Today, the Belize Association of Real Estate Brokers along with the National Association of Realtors joined forces to sign an important bilateral agreement. They hope to strengthen different aspects of the real estate community. The president of Belize's real estate association told us more.

Hugo Moguel, President of the Association of Real Estate Brokers in Belize
"Today's event is a reaffirmation of a bilateral agreement that we did almost 10 years ago."

"They have an international division and it's about strengthening ties with similar groups internationally. We have a similar code of ethics that we follow along with the lines of strengthening that code of ethics, strengthening the way real estate professionals work with each other and also fostering international business. They offer courses, training, things that we want to provide for our local market, our local practitioners but have not been able to develop."

"They offer resources and support that we would not have been able to access as an independent association."

Sahar Vasquez, reporter
"In a way, this is helping Belize's real estate to grow. People that are in real estate division to explore options."

Hugo Moguel
"Exactly right so you know a large part of our business has to with exporting our services. That is selling properties, leasing, a lot of that has to with international clients."

Hugo Moguel
"In terms of them being professional in the states their clients express interest in Belize. They want to share that business with us. Likewise, if they can offer their clients that come well represented all that is a way to network and work with each other on a referral based business. They want to know that they have like-minded professionals here that can take care of their clients. We likewise want to know that we have qualified folks coming to invest in Belize. It is something that goes beyond just sharing information. It is sharing business."

Representatives from different real estate agencies in the country attended.

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