7News has obtained an unusual video. It is reportedly captured in this area - about 5 miles due north of Ladyville along the Belize District coastline.

As first reported in the Guardian newspaper, It shows 7 coffins along with skeletal remains in shallow waters in an area known as Little Rocky Point. Apparently, the property owner had gone for some water recreation when he came upon the disturbing sight.

When we called the Department of Archeology they say they are looking for the area but have not found it yet. They do plan to investigate it and determine the origins of the coffins.

The area is known to have significant historical sites - but we note that. We'll tell you when the Institute of Archeology does find out something.

Channel 7

Coffins in the sea

This week the Guardian Newspaper was provided with video footage which shows as many as 7 coffins along with human remains in shallow waters off the coast in an area known as rocky point. Its an area due north of Ladyville and the discovery was made by someone who owns property there and had gone to swim there.

We contacted the Department of Archaeology and they are on an active mission to find the coffins as these form part of Belize's rich history. Archaeologist Jose Ramos told the Guardian that the entire area is dotted with significant historical sites but it is not aware of this most recent find.

Personnel from the department have been deployed to the area but so far have been unsuccessful at locating the coffins. They however say that the effort to locate them will not subside.

We will keep our readers informed.

The Guardian