You probably thought last month was very, very rainy - but you probably didn't know that January 2018 was the wettest January on record. That's right, in the 30 years of recording rainfall at the Phillip Goldson International Airport, January's 20 inches of rain is the most ever recorded in any January going back to 1981.

The 20 inches is almost ten times more than the 2.8 inches which fell in January 2017, and more than three times the average January rainfall of 6 inches - which is based in the 30 year average.

Rainfall in Belmopan with 9.2 inches, is also about three times what January of the previous year saw, and is almost twice the 30 year average of 4.9 inches. Tower Hill in Orange Walk had rainfall just above average.

So just how wet was January? Well the 20 inches recorded at the PGIA is 3 inches higher than the previous record of 17.3 inches of rainfall set way back in 1990.

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