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Today's Belize News: February 3, 2018 #528718
02/03/18 07:08 AM
02/03/18 07:08 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

2017 Police Statistics show a decrease in major crimes countrywide
The Belize Police Department has released the official crime statistics for 2017. Figures show that while major crimes experienced a decrease of 6.8% countrywide, there was an increase in homicides. Overall, 1,992 crimes were reported to the police department across the country. San Pedro Town recorded a total of 100 major crimes, with a decrease of 38%, compared to 2016. 2017 registered 142 homicides total, four more than in 2016. The official report also showed a decrease in arrests made for murder crimes, with only 54 arrests reported countrywide, nine arrests less than in the previous year. San Pedro reported eight fatalities in 2017, the same as 2016 and 2015.

Kevin Urbina is the Grand Champion of Estel’s 7th annual BBQ cook-off
Hundreds of island residents and visitors enjoyed finger-licking BBQ at Estel’s Dine by the Sea’s 7th Annual BBQ Cook-off Tournament held on Tuesday, January 30th. This year’s competition featured nine grill masters, including: Ali Rush, Charles Worthington, Rick Saager, Amy Knox, Keith, Palapa Bar& Grill, Jim Gochenour, Sergio, and Kevin Urbina. The annual competition is also a means ofraising funds for the Sunshine Scholarship Foundation in San Pedro Town. With approximately 195 tickets sold, attendees not only enjoyed an amazing BBQ lunch but also live musical performances and special drinks. 50/50 raffles took place to raise more funds, and some winners generously donated their prize money right back to the Foundation.

Belize Defence Force welcomes new commander on its 40th anniversary
The Belize Defence Force (BDF) celebrated its 40th anniversary with military ceremonies and displays, along with an open day fair for the public at their headquarters in Ladyville north of Belize City. The celebration began on Friday, January 26th with an official ceremony that saw the swearing in of a new BDF Commander and the graduation of 89 new soldiers. The following day, an all-day fair welcomed civilians into the military complex for a fun-filled event with military exhibits, live music, entertainment and of course lots to eat and drink. The formalities of the occasion started on Friday afternoon, as newly promoted Brigadier General, Steven Ortega became the eighth commander of the Force. He took over from retired Brigadier General David Jones who held the post since 2013. Thereafter, the military top brass was joined by proud families in the graduation ceremony of a new group of soldiers that have been training for the past four months.

Developer north of San Pedro Town removes illegal beach fence after public complaints
Residents from a subdivision along the beach north of San Pedro Town are relieved that a fence used to obstruct vehicle passage on the beach for quite some time was removed on Wednesday, January 31st. They claim that the fence, which extended to the shoreline was erected by one of their neighbors, who is a developer in the area. The residents stated that because there is no designated access to the main road in their area they have no choice but to drive through the beach to access their homes. The presence of the fence became a frustrating inconvenience and those affected denounced the illegal move by the developer in blocking national land (beaches), which should remain accessible to everyone. They claim the developer initially did not consider its removal, but after being confronted with the facts of breaching the public land law, the fence was immediately reduced to accommodate the 66 feet required by law between any beach property and the water level.

Ambergris Today

Two Guatemalan Fishermen Caught Fishing Illegally In Southern Belize
Park Rangers of the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) along with personnel of the Belize Coast Guard arrested two Guatemalans who were fishing illegally near the Rio Grande in Southern Belize. The fishermen tried to escape, but the patrol team was equipped and motivated to apprehend them. The two fishers had no documents for fishing in Belize and fished with illegal fishing gear with the marine reserve (over 2 miles of long lines with 400 hooks in water and additional long lines with 413 hooks in their possession).

Misc Belizean Sources


Ministry of Agriculture Launches Project on “Developing and Enhancing of Small Scale Agro-processing Capacity in Belize”
On January 30th, 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) held a small opening ceremony for the launching of a Technical Capacity Project in “Developing and Enhancing of Small Scale Agro-processing Capacity in Belize”. The ceremony was held in Belmopan at the Ministry of Agriculture Showgrounds Conference Room. The project objectives aim to: Improve small-scale agro-processing in Belize; Formulate a National Agro-processing Plan that will be able to coordinate quality products for markets locally and internationally;...

Blind date with a book! Corozal Public Library
We've stepped into the Month of Love! For the Month of February we are inviting the public to come to the library and pick a DATE...! See you there!

Consejo Village Council Free Medical Clinic
FREE Medical Services and medicine for everyone at Consejo Village, Corozal this Sunday, February 4th from 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

San Pedro: Section of Sea Grape Drive Closed Saturday 4pm-6pm
Drivers are advised that tomorrow Saturday, a section of sea grape drive will be closed, from the gas station south to hurricane st (Taste of Thailand ) from 4pm to 6pm. Thank you.

NICH Lecture at St Hilda's Anglican School in Georgeville
This morning adventure. A few students got the experience of wearing an authentic jade necklace for answering questions. Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

Inauguration of Dr. Carissa F. Etienne as Director of Pan American Health Organization
Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin was present at the official ceremony to inaugurate Dr. Carissa F. Etienne as Director of the Pan American Health Organization and Regional Director for the Americas of the World Health Organization (WHO) for a second term. Dr. Etienne officially began her second term of five years today. Minister Marin, on behalf of the Government and people of Belize, assured Dr. Etienne of our continued partnership and commitment to advance health for all in our region.

Representatives from various Government and Non-Governmental Organizations, Private Sector,and Academia associated with Disaster Risk Management and Oil Spill Response will meet at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel, Belize City on 5th & 6th February 2018, as part of the national consultation process to review and make recommendations to improve a Working Draft of the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan. The Department of the Environment (DOE) within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries,and Environment & Sustainable Development, and Immigration (MAFFESDI) commenced implementation of the Consultancy to Update and Align the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan of Belize (NOSCP) in August of last year. The overall objective is to strengthen prevention, preparedness and coordinated emergency response nationally for an oil spill event in terrestrial,aquatic and marine environment, and align the plan to meet international standards for Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC).

Ministry of Health issues first list of 'Over the Counter' Medications for General Use
As part of the ongoing changes to the Food and Drug Regulations, the Ministry of Health is sharing a 'first list' of Over the Counter Medications that can be sold at your neighborhood supermarket. Note that this is a 'first list' that will be changing based on continuous review by the Director of Health Services.

The Belize Coast Guard will be holding an Officer Selection Board on the 13th & 14th February 2018 to select potential candidates to attend the Mexican Naval Academy entering summer 2018. Candidates must be a citizen of Belize between the ages of 17 – 20, the individual must be unmarried, fluent in Spanish and have no tattoo. The Officer Selection Board will comprise of the following: a. Coast Guard Personal Fitness Test – This includes a push-up test, sit up test, pull up test and a timed two miles run b. Basic swim test – candidates will be required to tread water for two minutes then swim 200 meters c. General Knowledge Test...

Koko King Movie Night
It's been a long and rainy week - let's hope it stays dry for tonight as 2 of my favorites are on show - 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' and 'Ferris Beuler's Day Off' - come and enjoy with your family!!!

Beach cleanup on Caye Caulker
The sun is back, and Oceana has rescheduled the Beach CleanUp for this Sunday. Everybody welcome!

Looking for a Bakery in Corozal?
Need something to snack on while paying bills? Or, just buy to eat for dinner? Belize Scoop Page have confirmed Today Febraury 2, 2018 PANADERIA DON CHAPARRO reopened on 4th Avenue next to Western Union. There space is bigger to have better equipement to make there breads better. More space to give better service to Corozal, Corozal, Belize people. Different types of sweet bread is made, cheese bread, salt bread, cinnammon bread @ lots more.

Note to Corozal entrepreneurs and farmers
Do business with Panamanian exporters during the round table event at #EXPOCOMER 2018, the most important trade exhibition in Central America and the Caribbean with +30 participating countries. We offer a semi hosted program for international importers. Contact us for more information.

Valentine Bash at CWC
The SISE Town Council is having a Valentine Bash at the Cayo Welcome Center on Friday, February 16th. Grupo Jade will be performing.

Belize Mountain Bike Ride 2018
Mountain bikes have arrived to Belize for the Belize Mountain Bike Ride 2018. Start date: 4th February. End date: 10th February at Las Cuevas Research Station, Chiquibul.

Regional Chiefs of Mission Meeting
Yesterday in Mexico, Secretary Tillerson hosted a Regional Chiefs of Mission Meeting. Chargé d’Affaires Adrienne Galanek proudly represented U.S. Embassy Belize!

Belizean delegation to the United States
Under Secretary Shannon was honored to host the distinguished Belizean delegation to the United States, which included Foreign Minister Elrington, Ambassadors Gutierez and Rosado, CEO Andrews, Senator Courtenay, and Director International Affairs Ayesha Borland. Discussions focused on the importance of peacefully of resolving the Belize-Guatemala border issue.

US Under Secretary of State meets Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington
Under Secretary of State Tom Shannon enjoyed meeting with Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington on January 30 to discuss the strong U.S.-Belizean relationship. The United States welcomes the productive discussions at the OAS and the upcoming referenda on the Belize-Guatemalan border issue. We strongly support such efforts to secure a lasting, peaceful solution to the dispute.

The Hokeb Ha Vase
The Hokeb Ha Vase became the logo for the Institute of Archaeology. It was discovered in 1973 inside the Hokeb Ha Cave in Toledo. It features two young Lord's in conversation, but what they are talking about still remains a mystery. It will be displayed at the Milwaukee Public Museum for the Maya Hidden World's Revealed exhibit, which opens on February 10, 2018.

Oil Spill Workshop
Due to several calls and messages of concern, please note that the Oil Spill Workshop being coordinated by the Department of Environment next week is to address the national response (capacity) to handle incidents at land and sea. The marine incident scenarios include incidents of ship collision (with other ships as well as the Belize Barrier Reef); the exportation of crude (from the onshore production) as well as the importation of refined fuel products, all of which can result in devastating pollution. Offshore oil exploration and extraction is not on the agenda given the passage of the offshore oil moratorium legislation, which became law on December 30th 2017. We thank you for your vigilance and commit to updating you in this regard. Oceana will be one of the observers at the workshop on February 5th-6th. Our collective leadership and continued vigilance will ensure the stability and sustainability of our collective future.

Channel 7

Political Friction Leads to Fight In Cayo
It seems the municipal election fever has political operatives a little hot-blooded - 18 year old PUP supporter Michael Lemus claims San Ignacio UDP Mayor Earl Trapp and his councilors beat him up pretty badly yesterday evening. Lemus' account is that at 6:15 he and a relative drove past Trapp and his team on their campaign trail. According to Lemus, he proclaimed his support for the PUP and Trapp and his team dragged him out of the vehicle and beat him up. Here is a phone interview with Lemus' mother. Voice of: Aranelly Lemus, mother: "What he told me was that Trapp and the councilors attacked him." Reporter: "Did he say why they attacked him, if this is the case?" Voice of: Aranelly Lemus, mother: "He told me he shouted 'PUP got my back, they will win', and right there the problem started."

Attorney For Extradition Back To Court
2 weeks ago, we showed you the arraignment of Andrew Bennett, who becomes the first Belizean attorney to face extradition to the United States. They want him to stand trial in the District of Puerto Rico for 7 counts of money laundering. At the last hearing, the issue was whether he should be granted bail while the Chief Magistrate reviews the documents, to decide whether or not he should be extradited. This morning the case went back before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer, and this time it was all about the preliminary formalities. Solicitor General Nigel Hawke is trying to ensure that the extradition procedure is followed to the letter of the Extradition Act and treaty with the United States.

Church Pulls a Disappearing Act in UNIBAM Appeal
It's been a little over a 1 year and 5 months since Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin delivered the landmark ruling in the Caleb Orozco/UNIBAM case, legalizing gay sex between consenting adults. But, an appeal of the judgment is still pending. Viewers will remember that there was an outburst of negative reactions to the decision, with the loudest protests coming from the churches. They pushed Government to appeal, asserting that they would seek to overturn the ruling. But, tonight, the news is that the appeal case could take place without them. First, the Evangelicals wanted to enter the case as interested parties, but because they were not a part of the case at its inception, they were unable to participate. So, the substantive appeal of the Section 53 judgment, which has the possibility of overturning the Chief Justice's decision completely, fell to the Catholic Church.

Alleged Killer Wilmar Was A Juvenile Criminal
All week we've been reporting on 20 year old Wilmer Escobar, the Bella Vista resident accused of killing the "Oh" sisters - mercilessly chopping them to death. Well, it turns out that he's also Wilmar Guzman - who's been in trouble with the law since he was a teenager. A check in our archives shows that when he was 16 years old and living in San Juan, Stann Creek - he was sentenced to serve 6 month at the Wagner Youth facility for theft. That was in 2013. But, he escaped by scaling the facility's fence during a shift changeover. He was recaptured and served his time. Sometime after that he moved to Bella Vista - and on the night of Sunday January 21st he allegedly met the sisters Cresencia and Josephine and chopped them to death. He is also believed to have raped them. Police have strong evidence against him - including a confession and items stolen from the girls - as well as scratches on his face and neck.

Security Guard Remanded For Stabbing Another Security Guard
Last night we told you about 34-year-old Kenrick Valencio, the security guard who was stabbed in front of the Novelo's Bus Terminal early on Thursday morning. Today, the man accused of stabbing him - another security guard named John Brackett was charged for Attempted Murder. Magistrate Michelle Trapp read the charge which alleged that the 49 year old Brackett attempted to murder Valencio with the use of a deadly weapon. No plea was taken, but Magistrate Trapp asked him if he had any special reasons why he should be granted bail. He asked the court to consider that he is a diabetic, and that he is also a dedicated father who works hard and has a job as the sole provider for his family.

Wetlands Are a Wondrous Thing
"Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future" is the theme at this year's World Wetlands Day. The special day was celebrated in Belize at one of the country's most celebrated wetlands in Crooked Tree. But, not only a wetland - it was an opportunity to forge a truce between the conservationists and the community. Sahar Vasquez found out more. Today residents of Crooked Tree and members of the conservation community gathered in a small classroom in Crooked Tree to celebrate World Wetlands Day. Wetlands are not generally something you will fund on a tourist brochure or a bucket list, but they do hold great importance in protecting Belize from flood waters, and that was the idea behind today's ceremony.

Man Accused of Aggravated Assault While facing Murder Charge
Nelson Henry got off a murder charge last week Wednesday, and in only 9 days time, he was back before the court today for unlawful imprisonment and aggravated assault charges. The alleged victims, who are 2 young boys, say that on Monday, January 14, Henry and others broke into their home in Burrell Boom Village, and held them against their will. The victims say that in the home invasion, Henry and the alleged accomplices then stole a few kitchen knives and 2 machetes, all to a total value of $45. You may be wondering how it is that Henry is accused of committing a crime while he was still accused of murder. Well, Henry was out on bail since September 2017, when the prosecution's murder case against him started falling apart.

Dion Would Not Do Double Duty Like Darrell
Yesterday, we showed you the UDP's manifesto launch for its Belize City slate. But one burning question we had for the man at the head of that slate is what kind of Mayor he'll be. His predecessor Darrrell Bradley was a part -time mayor who juggled his time between his private law office and the Mayor's office. The voters seemed just fine with it - since we had brought it to light early in his first term - and he was easily elected for a second term. So we asked Dion Leslie, if elected, whether he will also be juggling between his private family business at Leslie's Imports - and the Mayor's office. Here's what he said:...

No Saving Wooden Home In Santa Elena
There was nothing the San Ignacio Fire Department could do to save a wooden house that caught fire early this morning. It happened at around 4:30 in the Santa Cruz area when the 500 square foot structure was completely destroyed. It was the residence of a market vendor. Initial assessments say that the blaze may have originated from an electrical source.

Coffins, Skeletal Remains In The Sea
7News has obtained an unusual video. It is reportedly captured in this area - about 5 miles due north of Ladyville along the Belize District coastline. As first reported in the Guardian newspaper, It shows 7 coffins along with skeletal remains in shallow waters in an area known as Little Rocky Point. Apparently, the property owner had gone for some water recreation when he came upon the disturbing sight. When we called the Department of Archeology they say they are looking for the area but have not found it yet. They do plan to investigate it and determine the origins of the coffins. The area is known to have significant historical sites - but we note that. We'll tell you when the Institute of Archeology does find out something.

Mexico Wants Belizean Beef
Belize and Mexico continue to share good neighborly relations - and as you heard the Ambassador say last night - Belizeans spend tens of millions of dollars in Chetumal annually. But the trade relationship is imbalanced because Belize - historically - has had a hard time exporting legally into Mexico. Now, there's a whole lot of illegal cigarettes and cattle going into that country from Belize - but doing it the right way has proved challenging. That is the subject of a partial scope trade agreement that's been on the negotiating table for many years. Yesterday, the Mexican Ambassador told the media that Mexico wants Belize's beef:...

Measles Not Here So Why The Scare?
Earlier this week the Ministry of Health put out a public information notice on measles - after a single case appeared in Guatemala. It could pose a threat to Belize - but even the CEO in the Ministry of Health said the chance of that is remote:... Dr. Ramon Figueroa - CEO. Ministry of Health: "We have not had a measles I think since 1991. So for us it's mostly trying to keep an infectious disease out of the country. Remember that measles while we grew up getting measles and all the other vaccines preventable diseases, there are some potential risk associated with measles, encephalitis - they are rare but they can happen. It's mostly public health reaction so it's best to prevent, if you can, the introduction of an infectious disease back into the country."

Virulent Strain of Flu Not In Belize
Figueroa also commented on the status the seasonal flu in Belize. It's typical of this time of year - but it's newsworthy right now because in the states - an especially strong flu has killed 53 children. That's the H3N2 strain - which Figueroa says did make only a single appearance in Belize:... Dr. Ramon Figueroa, CEO, Ministry of Health: "Late last year we had actually a group from the Ministry of Health and the Karl Heusner meet because it was being reported that we had an excessive amount of cases, of virulent cases at the KHMH." "We had had a report of an H3N2 strain sometime in February last year and we had a case that was exposed to the US, came to Belize ended up at KHMH and died. Again as things have it I think we didn't follow proper procedure in terms of sampling we are still investigating the case I think part of CDC's role right now will be to follow up on that case."

TB Detection, Not Incidence Up
We also asked Figueroa about the prevalence of tuberculosis in persons with HIV, or living with AIDS. There are reports of an increased number of TB related deaths. TB is known to be especially deadly in persons who have an impaired immune system. Dr. Figueroa says it's not that there are more cases of TB - just that there is a greater rate of detection: Jules Vasquez: "Is there any rise in the number of TB cases related to HIV infection?" Dr. Ramon Figueroa, CEO, Ministry of Health: "Rise, I think we have been detecting more cases. I wouldn't say it's a rise. Remember now we also have the capability for quick diagnosis through equipment now that we have the gene expert - that we have procured and distributed in some of the region. So we have a better diagnostic capability. I wouldn't say we have an increase in the numbers. I think we have been detecting more cases."

Public Dialysis Continues
And, lastly, we asked Figueroa about the state of dialysis machines in the public healthcare system. We know that over the years the present machines have depreciated significantly- even as the number of persons with end stage renal failure continues to climb. Figueroa says the Taiwanese are helping with technical support - and dialysis machines should continue to be available at public facilities: Dr. Ramon Figueroa, CEO, Ministry of Health: "We just did an assessment with the help of the Taiwanese. We have an ongoing kidney project [Renal Project] and we got some expert to come in and do an assessment of both the KHMH and the Loma Luz services being provided and compare in terms of qualities. We were pleasantly supplied that the qualities between both of them however, yes through the government subsidies that has been given to Karl Heuser and Loma Luz. We only have spots for 15 and we know we have a long waiting list.."

Battle For The Basketball Soul Of The City
And, finally, tonight, there is a battle for the basketball soul of Belize City. We know all about the Belize Hurricanes - but now, a new franchise, the Belize Defenders wants to take away their crowns as Kings of the City. The Defenders play their opening game tonight at the SCA Auditorium against the Orange Walk Running Rebels. The team manager had some serious trash talk for his cross town rivals today:.. The Hurricanes and the Defenders will meet later in the season to settle the battle for city supremacy on the court. It was to have been the first game of the season but it got rained out.

Channel 5

Cayo Mayor Vs P.U.P. Supporter: Mischief or ‘Chance’?
As the March seventh elections draw closer, temperatures are running high in Cayo where the two political parties are clashing and violence is emerging. On Thursday evening, a young man [...]

Foreign Affairs Says Andrew Bennett Extradition Docs Legit
This morning in the Chief Magistrate’s Court, a U.S. request for the extradition of attorney Andrew Bennett got underway.  The extradition request contains seven counts of money laundering and conspiracy [...]

The Section 53 Appeal: Are Catholics Out?
Could the Government of Belize end up going it alone in the upcoming appeal of the August tenth, 2016 judgment of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin regarding the amendment of Section [...]

John Brackett Jailed for Revenge Attack on Security Guard
Forty-nine-year-old construction worker John Brackett of Prince Street, Belize City, is behind bars tonight. Brackett is accused of the attempted murder by stabbing of thirty-four-year-old security guard Kenrick Valencio, of [...]

Teen Love Triangle Leaves 1 Injured, 1 Imprisoned
Another case of attempted murder was heard in the Magistrate’s Court. Eighteen-year-old Elroy Williams from Lords’ Bank is accused of attacking Michael Jones with a two-by-four board on January thirty-first. [...]

4 Charged in Home Invasion, including Former Murder Suspect
A total of four persons have now been arraigned for a reported home invasion in the village of Burrell Boom, involving a woman whose house was invaded and two men [...]

Bel-Am Denea Joseph’s DACA Dreams
Earlier this week we told you about the Belizean who attended the State of the Union Address. It wasn’t a diplomat or a highly politically connected person – it was [...]

Fire Destroys Santa Elena Home
A fruit and vegetables vendor at the San Ignacio Market is tonight without a roof over her head after a fire gutted her elevated wooden home this morning in the [...]

Tour Operators from Fort George Unite
We have been continuously chronicling issues regarding the tour operators, guides and other workers in the Fort George Tourism Zone for some years now. Often we are called out to [...]

Mexico Reiterates Support for I.C.J. Resolution of Dispute
Mexico was one of the thirteen countries at Wednesday’s meeting of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States which supported Belize and Guatemala during their appearance there. Both [...]

Tackling Gangs and Crime at Mexico-Belize Border
Mexico continues to count the cost of the ongoing drug war in which thousands have been killed over the years. While the annual murder rate is much smaller than Belize, [...]

The Good Will Not Suffer with the Bad in Mexican Travel
Mexicans are not alone in engaging in criminality. Witness Robert Gentle, who was recently caught driving a Lincoln Navigator over the border in which cocaine was found. He tried to [...]

Cities and Towns Doing More for Themselves
Belize’s two cities and seven towns have been clamoring for greater autonomy. Belize City, under Darrell Bradley’s leadership, led the way with the installment of the twenty-million dollar municipal bond [...]

Faber Tells Election Contenders, ‘Go Home!’
Since 2006, the United Democratic Party has, with few exceptions, been the political party in control of both central and municipal governments. The Opposition People’s United Party has held on [...]

CitCo Workers to Get Insurance
With only a few weeks to go before his tenure at City Hall comes to a close, Mayor Darrell Bradley has been announcing a number of incentives for the staff [...]

Protecting Wetland Sanctuary in Crooked Tree
Every year since 1998, Belize has been celebrating World Wetlands Day, but even before that, in 1984, Crooked Tree was designated as a wildlife sanctuary. Crooked Tree is a waterfowl [...]

Audubon on the Comeback Trail
Back in May of 2017, the Audubon office in the village of Crooked Tree was burnt down in a case of arson. It is speculated that the crime was as [...]

Play Ball! City Defenders Vs O.W. at S.C.A.
The Belize City Defenders, formerly the No Limit, play their inaugural game tonight at the SCA Auditorium in Belize City.  The team has undergone a complete transformation since changing ownership [...]


Peace walk in memory of slain sisters to be held this weekend
Paul Mahung reporting… An event entitled Walk for Justice and Call for Peace in Toledo Communities will be held this weekend in the Toledo District. The event is a result of the recent gruesome murder of nineteen year old Cresencia and her seventeen year old sister Josephine Oh. The community level event will begin in …

Ladyville man to stand trial for sex offences
At a preliminary inquiry that was held yesterday before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser, without any consideration of the evidence, 21 year old Abel Lara, a resident of Ladyville charged with unlawful sexual intercourse, was committed to stand trial in the next session of the Supreme Court, which will commence on April 3. The incident occurred in …

US couple assists residents of More Tomorrow Village
Fem Cruz reporting… “Janae Wetherington from Shea Mission, Georgia USA is here at More Tomorrow Government School on a mission for Christ handing out food items. Wetherington spoke to Love News about how this vision came about. Janae Wetherington “We started six years ago coming to More Tomorrow and fell in love with the children, …

Punta Gorda Police continues its outreach to the community
Paul Mahung reporting… “Personnel of Punta Gorda Police Formation made a generous presentation yesterday to a family in Toledo. The presentation of a food hamper was done by WPC Aretha Gordon of Punta Gorda Community Policing Unit on behalf of Toledo Police Formation. Aretha Gordon “After viewing news clips from PG TV a few weeks …

Prime Minister hopes CCJ upholds Court of Appeal’s decision on CLICO case
In an interview on Thursday Prime Minister Dean Barrow commented on the Colonial Life Insurance Company, CLICO case before the Caribbean Court of Justice. CLICO had sued government for four million dollars after closing its doors in 2009. The contention is that the 54 CLICO policy holders were not paid compensation, which is reported …

Belize securing accreditation for educational institutions
The Ministry of Education is working towards instituting proper accreditation of tertiary level institutions and Universities in the country. Deryck Satchwell, Deputy Director for Tertiary and Post-secondary Education Services in the Ministry says that up to now, there is no accreditation system in Belize. Institutions are licensed to operate by the Ministry of Education and …

Inmates graduate from Rehabilitation Program at the Central Prison
The Kolbe Foundation saw the first graduation of its newest program, the Remand Rehab Center. The program focuses on rehabilitating inmates who are on remand for more than a year. It is a program which inmates voluntarily subscribe to. Virgilio Murillo, CEO at the Kolbe Foundation says that the first course saw 32 inmates graduating. …

New Tour Guide Association seeks betterment for membership
The Belize City Tourism Zone Operator and Workers Association is a relatively new group. Vice President Jimmy Robinson says they have been functional for about a year now and represent tour operators, tour guides, vendors, and braiders. The Association held a meeting today in Belize City to listen to the concerns of its membership and …

Love FM’s Karen Koote talks about her love for Love
Tonight, as we countdown to the 25th anniversary of Love FM we once again take a look at the experience of one of the company’s long-standing employees. Tonight we hear from one of Belize’s favorite radio announcers, Karen Koote. She has been with the Love family for nineteen years. She shares her story and her …

Alleged brawl between San Ignacio Mayor and PUP supporter
We are thirty-three days away from the municipal elections and both major political parties have been aggressively attempting to convince voters to cast ballots in their favor. Yesterday things got too aggressive in San Ignacio Town between rival political party members. At around 6 o’clock incumbent Mayor of the twin towns Earl Trapp was on …

Anti-Gay Preacher banned from Jamaica
Steven Anderson is a preacher from the US and he is known for his anti-gay lectures. However, recently he is known as the preacher who the Jamaican Government banned from entering their country. The controversial pastor is considered a hate preacher because of his comments on several issues, including the 2016 shooting of 49 people inside the Pulse gay nightclub in Orland, Florida. He has also been accused of calling for the execution of gays by stoning, and has asserted that women should not work, lead in church or dress how they want.

Catholic Church loses attorney for Section 53 appeal case
On Wednesday Executive Director for United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM),Caleb Orozco, along with his attorneys appeared before the Justices of the Court of Appeal. In 2016 the Supreme Court ruled that Section 53 of the Constitution of Belize was unconstitutional. The ruling was appealed by the Catholic Church of Belize as an interested party and the Attorney General’s Office appealed a particular section of the ruling. According to Orozco, a date for substantive arguments was expected to be set.

Andrew Bennett’s extradition request laid before the court
Attorney Andrew Bennett, who is wanted by the US Government, appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser along with his attorney Anthony Sylvestre this morning. The US has requested for Bennett to be extradited to the US territory of Puerto Rico where he is wanted for money laundering charges, allegations which Bennett denies. Today in court, the extradition file was laid before the court and Foreign Service Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jenina Urbina, testified. Urbina told the court that she received the extradition file while she was assigned to the US desk.

Belmopan resident fined 10K for 79.5 grams of weed
A man has been ordered to pay ten thousand dollars after being arrested for drug trafficking. If twenty eight year old Mateo Gonzalez does not pay they amount he will spend three years behind bars. Earlier this week, police searched Gonzalez’s residence on Kaimat Street in the Maya Mopan Area of Belmopan. There they found 79.5 grams of marijuana. He was taken before a Belmopan Magistrate yesterday when he was officially arraigned and fined.

Belize Hotel Association attracts many at New York Times Travel Show.
The Belize Hotel Association participated in the 15th Annual New York Times Travel Show. The Association was represented by the 2nd Vice President Barbara Hall and Treasurer Rudy Gonzalez. The Belize Hotel Association booth kept visitors informed and engaged about the country with the purpose of convincing the visitors to vacation in Belize.

Belmopan Police Formation cares
The Belmopan Police Department is known for its outreach community efforts, especially with children. Today Belmopan’s Commanding Officer, Senior Superintendent of Police, Howell Gillett, host forty students of Faith Nazarene Primary School of San Ignacio Town. The children were given a tour of the Belmopan Police Station and they were treated to a motivational speech by one of the police officers.


Police say they have Errol Smith’s murder
Belmopan police say they have cracked another murder case. Today, Devon Brooks was arrested and charged for the December 2017 murder of Errol Gabourel Smith. Smith’s body was found floating in the river near the Y-Wam Bridge in Roaring Creek village. He had been shot to the head and thrown in the ...

Belize Bank filed enforcement order; voting at parliament may be postponed
The much anticipated House Meeting where parliament is to vote on whether or not to pay that 90 million dollars to Belize Bank, as ordered by the CCJ, was to be held on February 16. However, the Government of Belize says it is waiting on advice from its lawyers to see if they will progress with tha...

Sunshine Holding wants BTL Employees Trust to hand over some compensation monies
The BTL nationalization saga is supposed to be over following that last 78 million US dollars that government paid out to the Ashcroft Alliance in the latter part of last year. However, it’s not quite over. When GOB acquired BTL, it also acquired another Ashcroft company called Sunshine Holdings. No...

Walk for Peace planned for murdered Oh sisters
The San Jose and San Antonio Villages are organizing a “Walk for Justice” in memory of murdered sisters Crisencia and Josephine Oh. The walk will be held this Saturday February 3rd. Organizers say the walk is intended to condemn crime, and appeal for justice, unity and peace in the Toledo Distric...

Accused murderer found with items belonging to murdered sisters
Today at its bi-weekly police briefing, police updated on the arrest made in the case of the murder of the Oh sisters in the Toledo District. Police have arrested and charged 20 year old Bella Vista resident Wilmer Alexander Escobar for the gruesome double murder of Josephina and Cresencia Oh , tee...

Ladyville gas station robbed
A gas station was robbed in Ladyville. The 19 year old cashier at Puma Gas Station located at Marage Plaza, Ladyville Village, reported that at 9:50pm last night, Wednesday January 31st, he was at work when three men entered the gas station. One of the men pointed a firearm at the cashier and deman...

Man stabbed in Belize City
A man was stabbed in Belize City early this morning. CIB Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino told us more. Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino – CIB, Belize City “This morning about 5:00 am police visited the KHMH and there they observed one Kenrick Valencia 34 years old security guard of Lords Bank. H...

PM hopeful CCJ will uphold CLICO judgment by Court of Appeal
CLICO, an insurance company which was headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago, closed its operations in 2009 due to financial problems. It had clients in Belize and when the company folded, it left 54 Belizean policy holders without compensation for their insurance purchases. The matter was taken to co...

PM not worried about Trump’s comments
In his state of the Union address delivered on Tuesday night, American President Donald Trump, once again, made mention of those countries who voted against America’s decision to move its US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city. Belize, along with 128 other ...

Can UDP hold on to its municipal seats?
The campaign trails are blazing leading up to the Municipal elections scheduled for March 7th. The United Democratic Party presently holds 62 of 67 municipal seats countrywide. PM Barrow was asked today, considering 10 year s in office already, if it is realistic to expect the UDP to hold on to all its seats in the new round of elections? Here is what he had to say.

When is Barrow leaving his Party Leader position
And the Prime Minister was also asked about his plan to leave the seat of Party Leader of the United Democratic Party. When exactly is he planning on leaving to make room for his successor? Prime Minister Dean Barrow: “I have to go, as you know, certainly in time for the next general elections. And I have not made any secret of the fact that I must go early enough to allow my successor a chance to lead the party into the 2020 general elections as prime minister. When exactly, or how much space that will require, and when exactly I go, is still a matter that I have to agree with the party.”

Missing park rangers found safe and sound
As we reported yesterday, 43 year old Luis Ramirez and 21 year old Elroy Villanueva were found safe and sound after being missing in the Caracol archaeological Reserve since Monday evening. An intense search was conducted by the BDF and members of the Police Special Patrol Unit when sometime aroun...

SIB stats: Inflation rate at 1.1%
The latest figures on consumer prices released by the Statistical Institute of Belize show that for the year 2017, Belize reported an annual national inflation rate of 1.1 percent. For the month of December 2017, the average Belizean household experienced a one percent increase in the cost ...

Water bill may be going down
And while inflation rate remains up, your water bill may be going down by as much as 6.39% . The Public Utilities Commission has reviewed the rates for the Belize Water Services and if there is no objection, by April 1st, BWS customers should be paying 16 dollars and 37 cents for every 1000 gallons ...

New donated equipment can test for Viruses
And while Trump’s statement about funding for places like Belize maybe unsettling, there was a US donation made to Belize yesterday. Yesterday, the Central Medical Laboratory of Belize received medical equipment from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The equipment will allo...

SIB Says Imports down for 2017, Exports slowly rising
SIB also released its initial estimates for ANNUAL IMPORTS for 2017 and the Imports side of the economy continue to show shrinkage. Merchandise imports for the year 2017 amounted to $1.8 billion, which represents a 4.1 percent or $79 million dollar decrease in total imports compared to 2016. The yea...

Ministry of Agriculture Imports US sheep
45 US born sheep were flown into Belize on Monday, and landed at the Phillip Goldson International airport. That’s a first for Belize and the Ministry of Agriculture says it is actually exciting news for Belize’s sheep industry. The purchase of the sheep Dorper and Barbados Black Belly sheep was fa...

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Miracle in Chiquibul!
Today, Wednesday, two Belizean men were found alive and in good health after they were reported missing in the Chiquibul on Monday. Caracol park manager Luis Ramirez and his park ranger, Elroy Villanueva, had disappeared in the Chiquibul Forest reserve where Belizean national Danny Conorquie, 20, was gunned down in 2014 while on duty in this same area, frequented by aggressive Guatemalan xáteros. The men were located by a Belize Defence Force (BDF) search party at around 3 p.m. today, Wednesday, near Sapote Camp, situated in Belizean territory, about 9 kilometers south-west of Caracol. They were then transported to the Loma Luz Hospital in Santa Elena, Cayo, and then released into the waiting arms of their overjoyed families.

Barrow’s $90-million headache sent back to the CCJ
Reporters caught up with Prime Minister Dean Barrow at the launch of his United Democratic Party’s Belize City Council manifesto, which took place today at the party’s headquarters on Youth for the Future Drive. Among the questions the Prime Minister was asked was whether or not the pivotal House of Representatives meeting to address whether to make a $90-million payment to the Belize Bank will take place on February 16, as had been previously announced. It is expected that when the House of Representatives meets again (the House met on January 5, 2018), the 90-million-dollar Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) judgment bill that was introduced by Prime Minister Barrow in his capacity as Minister of Finance will be debated and voted on.

6.39% reduction in water bill – effective April 1
On Wednesday, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) held a press conference in which it was announced that consumers will see a reduction in the rates of the Belize Water Services (BWS). Effective April 1, there will be a 6.39% reduction reflected in your water bill. So instead of paying $17.49 for every 1,000 gallons of water used, consumers will only pay $16.37. This rate will remain in effect until March 31, 2020. According to Chairman of the PUC, John Avery, the new rates have been proposed as a result of the 2018 annual review proceedings (ARP) for BWS. He explained that the last rate review was done in the period 2014/15.

Cops say Wilmar Escobar, 21, confessed to murdering the Oh sisters
The Oh family of San Antonio, Toledo District, along with residents of their village, the Alcalde Association and other Maya communities of the south, are still reeling after the brutal murders of the Oh sisters, Josephine, 18, and Cresencia, 20. The young ladies had gone to church services in San Jose, Toledo, on Sunday evening, January 21, and were returning home, on foot, when they were attacked and hacked to death. Their partially nude, severely chopped-up bodies were found lying on the roadside later that night.

Belizean Danae Joseph, 23, attends Trump’s State of the Union address
On Tuesday, President of the United States Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address in Washington. His address focused on national issues — a particular one being the state of the country’s security and immigration. An issue which has saturated the international media is the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which shielded from deportation undocumented immigrants called “Dreamers,” who entered the United States as children. In September, Trump had announced that the program would be halted. To urge the President to find a solution for the undocumented immigrants who entered the country as children, Democratic representatives invited several Dreamers to be their guests at the event on Tuesday.

PM Barrow “not worried” about President Trump’s remarks
Today, at the launch of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Belize City Council manifesto, reporters asked Prime Minister Dean Barrow to comment on US President Donald Trump’s remarks during his State of the Union address to the US Congress on Tuesday about helping friends of the US and treating other nations according to their vote in the UN and other similar decisions they might have made. “I am not particularly worried,” Barrow replied, “I think, we are friends with the United States.” Barrow added, “And certainly it is a friendship that can and will survive that particular vote at the UN. So it is not something that I am especially concerned about.”

Jaguars (Male) and Stars Senior (Female) are BVA 2018 National Volleyball Champions
The Belize Volleyball Association (BVA) announces the results of the Male & Female National Championship held in Belize City on January 27 and 28 at the SCA Auditorium (for Male and Final matches), as well as the BES Gymnasium (for Female matches). RESULTS FOR MALES: In exciting matches, Jaguars prevailed as the National Champions for the third year in a row, defeating Scorpions 2-0 (25-22, 25-19). Jaguars and Scorpions met last year in the final as well. This year, Scorpions took second place again, and SQ Dragons went home with the bronze medals.

Belmopan F.A. 1st Division quarterfinals game 2 results; semifinals next
Game 2, also known as the “return leg” of the two-game series of the quarterfinals of the Belmopan Football Association (BFA) Amateur First Division 2017/18 Opening Tournament continued inside the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan this past Friday night and Sunday afternoon, respectively. On Friday night, fans were kept on the edge of their seats while witnessing two exciting games that went down to the wire. In the first game of the night, Club Atletico squared off against old rival Roaring Creek United.

DigiCell partners with Belize City Defenders
We at Old Capital Sports Management Limited, are excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with DigiCell, Belize Telemedia Limited’s flagship brand, for the 2018 NEBL Season and hopefully other future initiatives which are currently in the planning and discussion stage. Subsequently, our NEBL franchise will now be participating as the DigiCell Belize City Defenders effective immediately. Our partnership with DigiCell not only adds credence to our Defenders’ brand but also provides us with additional marketing support from undoubtedly the most efficient and effective marketing machinery in Belize. We’re looking forward to finally starting our 2018 season this Friday night, with the opportunity to proudly carry the DigiCell brand throughout the length and breadth of this beautiful jewel of ours.

Belize Billiards Sports Federation – New Executive
The Belize Billiards Sports Federation (BBSF) held its Annual General Meeting in Belmopan on Sunday, January 28, 2018. We are pleased to inform that the following persons were elected to serve as members of the executive for the next two years: President – Erwin Woodye, Jr. (Mr.); Vice President – Kenneth Dawson (Mr.); Secretary – Jenieve Castillo (Mrs.); Treasurer – Dwight Crawford (Mr.); Special Advisor – Isaias Lima (Mr.). The BBSF can be contacted by email at: [email protected] or calling the General Secretary, Mrs. Jenieve Castillo at 635-8710.

Editorial: They have to go
The original, anti-colonial People’s United Party (PUP), established in September of 1950, was overwhelmingly popular in British Honduras. The PUP represented a coalition of interests which included the interests of the colony’s most powerful native business magnate, Robert Sydney Turton; the General Workers Union (GWU), led by Clifford Betson and Harry Middleton; and the German/Irish clergy of the Roman Catholic Church. Belize’s ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) is the only major political party formed after Belize attained self-government in 1964. The pro-business UDP was organized in September of 1973. If we were to look for the UDP equivalents of the PUP’s Turton (business), GWU (roots), and religion (German/Irish Catholic clergy), we would say Santiago Castillo/Ismael Gomez (business); the National Independence Party (NIP) base (roots); and the core of the Anglican/Methodist Churches (religion).

Call it what it really is…a war!
Dear Editor: Skirmishes, conflicts and uprisings, if we really look at them closely, are pretty much very small-scale wars. It has the elements of a war because the definition loosely fits. It involves two or more armed groups intending to do harm and violence to each other, with the result involving death and destruction. Over the history of man, there have been countless wars and even more conflicts. The reasons behind them are as varied as the total number of them. Some involve disagreements over land, resources, ethnic/cultural and ideology, but the basis of them remains the same, which is the use of violence to achieve a desired goal. Some have been justifiable, like World Wars I and II, and some have been as ridiculous as El Salvador and Honduras’ Football War.

Romel “bigging” up Chiste
Dear Editor, Am glad to see that an auditorium has been named in memory of Russell “Chiste” Garcia. I only was around this little titan for three months at Central Farm back in 1972 but think I got to know his essence. He was a people’s person, easy to get along with, in spite of his “braggadociousness.” “How you like the lee buay? Ain’t I pretty?” were his usual greetings. First time I heard such things and laughed. He also would brag to me about his friendship with the powerful Bricenio Brothers when he was in Orange Walk, especially with “Charro”. His short but muscular body made him an all-around athlete, thus he was aptly nicknamed “Maciste,” like the gladiator in the movies. He could excel at football, basketball and even rugby, if you can call it what we played one evening on the football field at the Farm.

Shirley Cattouse Hobson passes
Dear Editor, The Cattouse family announces the death of Shirley Cattouse Hobson, sister of Nadia and deceased brother Gerald Cattouse. She is the second daughter of Kathleen Fairweather Cattouse and the Honorable Albert Cattouse, former Deputy Premier of Belize. Shirley died in Suffolk, England, UK. She is survived by her sister Nadia, her son Chad and daughter-in-law Sandra, and granddaughters Eleanor and Georgia. Her burial is planned for Monday, February 5, in Little Waldingfield, Suffolk, England.

The seven unsurprising friends of US & Israel
American president, Donald Trump, labeled countries that didn’t support the US decision to name Jerusalem the capital of Israel, “enemies of America.” On Tuesday night, Mr. Trump said, before the US Congress, the US nation, and the world, that America’s lawmakers should pass legislation to make sure that only countries that vote with US interests get their foreign-assistance dollars. Effectively, only seven countries supported the US decision to name Jerusalem the capital of Israel. After Mr. Trump’s comments, it occurred to me to go and find out more about these seven countries that joined the US and Israel in this vote. Two of these countries are our neighbors in Central America, one is from West Africa, and the other four can be found in the Western Pacific, in an area called Micronesia.

Last week January 24, 2018, I was working late in my office and to take a little break I was catching up on reading some international news, but kept seeing headlines about a doctor convicted and sentenced to 175 years in prison. I confess, I was not following up the previous news stories, so was clueless as to who was Dr. Larry Nassar, so I decided to read the story. What quickly got my attention is the profession… hmmm, a doctor? Someone in a profession of great respect… someone of great confidence… someone patients must trust… someone we look to “save” lives… I must say my immediate prejudice of what a doctor embodies kicked in, so I was totally curious about what he could have done to deserve 175 years imprisonment… yes, 175 years in prison? Not even mass murderers get that kind of sentence, I thought.

3 Guatemalan men charged for illegal weapons in Chiquibul
Three Guatemalan men have been remanded to the Belize Central Prison after they were found with illegal weapons inside the Chiquibul Forest Reserve on Sunday. A joint patrol conducted by the Friends for Conservation (FCD) and Development, Chiquibul National Park Rangers, Belize Defence Force and Special Patrol Unit found the men shortly after midday in some nearby corn fields. They were identified as Roni Alexander Lopez, Abraham Estevan Depaz and Encarnacion Depaz, all from Dolores, Peten, in Guatemala.

Devon Brooks, 21, charged for the murder of Errol Smith
Devon Brooks, 21, a laborer of Cotton Tree, Belize District, has been arrested and charged for the shooting death of Errol Smith Gabourel, 27, of Roaring Creek. He was charged with murder yesterday and today he was taken to the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court, where he was arraigned, after which he was remanded. Police said that on the morning of Wednesday, December 27, the lifeless body of Errol Smith Gabourel, 27, a resident of Roaring Creek, Cayo District, was found floating near the banks of the Belize River in Roaring Creek, near concrete stairs which lead to the river.

Former Belize diplomat busted with expired identification and diplomatic license plates
A former Belize diplomat, who was still hanging on to his expired diplomatic license plate and identification card, was busted in London on January 19, on the A3, reports out of the UK said. Andy Wigmore, 51, was appointed Belize’s Trade and Investment Minister Council, attached to the Belize High Commission to London in 2012, a diplomatic post that he held until last year, January 23, when he was sacked from his job due to his highly publicized meeting with the US president-elect Donald J. Trump. As a diplomat representing a country, Wigmore violated diplomatic protocol by meeting with Trump when that meeting was not sanctioned by the Belize government.

Gerardo Chable, 35, charged for death of Hermenejildo Patt, 52, due to traffic accident
Gerardo Silvestre Chable, 35, a teacher at Secular Secondary Technical Mexico, Corozal District, was taken to the Corozal Magistrate’s Court yesterday on charges of manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention, and driving a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license. No plea was taken from him and he was released on a bail of $7,000 and a surety of the same amount, which he was able to meet. He was ordered to return to court on March 21.

The Reporter

Are Dogs More Likely To Bite You If You’re Anxious?
If you regularly feel anxious, you might be the perfect candidate for a dog bite. According to a new study published today (Feb. 1) in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, dog bites in the United Kingdom may be three times more common than official records indicate. One surprising […]

Belize Bank tries to speed up UHS payment
Following deliberate delays by the Government of Belize in paying the $90 million arbitration award for the Universal Health Services debt guarantee, the Belize Bank has filed applications in the Supreme Court of Belize to try and expedite the process. Prime Minister Dean Barrow explained this week […]

Belize among 8 countries to benefit from project to eliminate malaria
Belize is among eight countries that will benefit from a project to eliminate malaria, through funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Carlos Slim Foundation. The organizations announced on Thursday that they will support the countries, including […]

Belmopan kids visit Central prison
Belmopan police and the Kolbe Foundation, this week, organized a trip for 20 at-risk kids from Belmopan city to the Belize Central Prison for a first-hand experience of prison life in an effort to discourage youths from criminal activity. Belmopan Police Commander, Howell Gillett, said […]

Series of temblors near Trinidad could mean trouble in near future, says UWI
The region near Trinidad and Tobago could quite possibly be struck by a major earthquake in the near future, with the potential for a tsunami to follow, based on a series of temblors that occurred in just one day! Last week Friday, there were nine […]

Students learn of Tertiary Education Options &Opportunities at T.O.O. Expo
High school students from all over the country thronged the first ever Belize Tertiary Options &Opportunities (T.O.O.) Education Expo hosted by the Ministry of Education at the St Catherine’s Academy auditorium in Belize City on Wednesday, January 31. Two busloads – the entire fourth form […]

Belizean reitree died in Boom road collision
A Belizean retiree died on Tuesday evening when he lost control of his Rav 4 SUV and collided with an 18-wheeler tow truck which was transporting a bulldozer. George Young, 77, the driver of the Rav 4 died on the scene. The accident happened on […]

Rage & jealousy results in deadly stabbing
A man from Ladyville died at knife-point in what is believed to be a deadly fit of rage and jealousy just before 9:00 p.m., in Vista del Mar, Belize district. It happened at a residence on Barrier Reef Crescent, where Stephanie Coe and her young […]

San Pedro artist killed in Dangriga; no motive, no suspects
Dangriga police are trying to crack the mysterious homicide of a San Pedro wood carver/artist who was found stabbed to death on the main street in Dangriga early Monday morning. Police in that municipality received information sometime after 3:00 a.m., that a man was lying […]

Toddler crushed to death; family devastated
A two-year-old toddler was crushed to death on Saturday evening in front of her house in Teakettle village, Cayo, and the incident has left the family devastated and her aunt who was driving the vehicle, bitter. The incident happened when the baby, Sophy Reyes, went […]

Cost of living up by 1 percent at end of 2017
Belizeans experienced 12 straight months of elevated cost of living in 2017, according to the latest data released by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). The latest Consumer Price Index, released on Wednesday, January 31, showed that Belizeans paid a total average of 1.1 percent more for […]

GOB suspends issuance of import licenses for potatoes
The government of Belize has decided to suspend the issuing of import licenses for potatoes until the period for local production has ended. The decision came after a meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture and potato farmers held last Wednesday to verify potato production estimates for the […]

Lifting Potential Growth in Latin America and Caribbean Regions—Part 2
“Regional growth is projected to gather momentum, rising to 2.0 percent in 2018 and 2.6 percent in 2019. …With the external drivers of growth for the region expected to be decreasingly supportive—the large gains in some commodity prices in 2016 are not envisaged to continue, while growth in the United […]

Compensation to Ashcroft companies drove down foreign reserves and bank liquidity
Belize’s foreign reserve level is forecast to fall below US$300 million this year and remain below that level at least through to 2021 — less than 3 months of import cover. By Adele Ramos Freelance Reporter British billionaire Michael Ashcroft has come out on the winning end in much of […]

Donna Every visits Belize to promote learning tool for entrepreneurs
Half of the people who are jobless in Belize are youth between the ages of 14 and 24, and a quarter of those who are underemployed – working under 35 hours a week – belong to the same age group. Altogether, they amount to over […]

President Donald Trump in the first State of the Union report of his presidency said on Tuesday that he expects countries who receive US aid to kiss up to him. In his words, he wants Congress “to pass legislation that would help ensure that US foreign assistance dollars always serve […]

Man suspected of butchering Oh sisters remanded
Wilmer Alexander Escobar, 20, the man suspected of the horrific butchering of sisters Josephina and Cresencia Oh on January 21 in San Jose village, Toledo; was arrested, charged and remanded to prison following his arraignment in court on Thursday. Escobar will reportedly undergo a psychiatric […]

“Water bill may go down,” says PUC
Belizeans could be looking at lower water bills in a matter of months, following an initial decision by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to reduce the rates by 6.39 percent. PUC Chairman, John Avery, explained on Wednesday that the PUC’s decision, which if unchanged would […]

Caracol park rangers found after 2-day disappearance
The country breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday afternoon, when official reports confirmed that two park rangers who had gone missing two days earlier in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, specifically from the Caracol Archaeological Site, were found alive and unharmed, bringing to an end […]

PUC fires back at media one month later
This week, Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Chairman, John Avery fired back at the media who reported last month on exorbitant spending that the PUC had purportedly been doing, specifically for the March 2017 fiscal year. The reports were made based on a letter of representation […]

MOH on high alert for measles
The Ministry of Health is on alert for any cases of measles being reported in Belize. The ministry issued a notice on Monday, saying that it has been informed of a positive case of measles reported in Guatemala, which was imported from Germany. In response to this […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Micheal Lemus charged for assault on San Ignacio/Santa Elena Mayor
By BBN Staff:Last night, 18 year old Micheal Lemus was detained by San Ignacio Police and was later […]

Billy White resident detained for stolen gun and ammo
By BBN Staff:Yesterday afternoon around 12:15, Jose Antonio Mendoza, 74, a Belizean farmer of Billy White Village reported […]

Belmopan store owner robbed of $2000
A 47-year-old businesswoman of Belmopan city reported to police that lastnight around 8:12, she was […]

Maya Leaders and Toledo Alcaldes join March for Justice
The brutal murder of sisters, Josephine and Crecencia Oh shocked the Mayan community in Toledo. […]

Still no date for UHS parliamentary vote
Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the media this week that there still isn’t a fixed […]

Walk for Justice to be held this Saturday
The Mayan community has announced that they will be having a Walk for Justice tomorrow […]

Belize: Municipal Elections Forecast and Fall Out
By Richard Harrison: Municipal elections are held every three years in the 9 principal cities and towns of Belize….the […]

Early morning fire in Santa Elena Town destroys family home
Reports to BBN is that this morning around 4:30, a wooden house in the Santa Cruz […]


Steve and Tiffannie Piaia tell us “Why Belize”
Tiffannie and Steven Piaia are from Casper, Wyoming, USA, and they have been traveling to Belize, primarily Ambergris Caye, since 2015. They became fast friends with the local bartenders and guides on the island, and soon, had a fun network to rely on for their return trips, of which there have been 10! Talk about hooked on Belize! They shared a little bit about their love for the country and its people. How did you find out about Belize? Tiffannie: We had family who had visited in the past, and wanted to return again with us! They loved Belize as well. What made you decide to return? Both: We fell in love with the people so quickly. Everyone treated us like family, and with no language barrier, we became fast friends. We had so much in common: sports, musical tastes, and of course, the fooood!

Eleven 2018 Super Bowl Parties in San Pedro
Those that know me well know I am not a football fan, however, I am always willing to partake and cheer a friends team on as I have a few uber-fans in my life. It is always fun watching people get excited and cheer at the tv. With the importance, if the Superbowl and number of great bar parties happening I thought this warranted it’s own post instead of being included in with Events, Season Closure and February Weather on Ambergris Caye. I am sure there are way more parties than the 11 I have listed below, watch facebook as I am sure new ones will be getting posted and shared. Kick-off is 5:30 PM local time. Philadelphia Eagles vs. the New England Patriots. The game is being played in Minneapolis. Even though this type of football is played in the U.S. it does have a fairly large Belizean following. With many “snowbirds” visiting as well, of course there will be Super Bowl parties all around the island – listed below from north to south.

Two “New” Bars to Open Over the Water in Boca Del Rio – Or Is It Three…
Just north of San Pedro town, Boca Del Rio is one of the most beautiful strips on the island. Stretching from the Palapa Bar on the south end… …to the boca del rio or mouth of the river and the bridge on the north end, not too many years ago, it was a mainly residential strip. There were a few small hotels – The Tides, Seven Seas.. Beach front with larger homes owned by many local families. And San Pedro High School stretches along a full block of gorgeous beachfront property. There are now a bunch of bars lining this strip. Melt Restaurant and Bar, Sand Bar, Playa Bar, Sandy Toes… But this post is about the “new” over-the-water beach bars that are opening soon! Neither is a new business but both have moved. Let me explain… And start with the north-most spot. Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar. This over the water bar has been relocated. In fact, I found out when I saw the entire structure put-putting along the shoreline. The previous location – just north of Ramon’s Village and south of Blue Water Grill.

A Game of Honor
We hopped on a Tropic Air flight to Orange Walk and took a short drive to Yo Creek to watch a game once played by the Maya in the ball courts of our now archaeological sites like Lamanai. Check out the blog along with photos and video from the game. Long before football and other team sports were played in Belize, the ancient Maya played a ball game called Pok ta Pok. Many Maya sites in the country boast traditional ball courts, Lamanai, Caracol and Xunantunich being among them. The game, which was heavily spiritual symbolizing good versus evil, consisted of two teams maneuvering a heavy rubber ball with their hips and thighs endeavoring to get the ball through the stone hoop attached to the wall on either side of the court.

International Sourcesizz

Sprawling Maya network discovered under Guatemala jungle
Researchers have found more than 60,000 hidden Maya ruins in Guatemala in a major archaeological breakthrough. Laser technology was used to survey digitally beneath the forest canopy, revealing houses, palaces, elevated highways, and defensive fortifications. The landscape, near already-known Maya cities, is thought to have been home to millions more people than other research had previously suggested. The researchers mapped over 810 square miles (2,100 sq km) in northern Peten. Archaeologists believe the cutting-edge technology will change the way the world will see the Maya civilisation. "I think this is one of the greatest advances in over 150 years of Maya archaeology," said Stephen Houston, Professor of Archaeology and Anthropology at Brown University.

Experts discover hidden ancient Maya structures
Experts using an aerial high-tech laser scanner have discovered thousands of ancient Maya structures hidden under the thick jungle of northern Guatemala, officials said Thursday. Some 60,000 structures were found over the past two years in a scan of a region in the northern department of El Peten, which borders Mexico and Belize, said Marcello Canuto, one of the project’s top investigators. These findings are a “revolution in Maya archeology,” Canuto said. The new discoveries in this Central American country include urban centers with sidewalks, homes, terraces, ceremonial centers, irrigation canals and fortifications, said Canuto, an archaeologist at Tulane University in the United States. Among the finds was a 30-meter high pyramid that had been earlier identified as a natural hill in Tikal, Guatemala’s premier archaeological site. Also discovered in Tikal: a series of pits and a 14 kilometer-long wall. The Maya civilization reached its height in what is present-day southern Mexico, Guatemala, and parts of Belize, El Salvador and Honduras between 250 and 950 CE. Researchers now believe that the Maya had a population of 10 million, which is “much higher” than previous estimates, Canuto said.


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  • Maya Sacrifice, 5min. An excerpt from the film "Beneath the Jungle...and Beyond", a film overview of Belize and Guatemala: the land and the people.

  • Horseback riding in Chaa Creek, Belize 2017, 3.5min. Our guide, Roach, took us and our Belizean cousins on a horseback tour of Chaa Creek.

  • Landing in BELIZE, 5min. Landing in Philip Goldson International Airport, Ladyville , BELIZE.

  • Happy World Wetlands Day from Friends for Conservation and Development, 2min. Proud of FCD Youth Environmental Members - Cunil Ricky and Mitzi Cruz for producing the video

  • Scouts, 30min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Mek We Go de, 41min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Love FM’s 25th Anniversary : Interview with Marlon Dubon, 3min. Interview with Marlon Dubon, one of the first employees to work at Love FM and Estereo Amor.

  • Morning Matters with Donna Every, 60min.

  • Belize Now | Episode 48, 32min. In tonight’s headlines: More soldiers join the BDF, Beltraide is working to make Belizean music a major export, and the Chiste Garcia Auditorium is inaugurated. These stories and more on this week’s edition of Belize Now. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, February 2nd, 2018!

  • Belize, 60min.

  • Steel drum - Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC), 4.5min.

  • Shark Alley San Pedro Belize, 2min. Snorkeling Shark alley in San Pedro Belize!!!

  • Punta dance - Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC), 4min.

  • Fischer Family Goes To Belize 2017, 43min.

  • Swimming with Sharks - Belize It 2018, 1min. Swimming with the sharks close to the Silk Cayes in Belize. Jan 2018.

  • Adventure in the southern part of Belize, 3min. This video was took place in the vilage of santa rosa were a new discovery was made, the beauty of the jungle hide amazing

  • Travel Adventures through Ancient Mayan Ruins in Mexico and Belize!, 3.5min. This January, we explored several ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico (Yucantan province) and in Belize! It was amazing to travel and adventure through these magical ancient Mayan cities and learn about their sacred ways of living. The Mayan ruins that we visited were: Calakmul, Cahal Pech and Xuanantunich. Climbing these sacred structures felt like a mindful meditation and ignited my curiosity. I would definitely recommend visiting these tourist sites in Mexico and Belize, if you have a chance to travel to these countries!

  • United Black Association for Development Educational Foundation (UEF) and our community partners: Queen Street Baptist Church,, 2hr. United Black Association for Development Educational Foundation (UEF) and our community partners: Queen Street Baptist Church,

  • Belize City Defenders vs Orange Walk Running Rebels, 2.5hr.

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