After public complaints

Residents from a subdivision along the beach north of San Pedro Town are relieved that a fence used to obstruct vehicle passage on the beach for quite some time was removed on Wednesday, January 31st. They claim that the fence, which extended to the shoreline was erected by one of their neighbors, who is a developer in the area. The residents stated that because there is no designated access to the main road in their area they have no choice but to drive through the beach to access their homes. The presence of the fence became a frustrating inconvenience and those affected denounced the illegal move by the developer in blocking national land (beaches), which should remain accessible to everyone. They claim the developer initially did not consider its removal, but after being confronted with the facts of breaching the public land law, the fence was immediately reduced to accommodate the 66 feet required by law between any beach property and the water level.

Those who need to drive home claimed that when the beach was blocked, they were forced to drive around the posts which were placed mere feet away from the seaside. They feared that with constant beach erosion in the area, an accident could have happened. Another of the residents' distress was the fact that those living in the development were spotted placing planks, including pieces with rusted nails, along the narrow access way in order to further deter them from crossing the beach area.

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