The United Democratic Party (UDP) San Pedro Town Council slate launched their manifesto on Thursday, February 8th at El Patio Restaurant in downtown San Pedro. With municipal elections less than a month away, the event served as an opportunity to briefly summarize the accomplishments of the current administration and what the island can expect if re-elected for an additional term. Mayor Daniel Guerrero, his councilors, along with UDP Area Representative and Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr., addressed a large audience of supporters, pledging to the well-being of the island community based on their campaign motto ‘Improving Lives.’

Master of Ceremonies, Jorge Aldana officially opened the event shortly after 7PM welcoming the attendees. After an invocation by Ivette Ramirez and intonation of the National Anthem, Guerrero delivered the welcoming address. He stated that their campaign is looking excellent and that the possibilities of being re-elected for a consecutive, third term are very high. “The work ahead is very intensive, but one that we can easily manage,” Guerrero said. “People on the island like the way UDP manages and how it cooperates. San Pedro is a red town and there is no way that it is changing color for a good while. The San Pedro Town Council is moving in the right direction and I must admit, together with my councilors, that there is a gap for improvement and we will continue working towards better improvements.” Guerrero mentioned that the island is moving towards higher standards and that there is no need to change the present Council for a change to take place on the island.

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