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Ambergris Today

Ministry Of Health Issues First List Of 'Over The Counter' Medications For General Use
On Friday, February 2, 2018, The Ministry of Health issues the first list of Over the Counter Medications for General Use. Note that this is a provisional first list and the Director of Health Services will be reviewing this list continuously while making necessary modifications as the ministry’s aim to keep the safety of the consumers as their primary principle.

Misc Belizean Sources


Kindy take note of Archeological site closures

The Forest Department, the Belize Audubon Society, and the Crooked Tree Village Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at promoting local stewardship and sustainable use of the resources in the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. The signing of the MOU took place in Crooked Tree Village on Friday, February 2nd, as part of the official World Wetlands Day celebrations, which was held under the theme “Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future”. The MOU charts a way forward for the future of the Sanctuary and the community’s development. It provides regulated access to the fishing resources from March to July, fosters greater local stewardship, and strengthens the alliance between the management agencies and the community.

Corozal Blood Drive
Please come donate to the blood drive on Saturday, 10th February 2018, from 8am to 2:30pm, in the laboratory/blood bank area of the Corozal Community Hospital. This is a cooperative effort of Rotaract, the Red Cross, and Corozal Community Hospital. For the Rotaract Club of Corozal

Caye Caulker Traffic Department Closed
The Caye Caulker Traffic Department hereby advises the public that Traffic Office will be closed until further notice,effective Monday, February 5th,2018. Sorry for any inconvience caused.

OAS Scholarship Programme 2018-2019

Sat, 10 Feb 2018 — Art in the Park in Corozal
Art in the Park is a monthly event sponsored by COLCHA. Local artists display and sell their creations. It is held in downtown Corozal Town in Central Park, beginning about 5pm, to 9pm. For more information call 620-1572.

Saturday, March 24 at 7 PM - 9:30 PM, Central Park Corozal. "Earth Hour 2018-2020 focuses on a new campaign message called ‘Connect2Earth’ which aims to highlight the interconnection between biodiversity and climate change." Earth Hour program will begin at 7:00 pm and will be made up of presentations and speeches from environmental groups, community members and students from primary schools. At 8:30 when the lights go out, we will light candles, make individual or group pledges & create the Earth Hour logo. Light refreshments will be served at the end of the program.

Corozal - "LOVE FAIR"
Oceana Belize and Department of Youth Services present the second annual Love Fair. Wednesday, February 14th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Corozal Central Park. There will be information booths from different organizations, promoting Love for self, community and the environment. We will be having free raffles with the grand prize of a romantic dinner for two at RD's Diner. Proud sponsors are RD's Diner, Dave's Photo studio and rentals, Happy Cow Cheese (Emilio Ahmad and Sons) , Racks Snacks, Dalla Sign Pawn Shop, and Corozal Town Council.

Attention: Hotel General Managers: CHA® certification
Achieving the CHA® certification announces that you have a place among the best in your profession, are abreast of current trends and latest hospitality protocols; and serves as leverage in current and future career opportunities. The Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA®) is the most prestigious certification available to a hotel general manager and hospitality executive. It identifies the recipient as being part of an elite group of hospitality professionals who have combined education, experience, and industry dedication to achieve a high level of expertise.

"We Learn, We Build, We Teach" - March 1st from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Cultural competition and presentations, Cultural dances, games, food galore and local drinks, many business promotions! See you there.

Power outage scheduled for San Pedro, Ambergris Caye on Thursday, February 8 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
To affect San Mateo and the entire area north of Boca del Rio. BEL to conduct maintenance and testing of equipment, and replace hardware at the San Pedro Substation.

'Belize: A Collective Exposition' Exhibit
Today the Museum of Belize (NICH) celebrates its 16th Anniversary in style with the opening of a superb collection of Belizean masterpieces featured in a exhibition entitled 'Belize: A Collective Exposition'. This exhibition is now open to the public for your viewing pleasure!

Channel 7

Magistrate’s SUV Stolen, Torched
A family court magistrate's vehicle was stolen and set on fire this weekend. 34 year old Shanti Morrison's Ford Edge was seen on fire on Lake Independence Boulevard early on Sunday morning. The fire department responded to put it out at dawn, but, by that time, the vehicle had been completely destroyed - and it's still there this evening. The Magistrate reported that it had been stolen sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning from in front of her home in Vista Del Mar. It's a sensitive case because it involves a member of the judiciary - who vehicle was stolen and appears to have been deliberately torched. But, when police briefed the media this morning - at that time they had not identified the vehicle:

Maya’s March For The Slain Sisters
Last week, we told you about the backstory of Wilmer Escobar, the man who police have arrested and charged for the double murder of the sisters from Toledo, Crecencia and Josephina Oh. He's on remand at the Belize Central Prison, but there is a grieving family, and the communities in Toledo District that are still trying to make sense of this heinous crime - and make sure it never happens again. On Saturday evening, a group called "Walk For Justice", which was formed in the memory of the sisters, organized a demonstration with the support of the Maya Leaders Association and the Toledo Alcaldes Association. It started in San Jose Village, and all the participants visited the outskirts of the village where the sisters were murdered. There, they planted 2 crosses to remind everyone of the loss of life that happened at that location.

Contrabandidos Caught In Coro
Customs is prosecuting three men who it says are repeat contraband offenders. Customs enforcement caught Henry Diaz, Nathaniel Hinds and Lucio Salinas on Saturday evening in the Yo Chen area of the Corozal District. That is close to an illegal river crossing named Laguna - which is right behind Yo - Chen. They were in a van - which was loaded with contraband - including 55 sacks of Bola Roja flour, 15 cases of Suprerior and Dos Equis beer, 7 sacks white and red onions, 2 sacks potatoes, 2 plastic tanks with 15 gallons of gasoline and some Nutri-Leche milk.

PUMA Robbers Remanded
3 men have been remanded to prison for robbing the PUMA Gas station in Ladyville. 25-year-old Jose Cocom Jr, 19 year-old Kentroy McKoy and 21-year-old Edison Palacio were all charged with armed robbery. The trio was unrepresented in court and pleaded not guilty to the charge. Magistrate Khadeen Palmer denied them bail and they were remanded into custody until April 27th. It happened on January 31st. Cashier Adonis Serano was at the gas station when 3 men stormed in. One of men pointed a gun at Serano and took the money from the register. The men also snatched money from a customer. They ran off with $500 in total. Everything was captured on the surveillance camera.

Close Call On Kelly Street
There was a residential fire in Belize City this afternoon. At around 1:40, a small fire started at a downstairs residence on Kelly Street. No one was harmed, and thanks to the quick response of the fire department, the blaze was contained to a section of the wooden structure - which is squat in the middle of a congested nieghborhood. The investigation is still in the early stages but Fire Chief Ted Smith told us that the fire could have been a massive blaze but thanks to the quick response of the fire department and the residents it was contained quickly. Ted Smith, Belize National Fire Service Fire Chief: "The fire department immediately went into action containing the fire to the ground floor of that particular area we found on fire and extinguished said fire."

Family Looks For Missing Nationality Clerk
A 27 year old nationality clerk from Belmopan, Israel Perez, has been missing for a week and his family needs your help to find him. A relative says that he last spoke to Perez through text on last week Monday night. He said that Perez sent a text saying that he was on San Pedro and would be back this week. Well, he never came home. The family is trying to hold on to hope. Here is what police had to say. Alejandro Cowo, OC - CIB: "Rosita Perez of number 3840 Unity Blvd Belmopan City visited the Belmopan police station and made a report that her brother Israel Perez 27 year old Belizean has been missing since Friday of February 2018. He is a Hispanic ale person of clear descent and the information in regards to other details as regards to him has not come forward so far."

Only Weekend Violence Was City Shooting
As you can tell from the tone of the news so far tonight, the weekend was relatively calm except for one city shooting. 37 year old taxi man Carl Lamb was shot to the thigh in front of his Gladden Street home. It happened early Saturday morning and police have already charged a 15 year old for the crime. The head of CIB told us more at today's press briefing. Alejandro Cowo, OC - CIB: "On Saturday the 3rd of February 2018 sometime after 4:00am in the morning, police visited the KHMH where they observed a male person by the name of Carl Lamb, 37 year old Belizean taxi driver with an apparent gunshot wound to the left thigh. What police gather so far is that Mr. Lamb had just arrived at his house, he was just exiting his vehicle when he was approached by a person who was walking beside him and calling his name..."

Mother Claims Police Brutality
A city mother says police roughed up and pepper sprayed her son for no reason. It is an all too familiar story but this mother says it has been happening over and over again and no matter how many times she reports it, nothing is done. This time she says the police picked up her son, 20 year old Ulide Allen and took him near the Chetumal Bridge to beat on him. We met her outside the Raccoon Street police station and she told us more. Dorita Muschamp, Mother: "On Saturday night I left my son on Jasmine Street by a shop. By the time I arrived home in about 20 minutes, I got a call from my mom. My son was saying 'mom please come they tried to kill me, please come I can't see'. I ran out without any footwear and went to my mom's home. When I went there I saw my son in just boxers because my mom already took off his clothes to try bathe him and wash off the pepper spray. I asked him what happened, he said three police officers picked him up from off Tibruce Street and took him behind Chetumal Street where they tried to take him out the vehicle..."

Six Year Later, Locario Gets Off
In 2012, mother of 7, Hilda Locario was remanded for the attempted murder of a woman she had stabbed in the neck. Today, almost 6 years later, she finally got her freedom in the Supreme Court when he case ended in a nolle pros. The 42-year-old allegedly stabbed Shirley Leslie to the throat. After 6 years of court appearances, Locario - appeared before newly appointed Justice of the Supreme Court, Marilyn Williams to learn that the case is being abandoned by the prosecution.

To Avert Drunk Driving, Man Gets Assaulted
Today thirty-five-year-old bus driver Aldoray Flowers appeared in court charged with wounding. Flowers pled guilty to the charge but he had an explanation. He said that on the 1st of February his brother and bus owner Carlos Lopez sent him to take over the bus from Manuel Alonzo because Alonzo was intoxicated. According to Flowers when he got there Alonzo slapped him in the face and he reacted by punching Alonzo in his face and head, causing a wound to Alonzo's face.

Ashcroft Alliance: Ain’t No Sunshine
3 months ago, we told you about the final fight between the Government of Belize and the Ashcroft Alliance over BTL, or be more accurate, the final fight that we know about. It's over the company, Sunshine Holdings, which used to be part of the Ashcroft Alliance. Our research says that back in 2005, under the Musa Administration, Social Security granted a special loan to the company of 10 million dollars under highly concessionary terms. Sunshine, under the Alliance, used that money to acquire shares in BTL. When the Government nationalized the telephone company in 2009, it also acquired Sunshine's shares, and with that, came the 10 million-dollar debt to the SSB. So, now that the BTL settlement of about a half a billion dollars in compensation has been paid to the Alliance, Sunshine, which is now Government controlled, wants the Ashcroft Alliance, specifically, the BTL employees trust, to pay back some of that money to them, at least to cover the loan to the SSB.

PUC By The Numbing Numbers
Last week, we showed you the comments of John Avery, the Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission, when he answered to allegations that there was reckless spending at the PUC and over-payment of the 6 members of the PUC Board. Well, to strengthen his arguments, he released the final audited statements ending in March of 2017. On the Balance sheet, under the line item, current assets, it says that the PUC had just under 1.25 million dollars in the bank at the end of March 2016. By March 2017, that decreased by about a quarter million.

In The Event Of an Oil Spill
Today the Department of the Environment held an Oil Spill contingency plan meeting. The meetings focus was preparing for an oil spill. Even though an oil spill does not seem likely to happen here in our waters especially after the oil moratorium was signed, Chief Environmental Officer Martin Alegria says the plan is still a necessity for Belize, even if we are not the ones that start the spill. Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "I know Belize has kind of exhausted a lot of its oil options why is a contingency plan necessary at this time?" Martin Alegria, Department of Environment/Chief Environmental Officer: "Well, a contingency plan to address oil spill has been there since 1996. We updated it in 2001, 2003 with the assistance of CDEA Caribbean agency. With time things change development occurs and technology changes. We saw the need in 2014 to update this National Oil Spill response."

Canal Playing It Too Close To Climate Resilient Roadway?
We also asked Alegria about a pair of canals that have been dug near to the newly reconstructed Phillip Goldson Highway. Now, the highway was designed - at great cost - with climate change mitigation measures in place. And that's because it is on a vulnerable strip of land between The Belize river and the Caribbean sea. But now - a new property development for a private gated community - has brought two canals in from the sea to within a couple hundred feet of the highway. This is at mile 7 on the highway. Today we asked the Chief Environmental Officer - who lives in Ladyville whether this is has been environmentally cleared - he claimed he had no specific knowledge of the project: Martin Alegria, Department of Environment/Cheif Environmental Officer: "There is plans or at least ideas concepts of dewatering or assisting in the flooding."

Referees Ran Out Of Gas
On Saturday over 30 referees gathered at the Marion Jones Stadium for a physical fitness test conducted by a visiting FIFA Instructor. When it was done, only 5 assistant referees, and 3 referees had passed. The test was designed for international referees - and the FFB says the results should be seen as an incentive for the refereeing community to keep training to become physically fit.

The Museum At 16
Today the Museum of Belize celebrated its 16th anniversary. In honour of that, the museum opened a brand new temporary art exhibit for the public. The exhibit features the art works of different Belizean Artists ranging from contemporary art to photography. For the rest of the month, the museum will invite students to visit them and participate in art lessons by the artists. To end off the celebration the museum is also inviting students to create artwork of their own at the Street Art Festival on February 24th.

Channel 5

Maya march for justice in South
A Bella Vista man has been arrested and charged with the heinous murders of two sisters: Cricencia and Jospehine Oh from the village of San Antonio in southern Belize. The [...]

Magistrate’s vehicle stolen, set ablaze
The theft and arson of a vehicle belonging to a member of the judiciary is not an everyday occurrence. But over the weekend Magistrate Shanti Morrison reported that her sixty-five-thousand [...]

Fugitive Jordan Bacchus caught; when will he face justice here?
There is a major arrest of a Canadian national with a long rap sheet who is wanted in Belize for murder. But it may be a while before twenty-eight year [...]

City woman sees charges dropped in attempted murder case
A domestic of Belize City no longer faces attempted murder charges after the prosecution decided not to continue the case against her in the Supreme Court. Forty-two year old Hilda [...]

G.O.B. hires another pricey lawyer for U.H.S. case
Government is reportedly acquiring the services of another lawyer; he is Ben Juratowich, Queen’s Counsel from a British Law Firm Freshfield Brauckhaus Deringer. He will be representing the Government of [...]

Guatemala to send new envoy to Belize
On the diplomatic front…Belize has been without a resident ambassador from Guatemala since Manuel Estuardo Roldan was recalled to his Ministry for consultations. Relations were strained following the shooting death [...]

O.A.S. names Uruguayan lawyer/politico to guard adjacency zone
Uruguayan lawyer and politician Manuel Washington Abdala has been personally selected by O.A.S. Secretary General Luis Almagro to succeed Magdalena Talamas at the organization’s office at the Adjacency Zone.  Abdala [...]

Still no date for referendum; GOB wants money
While Guatemala is holding a referendum in April, a date for when Belizeans will go to the polls to decide on whether or not the matter of the age-old territorial [...]

Fire Service avoids catastrophe on Kelly Street
There was a fire today in Belize City but quick action by the Fire Department contained the blaze and prevented it from spreading to nearby buildings. The fire started in [...]

Minor charged for shooting taxi driver
There weren’t any murders in the city over the weekend but there was an attempt on the life of a taxi man. Karl Lamb was shot around four on Saturday [...]

Cayo man missing since weekend
Twenty-seven-year old Israel Perez left his home in Saint Matthews Village, Cayo District over a week ago and he has not been seen or heard from since. Perez’s family has [...]

P.U.P.’s women demand equal representation in Belmopan
While women have been making greater appearances on the political ballot, Belize still has some way to go toward true gender equality. The Opposition People’s United Party has made greater [...]

Bishops condemn U.S. immigration stance
On Friday, a conference of Bishops of the Anglican Episcopal Churches of Central America and Mexico issued a statement on the planned cancellations of several U.S. programs for immigrants. These [...]

Welcome Assad? Prominent diplomat seeks return for referendum duty
For some time there has been talk that the country’s former chief negotiator Assad Shoman would be returning to work for the Government on the process taking the Guatemalan claim [...]

Funding still needed for Adjacency Zone
Funding for the OAS’ office at the Adjacency Zone remains an area of concern for Belize and Guatemala, as efforts are continuous in finding monies to keep its doors open.  [...]

National Collection on display as museum turns 16
The Museum of Belize commemorates its sixteenth anniversary with a special exhibit of pieces from the national collection of Belize. To mark the occasion, the Museum invited students for free [...]

Planning for potential oil spill disaster
In September, the Department of the Environment convened the first consultations with stakeholders on forming a National Oil Spill Contingency Plan. Today, those consultations continued at the Biltmore Plaza, focusing [...]

Moratorium removes major worry
In the time period between the first and second consultations on the plan, the Petroleum Operations (Maritime Zone Moratorium) Act, 2017, was passed by the House of Representatives on December [...]

Top sports stories of the weekend
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities…]


Love continues to make an impact after twenty-five years
There is a saying ‘never despise humble beginnings’, Love FM, is a testimony to that since it got started twenty-five years ago from the lower flat of the Chief Executive Officer’s home, Rene Villanueva Sr. Today, it has grown leaps and bounds, its broadcasting capability spanning the entire length of the country. Villanueva said that …

USA is engaged in the war against human trafficking
Human Trafficking is a multi-billion dollar business by organized crime that traps victims and robs them of their self-worth and freedom. Many victims are trafficked from our region, especially, neigbouring countries such as Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador to the United States of America. The USA is very much engaged in the fight against human …

National Oil Spill Contingency Plan still in the making
The National Oil Spill Contingency Plan for Belize is still in the making. Today representatives from various sectors met in Belize City to review and improve the working draft of the plan. When the plan is completed and approved by Cabinet, all organizations associated with disaster risk management and oil spill response will be able …

Minor charged with shooting taxi driver
Carl Lamb, a taxi driver of Belize City is recovering from a gunshot wound he sustained over the weekend. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of the CIB unit in Belize City told the media this morning that a minor has been charged with the crime. ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head of the CIB “On Saturday the …

Museum of Belize celebrates 16th anniversary
Today is the sixteenth anniversary of the Museum of Belize and this year the occasion is being celebrated with high school and primary school students, Alexis Salazar, Director of the Museum says they are showcasing Belizean artists in different genres of Belizean art. Alexis Salazar – Director “We are opening a new exhibit today to …

Fire-fighters prevent disastrous fire
A fire broke out at a house on Kelly Street in Belize City this afternoon. Fortunately and unlike other occasions, this time we can report that no one got hurt or died and the wooden house was not totally destroyed. The blaze started at a room behind an aquarium store. Neighbors, who saw the fire …

Venezuelan FM discusses matters of mutual interest with PM Dean Barrow
Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza is on a Latin American and Caribbean Union and Dignity Tour. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza arrived in Nicaragua to hold talks with the Sandinista leaders of the Central American country. Before he traveled to Nicaragua, Arreaza met with the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow to discuss matters of mutual …

Mother files report against police for pepper spraying son
Another Belize City resident is claiming police brutality after her son was reportedly targeted and pepper sprayed by three police officers. Dorita Muschamp told the media today that her twenty-year-old son Ulide Allen was picked up by a police mobile shortly before nine o’clock on Saturday night and taken to a dark area where they …

Mexico to build school in Southern Belize
Last Thursday, the Ambassador of Mexico to Belize, Carlos Quesnel, hosted the media for a breakfast press conference. Ambassador Quesnel spoke on an array of issues related to his government and the relationship between the governments of Belize and Mexico. Ambassador Quesnel announced the Mexican Government’s decision to build a second Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico, …

Cruise ship responds to distress call
Norwegian Getaway, a cruise ship of the Norwegian Cruise Line, diverted course last week Tuesday evening to rescue two men aboard a distressed sailboat off the coast of Belize. Online reports say the ship responded to a distress signal from the 42-foot boat which was taking in water. It took the cruise ship about an …

Magistrate’s vehicle stolen and burned
Police are investigating the theft and subsequent burning of a vehicle over the weekend. According to police, 34 year old Shanti Morrison, a Magistrate of Ladyville reported that her Ford Edge SUV that was parked in front of her house went missing. This morning Police explained that the vehicle was completely destroyed.

Sunshine Holdings takes case before Supreme Court of Belize
The case involving Sunshine Holdings and the BTL Employees’ Trust will go to full trial this week. Solicitor General Nigel Hawke told reporters this morning that the trial will be held on Thursday before Supreme Court Justice Courtenay Abel. The matter stems from Government’s acquisition of Belize Telemedia Limited. Last month, the Caribbean Court of Justice ruled that Sunshine Holdings can file a claim in the Supreme Court of Belize, …

Man wanted for murder in Belize is arrested in Canada
Twenty year old Jordan Bacchus is in the custody of police in Canada for drug related offences in that country. He is also wanted here in Belize for the murder of Melvin Almendarez in May 2016. Online reports say that a drug seizure in northern Ontario, one of the 13 provinces and territories of Canada, resulted in the arrest of Bacchus and a woman. The Greater Sudbury Police Service says …

Marijuana plants destroyed by fire
Three thousand weed plants were destroyed by fire on Friday afternoon. Police conducted a search about four miles in Blue Creek Village in the Orange Walk District which led to the discovery of a marijuana plantation containing about three thousand marijuana plants ranging from two to five feet …

The Reporter

Belize celebrates World Cancer Day 2018
Today marks the 12th celebration of World Cancer Day, a global event used to raise awareness about various aspects of cancer including the most common types and risk factors World Cancer Day, celebrated annually since 2006, is the brainchild of the Union for International Cancer Control and […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

SIB district offices closed
The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) announced today that four of its offices will be […]

Magistrate’s vehicle found burnt
According to police, yesterday morning around 6:00, Shanti Morrison, 34, a magistrate from Ladyville reported […]

DOE holds oil spill consultation
The Department of the Environment (DOE) is hosting a two-day consultation at the Belize Biltmore […]

Israel Perez missing for over a week
The family of 27 year old Israel Perez is concerned since they haven’t heard from […]

Man who allegedly assaulted Mayor Earl Trapp released on bail
Michael Lemus, 18, the man who verbally assaulted the Mayor of San Ignacio and Santa […]

Minor arrested for early morning shooting in Belize City
Today, police charged a 15 year old boy with the attempted murder of Karl Lamb, […]

Crooked Tree Sanctuary MOU signed on World Wetlands Day
The Forest Department, the Belize Audubon Society, and the Crooked Tree Village Council signed a […]

Norwegian Getaway rescues 2 sailors off coast of Belize
Seatrade Cruise News is reporting that a Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ship rescued two sailors […]

Moist and unstable conditions continue
Sunny skies with cloudy spells are expected today. Some isolated showers and thunderstorms are expected […]


5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Xunantunich
While many of Xunantunich's secrets will never be revealed, we do know a lot about its history. Cruz Cambranes wrote an article about some of the lesser known facts. Why did the people of Xunantunich choose to build their city on top of the ridge? Is it possible that they felt closer to the Gods? If that is so, why didn’t they build it to the south in the Vaca plateau, which is in view from the top of the tallest building at Xunantunich? There is no single answer to this question, but a there are a combination of human behaviors that give us the answer we seek. Although the ridge where Xunantunich sits is not the highest, it can be seen from everywhere, telling us that they were not hiding, but rather that they wanted to be seen. They wanted everyone to know where the powerful people lived.

International Sourcesizz

Installation of Maya Artifacts, National Treasures from Belize, Underway at the Milwaukee Public Museum
Conservators and staff from the National Institute of Culture and History in Belize, the Museum of Belize, the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the University of Pennsylvania are at the Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) to install artifacts from Belize into Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed. Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed, the largest exhibition about the ancient Maya ever to be displayed in the United States, will open to the public on Saturday, February 10 and runs through May 28. This special exhibit uses authentic artifacts, immersive environments and hands-on activities to explore the rise and fall of the Maya civilization. Created by the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and the Museum of Science, Boston, Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed uncovers the mysteries and brings the culture’s people, architecture, artistry and rituals to life.


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  • A short edit out of an 8 minute coverage about my place on Lark Caye... AND PLACENCIA!!!, 2min. You will notice some of our friends and neighbors: Ben, Mambo, Tall Boy, Sandy,... Thanks to Christopher from RTL for this great coverage and publicity! All rights belong to RTL, hope they don’t mind to show Placencia a little bit of their great work! Thanks RTL and Christopher for coming all the way to Belize (30 hours!!!) and to show Germany the beauty of our lovely village

  • Yucatec Maya dance group Sak Pakal, 1min. A Maya Mom and her child dancing at Kanluum in Corozal . They belong to the Yucatec Maya dance group known as Sak Pakal from Cristo Rey Corozal .

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