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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Paul Jex shot and killed in San Pedrito, Dion Neal wounded
It has been confirmed that shortly after 5PM on Tuesday, January 23rd a shooting incident at the entrance of the San Pedrito subdivision has left one person dead, and another one injured. The deceased has been identified as Paul Jex who received one fatal shot to the head. The other person injured in the shooting was Dion Neal, who after being shot managed to flee the scene heading into town. He collapsed on Pescador driver and was taken to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II for treatment. According to a witness, she heard two shots as she was heading home from her job. She thought the sounds were from firecrackers, but as she approached the entrance of San Pedrito she noticed someone lying on the road. She then saw three young men running towards the lagoon side. She witnessed a man running past her who said he'd been shot. This was Neal, who managed to reach Pescador Drive before collapsing.

Stanford Eye Clinic is back on Ambergris Caye
The Stanford Eye Clinic is hosting its first clinic for the year at the San Pedro Lions Den. Since Sunday, January 21st, eye examinations are being facilitated by ophthalmologists, Dr. Ecunabaughn Koo and Dr. Katerine Warner from Stanford University in California, USA. According to Dr. Koo, the examinations are not only to determine if patients need glasses, but are also a way to detect eye conditions and diseases. "We check for glaucoma, retinopathy, and cataracts. These conditions are sometimes in their early stage, so if they are detected in time, they can be treated before causing any major damage to a persons' sight," she said. "It is very important for people to regularly check their eyes, as you can prevent or detect an eye disease early. Persons who suffer from diabetes and hypertension are more likely to suffer from these diseases, so it's important for regular check-ups."

Misc Belizean Sources


Opening at Femi's Secret Cafe on Caye Caulker
Femi's Secret Cafe is looking for someone to do Deliveries male or feamale it can be a young person .. it's to Delivery goodies from Femi's Secret Cafe .. anyone doing nothing and want an easy job please call 6223469.. anyone knows of a young girl boy away from school and need something to do please pass the word .. I give food also call 6223469

The Maya Communities Stand United Against Crimes Committed Upon Women
The Toledo Alcaldes Association of the thirty nine Maya communities in southern Belize condemns the heinous crime that was committed against the young sisters, Josephina Oh and Crecencia Oh, of San Antonio Village on the San Jose road. These horrible acts being committed against Maya women have shaken our peaceful communities to its core. Our communities have always been peaceful and collective. We have enjoyed such peace not by chance but as a result of being on the frontline of ensuring that we live as respectful and caring people to each other and to our environment. The TAA calls on each and every community member to be the protector of each other. We need to care for our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and Elders. This is our way - a way that fosters peaceful living. Furthermore, the Alcaldes call on the Police Department to ensure that a thorough investigation is done and that the person or persons who committed this crime are brought before the law. The TAA stands ready to support and has been in touch with the Alcaldes of San Jose who are and will continue to collaborate with the Punta Gorda Police to resolve this latest incident.

Paint N Splash
Come join us at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar Thursday from 2-4pm to paint "Set Yourself Free". We will be blending colors and also layering colors

"PIERRE DAVID" at the Princess Casino Freezone
You are invited to another Laugh Out Loud weekend at the PRINCESS CASINO FREEZONE, Corozal for the live musical comedy Show of popular entertainer "PIERRE DAVID". It is all happening this Friday, January 26th and Saturday, January 27th at 10:00 p.m. Come out enjoy, laugh and get a chance to win. Free entrance.

To Educate a Nation Book Launch
The launch of To Educate a Nation will be this Thursday and Friday at the Cayo Welcome Center. It's all about the contributions of Garifuna teachers and their families.

8th Annual Tribute to Bob Marley
Coming Soon! 8th Annual Tribute to Bob Marley in San Pedro Town, Feb. 6th, 2018

Stay in line at the bridge in San Pedro...
Would all drivers please note that they should stay in line at the bridge so as not to cause accidents. Failure to comply will result in their being issued a violation ticket. This is to further enhance safety measures around town, not only for motorists but also pedestrians especially children. Also it is mandatory to STOP at the Toll booth even if you have prepaid. Thanks

Home Remedies That Work: Ginger
To quell nausea - try frozen ginger chips. First, infuse fresh ginger in hot water. Strain, then freeze the concoction in ice cube trays. Crush the cubes and suck the icy chips throughout the day to provide your tummy with a steady soothing dribble. Ginger's anti-nausea properties are particularly effective during pregnancy of after surgery.

Channel 7

Another San Pedro Slaying - Second One In a Week
There was another murder in San Pedro town this evening around 5:00. It's the second execution that town has seen in a week, and again, it is believed to be related to underworld activities. Paul Jex and Deon Neal were at a boatyard in the San Pedrito area near the airstrip when they were shot. 32 year old Jex died from his injuries while Neal is being treated at the san Pedro Polyclinic where he is stable. Jex had reportedly been in police custody up until an hour before his murder. He was facing a charge for possession of 20 grammes of marijuana - but reports say he received bail and was released. Within an hour, he would be dead.

Boy Survives Being Run Over With Only Minor Injuries
A young boy was knocked down on Sunday evening on the corner of Amara and Dean Streets - it was ghastly collision as seen in this video but the boy miraculously survived without major injury. The boy was on his bicycle when this oncoming car struck him and dragged him along. When we spoke to the boy's father he declined comment but said that his son was fine. Today we spoke to an area resident off camera about the accident. Voice of: Eyewitness: "Sunday afternoon well as basic people gathering in their yard and some of us on the street, this vehicle just appeared out of nowhere from Amara and a little boy was crossing the street and actually the vehicle was under a speed so by the blink of an eye the child was already down the other side. You could have heard that bang so hard, what disappoints us all around here is that that vehicle didn't even stop after hitting that child, it just kept on rolling even faster than when it hit him."

Toledo Alcalde's Tell Police "Let Us Help" Solve Double Murder Of Sisters
Last night on the news, we told you about the double murder of the sisters, 20 year old Cresencia and 18 year old Josephina Oh. On Sunday evening, they left their home village of San Antonio to attend a church service 10 miles away in the neighboring village of San Jose. They stayed back in that village to visit their brother, and they didn't catch a ride home with the San Antonio Resident who brought them. Instead, they were attempting to walk home, but they never made it. Hours after they were last seen alive, their mutilated and partially nude bodies were found on the outskirts of the village. Someone had viciously chopped them to death.

Car Jacking Nets Mobile Robber 6K
In Corozal, a worker at a butane company was heading to the bank to make a deposit when he was held up by a daring robber. Yesterday morning at 10:30, 30 year old Edgar Loria, from Ranchito Village, was in Corozal Town driving on 7th Avenue in a Nissan Frontier pick-up heading towards the Belize Bank, when a black minivan without license plates pulled up beside him and a passenger ordered him to stop. He pulled over, and a man wearing a ski mask and armed with a hand gun jumped out of the van and told him to hand over the money. Loria handed over the deposit bag with $5,751.00 dollars in cash - and the robbers drove off. Police have not made any arrests.

Mexican Trio of Bank Card Fraudsters Will Face More Charges
Tonight, three Mexicans are in the Hattieville Prison pending many more charges for theft and possibly other offences. Leonel Isaac Rodriguez Peralta, Joscan Jafet Hernandez, and Belen Hernandez are being investigated for using bogus bank cards to take ninety-five thousand dollars out of Atlantic Bank ATM machines in the Free Zone, Corozal, Orange Walk, Belize City, San Pedro, Caye Caulker and San Ignacio. This happened between November 2017 and January 2018.

Andy Rhaburn's Big Sister Wants Answers On Why He Killed Their Mother
26 year old murder suspect Andy Rhaburn is recovering in the Northern Regional Hospital after police shot him in the arm and hip yesterday. The cops say he came out of the bushes on the outskirts of Carmelita village with a machete which is when they shot him. Rhaburn is accused of doing the almost unthinkable: killing his own mother Braulia Pech with a crowbar one week ago. That event has destroyed his family - and today via phone his sister Clarita Rhaburn said that she still has questions for her little brother:...

Boat Captain Gets Off Manslaughter Charge Eight Years Later
He's waited 8 years and 2 months but tonight 51 year-old Antonio Tepaz has been acquitted of manslaughter by negligence. It made big news back in November of 2009 when a boat collision between the vessel, "Tio John", belonging to Coastal Xpress Water Ferry and the boat, "Right Now", belonging to the Sueno Del Mar Resort, killed 33 year old Cesar Scott. That accident happened on November 15, 2009 in San Pedro. Scott was the side man on the "Right Now" vessel, which was allegedly being driven by Tepaz. We have to say "allegedly" because Tepaz was prosecuted in a trial before Justice Adolph Lucas. In that trial, the prosecution called 8 witnesses who were supposed to establish that Tepaz committed the offense. At the conclusion of the prosecution's case however, Tepaz's attorney, Ellis Arnold, made a submission that the prosecution did not lead any evidence in the case that he was the driver of the boat in which Scott was killed.

Mother of Two Accused Of Taking Prisoners
24 year-old Shereffa Jex, a mother of 2, is also out on bail after being taken to court for breaking into a house and holding 2 people at knife point against their will. According to Police, on January 18th., Jex, an employee of Transparent BPO residing in Burrell Boom, barged into the home of Marisela Salvador. Once inside, Jex reportedly used a knife to unlawfully imprison Leroy Young and a minor. Police investigated the report, and they charged Jex with aggravated burglary and unlawful imprisonment. She was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Frazer, and she was represented by attorney Leeroy Banner. She pleaded not guilty to the offences, and was released on bail of $4,000. She must return to court on April 5.

Kendis Cole And The Gas Pump Pilfering
29 year-old Kendis Cole, a resident of Caye Caulker Village, is out on bail tonight after his boss accused him of pocketing money from sales he made as a gas station pump attendant. 46 year-old Marlon Skeen, the owner of Stack Up and Go Gas Station, in Biscayne Village, reported to police that Cole worked at his gas station and sold $2,141 in fuel which he did not turn in. He noticed the missing money and reported it to police, who charged him with theft. He was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer, and he pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was released on bail of $1,000, and he must return to court on April 5.

Chunox Villager With Shellfish
19 year-old Jorge Cassanova, a fisherman from Chunox Village, will have to pay fines to a total of $3,480 dollars to the Magistrate's Court. That's after he went before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford and pled guilty to 4 fisheries offences. The Fisheries Department reported that at around 9:25 a.m. on December 29, fisheries officers boarded the fishing vessel, La Gadalupana. They found Cassanova in possession of 24 undersized lobster tails, 95 undersized conch, and 3 soft shell lobster tails and 1 lobster which had its eggs removed. The fisheries officers confiscated the shellfish, and they charged him for the out-of-season catch. He was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford, and he pleaded guilty to all offenses. She sentenced him to pay fines to a total of $3,480.

Weed and Crack On a Farm
Police busted a Stann Creek resident with crack cocaine and weed. Police found 12 grams of crack-cocaine and 13 ounces of weed in a home at a farm in the Stann Creek District. 29 year old Anthony Argueta has been arrested and charged for (3) counts of "Drug Trafficking.

Gun and Weed In Alley
Police found more drugs and guns on city streets. Yesterday evening around 3:45 police found a .25 pistol, an empty magazine and a bag with 4 ounces of weed in an abandoned lot in Pitts Alley. No one was in the area and the drugs and firearm were deposited as found property.

Capital Cops Got A Shotgun
And, yesterday at noon in Belmopan, police found a home-made shotgun with a small amount of weed. They say the gun was stowed alongside a creek near Suriname Street, in the San Martin Area.

NICH Pickup Flipped - Second Accident In One Day On Same Hill
No one was hurt when a NICH pickup flipped on the Southern Highway today. The Toyota Hilux - lost control in a slippery area known as "Lando Hill" - which is in Big Falls Village. The vehicle skated off the road, and ran up into a hillside, which caused it to flip unto the road. Drivers may not know that the hill gets slippery at the slightest rains, and in the past two days - this is the second vehicle to flip on that very same hill. No one was hurt in either accident, but police are urging caution in that area.

Months After Shooting And Accident, No Charges
Three months after a shooting and accident, no one has been charged. As we have reported, Tyrin Faber and his cousin Elon Faber were shot by a security guard at Princess. He fired his shotgun to the ground to break up a brawl, but one of the bullets ricochetted and injured both Faber's. Now as they were racing to the hospital, a vehicle pursuing them tapped their back bumper on Freetown Road - which you can see in this security video. That small contact at very high speeds caused their Toyota Four Runner to flip on Freetown road, near the Cinderella plaza junction. That's when another one of their friends was injured.

Two More Murdered - This Time In Ladyville
We started the news off tonight with the report of a murder in San Pedro - and news just in says that there have been two more - this time in Ladyville. Credible reports say that a number of persons were shot on Milpa Road - and multiple sources say that two people were murdered. The Milpa road has been the scene of a number of gang related murders over the years. We'll keep following the story and have more for you tomorrow.

CARICOM Contemplates Cannabis
The Caricom Commission on marijuana was in Belize in November, and they have also held consultations in Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, the Bahamas, Guyana, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Suriname. Today, CARICOM announced that they have issued a status report which finds, quote, "that the subject has emerged as an issue of social significance across the region." The report notes quote, "strong opinions about marijuana and its use, including strong lobbying for use for medical reasons from a group of persons living with disabilities and in wheelchairs...". But, there's no final position taken yet by the ten person commission. It continues to gather information and will present its findings and recommendations to the Thirty-Ninth Regular meeting of CARICOM Heads of Government scheduled for the first week in July 2018, in Jamaica.

Guat President Under Pressure
Tonight, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales continues to be the subject of controversy in his country after journalists uncovered what is believed to be questionable spending of public monies. News reports out of Guatemala say that the Presidential Office of Administrative Affairs paid $40,000 US dollars for goods and expenses in 2017 on his behalf. He reportedly receives one of the highest salaries of of the presidents in Latin America at $20,000 US a month. Yesterday, he was questioned about his expenses during a news conference, and he was asked about a pair of designer Carolina Herrera sunglasses worth almost $3,000 US. When asked why he didn't pay for it out of his pocket, he is quoted as responding, "Because I don't have to pay for them out of my salary� I was handed that pair of glasses, do you think I go asking for those kinds of purchases?"

The Tale Of The Left Turn
The median on the Northern Highway is nothing new, in fact it has been there for quite some time now but many are still struggling to adjust to the idea of going down to the roundabout to make left turns. Last night, we showed you a clip from an executive at Cisco Construction explaining the median and new no left turn rule. Well, today we went out on to the highway to hear what commuters had to say and to our surprise, the reviews were not all negative. Sahar Vasquez reporting: The reconstruction of Belize City's new six-lane highway is a major step of present-day progress but is it more trouble than it is worth? Well for some Belizeans that is the feeling especially with the most recent median added to a road that is now a patchwork of hardcore fill, stones and clouds of dust.

Channel 5

Breaking: Paul Jex Killed in San Pedro Town; Another Man Injured
There is another murder to report in San Pedro tonight, where a well-known street figure was just shot and killed around five-thirty this evening.� Paul Jex, an affiliate of the [...]

William Godoy's Family Protest Murder Charge
The first murder victim on the island is Alfredo Cowo and tonight, a San Pedro mechanic is spending his first night behind bars at the Central Prison for that murder. [...]

Down South, Alcaldes Pressure Authorities in Gruesome Double Murder
The barbarity of a pair of machete murders in the village of San Jose, Toledo District, has sent shockwaves across the Maya community.� This act of savagery, the mutilation of [...]

MLA/TAA Calls on All to Do Their Part
In light of the tragic incident, alcaldes are being reminded to make certain that the highest level of attention is paid to complaints where women and children are being violated.� [...]

Killer Bees Strike Down Omar Cruz in Unitedville
Residents of Unitedville in the Cayo District are calling on authorities to tend to an abandoned building containing a swarm of Africanized or "killer" bees which severely stung a senior [...]

Ambassador Talks Trafficking in Persons; Higher Rank for Belize Passports
Speaking out on the issue of human trafficking recently is Belize's Ambassador to the U.S. and permanent representative to the O.A.S., Daniel Gutierrez. This comes after the U.S. recently added [...]

Things Look Better, But Not Much, Foreign Forecast Says
For those still wondering if the best is yet to come going into an election year, The Economist Intelligence Unit says not quite. Its quarterly economic forecast predicts a return [...]

How Belize's Murder Rate Stacks Up in Region
In an addendum to the Economist Intelligence Unit report on Belize, the organization discusses the rise in the rate of murder in several Caribbean countries, due to gang feuds related [...]

Boy, 10, Survives Hit-and-Run in Belize City
Camera footage of a hit-and-run accident on Sunday evening, January twenty-first, is cause for concern for parents tonight. A ten-year-old boy was riding his bicycle across the intersection of Amara [...]

Robbers Strike Ranchito Salesman in Corozal Town
Corozal police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred Monday morning on Seventh Avenue.� Thirty-year-old Edgar Loria, a salesman of Ranchito Village, was on his way to make a deposit [...]

Fisherman Loses Big Money for Illegal Produce
Chunox village fisherman Jorge Casanova was caught red-handed with a variety of illegal produce in December in the vicinity of Tarpon Creek in the Turneffe Atolls. It will cost him [...]

Young Mother Avoids Jail on Home Invasion Charge
Twenty-four-year-old Shereffa Jex was read charges of aggravated burglary and two counts of unlawful imprisonment for a reported home invasion in the Buttercup section of Burrell Boom. She is accused [...]

Meet the Municipal Mayoral Candidates in San Pedro Town
Tonight we begin a series related to the upcoming March seventh municipal elections.� We were on the campaign trail in San Pedro, where the U.D.P. Town Council has been in [...]

Darrell Bradley Says Belize City is "Better than I Found It"
Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley is set to demit office in the next five weeks and is currently in the process of transitioning back to private life as an attorney.� [...]

Thanks to Municipal Bond, City is Debt-Free
The hallmark of Bradley's success at City Hall is perhaps the floating of the municipal bond, monies which were used to concretize over a hundred and sixty streets across the [...]

After Family Time, Bradley's March to Belmopan Begins
As we said earlier, the outgoing mayor is easing back into private life, with a renewed focus on other career interests, including his law firm.� But, politics is still very [...]

Belize City Family Picks Up Pieces after Surprise Eviction
Two Saturdays ago, a Belize City family claims it was forcibly separated at the decision of a landlord who reportedly called the Gang Suppression Unit to help evict them from [...]


Opposition Calls On GOB To Assist Farmers And Fix Sugar Roads
Last week we reported on the outcry of the onion and potato farmers in northern Belize about the needed market conditions for the harvest they are preparing to reap in the next few weeks. On a yearly basis, these farmers struggle to sell their produce because of poor protection from Government marketing agencies which allow the importation of vegetables even though locally there is enough to sustain demands. This year, the farmers sought to pre-empt those hurdles and called out the Government to protect them. Opposition leader Hon. John Briceno agreed.

Pablo Marin's Jade Head Project Raised Eyebrows
Two weeks ago we told you about the construction taking place along a roundabout near the Santa Rita area of Corozal Town. As we reported, the project isn't one being carried out by the Town Council, but rather by Area Representative Pablo Marin. We have also learnt that Marin's idea is to do a tourism beautification project and he personally chose the location and the construction of a Mayan artefact on the site. While we've noted the concerns by residents about the impact which the construction site will have on traffic visibility, there is a more serious concern regarding the utility of the project.

Jahmar Receives Much Needed MRI
Jahmar Ferguson, the seven year old student and resident of Trial Farm Village, who was struck on the head with a blunt object three weeks ago on Monday January 1st, is still recuperating from his injury at a steady pace. As we have been reporting over the past weeks, due to the severity of Jahmar's head injury, specialists recommended that he conduct an MRI scan as soon as possible to establish whether he suffers from any internal damage that might possibly result in long-term conditions.

Fisherman Charged for Being In Possession Of Underside Lobster
A fisherman of Chunox Village, was fined a total of $3,480 today by Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford after he pled guilty to 4 fisheries offences. Nineteen year old Jorge Cassanova, was fined $250 plus $5 court cost for each of the following offences: Possession of 95 undersized conch, possession of 24 undersized lobster tails, possession of 3 soft shell lobster tails and possession of one lobster when the eggs have been removed. His additional fine for each offence was $20 per conch and $20 per lobster.


Police operations yield results
Police in the Stann Creek District searched Argueta's residence and found 12 grams of crack cocaine and 390 grams of marijuana. He was charged with drug trafficking. Meanwhile police in Belize City conducted a search in an abandoned lot in Pitts Alley yesterday afternoon. There they found a silver and black .25 pistol along with �

Hit and Run captured on camera
A young man was knocked down on Sunday, January 21, while he was on a bicycle on Amara Avenue in Belize City. The incident was captured by a surveillance camera and it shows the young man riding across the intersection and the car hitting the young man off his bicycle. Residents of the area are �

Seafloor mapping being conducted in Belize
Seafloor or Seabed mapping is a geographical survey of the seafloor. Two vessels have been deployed to Belize to conduct such surveys. The survey is being carried out through the Commonwealth Marine Economies (CME) Program which is being spearheaded by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. Representatives of the Belize Port Authority and other government officials �

Family feels safer after murderer was captured
Villagers of Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District can now breathe a collective sigh of relief after the man accused of killing his mother was captured yesterday. 26 year old Andy Rhaburn was captured by Orange Walk Police after being on the run for almost a week. Rhaburn reportedly bludgeoned his mother, 53-year-old Braulia �

Sherla Adolphus loses civil suit against Dorian Pakeman
Sherla Adolphus has to pay the court two thousand dollars after a second civil suit she brought against Director of the Government Press Office Dorian Pakeman was unsuccessful yesterday. Pakeman knocked down and killed Adolphus spouse, Dean Dawson, in March 2016. Dawson was on his bicycle on mile 23 of the Philip Goldson Highway when �

Toledo Alcaldes Association condemns murder of two young Mayan women
The brutal murders of seventeen year old Josephine Oh and nineteen year old Crisencia Oh have left the Mayan communities of southern Belize in shock. The young girls were hacked to death on Sunday night in the Village of San Jose in the Toledo District. Their mutilated bodies were found about two miles off �


No arrests yet in Toledo double murder
Police are still investigating the gruesome and disturbing murder of two teenage sisters who were severely chopped and killed in the Toledo district. As we reported, 19 year old Cresencia Oh and her 17 year old sister Josephina Oh, were heading home from church on Sunday night when they were vici...

Hit and run caught on camera
A hit and run accident was captured by a surveillance camera on Amara Avenue. The time stamp on the video shows that the incident occurred on Sunday January 21st at 5:44 p.m. The video shows a male person entering Amara Avenue at full speed on a bicycle. The cyclist did not stop to look left or righ...

Water shortage continues in Unitedville
"Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink". The village of Unitedville sits near the Belize river, a couple of creeks and even a spring but many of the villagers say, they are not getting an adequate supply of potable water. [UNITEDVILLE FOOTAGE] Yesterday PlusNews visited the vil...

Ras Indio's new release; UNITY
We are still in the month of January, and quite a ways from the month of September, but that's not stopping one Belizean music Artist from releasing his first single for the new year. Ras Indio dropped by PlusTV studios to his brand new track and video titled UNITY . His New release for 2018 also fe...

GREAT family graduation ceremony in San Ignacio
There was another Gang Resistance, Education and Training graduation on Friday January 19th held in San Ignacio. This one is called the GREAT family component. THE training sessions for vulnerable youths have been ongoing for years but the family component has been a recent addition where parents an...

New Town Clock for San Ignacio
On Friday evening, the San Ignacio town clock was inaugurated. The addition to down town San Ignacio is courtesy Bowen and Bowen. Mayor Trapp told us more. Mayor Earl Trapp, San Ignacio Mayor This town clock is something I have long dreamed about. And I always say that when you see projects complete...

Stann Creek man charged with Drug Trafficking
29 year old Anthony Argueta, Belizean Labourer of Mayan King Farm, Stann Creek District, was arrested and charged for drug trafficking on Monday January 22. Police say they conducted a search at the residence of Argueta where they found a bag containing nine grams of crack-cocaine and another one...

Imports and Exports both down for last Quarter
When it comes to imports, according to SIB figures, Belize's total imports for the month of November 2017 were valued at $154.5 million. This was a decrease of 7.7 percent or $12.8 million from imports for November 2016, which totaled $167.3 million. The 'Machinery and Transport Equipmen t' category...

Church complaint against CITY and RECONDEV
La Iglesia Casa de Dios is a church in Belmopan which caters to Hispanic believers. On Sundays the church seats hundreds of members and congregants, pastored by Mr Marcos Vargas, but tonight work has reached PlusTV that the Belmopan City Council and RECONDEV is giving a notice of eviction to the C...

Two teenagers hacked to death in San Jose, Toledo
Two teenagers were found hacked to death in San Jose, Toledo. 19 year old Cresencia Oh and her 17 year old sister Josephina Oh, were heading home from church on Sunday night when they were viciously attacked and killed. The partially nude bodies of the two females were found on the side of the San J...

Another golf cart shooting in San Pedro
There was another gulf cart shooting in San Pedro where a couple was targeted. It happened early Saturday morning. 48 year old Gilberto Lara was shot to the chest while 25 year old Honduran waitress Katherine Vanessa Torres Zelaya received a bullet graze to the back. Police told us more. Gilberto La...

Woman shot on Causarina Street, Belize City
There were two shooting incidents in Belize City on Sunday night. The first one happened sometime after seven o'clock on Causarina Street where a woman was injured. Police told us more. ASP Alejandro Cowo, NCIB A female was walking on Causarina street. Her name is Asia Felicia Humes. She was in the ...

Andy Rhaburn captured; shot in the process
26-year-old Andy Rhaburn, who is accused of killing his own mother, 53 year old Braulia Pech, was captured by Orange Walk Police this afternoon. According to police, they received a tip around 12:30 this afternoon and went to an area between miles 44 and 45 on the Phillip Goldson Highway, the outsk...


2 Maya sisters, 17 and 19, hacked to death

82 Belizeans deported from US last year
The United States Department of Homeland Security, through the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has released official data on the number of persons deported in 2017. Information contained in the report, titled "Enforcement and Removal Operations", revealed that of the 197 countries to which deportations were made, Belize ranked 47th. In 2017, a total of 82 persons were deported to Belize. This is a reduction, when compared to the 120 persons deported to Belize in 2016. The Amandala notes that our neighbor to the north, Mexico, headed the list, with 128,765 deportations last year. Although those figures are overwhelming, they still represent a reduction from the previous year, which saw over 21,000 more Mexicans deported.

Sr. Supt. Jones says that police issued blasting licenses to Tiger Aggregates
The earth literally shook under some residents of Santa Elena Town, who were in the blast area of a massive explosion which damaged about 25 houses and killed the man who had set off the explosives on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. In the wake of that tragic explosion, many questions remain unanswered. The public still doesn't know how that kind of explosive power could be used in a residential neighborhood, and what kind of licenses were granted to Tiger Aggregates, whose owner perished in the blast. The explosion was the consequence of a mining operation that went very wrong when the charge of dynamite that was used to dislodge a boulder on White Mall Hill, located in the Santa Cruz area, apparently was too strong and resulted in the massive destruction.

AG Peyrefitte criticizes US's banning of H2 work visas as "cowardly and hypocritical"
The US Department of Homeland Security, in coordination with the Department of State, named three countries last Wednesday - Belize, Haiti and Samoa - which will no longer be receiving the H2 work visa for at least 2018. On Thursday, the reasons that the three countries were banned from receiving the temporary work visas were published in The Federal Register, which is the daily record and archive of the U.S. federal government. The Federal Register cited the Government of Belize's poor performance in combating human trafficking as the reason that Belizean workers would not be able to access the work visa.

3 Mexicans hit Atlantic Bank for over $100,000
Three Mexican nationals, a couple - a man and a woman - and another man, were charged with theft when they appeared today before the Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser. They are Jafet Joscan, 26; Belen Hernandez, 26, and Lionel Rodriguez, 31. Although the trio, according to police, ripped off over $100,000 from the Atlantic Bank countrywide, they were only charged with the theft of small sums at this time. The incidents for which they were charged, occurred on Friday, January 19. Joscan was charged with theft of $300 from Atlantic Bank in Corozal Town.

"Spineless" Sedi on Guatemalan Kaibiles walking into Belize territory as if they owned it
Last Tuesday, the temperature at our Western border rose to a level that was a little higher than normal. First, a Guatemalan journalist for the Prensa Libre, Rigoberto Escobar L�pez, claimed that he was assaulted by Belizean authorities. According to him, while taking photos in the area known as no man's land (a strip of land situated between the Customs Departments of Belize and Guatemala), he was approached by Belizean authorities who told him to leave the area immediately. Lopez claimed that while he was about to make contact with Guatemalan authorities along the border, he was held by the neck by Belizean authorities.

City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots Football Tournament kicks off at Yabra Field
Some ten (10) teams are reportedly registered, though only five (5) showed up yesterday at the Yabra Field to participate in the season-opening Marathon to kick off the 2nd Annual City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots Football Tournament being hosted by the City Boys Football Club and coordinated by Yabra icon, Jerome "Pealoff" Mejia and City Boys manager, Leaton St. Clair. The tournament caters to children who are from 8 to 10 years old at the start of the competition, and includes a few female players on some teams. According to St. Clair, they are implementing the true "grassroots" philosophy in this tournament, with fifteen (15) players registered on each team, and all players have an equal amount of playing time in each game. The real "grassroots" philosophy emphasizes participation more than competition; but competition is nonetheless intense, as the youths go at it with vim and vigor in the games "from whistle to whistle."

Verdes sole leader at Week 2 of PLB 2017-2018 Closing Season
Defending champion Verdes FC became sole leader in the standings at Week 2 of the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2017-2018 Closing Season, when they grabbed their second straight victory on Sunday in Punta Gorda. (See standings below.) In the first weekend game on Saturday at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, it was Belmopan Bandits SC defending their turf with a 3-1 win over visiting San Pedro Pirates FC. Bandits got a goal each from Rony Sanchez (24'), Hector Martinez (51') and Elroy Smith (69'); while the Pirates' only goal came from the penalty spot by Inri Gonzaga (31' PK).

National Volleyball Championship in Belize City this weekend - January 27 & 28
The Belize Volleyball Association (BVA) will be hosting the Male & Female National Championship in Belize City on January 27 and 28 at the SCA Auditorium, as well as the BES Gymnasium, starting at 8:30 a.m. each day. The general public is invited to come out and experience the excitement, as the top male and female volleyball teams from all over the country compete to become Belize's Volleyball Champion. Team rosters and registration fees of $250 per team are due on Wednesday, January 24. A compulsory meeting of all coaches and team captains/managers will be held on Friday, January 26, at the BES Gymnasium at 8:00 p.m. Additional details, including the Official Tournament Ground Rules, are available from the BVA. Game schedules will be available within the coming days, once the teams have officially committed.

2018 Cricket season starts with Marathon this weekend in Isabella Bank
Greetings from the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA)! The BNCA held its first General Meeting for 2018 yesterday, January 21, in Double Head Cabbage. In the adjacent picture of the executive committee members, they are as follows, from left to right, Mr. Winford Broaster II - Member; Mr. Herbert Panton - Treasurer; Mrs. Melanie Banner-Revers - Secretary; Mr. George Moody - VP/Member; Ms. Daphne McFadzean - Assistant Secretary; Mr. Mykelt Anthony - President. (Absent from picture: Mr. Leroy Banner - Assistant Treasurer)

Editorial: Sovereignty's burden of proof
Their stunning 1979 general election defeat was totally unexpected by the United Democratic Party (UDP). There was an internal collapse, because their dominant Party Leader, the attorney Dean Lindo, lost his Fort George seat in the House. This remains the only time in Belize's political history when an Opposition Leader has lost his seat in a general election. Dangriga's Ted Aranda became the new UDP Leader, chosen by the three Southern Districts' area representatives (Toledo's Charles Wagner and Basilio Ah, and himself) over the perhaps logical choice - Albert's Philip Goldson, supported by Mesopotamia's Curl Thompson. (Aranda, Ah, and Thompson were first time area reps.) When the United States government of President Jimmy Carter told the People's United Party (PUP) government of Belize, led by Hon. George Price, in late 1980 that the U.S. would support Belize's independence, the reaction of the Aranda UDP, from that time until actual independence ceremonies on September 21, 1981, was reactive and disorganized. The UDP, to repeat, had collapsed and was a shell of its pre-1979 self.

Rebels and negotiators
I had my columns well set up for the week, until I read the Reporter and the Guardian. The Belize Times was a no show Friday afternoon in Belmopan. I wonder what the heck is going on with Rudon. Really, this columnist doesn't need this. There are so many absorbing stories in Belize to write about. And then some people go and spoil things. Someone has to have a chat with Clinton Canul Luna. What, he went to look at a Mayan sculpture in Guatemala in 1997, and registered himself as a national? And this Mr. Orosco, who gave him the right to deny the paternal rights of a man who lived with his mom for 20 years. Agh, yu can't write if yu have to spit. Yu have to spit first.

Guadalupe Flores, 29, busted with contraband goods and weed
Guadalupe Reymundo Flores, 29, a laborer of Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District, is in police custody pending arraignment on charges of drug trafficking and possession of contraband goods after he was busted with 3 pounds of cannabis and a quantity of un-Customed goods at about 9:00 this morning in his house in the village. Reports to us are that while conducting anti-drug operations in the village, police went to Flores' home and conducted a search. Flores was at home, and police said that along with the marijuana, they found (27) cases of Superior beer, (12) cases of Sol beer, (4) cases of Tecate light beer, (4) cases of Modelo Especial beer, (13) cases of Barilito beer, (5) cases of Pepsi, (7) cases of Big Cola, (3) individual containers of Big Cola, (9) bottles of Mirinda soft drink, (8) Manzanita soft drinks, (10) small sacks of flour, (8) large sacks of flour, (4) packs of Maseca, (1) sack of onions, and (1) box of tomatoes.

Gilberto Lara and Katherine Zelaya shot in San Pedro: Lara critical
Less than four days after Alfredo Cowo, 26, was shot and killed in San Pedro while sitting in a golf cart with a woman, San Pedro tour guide Gilberto "Hillyboo" Lara, 48, and Honduran waitress Katherine Vanessa Torres Zelaya, 25, were shot by an unknown gunman while they were riding in a golf cart on Sea Weed Street in San Juan Sub-division. Lara was wounded in the chest, while a bullet grazed Zelaya on her back. A seriously wounded Lara was able to drive the golf cart to the San Pedro Police Station. Policemen on duty took the couple to the San Pedro Polyclinic, where they were treated.

Andy Rhaburn, 26, to be charged for crowbar murder of his mother, Braulia Pech, 53
Andy Rhaburn, 26, accused of the murder of his mother, has finally been detained by police after being almost one week on the run. According to reliable information to Amandala, sometime after midday officers visited an area in Carmelita, where they found him. Reports are that when officers attempted to apprehend Rhaburn, he charged at them with a machete. That was when police reportedly fired a single blast from a shotgun that hit him in the shoulder and hand.

Cops charge William Godoy, 33, for murder of Alfredo Cowo, 26
Police have arrested and charged a San Pedro resident for the murder of Alfredo Cowo, 26. The accused has been officially identified as William Godoy, 33. He is to be arraigned on Monday morning in the San Pedro Magistrate's Court. Police say that based on an identification parade, and information from an accomplice, they have laid charges against Godoy. In the wee hours of Tuesday, Cowo was in front of the Jaguar night club, inside a golf cart watching a Facebook video with his girlfriend when a man wearing a hoodie walked up to them and opened fire. Cowo was the only one who was hit. He was transported to the San Pedro Polyclinic, and then by air to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where he was certified dead by medical practitioners.

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Breaking Belize NewsPJ

1 man dead; another injured in San Pedro shooting
According to reports, around 5:30 this evening, two men were shot at the entrance of [�]

Anthony Argueta busted with crack and weed
A Stann Creek man is in trouble after he was busted with cocaine and weed [�]

Belmopan police seize homemade shotgun
Yesterday around noon time, police conducted a search along the creek near Suriname street in [�]

Cops find gun and weed in Pitts Alley
Belize City cops have taken a firearm off the streets. Yesterday at around 3:45 p.m. cops [�]

Ranchito salesman robbed of $5000 cash
Edgar Loria, 30, a salesman of Ranchito, Corozal reported to police that around 10:35 yesterday [�]

Eight murders so far in 2018, none on southside Belize City
Coming off the second deadliest year in Belize's history in 2017, which recorded 142 murders; [�]

Mexicans caught in $100,000 ATM scam
Three Mexicans, charged with fraudulently withdrawing at least $100,000 from ATM machines around the country, [�]

Weather conditions will remain cool
The National Meteorological Service reports that a relatively moist easterly flow will prevail. The 24-hour [�]

Belize city cops take illegal gun and weed off streets
Yesterday evening, members of the Crime Investigation Branch (CIB) support unit visited an abandoned bushy [�]

William Godoy charged for murder
Yesterday, William Godoy, 33, of San Pedro was arraigned for murder and remanded to the [�]

Belize represented at regional financial meeting
Belize was among the 53 countries represented at the start of a two-day assessors training [�]


Smart Traveler
It has been on my mind to do a reminder post about traveling smart in Belize. It is also applicable no matter whether you are at home or on vacation and no matter where you are going. A few years back, my phone got hooked on my way to the store. A routine 10-minute walk turned into a really crappy experience. Another time previous to that someone tried a bicycle snatch and grab. Thankfully they did not get it and I was close to the main road and my destination; Crazy Canucks, and people. Both times I was not following an obvious rule. I Could have done one thing different that potentially would have stopped the thieves from targeting me. Put my bag on the inside facing shoulder as I was walking down the road.

Paint or Be Painted! San Pedro's UNIQUE Carnaval is Coming SOON!
Mardi Gras or Carnival, the holiday is celebrated around the world. The festivus of eating, drinking and naughtiness before the beginning of Lent. Different places do different things�we all know about the celebration in New Orleans or in Rio (Brazil attracts 70% of its tourists during this week alone!) but in San Pedro, it's been going on for decades and it is totally unique. This is a festival that's been held for decades - before San Pedro had tourists. Get covered in paint with local kids, dance in the park, drink Belikin beers on a dock and then take a dip in ocean.

Part II: What makes someone an Ambergris Caye person vs. a Placencia person? (for vacation or moving!)
This is one of the most common questions I get asked - should I vacation in Ambergris Caye or Placencia? I figured I can now take the collective knowledge I've absorbed and give as comprehensive an answer as I can. Many people are vacationing to look at Belize as a possible retirement move, and it is so hard to explain without actually experiencing both. They are a little the same but SO different, and they attract different types of people. There isn't one that is "better" and equal amounts of people prefer one or the other. In fact - commonly - those that prefer one, often say they don't care for the other! (There are also those that love both, but it is really common to hear from people that they had a strong preference for one or the other.) The easiest way to do this is to first state what makes them the same. Then I will go through each area where there is pretty significant differences.

Belize - A Great Destination For Adventure Junkies
Test your limits on a heart-pounding adventure in Belize. Travel, at its best, is more than just getting away from home and relaxing in a hotel. The best vacations are the ones where you experience something new, doing something you've never tried before. And there's no better place for adventure than in Belize. If you've been yearning for true adventure in the heart of Paradise, choose from one of these amazing adventure tours in Belize:

Where in Belize? Location revealed!
Despite its relatively small square mileage, a lot of Belize remains a mystery. There are so many hidden nooks that may never be discovered by all. We can't tell you how often it is we take the wrong turn down a dirt road, only to find ourselves feeling like we're in a whole new world. It's the beauty of exploring a place that remains relatively undeveloped, and if you're up for the adventure, where you end up is anyone's guess! This month's mystery location was submitted to us by Clara Albe�o. As a Cristo Rey Village resident, she has access to some of the most stunning, undeveloped locations around the Cayo District. Her photographs sometimes inspire a longing to chuck it all and move into the jungle! This location is in the Cayo District, commonly referred to as Branch Mouth. It is the place where the Macal and Mopan rivers meet, joining to form the New River.

San Pedro Part 11: Visiting San Pedro Ambergris Caye Warmer weather
San Pedro is "La Isla Bonita" that Madonna made famous. Now it's a tourist mecca, but still boasts great beaches and plenty of dive shops so you can enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. Plan a side trip to Caye Caulker while you're here; it is less developed and more laid back and has its own splendid swimming areas. At 25 miles (40 km) long and 4.5 miles (7 km) wide at its widest point, Ambergris is the queen of the Cayes. Here the Northern Barrier Reef is just a few hundred yards from shore, making access to dive sites extremely easy-the journey by boat takes as little as 10 minutes. On early maps it was often referred to as Costa de Ambar or the Amber Coast, a name supposedly derived from the blackish substance secreted by sperm whales-ambergris-that washes up on the beaches. The remote northern extremity abuts Mexican territory, and the Hispanic influence is evident in language, customs, food, and fiestas.

The best Christmas Birdcount in Belize? The Mountain Pine Ridge CBC
Male Collared Trogon For birders Christmas time is a very important part of the year in addition to the food, family gatherings and gifts, between December 15th and January 5th birders across the world take part in Christmas birdcounts. A Christmas birdcount is when volunteers across the globe go out over a 24-hour period on one calendar day to count birds within their circle. I decided to participate in the MPR CBC, this would be my second time going to Mountain Pine Ridge. I was stoked! MPR CBC circle So my journey began in Belize City as per usual. I hooked with Ms Luz's team, another team that was doing the MPR circle, so we boarded the van and headed up towards Cayo. We stopped a Hattieville to stock up on rations for the count I got the usual birding staples bread, cheese and canned sausages. By the time we finished shopping and fueling up another member of the team joined Scott Forbes. On the road again we made another stop at Cheers to pick up Chrissy Tupper the last member of the team and she brought along an ice box full of food, perfect right?

International Sourcesizz

Waving goodbye to slash-and-burn
The first time I flew into Punta Gorda, a town on the edge of the Maya Golden Landscape in southern Belize, I was struck with how intact the forest remained compared to adjacent Guatemala and Honduras. Where Belizean forests were a rolling green landscape of tall tropical forest canopy Guatemala was nearly the opposite: blocks of intact forest surrounded by extensive clearing, smoke and fire. In tropical regions worldwide, slash and burn practices are failing to provide sustainable food production and income for millions of smallholder farmers in rapidly growing communities. Faced with the growing pressure on the Maya Golden Landscape's tropical rainforests, Ya'axch� Conservation Trust (in partnership with Fauna & Flora International) has been working with local communities to encourage a sustainable farming system known as Inga alley cropping so that Belize does not witness the same rampant land clearing as that experienced by its Mesoamerican neighbours.

Beguiled in Belize: Head to Central America for the perfect family-friendly Spring Break getaway
Surrounded by the sparkling emerald green Caribbean Sea, I stepped off the boat onto a dock and took a deep breath. At the end of the pier, beyond a narrow swatch of white sandy beach, sat El Pescador resort, a series of charming colonial-style buildings surrounded by palm trees swaying gently in the breeze. In short: Perfection. Any trepidation I'd had about traveling to Central America with our two young kids disappeared. My husband held our 3-year-old daughter's hand as they peered down into the water, checking out a 2-foot string ray that cruised beneath in search of a late lunch. My 8-month-old son looked around, grinning despite hours of being hauled around on two vans, two planes and a boat in a five-hour time span. I admit, I was nervous about traveling internationally with a 3-nager and an 8-month-old, but Belize turned out to be the perfect family-friendly destination. It's safe, fairly affordable, the official language is English (it's a former British colony), and the exchange rate is super easy to master - $2 Belize to each $1 U.S. What's best, the people there are welcoming and warm; and they loved on our kids at every turn.

UKHO Conducts Seabed Mapping in Belize
The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has deployed two vessels to survey the waters of Belize as part of the Commonwealth Marine Economies (CME) Programme, the organisation has announced. Following a stakeholder meeting with the Belize Port Authority and wider government earlier this month, priority areas will be surveyed, capturing sonar data of Belize's main ports and approaches. High frequency mapping sonars are being used, which have no negative impact on its diverse ecosystems and marine life. The surveying is expected to continue throughout February and will focus on areas including Belize City, Big Creek and Commerce Bight. Information from the survey will be used to update nautical charts of the region, as well as helping Belize to meet its international maritime obligations, including respective elements of the Implementation of IMO Instruments Code (IIIC). These updated charts will reduce navigational risk and improve the safety of ships, cargo and crew. Data will also support a range of environmental and scientific applications, enabling Belize to better manage the marine environment in these areas.

Strengthening justice delivery in the Caribbean
Antiquated systems have long been the bane of legal practitioners in the Caribbean, contributing to severe case backlogs, expensive legal services and debilitating delays. In 2016, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) established APEX as a not-for-profit agency to deliver capacity building and technology-based solutions to improve justice delivery for Caribbean courts, law offices and related agencies. APEX seeks to address the peculiar needs of Caribbean courts and to advance the development of the region's judicial ecosystem through its Curia Court Management System. Its governing body comprises chief justices, attorneys general, bar association heads and lawyers drawn from across the Caribbean.

Belize, Please
Welcome to the jungles of San Ignacio, Belize, the perfect place to choose your own adventure. One day, spelunk through caves where ancient Mayans offered up sacrifices to their gods. The next, hop on a horse, canter through the lush landscape to a waterfall and cliff jump into the water. It's your move. Then, after your day of activity, retreat to the San Ignacio Resort Hotel and unwind at a quaint dinner or watch the sun sink into the treetops while sipping a Belikin lager, a local favorite. Explore a cave! Exploring the Belize caves with a headlamp is like the ultimate treasure hunt. Sparkly stalagmites hang from the narrow caverns, where you'll find broken pottery pieces that ancient Mayans once sacrificed to the rain gods. One great option: the cave at St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park near Belmopan. It's worth hiring a tour guide who knows all the nooks and crannies (and can point out the bats), as well as relay local lore. Or, chase a waterfall!


  • 60 Minutes: Belize (1988), 15min. News report on how life was like in Belize in the late 1980s by 60 Minutes correspondent, the late Morley Safer. It touches on subjects such as cultural integrity, the sugar industry, migration of American entrepreneurs and developers, and especially the influence of American lifestyles, with the invasion of American TV and Coca Cola. Featuring interviews and appearances by with the Prime Minister Dean Barrow (then Attorney General), Barry Bowen, the late Vernon Harrison Courtenay and Emory King.

  • Community Celebration Video, Hopkins Village, Belize, 3.5min. This is a video celebrating our community-based work in Hopkins Village, Belize as part of an NSF funded Research Experiences

  • Adventure in BELIZE!, 4min. A short clip video of some of the amazing things we saw while in Belize for a week long trip (which was also our honeymoon!) There is a little bit of scenery, flora and fauna included in this one! Enjoy!

  • Feeding Nurse Sharks, Belize, 2.5min. Sailing trip from Caye Caulker to do snorkeling with Nurse Sharks and we found a Manatee!

  • walking in Belize City (Belize), 1hr.

  • Belize or Bust 2018, 10min.

  • Maya Healer Harry Rivas singing in May, 1min. Maya healer Harry Rivas singing in Maya Yucatec for a break at the workshop of Maya Alternative Medicine at Corozal house of culture

  • Maya elder from Corozal singing, 1min.

  • Jaguar Protection / Management - ERI / Department / Panthera, 35min.

  • Belize Defense Force - Annual BDF Day Bash, 26min.

  • Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) - President & Strategic Plans, 39min.

  • Fabrigas Belize Limited - Fire Prevention / Detection / Supperssion Technology, 34min.

  • NICH - 2018 Calendar (Street Art Festival / Museum of Belize), 22min.

  • How Drumming Made Me a Feminist , 18min. Joshua Arana spoke at TedX Belmopan, and not only does he give a lesson on the drums and their differing sounds, he talks a lot about Garifuna culture. He plays and sings a little too. "A powerful performance talk, Josh Arana tells us the story of how drumming taught him the value of women in the Garifuna culture, and women on a whole. Joshua Arana is a proud graduate of Ecumenical High School in Dangriga. As a child, he was always passionate about his drums. He loved drumming so much that it got him into trouble many days for playing on the desk.

  • Compas music sound 2018 en san pedro belize, 10min.

  • Scuba Diving Belize 2017 -- Night Hunters/ Night Killers, 3min. This video was shot on a reef at night off Ambergris Caye, Belize. I named it Night Hunters/Night Killers because it shows a Green Moray Eel and a Mutton Snapper cooperating to hunt reef fish at night. It is at once both beautiful and brutal!

  • BELIZE, MUCH MORE THAN BLUE HOLE, 45min. The ultimate skydive in my 22 years of jumping! Exit from 13500 feet in PERFECT weather conditions (ie endless blue skies, puffy clouds and NO wind) with my beautiful. Our 5-way skydive into the Great Blue Hole in Belize. A once in a lifetime scenic jump into this reef 65 miles off the coast of San Pedro Belize. We landed inside the hole, got into a scuba. The Great Blue Hole is mostly known as a dive destination, but that does not mean you cannot visit it for a nice snorkeling adventure. Divers love to add a cave/sinkhole experience to their.

  • Belize Caye Caulker and Belize Zoo, 3min. Belize trip part 1: Caye Caulker and the Belize Zoo

  • Gaia Riverlodge 2 Belize, 9.5min. Gaia Riverlodge located in the Pine Ridge area of Cayo. Privassion Creek and Five Sisters Falls.

  • Belize Trip, 3min. Spent a week at Ramon's Village in San Pedro, Belize. Went scuba diving, snorkeling, cave tubing, mayan ruin exploring and much more.

  • Police Check Point Talk Show Jan 23, 60min.

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