented that water ?ows through the three pillars providing the essential services that are the keys to achieving poverty reduction, inclusive growth, public health, food security, lives of dignity for all and long-lasting harmony with earth’s essential ecosystems.

Words of Life with Pastor Barry Fraser
In Hebrews 12:1 & 2 we read: “Therefore since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.”

Making Money Moves
In today’s day and age, one must think creatively of ways to source the income necessary to satisfy our needs and provide the quality of life we wish to live. This includes teenagers and young adults as well. If you are a teen and are interested in earning some money of your own, you’re not alone. Many teens are looking for ways that they can make money to cover expenses for clothes, entertainment costs, and to save up for college and the future. It can be hard for you as a teen to get a job and even harder to get a well-paying job for obvious reasons. One- employers are often looking for someone that can work full time, and as a student, you might not be able to fit your classes and work into your schedule.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

No BDF were at border; says Ministry of Defense
The Ministry of Defence has issued a statement saying that it […]

Leaked video shows Guatemalan army men cross over into Belize
Yesterday, BBN reported that a Guatemalan reporter claimed to have been assaulted by Belizean authorities. […]

Glenn Street fire destroys several homes
By BBN Staff; According to police reports, yesterday morning around 12:45, police responded to a report of a […]

GOB to inaugurate new school building at Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico tomorrow
An official ceremony to inaugurate a new school building for Escuela Secundaria Técnica México High […]

Andy Rhaburn still on the run
Andy Rhaburn , the man who hit his mom with a crowbar and caused her […]

Belize receives Grant from the UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund
:Minister of State with responsibility for Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities Frank Mena is […]

US bans Belize from getting work-Visas
Belize is one of three countries, the others being Haiti and Samoa, that have been […]


Cold felt in Belize: A low tide in Corozal
This the time when the temperatures in Belize should be getting warmer and should stay in the 70's and 80's. A northern cold front approached Belize and has since been affecting us since last week Friday. And, for us 60's and low 70's in Belize is cold for us. Since the cold front, those warm jackets has since been taken out of the closets. Around the country, the heavy fog has been seen at unusual places like San Pedro Ambergris Caye. Today, in Corozal The weather has changed to light misty rain. That means more cold should be approaching Belize soon. Get your jackets out again for the cool weather because tonight the weather will be cool. Today, I walked the bay of Corozal as far as I could walk as seen at the picture below. This low tide made me see the biggest rocks on the side of the sidewalk. I saw broken glasses on the water that has never been removed. I saw trash that was brought by the waves. I saw the fishermen out on the catching fish with a taralla. The sand was created by the small waves as the tide went low. This low tide is caused by the cold weather that pushes the water out. So, if you want to take picture's of the low tide come out and enjoy the walk.

International Sourcesizz

World’s Largest Underwater Cave System Discovered in Mexico
Last week, explorers with the Great Maya Aquifer Project discovered a connection between two large underwater caverns on the Yucatan Peninsula. When combined, the two systems create a 215-mile-long underground labyrinth—the largest flooded cavern on Earth, reports National Geographic. While the cave itself is an interesting geologic formation, the cave system is also full of pre-Hispanic archaeological sites from the ancient Maya as well as unknown plant and animal species. “This immense cave represents the most important submerged archaeological site in the world, as it has more than a hundred archaeological contexts,” says Guillermo de Anda, director of the project, according to a translated press release. “Along this system, we had documented evidence of the first settlers of America, as well as extinct fauna and, of course, Maya culture.” In fact, in 2014, divers found the oldest human skeleton discovered in the New World while exploring one of the segments of this submerged cavern, Sac Actun. As National Geographic reports, the discovery was made after the project’s divers began a new phase of exploring the Sac Actun system and another known as Dos Ojos last March, mapping new tunnels and underground lakes, known as cenotes. They were also looking for a connection between the two.

Autopsy Released After TV Producer Found Dead in Belize
An executive producer at ABC station WLS-TV in Chicago was strangled in Belize, an autopsy revealed. Anne Swaney died from "asphyxia due to compression of the neck area, throttling (manual strangulation) and blunt force traumatic injuries to the head and neck region," according to the autopsy. Her body was found floating face-down in the Mopan River on Friday morning about a quarter of a mile from where she was staying. Swaney, 39, was the executive producer of online operations at WLS-TV, where she had worked since 1999.

A Mayan surprise!
My husband Thejas and I were tracking Belize, a small country in Central America, for months together. We discovered that this beauty has one foot in the jungle and the other in the Atlantic Ocean. It seemed to have all the right elements for adventure with a culture of its own. Soon enough, we decided to visit this amazing country. We started our week-long vacation from the beautiful little village of Hopkins in southern Belize. Hopkins is a friendly, slightly scruffy coastal village providing a perfect taste of local Garifuna culture. Our accommodation was at a local B&B run by a very charismatic and passionate Garifuna business woman. On the first day, we went snorkelling with Captain Breeze, a grizzly old local fisherman who looked like he had spent all his life in the sun and the ocean. This was our first glimpse of the Barrier Reef. On the second day Uhwanie, our host, guided us through a half-day cultural immersion. We dressed ourselves up in traditional Garifuna attire and harvested our coconuts and planktons from the trees. These were going to be our ingredients for cooking their traditional meals.


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  • Discover World-Class Belize Aboard Your Own Private Yacht, 5min. Conveniently located in northern Central America, in between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is small in stature but grand in unspoiled scenery and world-class splendor. Boasting idyllic cruising conditions as well as some of the best snorkeling & diving spots throughout the 350-mile long Mesoamerican Reef, the “adventure coast” is worthy of its nickname and it deserves to be at the top of every traveler’s bucket list.

  • Talk Ah Di Town January 18, 2018, 29min.

  • Understanding the Extradition Laws in Belize, on Open Your Eyes, 29min.

  • Tubal Trade And Vocational Institute - Recruitment Drive & Fundraiser Event, on Open Your Eyes, 23min.

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  • Belize 2018, 3min. Belize Marine Biology 2018 (John Abbott College)

  • Belmopan Bandits vs San Pedro Tiger Sharks, 60min.

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    White Sands Dive Shop - 5 Star PADI Dive Facility - Daily diving, SCUBA instruction and Snorkeling
    Caribbean Inspired All Natural Condiments & Spice Blends, Over 100 are Gluten Free!
    We manage a variety of homes, apartments, condos and commercial properties here on Ambergris Caye. Our minimum lease on ALL properties is six months.
    Click for Ian Anderson's Caves Branch, Welcome to a World of Adventure
    Lil Alphonse has snorkel equipment to fit anyone as well as Marine Park Tickets and flotation devices to assist those not as experienced.
    Coastal Xpress offers a daily scheduled ferry run to most resorts, restaurants and private piers on the island of Anbergris Caye. We also offer  private and charter water taxi service.
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    Cayo Espanto
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