Celebrating Exceptional Belizeans! Donovan Reneau

For the month of January, and to kick off this new series, we are excited to feature Mr. Donovan Reneau as our Exceptional Belizean!

Born in Belize City, Donovan Reneau is one of Belize’s exemplary citizens who overcame great challenges as a young man and became an inspirational role model for Belizean people. On April 3, 1983, Donovan was with his family at a horse race when an accident occurred, leaving him completely blind. The onset of such a setback in his life had led him to contemplate suicide on several occasions. But his indomitable spirit always allowed him to find the courage to pull himself out of that darkness. With gradual strengthening, he was able to adapt to his situation and through his love of Music Donovan become a DJ voice that thousands of Belizeans listen to everyday on Love FM - News and Music Power. Donovan's name has become a household name, and his over 30-year career in broadcasting has allowed him to build a network and brand for himself.

Donovan's place on the Board of Directors for the Belize Centre for the Visually Impaired(BCVI) has allowed him to work with others who are faced with challenges that Donovan has personally experienced.

In 2017, Donovan was nominated for the position of Belize’s 13th Senator, and in 2009 an award was created in his honor and presented during Belize Youth Week.

Donovan Reneau represents the best of Belize and we are so proud of him!

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