[Linked Image] Seafloor or Seabed mapping is a geographical survey of the seafloor. Two vessels have been deployed to Belize to conduct such surveys. The survey is being carried out through the Commonwealth Marine Economies (CME) Program which is being spearheaded by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. Representatives of the Belize Port Authority and other government officials met with stakeholders to identify priority areas to be surveyed.

High frequency mapping sonars are being used, which have no negative impact on its diverse ecosystems and marine life. The surveying is expected to continue throughout February and will focus on areas including Belize City, Big Creek and Commerce Bight. Information from the survey will be used to update nautical charts of the region. These updated charts will reduce navigational risks and improve the safety of ships, cargo and crew. Data will also support a range of environmental and scientific applications, enabling Belize to better manage the marine environment in these areas.