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The San Pedro Sun

Tour guide Gilberto 'Hillyboo' Lara shot in San Pedro
The Police Department has launched an investigation into the recent shooting incident on Saturday, January 20th, that left two persons injured in San Pedro Town. The victims have been identified by police as 48- year-old San Pedro Tour Guide Gilberto 'Hillyboo' Lara, and 25-year-old Honduran waitress Katherine Vanessa Torres Zelaya. Lara apparently received a gunshot to the chest, while Zelaya was grazed on her back. Both were transported to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II for treatment. Zelaya's less severe injury was treated at the Polyclinic and released, but Lara was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in Belize City where he was initially admitted in critical condition. He has now been upgraded to stable condition.

Thanks to Sandbar, paper straws are now available to island businesses
Hoping to motivate more business to use environment-friendly paper straws, Sandbar Beachfront Hostel, Restaurant and Bar is making paper straws available for any business owner that is ready to make the switch. According to Sandbar's Britney O'Daniel, they made the switch from plastic to paper straws in July 2017. "My motive to switch to paper straws was after watching the disturbing video of a plastic straw being removed from a turtle's nose. Also, to help in the movement of using biodegradable products, as our ocean and environment is filled with plastic," she said. When O'Daniel realized that she had easy access to paper straws, she decided to stock her business with a large amount of them and sell them to other businesses. "I will continue to get them as long as other businesses are purchasing," she said. According to O'Daniel, Victoria House, Banyan Bay, Secret Beach and even Tipsy Tuna in Placencia have already made the switch to paper straws.

Auditions for 2019 Belikin Beer Calendar to be held in San Pedro
Belikin Beer, the beer of Belize will be conducting auditions for their 2019 calendar on Saturday, January 27th at the Caribbean Villas Beach Resort south of San Pedro Town. Interested models are asked to attend, preferably in beach attire for the test shots. The auditions are scheduled to run from 10AM to 3PM at the resort's Amber Beach Bar. According to Jayson Solis, Belikin Brand Coordinator the tryouts and interviews are supposed to be fun, and aspiring models should not feel nervous. The invitation goes out to any woman 18 years and older who may want the chance to be featured in the calendar. The calendar features models in swimwear usually engaged in a natural environment. Some of the settings used for the calendar shots include sunsets, mangrove trees, beach and even the jungle.

Ambergris Today

Local Fisherman/Tour Guide Gilberto Lara In Shooting Incident
Information has arrived to Ambergris Today that local fisherman and tourist guide Gilberto "Hilliboo" Lara has been shot but is in stable condition at the Karl Heusner Hospital in Belize City. Reports are that Lara was shot one time on his left side of his chest but that the wound was superficial and that he should recover well. The incident took place at around 3:30a.m. Saturday, January 20, 2018, in the San Juan Area of Ambergris Caye. Reports indicate that San Pedro Police have no suspects or motive for the shooting incident at the time.

Misc Belizean Sources


Sweet dog available for adoption onCaye Caulker
I was working on finding Lucky a home when he was diagnosed with a UTI so we put adoption on hold while he recovered. He's finishing up his meds now and doing much better so once again he's looking for a family to love him. Lucky is an affectionate and cuddly dog who will do well with other dogs or in a family that gives him lots of attention. He's playful but can also be a couch potato cuddler. I've included several photos of him with our dogs to demonstrate that. Lucky will do bes

Verdes First Home Game
The Verdes are hosting the Tiger Sharks on Friday, January 26th. This will be their first official home game. They'll be playing at the SHC auditorium like the Ballaz did.

Birding Expedition
Our week in Belize has sped past and we've seen and experienced MANY new things while enjoying time with several young friends, who made a special effort to show us their country's wildlife species and parts of the country we hadn't visited previously. Due to their assistance, I added 3 more Life Bird species to my World Life List as I crawl toward 8,000. BUT all great outings must come to an end and tomorrow it's Dean Schuler's turn to experience a NEW country for his first time as we enter Guatemala and meet up with another young friend and wonderful guide, Alexander Alvarado, at the border and drive to the ancient city of Tikal, located in the north of the Pet´┐Żn region of Guatemala, which was a major Mayan city which flourished between 300 and 850 CE: it was one of the grandest cities in Mesoamerica.

Today at the Corozal House of Culture we had a Alternative Healing workshop which included about the Maya (Yucatec Maya) identity, Herbs, Siro, El Susto and the similarities with Scientifical Methods . Thank you all for coming and thank to all the guest speakers TOONE Masehualoon and the Northern Maya Association of Belize . Pictures by Ak Kuchkabal Maya

The Reporter

Male and female injured in early morning shooting in San Pedro
The second shooting incident reported in San Pedro Town since the start of the new year has left a man critical and another woman injured after they were shot just after 3:30 this morning. Well-known Belizean tour-guide, Gilberto Lara, 48, is in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) as a result of a single gunshot wound he sustained to the right side of his chest. Katherine Vanessa Torrez, 25, a Honduran waitress was grazed to the upper right side of her back. According to police, on January 20th while both victims were traveling inside a golf cart on Sea Weed drive in San Pedro, they heard multiple gunshots and realized they had been hit.

Drug trafficking and customs bust in Guinea Grass
A Guinea Grass man was charged with drug trafficking and is awaiting the outcome of an investigation by the Customs Department after he was busted with a huge quantity of weed contraband goods on Friday. According to police, on January 19th while conducting an operation in Orange Walk, cops executed a search at the residence of 29-year-old Guadalupe Reymundo Flores. There, cops found over three pounds of weed hidden inside a black knapsack. Cops also found 60 cases of assorted contraband beers, 21 sacks of flour, several cases of soft drinks, a sack of onions and a case of tomatoes.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Police find illegal ammo in Roaring Creek
Yesterday afternoon around 12:15, police conducted a search in an abandoned lot in the Another World area of Roaring Creek village which led to the discovery of a plastic bag containing illegal ammunition.

Two shot in San Pedro
This morning around 3:30, San Pedro police saw Gilberto Lara, 48, a Belizean tour guide of San Pedro, suffering from a gunshot wound to the left side of his chest. Police also saw Katherine Vanessa Torres Zelaya, 25, a Honduran waitress of San Pedro, with a graze to her right upper back.

Bella Vista student reported missing
Ana Aracely Quinteros, 32, of Bella Vista village reported that on December 29, 2017 aroud 6:00 p.m. her daughter left home and hasn't returned. The 14-year-old student, Lillian Hernandez, has not been seen since.

Ladyville businessman held up
According to police reports, yesterday Bunty Ponwani, 28, a businessman of Ladyville village reported that around 6:50 p.m while inside Jolly Bees restaurant on Amara Avenue, a man walked into the restaurant and robbed him.


Northern Maya Association presents Alternative Healing Workshop Held in Corozal House of Culture
On Saturday January 20, 2018 I attended the Northern Maya Association presents Alternative Healing Workshop that commenced at 9am and concluded at 1pm. The Worshop was held at the Corozal House of Culuture. The Northern Maya Association Alternative Healing Workshop presentation included a Lecture and a Practical session by the Proffessors who was Invited at the event. It was lectured by Professor Maria "Maruch" Chable Ruiz, Dr. Baldomino Barbosa and Hilario Chi of Quintana Roo, Mexico, and other invited guests. The chairs were filled to witness this event and to experience the curring. Learning How to treat the common cold, constipation, bloating, burns on the body menstrual cramps, bad eye, body aches fevers, among other health anomalies. There was a special discussion on the "el Susto". The discussion was about the Maya's how they use to live decades ago and how they used medicine's using plants. The Maya culture is slowly disappearing. And, This workshop was Organized by Ms. Adela Pederson and her other helpers to Bring back the Maya Culture in the Corozal, District. If you want to know more about your curring contact Ms. Professor Maria "Maruch" Chable Ruiz on the phone: 005219831820995. There is a new Book about using flowers to cure yourself kindly contact Ms. Numada at 6231330.

International Sourcesizz

Coral Reefs Have Reached 'Make-or-Break Point': Scientists
The struggle to save the world's coral reefs has reached a "make or break point," warns Erik Solheim, head of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). Speaking after the launch of International Coral Reef Initiative's international year of the reef, Solheim cautioned that countries home to these delicate, complex ecosystems bear a special responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, plastic pollution and the negative impact of agribusiness: "We expect governments to step up to concrete actions." In Belize, the Petroleum Operations (Offshore Zone Moratorium) 2017 Bill aims to protect the country's barrier reef, the largest in the Western Hemisphere, by forbidding all future oil exploration activity in its waters and ending all existing exploration.

Alberta firefighters help train emergency workers in Belize, Colombia
Three volunteer firefighters from a small central Alberta town are travelling to South and Central America this year to share their expertise with emergency services personnel. Chris Layes, Rylen Trimble and Bryon Redknap of the Grande Cache Fire Department will deploy on two trips over January and February to help train firefighters and emergency service workers in Belize and Colombia. While members of the 35-person volunteer department have travelled to participate in firefighter stair climbs before, this is the first time Layes and Trimble will be instructing abroad.

Steps to preserve our Garifuna language
We the Garifuna people are among the 400 million people on this earth who speak one of the 6,000 indigenous languages that exist. Most of us are struggling to preserve our languages that we have been speaking for centuries before the Europeans came to our lands and established their colonial rule. They then passed decrees and laws forbidding us from speaking our native language and practicing our culture. This is what the French and the British did to us in our native land "Yurumein" now known as Saint Vincent & The Grenadines up until the war ended in 1796. About 5,000 of our people were removed from our mainland island and taken to one of our other island Balliceaux, where we were tortured and imprisoned. In 1797 about 2,500 of our people who survived the torturing, inhumane treatment and conditions they endured at Balliceaux, were packed up like cargoes and taken to the island of Roatan in the country of Honduras where they arrived on April 12, 1797. At the time our people arrived in Roatan, our language was already mixed with French. Now that we were brought to Roatan, our language is now influenced by the British and the Spanish. Both the British and the Spanish did not want us to intermingle with the other ethnic groups in their colonies so they isolated us from them.

The World's Ten Best Ethical Destinations 2018
Belize has again made the top 10 ethical destination list! And this list was compiled before the referendum protecting the reef, although the initiative is mentioned. "In June, the Belize government made major voluntary commitments at the UN Oceans Conference to secure Belize's fisheries as an engine for sustainable development, while in October, the government established the first-ever nationwide ray sanctuary and introduced legislation for a moratorium on offshore drilling. However, Belize has not yet delivered on protections for the Belize Barrier Reef promised by legislation and commitments made to better protect the environment, leaving the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere exposed to threats from offshore oil drilling and damaging coastal construction. Fulfilling this promise of protection may be crucial to keeping Belize on next year's list."


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