Eleven 2018 Super Bowl Parties in San Pedro

Those that know me well know I am not a football fan, however, I am always willing to partake and cheer a friends team on as I have a few uber-fans in my life. It is always fun watching people get excited and cheer at the tv.

With the importance, if the Superbowl and number of great bar parties happening I thought this warranted it's own post. I am sure there are way more parties than the 11 I have listed below, watch facebook as I am sure new ones will be getting posted and shared.

Kick-off is 5:30 PM local time. Philadelphia Eagles vs. the New England Patriots. The game is being played in Minneapolis. Even though this type of football is played in the U.S. it does have a fairly large Belizean following. With many "snowbirds" visiting as well, of course there will be Super Bowl parties all around the island - listed below from north to south.

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Paradise Theater playing this weekend: Superbowl Viewing Sunday @ 5 Free.