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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

WHO issues Yellow Fever Travel Advisory; Belize not on list
A travel advisory for international travelers is in effect following the outbreak of contagious diseases across many countries in Latin America. The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) advised the hospitality industry in the country of the situation on Wednesday, January 24th, asking them to inform customers of the official advisory issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). The advisory describes specific diseases such as malaria and yellow fever affecting different countries, but so far Belize has not been named among the countries. "[We] need to clarify that Belize is currently not experiencing any epidemic or widespread of the diseases mentioned on the WHO advisory," said the BTIA. On January 24th, WHO, along with the US Embassy and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention released a Yellow Fever travel advisory after being provided with an update from Brazil's International Health Regulations (IHR) and National Focal Point (NFP).

Minister of Foreign Affairs asks Belizean authorities to be lenient with illegal Guatemalan border crossings
On Saturday, January 13th an alarming video leaked on social media clearly showed three Guatemalan soldiers (Kaibils) walking into the immigration hall at the Belize Western Border. The blatant actions by the military personnel rose concern among citizens as it is illegal for an armed officer to cross over into a foreign land without the necessary permissions. Causing even more outrage to the public was the comments made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs asking Belizean authorities to be more lenient on an issue involving Belize and Guatemala's relationship. The 50-second video shows the soldiers carelessly walking past the Organization of American States (OAS) office and proceeding to the Belize Customs and Immigration Building. At the Customs and Immigration Office, the soldiers approached a Belizean officer on duty. However, there is no official report as to what transpired between the Guatemalan soldiers and the Belizean Customs officer.

No arrest made in the shooting of Tour guide Gilberto 'Hillyboo' Lara
San Pedro tour guide, 48-year-old Gilberto 'Hillyboo' Lara, continues to recover after being shot on Saturday, January 20th. However, the police are yet to provide an update on their investigation, as no motive has been established for the attack. Lara has not offered any comments to the media regarding the attack, but following his release from the hospital, he thanked everyone that stood by his side via a post on his Facebook page. He also thanked both the medical staff at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II and at KHMH. Lara said in his post that he continues to recover and is feeling well.

Editorial: For the Record
Each election year The San Pedro Sun believes that the community should have the opportunity to learn about the candidates who are running for office. Traditionally we run a "Meet the Candidates" forum over a period of weeks where the politicians answer a list of questions submitted to them far in advance. As a non-partisan newspaper, every step is taken to ensure fair and equal publicity for the aspiring candidates. On January 5th The San Pedro Sun sent an email to the secretaries for both United People's Party (UDP) and People's United Party (PUP) campaign parties in San Pedro Town. The email stated, "As municipal elections are coming closer, The San Pedro Sun will start featuring the different candidates running. Can we please ask you to share these questionnaires with your candidates to be answered and submitted back to us by Wednesday (January 17th)?"

Eight years later, Antonio Tepaz relieved of manslaughter charges
On Tuesday, January 23rd manslaughter charges were dropped against Antonio Tepaz. Tepaz was prosecuted for the death of 33-year-old Cesar Scott in a boat accident that occurred on November 15, 2009, in which he was allegedly the captain. Tepaz's attorney, Ellis Arnold submitted to the prosecution that the eight witnesses didn't provide sufficient evidence to prove that he was the driver of the boat in which Scott died. Justice Adolphus Lucas heard the case and determined that he was not guilty. The case was unresolved from November 2009 until now when Tepaz has been cleared from all charges regarding Scott's death.

Misc Belizean Sources


Farmers Express Road to Spanish Lookout flooded

PUP Cancels National Convention Due to Weather
The People's United Party regrets to advise our thousands of supporters countrywide that as a result of the inclement weather, a decision has been made to postpone the National Convention & Rally planned for this Sunday in Belize City. A decision has been made to hold the Convention on Sunday, January 11, 2018. This morning, following consultations with each of our Caucus leaders and with the forecaster on duty at the Belize Met Office, we were advised that many areas in the South and West are already experiencing worsening conditions as a result of incessant rains. We have been advised, also, that a flash flood warning will be issued by midday today for the entire country, and that the rains are expected to continue through Sunday. It was not an easy decision, as our soldiers in every corner of this country had already prepared to mobilize to send a strong message to the United Democratic Party that change will soon be sweeping across the nation. On February 11, 2018, we will send that message, and on March 7, 2018 it will be hand-delivered and received. We ask that Belizeans heed the warnings of the Met Service which will be issued and ensure that they stay safe and as dry as possible.

Rotary Club of Corozal Annual Cheap Sale
Every Wednesday at 11:30 am we are collecting a little bit of everything for our cheap sale! We are located on 5th Avenue next to Five Rivers Clinic. Cleaning out your house? Donate to Rotary all your new and used items you no longer need! Need more information call us 615-9005

Corozal Full Moon Concert Postponed
Due to wet weather we regret to inform the postponement of tomorrow's scheduled Full Moon Concert. The good news is that we will have the pleasure of featuring Los Hijos del West Saturday March 3rd.

Beach Cleanup on Caye Caulker Today
2pm, meeting at the cemetery by Tropical Paradise.

Game Licensing for Hunting
If stewed Gibnut is favorite meal for you, make the most of it this month in December because come Jan 1st the season to hunt and eat it is closed until June 1st when season reopens. Be responsible and only buy your game meat from licensed hunters or licensed game meat dealers, these people PAY Forestry for a license to legally hunt, don't undermine their responsible hunting practices by buying meat from unlicensed hunters or out of season. Below is the seasons for game meat in Belize and requirements for hunting or dealing/selling game meat license.

2018 Mesoamerican Reef Report Card
Healthy People Initiative is a collaboration of 69 research, conservation and management organizations led by the Smithsonian for over ten years, working to safeguard the Mesoamerican Reef. The report presents the health status of 319 sites along the MAR, analyzes the changes over the last decade for several indicators and proposes actions to improve reef health. It includes some good news for coral reefs and some challenges we are addressing. Partners, allies and personalities from each countries attended the events, which have received a good local and national media coverage. Please help us get the word out and enjoy learning about our work.

Immigration Headquarters Relocated
Immigration Headquarters in Belmopan has been relocated to Mountain View Blvd. Our contact details are as follows: Online: Website: Facebook: Belize-Department of Immigration and Nationality Services. Walk in services are available, however, appointments can be made for all services in Belmopan by calling: Headquarters: Office telephone: 822-3680 or 822-0284. Passport (Express -24 hrs/48 hrs/5days services): 828-4554. Email: [email protected].

New York Times Travel Show Presentation
Belize presenting to over 100 agents and media at CTO's Focus On The Caribbean initiative at the New York Times Travel Show

Celebrating Exceptional Belizeans!
For the month of January, and to kick off this new series, we are excited to feature Mr. Donovan Reneau as our Exceptional Belizean! Born in Belize City, Donovan Reneau is one of Belize's exemplary citizens who overcame great challenges as a young man and became an inspirational role model for Belizean people. On April 3, 1983, Donovan was with his family at a horse race when an accident occurred, leaving him completely blind. The onset of such a setback in his life had led him to contemplate suicide on several occasions. But his indomitable spirit always allowed him to find the courage to pull himself out of that darkness. With gradual strengthening, he was able to adapt to his situation and through his love of Music Donovan become a DJ voice that thousands of Belizeans listen to everyday on Love FM - News and Music Power. Donovan's name has become a household name, and his over 30-year career in broadcasting has allowed him to build a network and brand for himself.

U.S. Citizen Town Hall Meeting in Corozal
Friday, February 2 at 11 AM - 1 PM, Jam Rock Bar & Grill. At the meeting, we will introduce staff from the Embassy who provide assistance to U.S. citizens in Belize, discuss the services the U.S. Embassy provides, and answer questions you may have about our services. Topics include: security in Belize, hurricane preparedness, and information on renewing your passport via DHL. Limited consular public services will be offered (cash; exact change required): Adult U.S. passport renewal - BZ$220 or US$110 Please bring current U.S. passport, completed form DS-82, 2"x2" passport photo, clear copy of passport biographic data page Child U.S. passport renewal - BZ$210 or US$105 Please bring current U.S. passport, completed form DS-11, 2"x2" passport photo, clear copy of passport biographic data page, birth certificate + 1 photocopy, each parent's ID + 1 photocopy. BOTH parents must be present if listed on birth certificate. Fee for first adult renewal after age 16 is BZ$270 or US$135. Notary services - BZ$100 or US$50 (Per seal) RSVP to: [email protected]

Home Remedies That Work
Stifle Hiccups by swallowing 1 to 2 teaspoons of sugar. The dry granules stimulate and reset the irritated nerve that is causing the spasms of the diaphragm. Any coarse substance, such as salt, can work in a pinch, but sugar tastes best.

8th Annual Tribute to Bob Marley
The San Pedro House of Culture hosts the Discovering Rastafari Exhibition on Feb 1st and then to Central Park on Feb 6th for a wonderful night of reggae music.

Wanted: Volunteers and become a part of the San Ignacio Santa Elena House of Culture's family

Ya'axch� Conservation Trust looking for Protected Area Ranger
We have another amazing opportunity for you to join our team - as Protected Area Ranger! Ya�xch�'s rangers are on the frontline protecting nature within the Maya Golden Landscape of southern Belize. Interested persons can drop a letter of interest at Ya�xch�'s Field Station in Golden Stream or Main Office in Punta Gorda no later than Wednesday, 28th February 2018.

K'aak'as iik' (Mal aire) And the Northern Maya of Belize
For the Northern Maya of Belize which belong to the Yucatec Maya group the Air has Positive characteristics but also negative . Many of our Maya tatitos and chiichi told us about K'aak'as iik' (Mal Aire) which cause Sickness and even dead . When people get Mal Aire normally a H-men(Maya Shaman) cures it . Also the Maya Masewal of Corozal and Orange Walk perform a ritual name Jetz' Lu'um which is done to secure the prosperity of the land . They ask Los Duenos del monte protection to avoid Mal aire which may affect the land, animals and Humans who inhabit it .

Channel 7

Freak Oven Explosion Kills Baker
A 59 year old father of 3 was killed in a freak accident at a Sandhill bakery. This morning after 8:00, the Moralez's were at their 'In and Out' bakery preparing the kitchen for another baking week when the stove exploded - killing Alfonso Moralez Jr. We went to Sandhill to find out what caused this deadly bang. Courtney Weatherburne reporting: The Moralez family opened the 'IN N OUT' Bakery in Sandhill about 6 years ago. Almost every day, the workers would wake up early to start baking primarily for the British Army Training Support Unit (BATSUB) in Ladyville. But this morning, instead of the warm and pleasant aroma of freshly baked bread, the heavy scent of butane lingered in the air.

Island Target, Mainland Murder
Yesterday we told you about the murder of 23-year-old San Pedro resident, Simon Velasquez. It happened here in Belize City on the corner of Bishop and Plues Street. Velasquez had just arrived in town when he was killed in broad daylight. His murder is the product of an ongoing gang warfare which is playing out on the island and the mainland. He had just been released from custody as a suspect for the murder of Paul Jex. But, more than just another gang casualty, today we travelled to San Pedro to found out more about who Simon Velasquez was from those closest to him.

Pair Charged for Ladyville Double Murder
And while there haven't been any arrests for the Velasquez murder, last night, we told you that police had charged 23 year-old Jesse Mejia for the Ladyville double murder which happened earlier this week. Well, they have also charged another man, 22 year-old Darwin Prado - who had previously been charged for a 2016 incident at the Lozano home - when Casey Lozano was shot in the hand. But now this is a 2018 double murder - and Casey Lozano and Marlon Spain are dead. So, today both Prado and Mejia were arraigned today before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer. Both men have been jointly charged with 2 counts of murder for the shooting deaths of Lozano and Spain. They are also jointly charged with 2 counts each of use of deadly means of harm for the injuries that 22 year-old Jonah Gray and 47 year-old Sidney Humes suffered in the same shooting. They have also been charged with grievous harm upon Sidney Humes, and wounding upon Jonah Gray.

Godoy Family Says He's Not The One Who Killed Cowo
And while two have been charged for that murder - one more person may be charged for Alfredo Cowo's murder on San Pedro. But, there was only one gunman - and information to 7News is that police are considering the possibility that they may have charged the wrong man the first time around. That's William Godoy but new evidence suggests that he may not be the assailant. His family has been confident from the time of his arrest that their loved one was not the one who murdered Cowo. They have been very vocal about it on social media and were even planning to have a protest, but now it seems they are going to step back and leave it in the hands of the authorities. Today on San Pedro we spoke to his brother about it:

Post Mortem: The "Oh" Sisters Were Chopped In the Head
The Post mortem for 17 year old Josephina and 19 year old Cresencia Oh has been concluded and it shows that the sisters died from multiple chop wounds to the head. They were reportedly found wearing only their blouses - but police tell us that the post mortem did not say anything about sexual assault. And while the cause of death is known, the whereabouts of the killer is not. Police have made no arrests and presently have no suspects detained.

Grandfather Run Over on San Narciso Road
There was a fatal accident last night in northern Belize. At about 6:30, 52 year old cane cutter Hermenejildo Patt was riding his bicycle on the San Narciso Road heading to San Victor village when he was run over by an Isuzu Rodeo. The driver, 35 year old Silvevestre Chable hit Patt and dragged him some distance before he stopped. Remarkably, the 52 year old survived the impact - but died on the way to the hospital. An eyewitness told CTV-3 news that Chable did not apply brakes and seemed to have been drinking: Voice of: Witness: "The victim was crossing on this side when the white Rodeo was approaching. At that moment, the man didn't brake, he just accelerated, that's when he hit him."

Norales, Who Allegedly Knocked out Nonagenarian, Gets Free Again
He's been tried twice for the same heinous crime, and, twice, Chester Norales has gotten off. In December of 2015, the 38 year old was accused of beating up his 93 year old neighbor, Patrick Grant - and then burglarizing the old man's home. The first trial seemed straightforward enough - and - even at his advanced age - Grant himself went to testify. But police didn't have the case file, and so the charges were withdrawn in December 2016. But, the southside commander at the time, ACP Chester Williams re-instated them and re-arrested Norales. Well now, that trial has ended in an acquittal - meaning he has been found not guilty and cannot be re-arrested or re-tried.

Female Tourist Roughed Up At Knifepoint in Cayo
A Czech tourist fell victim to a ruthless armed robber in San Ignacio. It happened last night at around 8:30, when Lucie Nemeckova and 4 other friends had just left a restaurant and were walking back to her room at the Venus Hotel in the downtown area. On the way, they were attacked by a man with a knife. He tried to rob her friends but they ran away, and so, he turned his attention to her. He held her against the fence at knifepoint, grabbed her handbag and fled. A security guard heard her screams and chased the attacker, but he escaped.

Customs Wants to Keep Contraband Potatoes Out Of Market
Earlier this week we told you how the Ministry of Agriculture won't be issuing any import permits for potatoes until the local supply of 3.7 million pounds is depleted. But that doesn't necessarily mean that farmers will get the price they are hoping for at the market. And that's because there's always a wild card in the deck, and it's contraband. Every day, dories come across the Rio Hondo River in northern Belize loaded with sacks of onions, cabbage, potatoes and sweet peppers. Today the Comptroller of Customs told us that their enforcement remains active in the north - and they will even go into the marketplace to weed out contraband produce:...

Shady Smokes In San Jose
And the authorities stayed true to their commitment on active enforcement when they confiscated contraband cigarettes in San Jose, Orange Walk. This morning after 6, Special Branch and the Quick Response Team found 352 cartons of assorted cigarettes packed in 10 boxes. The cartons were labelled as Found Property and handed over to customs Department.

BDF Will Take Measures to Prevent Recurrence Of GAF Casual Crossover
Last week - those images of GAF personnel freely entering the immigration hall at the Benque Viejo border stirred a good deal of controversy and outrage. It was seen on this side of the border as a bold and bare-faced affront to Belize's sovereignty and standard military protocol. Today, Defence Minister John Saldivar said that the BDF is considering its options to make sure there isn't a recurrence: Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security: "The Belize Defense Force does not have a permanent presence at the border. We are nearby for when problems arise but we don't have a permanent presence there. But we are looking at the security arrangements that currently exist with a view to correcting and taking the measures to ensure that there isn't a repeat of what took place."

Managing The Sarstoon River Reality In Real Time
Another area that the BDF has to always be monitoring are the terms of engagement on the Sarstoon River. The soldiers at the Guatemalan Navy base on their side of the river are always playing it close to the BDF and the Territorial Volunteers - often, too close. Today Saldivar said both sides must accept that a river boundary is not a thick red line:... Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security: "As long as the Guatemalans do not intervene and intercept and try to stop our access and passage through the river they are sharing that river with us as a boundary."

Minister: Major Burns Text Was Minor Matter
Keeping it on the subject of the BDF - we also asked Minister Saldivar about those text messages which were exchanged between a BDF Major and a man caught with decommissioned BDF uniforms. It happened back in July of 2017 when Sarco Torres's phone showed that he was communicating with BDF Major Jermaine Burns - who is the airwing commander. Today, Saldivar said that the uniforms are a matter for the Ministry of Finance and the Major has been cleared of wrongdoing:... Reporter: "I remember that the head of the Air-wing, there were messages sent between numbers and it said that the head of the Air-wing has sent those messages. First, has that case been closed in terms of the investigation and was that a legitimate contact?"

Welcome, General Ortega
And moving on past all that BDF bad news� The Force officially has a new commander tonight. 5 weeks ago, at the BDF's annual Christmas Lunch, Defence Minister John Saldivar announced that the transition would take place: Col. Steven Ortega would take over from Brigadier General David Jones, who is now retired. Well, Col. Steven Ortega is now Brigadier General Ortega, and he formally received command of the military at the official ceremonies to celebrate the BDF's 40th anniversary. We got a chance to speak with both Ortega and the Defense Minister about the transition in leadership. Here's what they had to say: Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security: "I am very happy with the selection of Colonel Ortega now to be General Ortega to lead the BDF and his deputy, Colonel Loria and today at the ceremonies we are going to be happy to be able to see the smooth transition from one general to the other."

89 New Soldiers
The BDF also celebrated the passing out of Recruit Intake #63. The BDF trainers assembled Intake 63 on October 1 of last year, and they went through 16 weeks of intense and rigorous training in weapons handling, first aid, map reading, foot drills, communications, law of armed conflict, and conventional and non-conventional tactics. Approximately 130 applicants showed up on day 1, and at the end, only 89 passed out today. Here's what the new commander had to say about these soldiers who now join the rank and file of the BDF: Brig. Gen. Steven Ortega - New Commander of The BDF: "Recruit training is the basic introduction into the military. As the minister mentioned in his speech. This is the start of training for them. So there is always continuous training afterwards. Recruit training is where we convert the civilian into the military person. It's difficult in the beginning. He mentioned how many was there previously and how much we're left with, only 89. It takes quite a bit of discipline, especially in the terms of physical demanding and the

Customs as Business Facilitator, Not Tax Collector
Today is International Customs Day - and while no one ever wants to celebrate the tax collectors - that may not be the case anymore. Slowly, the Customs Department is trying to change its image from collector to business facilitator. This year's theme is "A secure business environment for economic development" - and that was underscored at the launching ceremony today at the Battlefield Park in Belize City: Colin Griffith, Comptroller of Customs: "We continue to work vigorously to improve integrity in customs. As we build our relationship with the business community." Hon. John Saldivar: "That there is a role for customs administration in creating the environment for economic development. Customs officials are our front line ambassadors along with immigration officials. Customs regulations are the second regulatory regime after immigration law that investors experience when coming to Belize. It is therefore imperative that we continue to improve this experience for importers and of course exporters."

Does Saldivar See Himself As Min. Of Finance?
And seeing Defence Minister John Saldivar at an event for Customs - which is under the Ministry of Finance - triggered us to ask him about his aspirations. Is that the ministry he hopes to someday hold? Maybe even as Prime Minister? Saldivar was cagey - but also candid - when we asked him about it today: Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Is your presence here an indication or an exposition of the fact that you believe that you are competent to hold the ministry of finance. You said up on the podium that policy ideas are racing through your mind." Hon. John Saldivar: "No I'm just grateful for the invitation from the customs department. As I said in my remarks I won't speculate as their motives for inviting me."

Saldivar Will Hold The Line At House Meeting
And a senior minister, Saldivar is also expected to be one of the lead debaters when the House of Representatives meets in February to decide on whether it should pay the 90+ million dollars to the Belize Bank. He told us from November that he is against paying - and today he says his position hasn't changed:... Hon. John Saldivar: "Well I am certainly convicted in what I will do on that day. I certainly believe that it was an egregious act or several egregious acts that were committed by the then prime minister and his government in costing the Belizean public millions of dollars and I find that I cannot in good conscience support the payment of that debt."

PUP Vs. UDP: In Praise Of Unity or Vive la Difference?
And while the UDP controls the majority in the House - right now the PUP is trying to win over the hearts and minds of a majority of voters. They're the ones running ads for municipals elections, and on Sunday they were all geared to a national unity convention. That has since been re-scheduled due to bad weather - but today we asked Saldivar to compare his party's last contentious convention to the PUP's friction free event:.. Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Do you want to praise the PUP? They are having a convention on Sunday and so unlike the last UDP convention which is rife with division and everyone is left with hard feelings when it's done. Hard feelings which persists the last UDP convention when a deputy leader was elected." Hon. John Saldivar: "I don't know that there was any acrimony out of that convention. Minister Faber and myself remains great friends, so I don't know that there was any."

Isidoro Beaton Cannot Be Beaten For Turf
And while Saldivar didn't want to talk about the PUP convention, he was beaming when we asked him about the FIFA accreditation for his Bandit's home field - the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan:..

Would Saldivar Speed Up Timeline For Civic?
But Saldivar also has the basketball Bandits. Their home court is the UB Gymnasium. But when they are on the road playing the Belize City Defenders - wouldn't he want them to play at the country's premier sporting facility - which is the Civic Center? Basketballers had hoped it would be open in time for the NEBL season which started last week. But, the co-chairman of BIL and the Minster of Sports Patrick Faber says it won't be ready until April. We asked Saldivar what he would do if he was the Minister of Sports:

Channel 5

Business Senator Deplores 'Pathetic' Excuses for Finance Act Violation
On Thursday, People's United Party senators Eamon Courtenay and Valerie Woods brought public attention to the lack of accountability and transparency in government expenditures.� This is in respect of monies [...]

Gov't Also Afoul of Official Financial Regulations
Accompanying the Finance and Audit Reform Act are Fiscal Transparency and Responsibility Regulations.� That set of guidelines contains sixteen steps, including a fiscal outlook and mid-year review report, none of [...]

Social Partner Senators Show Rare Unity
In an unprecedented move, six of the non-government parliamentarians, including church senator Ashley Rocke, sided with Senator Eamon Courtenay on Wednesday when a call was made to bring the Financial [...]

Accidental Oven Blast Kills Baker, Injures Brother
Two brothers were caught in an explosion inside their family bakery in Sand Hill, Belize District, this morning. One of them is dead and the other is hospitalized following an [...]

B.D.F. Graduates 89; Gets New Commander
At Price Barracks in Ladyville this afternoon, it was out with the old and, especially, in with the new. The national army is now forty years old and has had [...]

Changes to Protocol after Kaibil Border Walkover
Surveillance footage captured last week showed an alarming occurrence at the western border between Belize and Guatemala. Taken from inside the Customs office, a trio of Guatemalan soldiers dressed in [...]

'Normal' Communication Between Soldier and Person Found with Stolen Disposed Equipment
The Ministry of Finance continues to investigate how a significant quantity of outdated military equipment scheduled for disposal ended up in the hands of three civilians, including a Mexican national. [...]

Cane Farmer in San Narciso is Latest Traffic Accident Victim
A cane farmer was knocked down and killed in San Narciso Village around six-thirty on Thursday evening. Police say that thirty-five-year-old Gerardo Chable was driving his vehicle on the San [...]

2 Arraigned for Ladyville Double Murder
On Thursday evening, police officially arrested and charged a duo from Ladyville for Tuesday night's double murder. This afternoon the two youths were brought to court for the murders of [...]

Sisters Died from Chop Wounds to Head; Killers Still at Large
Teenage siblings Josephine and Crecencia Oh were chopped to death in the southern community of San Jose, Toledo on Sunday night, while they were returning home to San Antonio Village.� [...]

Chester Noralez Wins Acquittal after Accusers' Deaths
Thirty-six year old Chester Noralez, accused in the brutal beating and home invasion against senior citizen Patrick Grant in 2015, was acquitted of the charge today before Chief Magistrate Sharon [...]

N.G.O. Senator Joins in on Government Condemnation
Earlier we heard from Private Sector Senator Mark Lizarraga on dated government expenditure that has just gone before the senate.� Senator Osmany Salas, who represents the N.G.O. community, also spoke [...]

Twin Towns Join in Municipal Campaigning
The twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena are in full gear for the March seventh municipal elections. Both parties are on the ground campaigning house to house and [...]

Some Parts of Cayo Inundated by Rains
In the west, water levels rose cutting off access at Iguana Creek Bridge to the Spanish Lookout Community. Several other villages such as Santa Teresa and San Marcos are inundated. [...]

Customs Talks Improving Business
International Customs Day was observed around the world today in honor of this vital cog in the international financial and trade machine. As has become tradition, Belize's Customs and Excise [...]

Customs Watches for Contraband Potatoes
The news makes regular reports on persons caught with uncustomed goods, usually contraband from the free zone and Mexico. Often these matters are settled by the department without a need [...]

NWC's Ann-Marie Williams Headed for CARICOM Post
Ann-Marie Williams is moving on up. She is leaving her Executive Director position with the National Women's Commission (NWC) for a regional job. Williams is heading to the CARICOM Secretariat [...]

Outgoing City Mayor Calls for Public Sector Reform
Earlier this week, News Five sat down with outgoing Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley in his final days as head of the municipal government.� The two-term mayor spoke candidly about [...]


Student recovering from stab wounds
"A stabbing incident yesterday evening after a football game between two high schools left a nineteen-year-old resident of Camalote Village injured. According to the victim, nineteen-year-old Sulma Escobar a resident of Camalote village, she was at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan watching a football match between Baptist and Belmopan Comprehensive High School when sometime after �

NEMO Toledo awards outstanding citizens
"After the welcome remarks by Toledo Emergency Operations Center Director Marian Nolberto, NEMO District Committee, remarks were made by Chairperson Mayor Fern Gutierrez. Guest speaker was Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management Edmond Castro. Edmond Castro - Minister NEMO "I came here to thank all the representatives of the NEMO �

Experts discuss effects of human trafficking on economies
Human trafficking is known as the modern-day slavery and it is a growing problem for every country in the world. Human trafficking is mainly defined as the coercion of a person to engage in sex acts against their will or to forcefully get someone to perform labour. Sex trafficking accounts for seventy percent of human �

Gas leak causes explosion; one man dies
An explosion in Sandhill Village this morning resulted in the death of 59-year-old Alfonso Morales. The explosion occurred inside In-n-Out Bakery. Morales was with his brother, Alberto, inside the bakery fixing an oven when a match was lit and the explosion followed. Hipolito Novelo has the story.

Defence Minister comments on border incident
Last week three Guatemalan Armed Forces soldiers were captured on surveillance camera entering Belize's Western Border office. The video is only fifty seconds long and it shows the Guatemalan soldiers causally making their way into the Western Border Office. The video shows no sign of confrontation or aggression. But the fact that the soldiers were �

Sarstoon Protocol being worked on, says Cabinet Minister
This is not the first time that Guatemalan Armed forces have illegally entered into Belizean territory. Several instances have been recorded especially in the Sarstoon River where Guatemalan Armed Forces have been recorded intercepting civilians in Belizean waters. Defence Minister John Saldivar says that the Sarstoon Protocol is still in the works. JOHN SALDIVAR, CABINET �

Minister Saldivar says Government complied with the law
On Wednesday the Senate passed a bill which approved the spending of thirteen point nine million dollars by the Government in the fiscal year 2016/2017. The People's United Party say that the Government has broken laws because it was noncompliant with the Finance and Audit Reform Act. They say that the Government unlawfully spent the �

International Customs Day celebrated in Belize
Today Belize's Customs and Excise Department joined its counterparts throughout the world in celebrating International Customs Day. The day is observed under the theme "A Secure Business Environment for Economic Development". The Department held a short ceremony this morning at Battlefield Park in Belize City where the Comptroller of Customs and Excise Colin Griffith explained �

The problem of contraband potatoes
Earlier this week potato producers and importers met with officials from the Ministry of Agriculture to discuss issues facing the industry. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that the approval of import licenses for potatoes will be halted in order to allow the potato producers to successfully sell their products on the �

Thirty-nine more days to Municipal Elections
Both major political parties have launched their municipal campaign in an effort to convince voters why they are the better choice. They have thirty-nine more days to do so and Belmopan Area Representative John Saldivar says that he is confident that the UDP will defeat the PUP on March 7.


Double Murder in Ladyville
Two persons are dead after another shooting that occurred on Tuesday night. Casey Lozano and Marlon Spain both died after they were shot sometime around 8 o'clock last night as they socialized in a yard in Ladyville. Several persons were at the scene when two gunmen opened fire at the crowd. ...

Brutal Murder and shooting in Roaring Creek
Another murder was reported in the village of Roaring Creek, Cayo District. One person shot and killed and the other was hospitalized at Western Regional Hospital. Thomas Henry and his common law wife, Kimberly Smith had just recently moved to Roaring Creek with their three children a little bit ov...

Murder on San Pedro, again!
There were three shooting incidents on Tuesday night that led to 4 people dying and 4 others injured. The first one happened at around 5 o'clock on Tuesday evening on the Island of Ambergris Caye. Two persons who were at the Boat yard in San Pedro were fired upon. They are Deon Neal and Paul J...

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Simon Velasquez, 23, shot dead in bike shop
There has been no let-up in violence in the country of Belize since the start of the New Year, but in one area, Belize City's south side, there had been a welcomed calm. That calm, however, was shattered today, Thursday, when San Pedro resident Simon Velasquez, 23, was shot four times on Plues Street sometime after midday. His body was recovered by police from inside the Brown Bomber's Bike Shop. According to eyewitness information, Velasquez had been in an altercation with his attacker, who pulled out a firearm and shot him at close range. Police have not yet provided any additional information in connection with this latest murder. A review of the Amandala archives reveals that Velasquez was no stranger to the law, and that there had been at least two previous attempts on his life.

13 - too many murders for January - which isn't finished yet!
Data collected by Amandala revealed that there have been 13 murders across the country in the first 25 days of the New Year. Three females and ten males have been murdered. The Belize district tops the list with 8 murders while there were three murders in Toledo, one murder in the Orange Walk District and one in the Cayo District. The first murder of the year, which happened on Belize City's northside, took place less than three hours into the first day of the year. Reputed Victoria Street gang boss, Leon Garcia, 29, was walking on Barrack Road when he was attacked by two men. He and another man were both stabbed multiple times. Garcia succumbed to his injuries. Police have made an arrest in this case.

GOB violated Finance and Audit Act
Opposition People's United Party (PUP) senators Eamon Courtenay and Valerie Woods called a press briefing this morning to update the media on government's very late Supplementary Appropriations Schedule for fiscal year 2016/2017 that the Senate was asked to approve yesterday. The two senators are alleging that the United Democratic Party government of Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow is in breach of the Finance and Audit Reform Act and "somebody has to be held accountable." Senator Courtenay told the press that the purpose of calling the media's attention to the issue was to highlight firstly the gross financial irresponsibility by the government and secondly, the fact that a number of the non-compliances by the government amount to criminal offences.

Three charged for Thomas Henry's murder
Late news to Amandala this evening is that Belmopan police have arrested and charged three men for the murder of Thomas Henry and the attempted murder of Kimberly Smith and her brother, Orlando Smith. The three accused are Tyler Herrera Cruz, 18; Joseph Cadle, 22; and Israel Cadle, 19. Police said that Joseph Cadle and Tyler Cruz have been charged with Thomas Henry's murder, while Joseph Cadle is charged with the attempted murder of Kimberly and Orlando Smith.

Ladyville man charged for double murder
On Thursday night police charged, Ladyville resident Jessie Mejia, with two counts of murder in connection with the Tuesday night shooting on Marage Road, located in an area of the village known as "Japan." Mejia was also booked on two counts of use of deadly means of harm, one count of wounding and one count of grievous harm. Police are alleging that Mejia, 24, was one of two armed men who climbed through some high bushes around a swamp to ambush a group of men who were socializing in front of the Spain's Marage Road residence. Marlon Spain, 25, and Casey Lozano, 24, were shot dead, while Sidney Humes, 47, and Johan Gray, 22, received gunshot injuries.

Ann-Marie Williams exits National Women's Commission for CARICOM appointment
Ann-Marie Williams, the first Executive Director for the National Women's Commission of Belize, last month resigned from the post she has held for nine years to take up a new appointment as the deputy program manager for gender and development at the CARICOM Secretariat. In an interview with KREM TV, Williams said that there was never a really good time to go. As a Belizean who is very rooted in her community, I think I've earned my keep, I've paid my dues. There is never a good time to really go, but when the opportunity presents itself, you really have to go. Williams said, "This is something I've always really wanted, to work regionally and internationally. I consider myself very honored and I am humbled."

NADO reports clean Anti-Doping results for 2018 Krem New Year's Classic
This morning, Krem Radio manager Michael Hyde, organizer of the 2018 Krem New Year's Day Cycling Classic, was informed via email from the Cycling Federation of Belize (CFB) that results for the Anti-Doping tests at this year's Krem Classic had all come back negative. In an email letter today to CFB President Dion Leslie from Dr. Michael Pitts, Director of the National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO), an arm of the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association, Dr. Pitts stated: "Please be informed that the results for the three samples sent for the male Krem Classic of 2018 were received. All the tests were negative.

Dangriga sports stats Secondary school football - Dangriga Zone
The Dangriga Zone secondary school football tournament got started on Monday, January 22, at the Carl Ramos Stadium. This tournament will be a double-elimination round. In the female results on Monday, Delille Academy won over Ecumenical, 1 goal to nil, the goal coming at the 8th minute of first half from Lesly Ann Lucas, with an assist from Edith Engleton. Meanwhile, in the male, both Ecumenical High and Delille Academy ended up in a 2 to 2 tie. The goal scorers for Delille Academy were Tyler Peters and Yibemeh Lewis; while Ecumenical High goals were by Myreek Francis and Zion Ramos. Hillary Coleman was red carded for Ecumenical. Delille Academy was the host school on Monday.

Where to, Billy Boy?
Belize is a strange place indeed, and football shenanigans is as good an example as any. Now, we are all familiar with the decades-plus long struggle to liberate our football from the dictatorial yoke of past president, Dr. Bertie Chimilio. Symptomatic of that struggle was the formation of a breakaway group called the Super League of Belize, which featured some teams comparable in ability to those of the FFB's top level league, the then BPFL (Belize Professional Football League). There were a number of flaws in the management of the Super League, not least of which was its penchant for a gross lack of punctuality in the start of its games, which often started much later than advertised. But we all endured; it was part of the battle to remove the tyrant.

Chief's Thursday Race of January 25, 2018
It rained around 5 o'clock this morning, but 24 riders still showed up; and by our start time of 6 a.m., there was not a drop falling from the sky; and so the race was off. Ernest "Peenie" Bradley has been riding extremely aggressively recently, and today was no exception, as he attacked from the GUN, getting away with Carlton "Bubble Head" Robinson. These 2 held out the peloton all the way to Hattieville; but the Heads of State in the peloton, such as Brandon Cattouse, Hijo, the Baddest, et al, put in a furious chase, keeping the speed up to 27 mph in the headwind, thus closing in on the 2 front runners mile by mile.

Editorial: Civic absurdity
It is interesting to note that there was major controversy involved with the opening of Belize City's first Civic Center in 1981. In the first instance, then Premier George Price did not want the auditorium to be called the "Civic" Center, because there had been a militant group called CIVIC, an arm of the Opposition National Independence Party (NIP). CIVIC (the acronym for Citizens Integrated to Voice Interest in the Community, or some such), had sprung up in the middle 1960s and railed in anti-government public meetings usually held at the Courthouse Wharf or the old Harley's Open Lot. (CIVIC lasted well into the 1970s.) Mr. Price wanted us to call the new structure, City Center, but this became a rare occasion when he did not have his way: the Civic it became, and the Civic it remained, bounded on the north by the historic Haulover Creek, on the west by the relatively new Central American Boulevard, and on the south by St. Jude Street.

From The Publisher
If it's drugs that the Americans want to keep out with their wall along the Mexican border, and let's say the wall was built and succeeded in reducing the inflow of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, PCP, Ecstasy, and so on, then what that will do is raise the price of those illegal narcotic products. Always the constant in the situation is the powerful demand for these drugs amongst the American people. So there is this very rich, seemingly permanent market in the United States for products which their political leaders have declared illegal. If you build a wall and drive the prices higher, then you bring sea routes along the Atlantic and Pacific oceans into play, and perhaps even the air routes. There is simply too much money to be made bringing drugs into the United States. The money is so big, the impoverished rest of the hemisphere is willing to kill and to die to make some of the Franklins.

We stand with the Palestinians
Dear Editor, There is no time limit to how long a struggle for justice takes, so one has to be ready to go the long haul. We have been fighting for an end to racism and classism most of our lives. Growing up and facing racism in a white society on one hand and joining the civil rights movement on the other, brought us together and has sustained us through 45 years of marriage. It should be no surprise to anyone that we have supported the struggles of the Palestinian people since the mid-sixties and continue to do so. It should be no surprise to anyone that the struggle continues. We have been asked, on a number of occasions, if we were still fighting for justice and our answer is, "We are still breathing, aren't we?" As long as we have breath to give, we will be working for equity and justice around the world.

European Nature Trust group on Bike Belize: 6 Day Mountain Bike Adventure
Editor, Amandala Sports: My name is Dylan, I'm a photo journalist and film maker. I'm coming to Belize to document a group of people (12-14 people) from The European Nature Trust ( on a 6-day, 240km mountain bike adventure through the country. The team will arrive in Belize City on the 4th of February, and the cycle takes place from the 5th until the 11th of February 2018. The aim of the adventure is: To support projects dedicated to the protection of our remaining wild places and the rich diversity of wildlife that lives there, in association with the Belize Nature Trust. We are able to offer participants not just the opportunity to join us on the most fabulous travel experience, but also the chance to help save these critically important ecosystems.

The Commercialization of Indigenous
Dear Editor, There is a slow but steady move to commercialize everything indigenous. While on the one hand this may seem contrary to the recent promotion of global indigenous trends in clothing, food, music and culture in general, a closer in-depth analysis will prove to the contrary. I grew up in a time when neither Nike, MacDonald's, Tommy or any of the other large, name-brand corporate companies that provide, goods, foods, commodities and services was popular. We were satisfied with living simple, basic and, by all accounts, much healthier lives. We grew our own food, made our own clothing, caught and raised our meat, and anyone who has re-used an old condensed milk can as a drinking cup or cut up used clothing to stuff into a pillow as cushion or floor mat, will realize that we were masters at recycling long before anyone from the north or Europe brought that idea to us. The global indigenous trends that have taken over the world over the past couple of years, while there is much positive to it, there are those who see it merely as another way to extract profits from Third World countries. Indigenous has the positive aspect of preserving cultures, languages and music, but it is also one of the greatest areas where huge profits can be gained.

Amandala's year in review: Part 2
July "Tied up, naked and dead," Amandala's lead story on July 4, was about a mysterious murder that shocked the Bangladeshi community, a small, close-knit business community operating in various parts of the country. Abdush Salam, 29, a Bangladeshi businessman who had lived and worked in Belize for a number of years, was found tied up naked and dead in his bed in an upstairs house at 4 Orange Street. Salam had operated a shop at the Novelo's Bus Terminal. Later in that same month, police charged Juan Choc, 23, for the murder of Salam. Choc is a construction worker of Baymen Avenue.

I think one of the rudest, more cruel realities I had to face at law school was to realize that law was not about the ideals of truth and fairness, but rather about who could present the best evidence, had the most knowledge of the law and their rights, and who could influence the decision-maker, be it lawfully or unlawfully. I had opted to go study law after myself being dragged before the courts umpteen times and in circumstances where to my entire being it felt unjust and unfair. Yet I was legally trained to find the provisions and appreciate the nuances as to why I was right about the injustices being exercised against me. My ordeals with the courts in Belize were at their worst between 1998 and 2000, when I was a Senator for the United Democratic Party, then in opposition after suffering a massive and crippling defeat when the People's United Party won by an impressive landslide.

Screw your upstaatnis to the right place
I had my chances to try and join the ranks of the educated elite. In my youth, higher education in the US beckoned a few times. My boss at HHL (Hummingbird Hershey, Ltd.), NE Wade, saw me "squandering" and he called me aside one day and "warned" me to go. I didn't. I'll leave off telling you why I didn't go, but I'll tell you why I never went, not even to touch ground in Miami. I had to go on a trip one time, and the travel agent, a friend, asked me if I wanted her to arrange it so I could overnight in Miami. I'd prefer not; only if I have to, I told her. So, when I got to Miami I moved from one chute to another chute, to my connecting plane. I was damned happy I didn't have to touch their soil.

The connection between the disappearance of Kelvin Usher and the murder of Fareed Ahmad
The recent murder of Fareed Ahmad and last year's disappearance and subsequent discovery of Kelvin Usher at first blush bear no ostensible connections. A closer analysis into both incidents, however, reveals an underlying theme: the lack of public confidence and trust in the authorities entrusted to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the Belizean citizenry. The Peelian principle developed by nineteenth century two-time conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Sir Robert Peel, asserts that the legitimacy of any police force emerges from the transparency and accountability police demonstrate while undertaking their duties.

False advertising: UDP Belize City Council slate says they built new Civic Center
CITY, Wed. Jan. 24, 2018- The massive Civic Center building with its 4,500-seating capacity that was built at a cost of 33 million dollars was recently featured in an advertisement by the United Democratic Party (UDP) Belize City Council slate, in which one councilor candidate claimed that it was the City Council which built the structure. That however, is a falsehood. In advertising the accomplishments of the UDP City Council, the councilor candidate and incumbent, Jason Edwards, standing in front of the Belize City Center, declared: "We have rehabilitated community parks and playgrounds and built a brand new Civic Center for your recreation and pleasure."

2 die in Marage Road ambush
With four homicides occurring there between March 2016 and February 2017, Marage Road has developed a reputation as the most dangerous place to be in Ladyville. After years of violence there was a momentary lull in that community, but that was interrupted sometime around 8 o'clock on Tuesday night when two armed assailants crept from the back of the Spain family's residence, through high bushes and swamp, to ambush a group of men socializing on the street in front of an unfenced yard. Marlon Spain, 25, was shot in the head and left for dead on his doorstep, while Casey Lozano, 24, was found dead 200 yards away. He had been shot in the back and thigh.

Jaimell Paul Jex, 32, shot dead in San Pedro
On Tuesday evening, a high-ranking member of the George Street Gang, Jaimell Paul Jex, 32, secured bail in the San Pedro Magistrate's court after he was busted with 15 grams of marijuana. However, less than 15 minutes after securing his freedom, he was ruthlessly executed. Police investigations revealed that Jex and his cousin, Deon Neal, 32, had both exited court and were walking on Crocodile Street in the San Pedrito area of San Pedro Town at about 5:30 on Tuesday evening when they were ambushed. Two armed assailants emerged and set chase after the men, firing a barrage of gunshots, and injuring both targets.

Omar Cruz, 62, dies after killer bee attack
Omar Cruz, 62, a farmer and resident of Unitedville, was cutting the grass in his yard with a lawn mower and his son, Adrian, 31, was helping him clear the yard when suddenly, killer bees swarmed and attacked Cruz. He tried to get away, but reportedly fell and that was when the bees began to sting him. His son ran into the house and alerted the other family members, who ran to help him, but their efforts were in vain. They had to retreat, and the bees sustained their vicious attack on Cruz for about 45 minutes, after which the bees' attack abated. Cruz was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital in an unconscious state, but he was declared dead on arrival.

The Reporter

Joint police operation yields contraband cigarettes
Police have found a significant amount of contraband cigarettes during a joint operation conducted by members of its Special Branch and the Quick Response units this morning. The operation took place in San Jose Village, Orange Walk and led to the discovery of 10 boxes [�]

Police make arrest for Ladyville double murder
Police have arrested and charged a man for the Tuesday night double murder of Casey Lozano and Marlon Spain and for wounding two other people. Darwin Prado, a construction worker also of Ladyville, has been arrested and charged with two counts of 'murder', two counts [�]

Man killed in traffic accident
A man from San Narciso village, Corozal was knocked down and killed on Thursday evening while riding a bicycle. Police say that sometime around 6:30 p.m., Gerardo Silvevestre Chable, 35, was driving a white Isuzu Rodeo on the San Narciso main road from the direction […]

Surviving the flu season
Almost everyone has been plagued by the flu (influenza) at one point or another in life. It is one of the most common forms of illness, yet it can prove to be deadly if the particular strain is so debilitating that our immune system is […]

Ras Indio signals coming album with new single
Renowned Belizean reggae artist Ras Indio has announced that he will be releasing a new studio album in 2018, teasing the release with the launch of his new single entitled Unity. Indio launched the new single, which features fellow Belizean artists Boss Lady, on Friday, January 19. […]

Upgrades coming to George Price Highway
Drivers who use the George Price Highway between Belmopan and Santa Elena can expect better road conditions in the near future, following the government of Belize's announcement of upgrades coming to that section of the highway. On Wednesday, GOB through the Ministry of works, signed a contract […]

16th Annual Bob Marley fundraising concert coming soon…
The 16th annual Bob Marley Tribute and Food Drive, is just two weekends away and organizer, Joel “Dara” Robinson appeals to Belizeans to support the initiative so he can have enough supplies to sustain his feeding program for at least a few months. Robinson told […]

Butane increase set for March
The government of Belize and the companies importing butane, Z Gas, Gas Tomza and Belize Western Energy Limited, have agreed to one more price increase for butane in 2018, due under new terms in March. Director of the Belize Bureau of Standards, Jose Trejo, explained […]

Sugar production up but concerns linger over changes in EU market regime
Sugar production at the Belize Sugar Industries (BSI) at Tower Hill in Orange Walk is up by roughly 10%, with cane quality also better than the same time last year. Information supplied upon request by BSI indicates that up to Sunday, January 21, a total of 287,883 tons of sugar […]

CARICOM committee submits report on marijuana
The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Regional Marijuana Commission, which was established to investigate the issue of marijuana use in the region, submitted a status report in preparation for the presentation of findings later this year. The 10-member commission submitted its report this week, noting that the […]

Tsunamis would not hammer Belize like they did Indonesia, says oceanologist
Belize would not likely be hammered as devastatingly as Indonesia was if a tsunami were to hit us, says George Hansen, an Oceanologist who has worked in Belize for more than three decades. Many people who saw the footage from the December 26, 2004 tsunami […]

Farmer mysteriously dies, police hastily rule out foul play
A Salvadoran farmer was found dead by police on Wednesday in a drain along the Hummingbird highway; however, due to the advanced state of decomposition, police could not determine the cause of death but have already ruled out foul play. Jose Romulo Cornejo, 42, of […]

Five persons detained for brutal butchering of Toledo teens
Five people are in police custody pending investigations into the brutal butchering of two Toledo teenagers on Sunday night. Sisters, Crecencia and Josephina Oh, 18 and 17 respectively, were chopped to pieces on Sunday night. The gruesome images from the crime scene, which looked like […]

Africanized bees kill man and 2 dogs
A man has died of bee stings he suffered over the weekend in his yard in Unitedville, Cayo. Omar Cruz, 62, and his son were cleaning his yard on Saturday, January 13, when a swarm of Africanized bees that occupied an adjacent abandoned building attacked […]

GSU find 51 pounds of weed in Western Paradise
A Gang Supression Unit (GSU) raid in the Western Paradise community at mile 8 on the George Price highway over the weekend yielded 133 parcels of marijuana hidden inside two PVC pipes which were buried in the ground. Just after 5:00 p.m on January 21, […]

It's not just our imagination! The gangs in Belize are getting bolder, targeting their victims at will, and operating with sullen impunity. Belizeans have been relying on the police to curb this rush of violence, but the Police Department has been overwhelmed by the number and variety of stealth crimes, […]

Government broke the law, claims PUP
Wednesday’s Sitting of the Senate departed from standard procedure when People’s United Party (PUP) senators requested the Financial Secretary, Joseph Waight, to attend the Committee Meeting, during which he acknowledged that the government had not complied with the Finance Reform and Audit Act with regard […]

Shooting proves fatal for San Pedro resident
Belize’s latest murder of the new year happened on Thursday afternoon in Belize City around 1:00 p.m., on Plues street. According to reports from the scene, three men chased 23-year-old Simon Velasquez onto Plues Street and fired three shots at him. Police and paramedics gathered […]

Queen Elizabeth II congratulates centenarian, Francesca Arnold
Congratulations were in order for career nurse-caregiver-teacher and lay-minister, Francesca Arnold, who celebrated her 100th birthday on Monday, January 22, and even the Queen Elizabeth II sent her a card congratulating her on this milestone. Francesca Saldivar was born in the village of San Roman, […]

4 dead, 4 injured in 5-hour bloodbath
This past week was perhaps the most violent since the start of the new year, with four murders and several more injured over a span of five hours on Tuesday night. The Tuesday night bloodbath started just after 5:20 p.m., on Crocodile Street in San […]

PACT open again for business, two employees fewer
After taking a one-week break for restructuring, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT), opened this past Wednesday, but with two employees fewer. Their jobs had reportedly become redundant by the new organizational and operational framework now in place. The conservation trust issued a press release […]

Billion-dollar bud Who will reap the profits in Belize?
By William Conde Belize Hemp Co-operative The global discussion and perspective on the use of marijuana medically, recreationally and industrially has evolved over the decades. Belize recently passed legislation to decriminalize up to 10 grams of cannabis for personal use but Belize’s decriminalization effort was limited compared to other nations […]

Driver charged for causing Leonte Ampie's death
Almost a month after Leonte Ampie, 39, was killed in an accident on the George Price highway in Camalote village on December 16, 2017, the driver of the pick-up truck which hit him was arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrate court. On Thursday, January 18th, Winston Gordon, 45, [�]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Notice: Immigration Headquarters relocated
The Immigration Headquarters in Belmopan has been relocated to Mountain View Blvd. Contact details are [�]

Vernon family to protest in PG tomorrow
Tomorrow there will be a protest in Punta Gorda town in connection with the January [�]

Ladyville businessman robbed
Last night, Freddy Hernandez, a resident of Ladyville village reported that around 8:30 p.m., while [�]

St. Margaret teen reported missing
A teen girl from St. Margaret village has been reported missing by her father. Alejandro [�]

Attorney General dismisses PUP claims
Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte has dismissed claims by the People's United Party (PUP) that the [�]

Man ambushed and killed on Plues Street
On Wednesday, January 24, around 1:15 p.m., Belize city police visited the first floor of [�]

Two young men charged for murder of Thomas Henry
Belmopan police have arrested and charged two men in connection with the murder of Thomas [�]

5 tourists attacked and robbed in San Ignacio Town
According to reports, five tourists were victims of an armed robbery last night in San [�]


A Gorgeous West Side Beach Morning - TV Crew and SUP Yoga
Yesterday, I headed south of town for an early a.m. meet-up. A warm sunny January day - I turned through the imposing gates of Mahogany Bay Village and pulled up to Science and Soul Wellness - the GORGEOUS yoga studio, spa and meeting spot. We were headed out to showcase the MBV Beach Club and the Stand Up Paddle board yoga class S&SW conducts in this ridiculously stunning spot. Climb the stairs, they have the HUGE upstairs space. The most recent class had just finished and ladies and men were lounging on the couches drinking lightly scented waters�all so very�namaste.

Belize Customs and Excise Department; Post Clearance Audit
The Belize CED believes that an effective and efficient PCA function is an essential component of a modern Customs Administration. The ultimate goal is a balanced compliance and enforcement strategy of allowing trade to move more quickly and easily across the border, supported by the ability of Customs to selectivelyand effectively intervene to ensure that all Customs requirements have been met as per the relevant laws regulations. PCA helps to ensure that clients report their importations to Customs accurately and on time, and that the correct amount of revenue is paid. PCA auditors review past importations and where errors are found, revenue adjustments are made for collection. During the audit, further guidance and information is provided to assist importers in improving complaiance with all Customs Obligations and procedures.

International Sourcesizz

The Most Beautiful Places in Belize that Aren't Beaches
Belize is quickly getting a reputation for being one of the hottest spots in Central America. More than a million tourists visit annually for the beaches, Great Barrier Reef, countless islands and natural beauty. But not everyone wants to relax in a hammock and spend all their time in one of the luxurious overwater bungalows in Belize. With the variety of ancient ruins, natural wonders and national parks dotted around the island, it's easy to indulge in a different type of tourism. Here are the top non-beach places to visit in Belize.

Belize's Garifuna Collective Showcases Central American Culture to a Wider Audience
During his childhood in Belize, bassist Al Ovando grew up surrounded by music. His father played guitar and he and his brothers had a family band. Even as a child, Ovando took the reins, setting up equipment and tending to instruments that needed repair. Now, as an adult, he's the bandleader of the pioneering Garifuna Collective, a renowned music group that has taken the music of the Belizean Garifuna people around the world. Ovando says live music plays a significant role in people's lives, but the Garifuna Collective is among the first major acts to break out of the Central American nation. Perhaps its greatest contribution is providing a foundation upon which other Belizean musicians can share their music with an even wider audience. "All the band members understand the mission, what they want to share with the world... but the bigger mission for us is to keep doing what we are doing and set up a platform for other Belizeans coming behind." He says that involves mentoring musicians not only when it comes to the actual music, but on administrative aspects as well, from navigating the logistics of touring to doing interviews. "There is nobody in Belize who has ever done this on this level," he says. "We are pioneers when it comes to... bringing the awareness to this vast world."

Coral Reefs In Central America Are Finally Getting Healthier
Coral reefs have been struggling in recent years, with reports that huge swathes of it had succumbed to coral bleaching; the Great Barrier Reef had its most devastating die-off ever recorded in 2016, as CNN reported at the time. Bleaching happens when ocean temperatures get to hot. As Stephanie Wear, The Nature Conservancy's director of coral reef conservation, told Nature, the color from coral actually comes from tiny algae that live symbiotically with it. "The first thing to understand is that corals get their brilliant colors from tiny algae that live in their tissues. These tiny organisms live in harmony with coral animals, and they basically share resources," Wear explains. "For example, the most important thing that the algae do is provide food to the corals through carbohydrates they produce during photosynthesis."

Initiative announced to end malaria in Central America and the Dominican Republic
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Carlos Slim Foundation have announced an initiative to support seven Central American countries and the Dominican Republic in taking the final steps necessary to eliminate malaria in their territories. The Regional Malaria Elimination Initiative (RMEI) will bring $83.6 million in new funds, and is expected to leverage over $100 million in domestic financing and $39 million of existing donor resources across the region by 2022 to ensure malaria remains a top health and development priority despite dwindling numbers of cases. The funding will serve to close the technical and financing gaps to support and execute country elimination plans in Belize, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.


  • The Caves of the Chiquibul, 6min. By Carol Farneti Foster. Area being exploded heavily by Guatemalans and needs protection FCD is protecting the area but needs to gather more funding. and help from government for protection.

  • Raspacola and Macal River areas in Chiquibul Reserve in Belize, 4min. This specific area is now a dam site and the animals no longer are there. They had cut down the trees where the Scarlet Macaws nest and the tapirs and other animal roaming around for food. The web of life has been broken. Now(and for many years in past)the Guatemalans are coming over the border into the Chiquibul Reserve and using Belize's natural resources through mining, farming, killing animals for food and taking the scarlet macaw young to sell in Guatemala.

  • Rio on Pools, Belize | Aerial View, 2.5min. This is a remote location that can be found in Mountain Pine Ridge Area in Belize. It's a beautiful place to swim during the dry season but can only be reached by car or motorcycle if it's not too wet. We reached this area after hitchhiking for 3 hours since the road is all dirt road. It's recommended you leave early and try to visit during the weekend which is when locals tend to visit the area.

  • Costa Deliziosa Scuba diving Belize City, 8min. Finally got to do some scuba diving at Belize City

  • Jaguar in MPR, 10sec. Just returned from a little field work in the Mountain Pine Ridge. Here is a nice video of a jaguar there! He slows down slightly to check out the Panthera camera on the other side of the trail.

  • FIFTY TWO YEAR OLD SAN NARCISO RESIDENT IS FATALLY KNOCKED DOWN, 5min. A teacher from Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico is facing the possibilities of serious criminal prosecution after the vehicle he was driving hit and ran over a 52 year old man who worked as a cane cutter in the village of San Narciso on Thursday evening. Today we visited the community to find out more.

  • MEET THE FUTURE SCIENTISTS AND ENTREPRENEURS OF MUFFLES HIGH SCHOOL, 12min. The biennial Science and Business Fair hosted by Muffles College High School here in Orange Walk Town kicked off this morning at the school's auditorium where students from all four levels were provided with an opportunity to showcase a portion of what they have learnt throughout the first semester of the school year. Today as the fair was opened to the public, our news team visited the high school and filed the following report.

  • THE CHARITABLE ROOTS FOUNDATIONTRIBUTES TO BOBMARLEY CONCERT FOR RAISING FUNDS FOR CHILDREN, 5min. For the past seven years, the Charitable Roots Foundation, a non-profit organization, has been hosting their annual 'Tribute to Bob Marley Concert' here in the north, with the aim of raising funds to provide financial assistance to the families of children who suffer from several illnesses and who are also in dire need of immediate medical attention.

  • Belize Now | January 26, 2018, 28min. In tonight's headlines: Twin town residents take advantage of infrastructure works, and what to do in the event of another tsunami warning. These stories and more on this week's edition of Belize Now. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, January 26th, 2018.

  • What's Going on? Crazy Sting Ray And Shark Encounters - Belize Vlog, 12min. In this travel vlog I travel to the amazing country Belize. I jump between islands and go a cool snorkeling trip around Caye Calker to see alot of nurse sharks and southern sting rays.

  • al sur del mundo LA RESERVA MARINA DE HOL CHAN (BELIZE), 32min. LA RESERVA MARINA DE HOL-CHAN (BELIZE) Una fascinante exploraci�n por el mundo submarino de los arrecifes de coral en las antiguas aguas costeras del caribe. Miles de turistas, llegados desde. Buceo con tubo en la Reserva ina de Hol Chan en Belize. Un dia de snorkel con Tiburones Nodriza, tortugas y rayas en la reserva marina Hol Chan, Belice. Tiburones nodriza rodean nuestro velero en la reserva marina de Hol Chan, Belice.

  • [Doku HD] Reise durch Amerika - Belize, ein Schmelztiegel der Kulturen, 37min. Das kleine Land Belize nimmt hinsichtlich seiner Kultur und Geschichte eine Sonderstellung unter den L�ndern Mittelamerikas ein. Die parlamentarische Monarchie war vor ihrer Unabh�ngigkeit. Etwa eine Autostunde s�dlich von Panama-Stadt, einst als erste europ�ische Siedlung an der Pazifikk�ste gegr�ndet und heute pulsierende Hauptstadt der Republik Panama, ragt die Halbinsel.

  • Belize 2018 Dive Summary, 7min. Mark and Rick diving Ambergris Caye with the gang at Chuck and Robbie's.

  • Montage Vid�o Kizoa: BELIZE EN MER 2018, 6min.

  • Eli versus the Belize cows, 2.5min. I found those beasts to be passive aggressive. They look mild and friendly, but don't be fooled. They are evil.

  • Belize 2017, 18min. Our trip to Gaia where we hiked to see the Mayan pyramids. We went scuba diving and snorkeling in Ambergris Caye.

  • Sighting of dolphins in Belize, 1min.

  • Verdes vs San Pedro Tiger Sharks, 3hr.

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